Dangerous Fixations
Name:Alistair Fenix Streetname(s):Zipline, Praetor
Player:MacavityAge:Unknown Hair:None
Race:Albino ElfHeight:6'7" Eyes:Red
Sex:MaleWeight:230 lbs Skin:White
Base Race Mod Total
Body 6 - +1 7 Essence:2.7
Quickness 6 +1 +5 12 Magic:2
Strength 2 - +5 7 Reaction:11(13)
Intelligence 6 - +4 10 Initiative:1d6
Willpower 3 +1 - 4 Combat Pool:13d6
Charisma 1 +2 - 3 Task Pool:3d6
Karma: 1 Karma Pool:8d6
Fenix Astrally Percieving Underwater
Unarmed/Cyber-Implant Weaponry/MonoBlade4/6/8
Omen Interpretation2
Electronics B/R3
Armed Combat4


Alistair Fenix was born to elvish parents shortly after the formation of Tir Na Nog. From the start he was ostracized by the elves who welcomed all kinds of metahumanity, for they found his skeletal appearance an afront to thier elvish sensibilities and a constant reminder of the horrid possibilities inherent in the goblinization process.

As he grew older he became more and more detached, even from his parents. One scientist, however, cultivated his friendship, curious about the effects of his albinism.

When the elves leaarned of the "research" that Doctor Trevalian was conducting, they imprisoned him and destroyed his laboratory. Alistair broke the Doctor out, but during their escape, Trevalian was mortally wounded. He pressed something into Alistair's hand and bade him to escape.

The Tir Paladins caught up to Alistair on the borders of the Tir. They were perfectly happy to see him leave the Tir, but their orders were to ensure that he would never be able to return.

Holding him down, the Paladin captain cut off both of Alistair's ears -- the only real indication that he was an elf -- and magically rendered it impossible for him to undo the damage. After roughing him up, they dumped him outside thier borders.....that is to say, they tossed him off a cliff into the Irish Sea.

Beyond all expectations, the crippled elf survived and made it to the shores of England. Friends of the Doctor met him on the far shore and did what they could for Alistair. He spent a year recovering there. Haunted by the shadow of the Tir, Fenix fled to the UCAS, smuggled overseas in a pirate ship.

Fenix currently makes his home in Toronto, a trusted courier, hit man, and general 'cleaner' for the vampire clans that secretly inhabit the city.

    Abdiel: Vampire Fixer
    Cowgirl: Decker
Astral Sight+3
Oracular Ability+3
Piercing Vision Makes liars uneasy +2
Catlike Balance +2 to all balance tests +2
Aptitude, Unarmed -1 to TN 10 Karma

Mild Allergy to Sunlight
Color Blind Black & White vision
Distinctive Features Easily recognizable -1
Undead Appearance -1/+1 to social TN -1
Mild hatred Tir Elves-3
Severe Phobia Tir Paladins-4
Background Troubles (Tir Na Nog)-1
Weak Immune System -1
Eerie Presence -1
Missing Ears +2 Hearing TN -2
Distinctive Style-1

Middle Lifestyle5,000
Gang Background2d6 members on call50,000
Arriving in 1d6x10 min
Fake SIN

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