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The Runners

the Cast of Characters


Age: Twenties - late thirties
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brownish/Blonde
Eyes: Green
Occupation/Archtype: Chemist/Combat Mage Assassin
Specialty: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Magic
Description: The best description of Natch has to start with “Well… I dunno… just average, I guess…” The odd damage to his psyche… and thus Awakened Aura… has effects that bleed over into the physical world as well as their more predictable Astral effects. Even his age is indeterminate, and if you don't keep an eye on him, he tends to fade into the background mentally even without active use of magic. For those who do pay attention, he seems “Thirtieish, give or take a decade”, with dark brown hair and eyes virtually always hidden behind his black shades, equally not-at-home, but equally appropriate background no matter where he goes. His clothing is equally nondescript -dark clothes, dark trench… street wear, maybe, but cut high-quality
Street Talk: Nathc is notable for being un-notable. He is almost always seen in the company of Moonhunter. The two of them appear to be an 'item'.


Age: Mid-twenties
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Hair: black, long
Eyes: hazel
Occupation/Archtype: Yakuza Assassin
Speciality: Sniping, Monofilament Whip, Thermoptic Camouflage
Description: A small, slender asian female elf, 1.55m tall, her whole body looks liked it is carved out of crystal, transparent and reflecting the light, her hair is silvery colored, cut in a traditional japanese way, hanging down below her butt, shes wearing a perfectly fitting kimono in silver color, with a embedded dragon weave in slightly darker silvery colors. Her eyes shine like green jade jewels. Her makeup consist of slightly colored hues, crystal like shimers, her fingers sport 3 inch long nails in a shimmering reddish jewl-tone.
Street Talk: Moonlight has recently regained favor among the Yakuza clans she left due to the delivery of a large shipment of BTLs and the head of a traitor to the Yakuza families. It has been ruled that the Yakuza are to leave her alone apart from standard shadowrun job offers. Moonlight is only seen in the company of Natch. The two arppear to be an 'item'.


Age: late teens - early 20s
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Milky-white
Occupation/Archtype: Physical Mage
Speciality: Expertise in Sorcery, Conjuring, Martial Arts, Stealth, and Seduction
Description: Crystianna dresses simply, but she loves to use her illusion powers to alter her appearance to be as sexy and stylish as possible.
Street Talk: The cat shaman can be frequently found dancing at goth clubs like Insomnia, and although born blind she seems quite capable of taking care of herself. She stays away from anything related to the Matrix, Simsense, or Rigging.


Age: Early twenties
Sex: Male
Race: Homo sapiens sapiens (Human, caucasian)
Hair: Black, close-cropped
Eyes: Blue
Occupation/Archtype: Street Samurai
Speciality: Martial Arts, Ranged Combat
Description: Not much distinguishes Valentine from other young Samurai. He typically wears a Sleeping Tiger Line suit and looks a bit like a young Sarariman out for some action, until you look in his eyes. Eyes full of pain, loss, and hard-won deadly competence. He doesn't appear to carry any weapons save a pair of hardliner gloves, but the trained eye can tell the spare economy of heavy cyberware augmentation from his movements.
Street Talk: Not much is known about Valentine. On the street it is almost as if he were born full grown only a few months ago. He recently moved into a pad in the Ork Underground and word from the gangs in his neighborhood are that he is tougher than he looks, and they keep their distance from this brooding individual.


Age: Young...19-21 maybe
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Dark Metallic Blue, chin-length, slash-cut.
Eyes: Hazel/Jade Green.
Occupation/Archtype: Decker/Assassin
Speciality: Computers, Electronics, ELINT, B&E, Pistols, Martial Arts
Description: A slight, almost androgynously beautiful figure, Macavity always dresses 'to the nines'. Favors club stylish clothing: leather trench coats, synthleather jeans, tight form-fitting shirts, dark metallic dress shirts, and assorted bondage-ware turned fashion accessories. His cyberears are long, and lynx-like, rather than typically elven, but he is still sometimes mistaken as a short elf or some other metahuman.
When out and about, he usually wears dark mirrored smart-display glasses--that keep him in touch with the Matrix even when not jacked in--and a sleeping tiger line respirator styled like the black snarling mouth of a panther. The two items and the long bangs of his hair effectively shroud his face making it almost impossible for image recognition programs to ID him.

Street Talk: First rate decker, ruthless assassin, great goth/industrial dancer. Something of a Face and ladies man--but still a loner--with many contacts and several ex-girlfriends/one-night stands.

UCAS: Young decker worked with ex-military covert UCAS ops group in South America. "He's young, and a little impulsive & brash, but by far the most brilliant man I've ever worked with. Does ballistic Calculus as he's diving for cover to figure out where the least number of bullets is likely to hit." - Gila, ex-UCAS SEAL Chem/Bio Specialist

Triads: Assassin for hire, buys expensive high-quality BTLs.

Mafia: Gunman, died in NYC sprawl five-years ago after a Mafia run-in with the Yakuza

Yakuza: Nothing yet.


Age: Late Teens
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Hair: Long and Black, with a green streak through it.
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 120 lbs
Occupation/Archtype: Ancients Go-Ganger
Speciality: Random mayhem, street operations
Description: A typical child of the streets, Minx was initiated into the Ancients, a rather well organized elven gang, from the streets of Seattle. Having risen to be an equal of the gang, without falling into becoming a joygirl for one of the other members indicates that she is as tough as any of the gangers, and potentially smarter. Her goals at this time are unknown, though the recent branching out into Shadowruns indicates that she may wish to leave the gang behind. Approach with caution and patience.
Street Talk: “Yeah, I’ve heard of her. Be careful of her blades, I heard she almost gutted a guy that got too fresh, if you know what I mean.”
“Minx? Never heard of her. She some new dancer at Sybrespace?”
“I’ve heard she’s got a thing for mages…wonder if I have a shot?”


Age: Early 20s
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Long straight black hair
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'
Weight: 120 lbs
Occupation/Archtype: Ares Special Operations Sniper
Speciality: Sniping, Scouting
Street Talk:

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