Session Start: Thu Jul 03 03:01:37 2003
Session Ident: #Burned-Ice
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* Topic is 'Things to do in Denver When You're Dead...'
* Set by Macavity on Wed Jul 02 23:28:37
[GM] ((alright, where were we?))
* Leviathan swings out at the gun barrel with his monosword
[GM] ((TN to hit the barrel is 8 since it's a called shot))
* Macavity has joined #Burned-Ice
* GM sets mode: +o Macavity
[GM] ((go ahead, roll your melee vs tN 8 Leviathan))
[Leviathan] 7d6 8
[Shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 7d6 vs TN=8 : 3 3 1 3 1 5 4 No Successes
[GM] Leviathan's swing at the gun barrel fails to cut it, but does cause the fire to swing wildly, bullets smash into windows across the street, against the cars parked along the curb, and even one or two at the Superkombi & the tractor-trailer rig.
[Leviathan] 7d6 8
[Shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 7d6 vs TN=8 : 4 4 2 5 3 2 4 No Successes
[GM] ((init 10))
[GM] ((Wolf))
* Wolf runs over to Steel picks him up and throws him over his sholder and runs to the other side of the superkombie next to Mac
[Wolf] Once there he casts heal on him
[GM] ((ok, TN is 8 go for it))
[Wolf] 10d6 8
[Shadowdice] Wolf rolls 10d6 vs TN=8 : 4 3 5 2 4 3 2 5 5 5 No Successes
[GM] ((ok, now my mouse just died.))
[Wolf] 8d6 2
[Shadowdice] Wolf rolls 8d6 vs TN=2 : 3 9 1 1 4 3 4 2 - 6 Successes
[GM] ((karma?))
[Wolf] (I had to roll drain first,)
[Wolf] (I didnt take any drain)
[GM] ((init 9))
[GM] A massive explosion rocks both the Superkombie and the GMC-Hauler on their suspension, as hot air blasts pasts all of you from the crater of a fireball spell going off in the front yard.
[GM] If Wolf hadn't grabbed Steelblade and run, they'd still be in the middle of that.
[GM] ((Leviathan, roll body vs 8M fire damage, impact applies))
[Leviathan] ((Great!))
[Macavity] 3d6 3
[Shadowdice] Macavity rolls 3d6 vs TN=3 : 3 2 3 - 2 Successes
[Macavity] 3d6 3
[Shadowdice] Macavity rolls 3d6 vs TN=3 : 2 3 1 - 1 Success
[Leviathan] 6d6 2
[Shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 6d6 vs TN=2 : 2 2 2 2 9 2 - 6 Successes
[Macavity] ((that's so annoying))
[Macavity] ((karma))
[Macavity] 2d6 3
[Shadowdice] Macavity rolls 2d6 vs TN=3 : 2 4 - 1 Success
[Macavity] ((ok, good no damage))
[GM] ((no damage to Leviathan or Mac))
[GM] ((initiative 8 - Macavity))
[Macavity] "They're shooting at my truck. Bastards!"
* Macavity gets up and starts walking towards the house, firing both pistols at the window the assault rifle fire is coming from..
[Leviathan] :::Comm::: "What happened to getting the hell out of here, boss?"
[Macavity] ((suppressive fire, - 2 square meter window))
[GM] 8d6 4
[Shadowdice] GM rolls 8d6 vs TN=4 : 3 2 5 3 3 4 3 5 - 3 Successes
[Macavity] 10d6 6
[Shadowdice] Macavity rolls 10d6 vs TN=6 : 2 5 1 3 3 3 5 5 5 1 No Successes
[Macavity] 10d6 6
[Shadowdice] Macavity rolls 10d6 vs TN=6 : 3 3 3 2 3 3 3 2 2 5 No Successes
[Macavity] ((damn dice))
[Macavity] 10d6 6
[Shadowdice] Macavity rolls 10d6 vs TN=6 : 5 3 5 3 4 5 2 4 1 4 No Successes
[Macavity] 10d6 6
[Shadowdice] Macavity rolls 10d6 vs TN=6 : 2 11 3 4 5 4 2 4 9 13 - 3 Successes
[GM] 4d6 5
[Shadowdice] GM rolls 4d6 vs TN=5 : 3 4 8 8 - 2 Successes
[GM] The assault rifle fire stops abruptly as the shooter falls back into the room after taking one of the bullets fired into the window by Macavity
[GM] ((Init 5 Steelblade))
* Steelblade is being action
[GM] ((init 3 Leviathan))
* Leviathan looks for a way inside the house
[GM] The door to the house is still slightly ajar
[GM] one two windows are broken, the right completely, from the bodies leaping in and out through it, and the left completely shattered by bullets.
* Leviathan decides that he shouldn't attempt any window leaps, and pushes the door open, back to the side of it against the wall, checking for hostiles
[GM] ((roll init last init pass I promise you))
[Steelblade] 1+1d6
[Shadowdice] Initiative for Steelblade (1+1d6) : 4
[Wolf] 6+4d6
[Shadowdice] Initiative for Wolf (6+4d6) : 21
[Macavity] 12+3d6
[Shadowdice] Initiative for Macavity (12+3d6) : 20
[GM] ((lev?))
[Leviathan] 10+5d6
[Shadowdice] Initiative for Leviathan (10+5d6) : 29
[GM] ((init 29, Lev go))
* Leviathan heads inside if no hostiles are present, routine combat sweep
[GM] The wounded guy on the right raises an SMG at Leviathan, about 4 meters away...
* Leviathan takes a shot at him before he gets a chance, hopefully
[GM] ((roll it, TN is 4))
[Leviathan] 8d6 4
[Shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 8d6 vs TN=4 : 2 5 5 5 16 2 2 3 - 4 Successes
[GM] ((damage?))
[GM] 8d6 7
[Shadowdice] GM rolls 8d6 vs TN=7 : 3 5 4 4 2 5 5 1 No Successes
[GM] He goes down in a crumpled heap as leviathan blasts away with a raised arm.
[GM] ((init 21 - Wolf)
* Wolf slumps down behind his truck and goes astral looking for the mage
* Leviathan can never quite get used to that, the flesh from his palm blasted away as he fires, a spray of blood fortelling the one the man on the chair feels
* Wolf sees the mage astrallly and casts a spell at it
[Wolf] 11d6 6
[Shadowdice] Wolf rolls 11d6 vs TN=6 : 2 4 3 1 3 5 5 3 4 5 5 No Successes
[Wolf] Karma
[Wolf] 11d6 6
[Shadowdice] Wolf rolls 11d6 vs TN=6 : 3 4 5 10 1 1 3 3 1 3 3 - 1 Success
[GM] 3d6 5
[Shadowdice] GM rolls 3d6 vs TN=5 : 11 3 2 - 1 Success
[Wolf] (dm no dmg
[Wolf] 10d6 2
[Shadowdice] Wolf rolls 10d6 vs TN=2 : 5 3 3 2 9 5 2 9 9 3 - 10 Successes
[Wolf] (No drain)
[GM] The mana bolt is deflected at the last minute by the mage's magical defenses..
[GM] ((init 20))
* Macavity stalks into the house, pistols at the ready, and immediately swerves into the left room as Leviathan goes right, one pistol searching for the man with the Assault rifle, while the other remains at the ready for new targets..
[Macavity] 12d6 4
[Shadowdice] Macavity rolls 12d6 vs TN=4 : 11 4 5 8 3 2 3 4 5 3 2 4 - 7 Successes
[Macavity] 12d6 4
[Shadowdice] Macavity rolls 12d6 vs TN=4 : 5 1 1 2 4 4 4 2 3 3 1 5 - 5 Successes
[GM] 8d6 4
[Shadowdice] GM rolls 8d6 vs TN=4 : 4 2 3 2 4 5 9 3 - 4 Successes
[GM] 5d6 5
[Shadowdice] GM rolls 5d6 vs TN=5 : 3 9 4 4 2 - 1 Success
[GM] 5d6 5
[Shadowdice] GM rolls 5d6 vs TN=5 : 11 8 5 3 4 - 3 Successes
[Macavity] he shoots the rifleman twice in the chest with unerring accuracy and then fires at the mage just stepping into the room with the other pistol
[Macavity] 8d6 4
[Shadowdice] Macavity rolls 8d6 vs TN=4 : 3 5 3 3 2 2 7 5 - 3 Successes
[Macavity] 8d6 4
[Shadowdice] Macavity rolls 8d6 vs TN=4 : 1 2 5 4 5 3 5 5 - 5 Successes
[GM] 5d6 4
[Shadowdice] GM rolls 5d6 vs TN=4 : 5 4 2 4 2 - 3 Successes
[GM] The mage dodges the first shot but gets hit by the second..
[GM] 3d6 6
[Shadowdice] GM rolls 3d6 vs TN=6 : 4 2 2 No Successes
[GM] ((init 19 - leviathan))
* Leviathan shoots the mage again
[Leviathan] ((tn?))
[GM] The mage, already seriously wounded and prone, dies from Leviathan's dispatching shot..
[GM] ((combat over))
* Macavity points to Leviathan's last target
[Macavity] "Grab that guy, he's probably the mage.."
[Leviathan] "Dead guy you mean?"
[Macavity] "Whatever, wolf might want his foci, spell stuff, whatever..
* Wolf goes back to his body and when he comes too checks on Steel and pulls out a med kit and starts to work on him
* Macavity puts away his pistols and frisks the rifleman for credsticks, ammo and weapons then heads back to the GMC Hauler
* Leviathan heads back to the hauler as well
* Steelblade just sits there, thinking back on how it was so much easier knowing who the enemy was and where he'd be. Guerrilla warfare was the new game now.
[Macavity] "Wolf, if he's alright, take care of it later. Let's get going before the police show up."
[Steelblade] 'THanks for the help. I don't know who you are, but I owe you all big.
* Wolf nods "He is stabilized and wont get any worse he just needs to lay down lets go and get out of here "
[Wolf] "Think nothing of it Wolf watches over those in need"
[Steelblade] "Well, thanks, Wolf. If you don't mind, I'll pass out now."
[Wolf] "go for it"
[Macavity] "I can't believe we fraggin just did that. What a fraggin stupid, fraggin waste of fraggin bullets."
* Steelblade decides to sleep.
[Wolf] " I had to do it either way"
[Macavity] "Wolf, do you have a spell or something to take care of this guys' blood?"
* Macavity waves at the smashed window of the house behind him.
* Wolf nods
* Wolf casts sterilize over everything to get rid of any traces
[Leviathan] "We need to get going."
[Wolf] "There it is clean there is no trace of us"
[Leviathan] "Now."
* Wolf gets into the superkombi and puts Steel in the back"
[Wolf] "Follow me
* Wolf pulls the superkombi back onto the road and continues on in the direction he was going
[GM] >>>>GAME OVER<<<<
* Disconnected Session Close: Thu Jul 03 03:58:07 2003

Session Start: Tue Jul 08 22:43:17 2003 Session Ident: #Burned-Ice
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* Topic is 'game starts at 10pm EST'
* Set by Macavity on Tue Jul 08 20:49:18
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[GM] >>>>GAME ON<<<<<
[GM] Everyone makes it away from the shooting and to the abandoned parking lot that was the original destination. In the distance, the howling of sirens fills the air and each runner wonders if he left any damning evidence behind.
[Leviathan] ((Planchan open))
* Kabuki has joined #Burned-Ice
* Macavity sets mode: +o Kabuki
[Leviathan] "Eh, chief, I'm a bit know how my hands always put out a bit of my own blood when I let 'em rip?"
* Macavity walks over to Leviathan and hands over another box of bandages.
[Macavity] "Then you should really refrain from using them all the time. I can get you a pistol or two if you need one."
* Leviathan sighs, bandaging his already healing hand yet again. "I'm thinking that they might be able to get a ritual sample..I'm not too worried about dna scanners and what not.."
[Leviathan] "Doesn't sound like a bad idea. I'm still not used to the sting. Don't think I'll ever get used to it."
* Macavity looks over at Shadowolf and his bleeding patient..
[Macavity] "Well, let's at least see what we've gotten ourselves into."
* Macavity walks over to the pair as Shadowolf continues working on stabilizing and treating the patient.
* Leviathan nods. "Sorry I jumped the gun there, it ain't like of those moods I guess."
* Leviathan also ambles over to Wolf, crossing his arms and suddenly becoming quiet
* Shadowdice has joined #burned-ice
[Shadowolf] 6d6 8
[Shadowdice] Shadowolf rolls 6d6 vs TN=8 : 5 10 3 3 4 1 - 1 Success
[Macavity] "Hello. Looks like you went through the drekker there. Would you like to tell us anything about yourself or the situation back there?"
* Macavity addresses the patient lying on the makeshift gurney in Shadowolf's van
* Maelwys has left #Burned-Ice
[Steel] "Well, I was trying to find out some stuff about...a few friends I lost track of."
[Steel] "I hired a decker to look andwen I came to find out what he saw, I was jumped."
* Macavity leans nonchalantly against the side of the van, gloved fingers resting on the doorframe.
[Steel] "Things were looking grim. Thanks for coming to the rescue."
[Macavity] "I'd like to say that it was our pleasure, but I'm not sure that it is yet."
[Steel] "I hope I didn't get any of you in trouble. I know with firepower like that you're trying to lay low."
* Macavity glances at both Shadowolf and Leviathan
[Macavity] "Yes...trying."
[Steel] "The name's Steel. I'm laying low too."
* Leviathan holds up his hands apologetically
[Macavity] ((we are all outside in the parking lot around Shadowolf's van.))
[GM] Anyone looking around sees nothing but vacant lot, blank walls of abandoned buildings, and empty rooftops, not a soul in sight.
* Steel sets mode: +o Shadowdice
[Shadowolf] "Dont worry about it I sterlized the whole area no prints or blood or any type of evidence that could be left now if we could all go inside and get situated my boss is waiting to meet you, word of adivce leave your wepaons here in the building"
* Steel nods.
[Shadowolf] "We will then all go in my vehicle to this nice diner and meet with my boss"
[GM] There's something a little strange about the end of the parking lot, with the large flat wall - easily 3-4 stories tall - centered there, and the rows of metal posts strewn across the parking lot.
[Leviathan] "This an old drive-in?"
[Macavity] "What's that?"
[Macavity] "What's"
* Steel looks at Lev, puzzled.
[Leviathan] "I don't know really myself..just kinda blurted.."
* Shadowolf chuckels at Lev "yes this used to be a drive in"
[Steel] "What is this meet for, and was I on the menu?"
[Leviathan] "I was thinking they projected movies onto that wall, people parked and watched em, right?"
[Macavity] "I'm sorry. Can we figure out what we're going to do with.....ah..."
* Macavity looks at the newcomer questioningly...
[Steel] "The name's Steel."
[Leviathan] "Gee, how innovative."
[Macavity] "ah..Mr. Steel. Before we get into our personal buisness?"
[Steel] "They called me Steelshadow back in the day..."
* Steel cringes in pain.
[Leviathan] "I take it you're a runner, eh?"
[Steel] Steel currently lays 172 cm tall and weighs 81.3 kg. He has a tattoo of the 132d Special Air Services on his right arm. He talks in a deep tone, when he speaks at all. His battle-hardened expression has an almost mean look.
[Steel] "I suppose I am now."
[Shadowolf] "We can continue this conversation in the van so are you coming or not?"
[Macavity] "Wait just one minute. We're not going anywhere until we sort this out."
* Steel nods, working himself to a sitting position, nursing the three holes in his side.
* Shadowolf goes over to the driver side of the vehicle and gets in and waits
* Macavity turns back to Steel
[Shadowolf] ((you're patched up steel ))
[Macavity] "Now then. What do you plan on doing?"
* Steel speaks in his heavy scottish voice.
[Steel] "Well, I'm looking for work. You have a use for an old SAS guy like me?
[Leviathan] "As long as he conducts himself professionally, I've got no qualms about it myself boss."
* Leviathan gets inside
[Macavity] "We don't know anything about you. And I know that the friend I'm going to meet is paranoid as it is. I'm sorry."
[Macavity] "Is there somewhere we can drop you off?"
[Steel] I have a van a few blocks from the firefight. My gear's there.
[Steel] "It's all in my van."
[Steel] "If you could drop me off there.
[Macavity] "That shouldn't be a problem."
* Shadowolf walks over to Mac with a Cell phone "Boss lady on line for you"
[Shadowolf] "Lev get his contact info just in case cause as soon as Mac is off the phone were gone"
* Macavity takes the phone from Shadowolf
[Leviathan] "Yeah, on it."
[Shadowolf] "sorry you're going to have to find your own way back to your vehicle steel"
[Leviathan] "Look "Steel". Mind tagging me with some sort of way to contact you? If they end up getting a ritual sample I'm gonna need to know who to come after."
* Steel shakes his head, still woozy from the painkillers & drugs administered by Shadowolf
[Steel] "Sure. Here's my number."
* Steel gives Lev his number.
* Leviathan nods, scribbling it down in a black notebook he's been carrying around for the past few days.
[Leviathan] "We'll call you if we need to."
[Macavity] " problem. Yes. He can wait outside with Wolf if you like. No? Alright, I understand."
[Steel] "And as far as a 'Ritual Sample', call me. I'll take help you take care of them too.
* Macavity hangs up the cellphone and hands it back to Shadowolf.
[Shadowolf] "You good?"
[Shadowolf] "Lets roll people" He takes the phone from Mac and walks over to the driver side and gets in
* Macavity looks mildly irritated, but gets into the van.
[Steel] "Do you all have names?"
[Macavity] "Michael. Michael Yu."
[Leviathan] "Nope."
[Shadowolf] "Yah just call me Shadow"
[Steel] "You must be pretty hard to use your real name like that, Mike."
* Macavity glances at Steel. "Yes if you think so."
* Leviathan gets in the cab
[Steel] "And Shadow, is it?"
* Shadowolf chuckles in the cab
[Leviathan] ((Is the wolf in there?))
* Steel gets back in the back.
[Shadowolf] (it is but not to him)
[Steel] "Well, we never used our real names. Was a liability."
[Macavity] ((Oh, I completely forgot about the wolf...))
[Shadowolf] "Who said you were coming steel?"
[Macavity] "I told him we were going to drop him off at his van."
[Macavity] "It's the least we can do for an injured runner. He'll give you directions."
* Shadowolf shrugs "Lets go then"
* Steel gives the directions.
* Shadowolf takes him there and drops him off and then starts to head away
* Steel gets out, checking his gear over in the van.
* Leviathan pops his head out the window and turns to Steel. "Look, if we don't call you, it was good that we never met, get me?"
* Steel nods.
* Steel opens the back up on his van, and puts his pistol next to his AK-98.
* Leviathan drums the fingers of his bandaged right hand idly on the outside of the truck underneath the window, turning to Wolf
[GM] A few minutes of driving brings the van to Steel's wheels, and then Shadowolf drives Leviathan and Macavity the rest of the way, stopping at the border checkpoint between the Sioux Sector and the Downtown Sector.
[GM] The Sioux Border guards stop the truck, walk over to Shadowolf's window and glance inside, then seeming to recognize him wave him through.
[GM] The Denver Council troops make another cursory inspection and wave the van through as well.
[GM] A few more minutes, and the van pulls to a stop down an alley. Further progress is impossible due to the congestion of pedestrian traffic and the merchant stalls that sit in the street. Behind each stall is the original sidewalk, and shopfronts behind the street vendors.
[Shadowolf] "We walk from here folks"
[GM] Hawkers selling everything from questionable food skewerd on sticks to gold watches, cellphones, pagers, & pocketsecs line the street.
* Shadowolf locks his pistols in his carrying case and gets out f the van and locks it
* Macavity gets out of the van and follows Shadowolf
* Leviathan hops out of the truck, taking a hint, readjusting his singed coat to at least appear a bit dignified
* Shadowolf starts walking toward the restauraunt making shure his to charges are following
[GM] five minutes of pushing through the crowds, and Shadowolf walks up behind the street vendors, to an unmarked wooden door in the front of a shop with shuttered windows.
[Leviathan] "Classy."
* Shadowolf opens the door and motions them inside
[GM] Inside, a front parlor area has benches and places to leave footwear. Bamboo screens section it off from the area behind it, and dark wooden paneling and beams in the ceiling make the space seem small and cozy.
* Leviathan steps inside, taking almost exactly two and a half minutes to remove his combat boots.
* Macavity continues inside without removing his boots, walking past the bamboo screens
[GM] Beyond the screens are several tables and benches, and a countertop that seems to have a kitchen behind it. One individual is sitting on a bench facing the group as they enter, drinking tea and reading a newspaper covered in Japanese kanji.
* GM is now known as Archangel
* Leviathan steps in shortly after MAc does
[Archangel] Strangely enough he seems to be Caucasian in descent and of elven blood.
* Archangel stands and bows to Macavity and Leviathan.
[Archangel] "Greetings. My name is Archangel."
* Leviathan bows, making sure the legnth and inflection of the bow is identical.
[Macavity] "We are here to see Oracle."
* Archangel reaches over to a slim metal box on the table and flips the lid open.
[Archangel] "You will have to forgive me."
[Macavity] "For what?"
* Leviathan moves for a ciger, but changes his mind as he notices the scorched sections of his clothing
[Archangel] ((Leviathan & Macavity roll reaction...))
[Shadowolf] (LOL this is too good lol ROTFLMAO)
[Archangel] ((TN is 4))
[Archangel] 12d6 2
[Shadowdice] Archangel rolls 12d6 vs TN=2 : 4 5 2 3 10 3 2 5 4 4 3 3 - 12 Successes
[Leviathan] 10d6 4
[Shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 10d6 vs TN=4 : 2 3 2 2 2 3 5 5 3 4 - 3 Successes
[Macavity] 12d6 4
[Shadowdice] Macavity rolls 12d6 vs TN=4 : 4 2 7 16 2 4 1 4 5 3 5 4 - 8 Successes
* Archangel withdraws two cylinderical objects from the metal box and leaps between Macavity & Leviathan
[Archangel] "For this."
[Archangel] 12d6 5
[Shadowdice] Archangel rolls 12d6 vs TN=5 : 4 5 5 3 2 5 1 3 3 5 2 5 - 5 Successes
* Leviathan arches a brow
[GM] ((roll melee))
[Leviathan] 5d6 4
[Shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 5d6 vs TN=4 : 4 1 3 2 2 - 1 Success
* Archangel reaches out with one cylinderical object in each hand to stab both Macavity & Leviathan
[Macavity] 12d6 4
[Shadowdice] Macavity rolls 12d6 vs TN=4 : 3 3 2 4 2 2 11 2 2 4 4 2 - 4 Successes
[Macavity] ((karma))
[Macavity] 8d6 4
[Shadowdice] Macavity rolls 8d6 vs TN=4 : 1 5 1 1 5 9 2 5 - 4 Successes
[Leviathan] ((Can I use combat pool for this mac?))
[Macavity] ((yes you can up to your skill))
[Leviathan] ((Adding an extra five then))
[Leviathan] 5d6 4
[Shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 5d6 vs TN=4 : 5 5 4 2 1 - 3 Successes
[Leviathan] 2d6 4
[Shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 2d6 vs TN=4 : 3 1 No Successes
[Archangel] ((done Leviathan?))
[Leviathan] ((Adding the 2 extra co that I can))
[Leviathan] 2d6 4
[Shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 2d6 vs TN=4 : 3 5 - 1 Success
[Leviathan] 12d6 4
[Shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 12d6 vs TN=4 : 2 3 3 2 4 2 3 4 3 2 4 2 - 3 Successes
* Leviathan now beats the shit out of the dice
[GM] ((done?))
[Leviathan] ((Yeah..
* Archangel is a whirlwind of flying hands and feet, knocking aside Leviathan's hasty defense to stick the cylinder in one hand against Leviathan's shoulder.
[GM] There's a hiss of air, and Leviathan feels the pinprick of a needle before Archangel is away and continuing to fight Macavity
[GM] ((init))
[Leviathan] 10+5d6
[Shadowdice] Initiative for Leviathan (10+5d6) : 27
[Leviathan] "Watch it, he has toxins."
[Archangel] 14+4d6
[Shadowdice] Initiative for Archangel (14+4d6) : 27
[Macavity] 12+3d6
[Shadowdice] Initiative for Macavity (12+3d6) : 21
[Archangel] ((27))
[Archangel] ((Archangel goes first, reaction))
* Archangel sweeps Leviathan's feet out from under him and then attacks Macavity
[Archangel] 12d6 5
[Shadowdice] Archangel rolls 12d6 vs TN=5 : 1 4 9 1 4 2 16 1 3 4 2 4 - 2 Successes
[Archangel] ((karma))
[Archangel] 10d6 5
[Shadowdice] Archangel rolls 10d6 vs TN=5 : 3 1 3 3 5 5 4 5 2 2 - 3 Successes
[Archangel] ((roll melee Lev, dice pools refresh))
[Leviathan] 12d6 4
[Shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 12d6 vs TN=4 : 4 5 2 3 3 2 2 3 1 4 5 5 - 5 Successes
[Leviathan] ((Karma))
[Leviathan] 7d6 4
[Shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 7d6 vs TN=4 : 4 8 3 1 2 9 1 - 3 Successes
[Archangel] ((damage? what are you trying to do Lev?))
[Leviathan] ((Just counterattack))
[Leviathan] ((Not trying to kill the guy..))
[Leviathan] ((14M))
[Archangel] 8d6 10
[Shadowdice] Archangel rolls 8d6 vs TN=10 : 5 2 4 3 4 11 1 5 - 1 Success
* Leviathan hops over the sweep and lands in a crouch, countering with a solid right cross
* Archangel flies back from Leviathan's counterblow, landing against a bench...
* Leviathan quickly rips a long strand of material from himself, tying himself a makeshift tournicate, making sure it's tightly wound
[Archangel] ((that will take you the rest of your combat turn...))
[Archangel] ((init 21))
[Leviathan] ((So be it then.))
* Macavity advances cautiously towards Archangel interposing himself before Leviathan and waits
[Archangel] ((init 17))
[Leviathan] "I think those cylinders are one shot, can't be sure though."
[Leviathan] "Looks like he's a physad." Leviathan winces. "This is probably neurostun."
* Archangel stands up and wipes the blood from his mouth.
[Archangel] "Savate or Flamenco. I can't tell which."
[Leviathan] "Wish I could tell you, shithead."
[Archangel] "You'll sit the rest of this fight out, child."
* Archangel steps slightly around Macavity and makes the motion of a punch in the air
[Leviathan] "You should be telling yourself that. This kid sure can hit."
[Archangel] 16d6 4
[Shadowdice] Archangel rolls 16d6 vs TN=4 : 1 4 4 2 5 9 7 9 2 8 4 2 3 4 4 2 - 10 Successes
[Archangel] a shockwave travels through the air towards Leviathan, the ripple almost visible.
[Archangel] ((you can try to dodge that...))
[Leviathan] ((Right then. Doubt I'll be able to.))
[Leviathan] ((But, here goes.))
[Archangel] ((hrm, I didn't need to use combat pool on that one at all. You can resist with body + combat pool, 10M damage))
[Archangel] ((err...10L stun damage that is))
* Macavity simultaneously charges Archangel, trying to disrupt the attack..
[Leviathan] 11d6 10
[Shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 11d6 vs TN=10 : 1 1 4 1 5 4 4 5 1 2 9 No Successes
[Archangel] ((ok, take a Deadly stun and Moderate physical))
* RA has joined #burned-ice
* Archangel sets mode: +o RA
[RA] 11d6 4
[Shadowdice] RA rolls 11d6 vs TN=4 : 3 3 2 3 3 2 22 5 4 1 4 - 4 Successes
[RA] 6d6 10
[Shadowdice] RA rolls 6d6 vs TN=10 : 4 2 5 3 4 9 No Successes
* RA is knocked out anyway
[Macavity] 14d6 4
[Shadowdice] Macavity rolls 14d6 vs TN=4 : 2 3 5 2 9 5 10 5 2 2 4 3 5 2 - 7 Successes
[Archangel] 16d6 4
[Shadowdice] Archangel rolls 16d6 vs TN=4 : 5 5 5 1 5 2 4 5 2 17 5 4 2 1 1 3 - 9 Successes
* Archangel fends off Macavity for awhile before knocking aside a hand just long enough to jab the needle into Macavity's arm.
[Archangel] ((init 11))
[Macavity] 14d6 4
[Shadowdice] Macavity rolls 14d6 vs TN=4 : 5 9 5 2 4 3 3 5 2 5 2 3 8 4 - 8 Successes
[Archangel] 12d6 4
[Shadowdice] Archangel rolls 12d6 vs TN=4 : 4 3 5 3 3 3 1 1 4 5 3 3 - 4 Successes
* Macavity smacks Archangel in the face with the spark and sizzle of electricity being discharged from the capacitors in the shock glove.
[Archangel] 8d6 7
[Shadowdice] Archangel rolls 8d6 vs TN=7 : 5 9 4 4 4 4 2 5 - 1 Success
[Archangel] 8d6 4
[Shadowdice] Archangel rolls 8d6 vs TN=4 : 4 11 5 4 4 2 3 3 - 5 Successes
* Archangel drops to the ground, dazed from the electric shock..
[GM] ((end combat))
* Macavity touches his arm gingerly.
* Macavity draws two pistols and shoves their barrels roughly against Archangel's head.
[Macavity] "Tell me what you did or you die now."
[Archangel] "I....was...instructed by obtain a genetic make was"
[Macavity] "Why didn't you just ask?"
* Macavity glares coldly at Archangel
[Archangel] "Because....she said....that if it were really you. You'd definitely say no."
[Macavity] "She was right. I am saying no. Turn over the samples now."
[Archangel] "No problem. They've already been analyzed and the results transmitted to Oracle."
[Archangel] "She will see both of you now."
* Archangel holds out a hand to Macavity from the floor..
* Macavity reluctantly puts away his guns and helps Archangel to his feet.
* Macavity walks over to Leviathan and wakes up the street samurai.
* Leviathan doesn't wake up in a daze, his eyes simply snap open
[Leviathan] "Damnit."
* Macavity hauls Leviathan back to his feet..
[Macavity] "Come on, we passed. We can go ahead in."
* Leviathan gets up, upon seeing archangel, he extends an outstretched, oddly cocked palm
[Leviathan] "Passed what?"
* Archangel rubs his head with a pained expression
[Archangel] "As I told Macavity here, I was instructed to obtain a genetic sample from each of you. Against your will most likely."
[Leviathan] "You're lucky I didn't have my sword." He grumbles as he stumbles by, leaning on Macavity for only a brief moment before he catches his own balance
[Leviathan] "Next time, just get me drunk."
[Archangel] "The samples have been analyzed and confirmed. Here are the actual physical samples."
* Archangel hands Macavity & Leviathan each one of the cylinders
[Archangel] "Now, if you will follow me."
* Archangel leads the way into a back room...
* Leviathan decides in spite of his bad experiences with fire earlier in the evening that he needs a cigar, pocketing the cylinder
* Archangel is now known as GM
* Leviathan keeps himself as alert as he can be as he steps into the back room before macavity
[GM] There is a slight electrical feel to the air as you pass through the doorway, a tingling that raises all the hairs on your skin.
* Macavity follows Leviathan in.
[GM] Before them is a circular platform with a curved, trid screen behind it showing only static.
* Leviathan finds a corner.
[GM] Once both are inside the room, the static resolves into that of a slim young girl, the image takes on three dimensional life as holographic lasers sketch out the figure upon the raised platform before the screen.
* GM is now known as Oracle
[Oracle] "Hello Macavity. It's been a long time."
[Macavity] "I feel somewhat less than welcome, Oracle."
[Macavity] "Was that really necessary?"
* Macavity waves towards Archangel
[Oracle] "Unfortunately, in this day and age I believe it is. Even genetics can be faked, but not skill."
* Oracle is now known as Archangel
[Archangel] "You can only truely know someone after you have fought them."
* Archangel bows towards Macavity & Leviathan
[Leviathan] "Some of us don't want to make friends shithead."
[Archangel] "Your mastery of Choy-Li-Fut and Loong Ying Kuen is impressive, Macavity."
* Leviathan flicks ashes in Archangel's general direction, taking another long drag of his cigar
* Archangel turns towards Leviathan.
[Archangel] "As is your skill in.....a martial art I have not encountered before."
* Leviathan glares coldly at him'
[Archangel] "Most interesting."
[Archangel] "Again, I beg your forgiveness. Mistress, if you have no further need for me, I have duties to return to."
* Archangel is now known as Oracle
[Oracle] "Thank you Master Yin. I am most appreciative of your service."
* Leviathan grumbles to himself, leaning his back against the wall
* Oracle turns in the holographic projection towards Leviathan.
* Leviathan glares coldly at it too.
[Oracle] "Please do not think poorly of Master Yin. It is I who requested him to fight with you."
[Leviathan] "He listened."
[Oracle] "All Shao Lin are sworn to do so."
* Oracle turns back to Macavity
[Oracle] "You have the data you requested me to decrypt with you?"
[Macavity] "I managed to download it into active memory."
[Oracle] "You can use the port here."
* Oracle indicates a port on the side of the trid frame to Macavity
* Macavity walks over, flips open the port and sticks his middle finger inside, twisting it to lock the optical interfaces together.
* Leviathan sighs off his grouchiness, calming himself enough to be polite
[Oracle] "I've missed your company Macavity. How have you been these past three years?"
[Macavity] "Alive."
[Leviathan] "Excuse me, but I've got a question.."
[Macavity] "I'm sorry I didn't stay in closer touch."
[Oracle] "Yes, what is it?"
[Leviathan] "Why take a genetic example of me when I'm SINless and don't have any samples out that I'm aware of? I shouldn't exist in any database."
[Oracle] "I am not just any regular database. I have access to information nets from around the globe. Besides which if we ever meet again, I will know whether it is the same person I am meeting here or not."
* Leviathan crosses his arms. "If you've found out anything about me from what you've got, let me know, if it is within your power to do so."
[Leviathan] "I don't like people that know more about me than I do."
[Oracle] "I can remedy that. It will take a few days but I can tell you everything that is known about yourself."
* Leviathan nods. "Thank you. Pardon my interruption."
[Oracle] "I can tell you this now. Your blood and body are teaming with nanites. More nanites than I have seen in any other individual."
* Oracle turns back to Macavity
[Oracle] "You keep interesting company as always, Macavity"
* Leviathan checks his palm, seeing it healed, having figured such
* Oracle responds again after some moments.
[Oracle] "I have the file in its entirety. It will also take some time to decrypt."
[Oracle] "In the meantime I can offer the two of you a safe place to stay, and whatever gear and services you might want or need."
[Macavity] "Thank you. We will be in touch."
* Macavity turns to head out, waiting for Leviathan to preceed him
* Leviathan takes Macavity's right flank as usual
[Oracle] "Macavity...will you come back to visit with me for awhile?"
[Macavity] "Its been many years Oracle. But I will."
* Macavity walks out of the room, back to where Shadowolf is.
* Oracle is now known as GM
* Steel is eating at an all-day burger joint.
[GM] >>>>GAME OVER<<<< Session Close: Wed Jul 09 01:08:44 2003 Session Start: Tue Jul 15 21:17:49 2003 Session Ident: #Burned-Ice
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* Darius is now known as Steel
[GM] It's been almost a week when Macavity & Leviathan receive a call regarding the data they left to be decrypted by Oracle.
[GM] She tells them to meet her at the same location. Now that they know where it is and have no need of a guide to get there.
[Macavity] "Got the call, Lev. She's cracked the encryption and wants us to go to her."
[Macavity] "Coming or staying here?"
[Leviathan] "I'm coming. But I'm bringing my sword."
* Macavity grins at Leviathan.
[Macavity] "You left him bloodied last time. I think you acquitted yourself fairly well."
* Leviathan throws on his new suit of actioneer clothing, hoping that nobody decides to summon any fire elementals, straps his sword neatly against his back, the long coat hiding it, and cracks his knuckles
[Macavity] "I did a bit of checking around since then, and I found out that elusive Shao-Lin monks are reputed to be martial artists beyond compare."
[Leviathan] "Yeah, but she might have a different doorman this time around."
* Leviathan gets a blank look in his eye
* Leviathan sits down for a minute, slowly breathing
* Macavity looks at Leviathan with sudden concern..
[Macavity] "You alright Lev?"
[Leviathan] "I've trained with the Shao Lin."
[Macavity] "What?"
[Leviathan] "Nothing, just a flicker, you know, happens."
* Leviathan rises, quietly, in thought
[Leviathan] "Let's go, shall we?"
[GM] It takes relatively little time to get there. Once inside, another doorman takes your coats/shoes, anything else you care to leave in the parlor and shows you into the inner chamber.
[GM] Once again, you feel a slight tingling as you pass the threshold and stand in a room darkened save for a single pool of light about a holographic tank with a bank of trid-screens behind it.
[Leviathan] "Told you it might be a different doorman."
[GM] The trid screens initially show static, but as soon as you step into the room, they resolve into an image of a young girl dressed in a plain dark, ankle-length skirt and white collared shirt.
* GM is now known as Oracle
[Oracle] "Greetings, Macavity. Leviathan."
[Leviathan] "Hello again, Oracle, it is good to see you."
* Macavity bows reverently towards the holographic image.
[Oracle] "Come now, we need not be so formal Macavity."
* Leviathan still takes his spot in the corner, lighting up another cigar, taking nearly the exact same position as last time.
[Leviathan] "I hope you don't mind my smoking."
[Macavity] "Last time we were the supplicants, tomorrow I promise to a guest, but for the interim we still have business to conclude I would like to stand upon formality."
* Oracle quirks her mouth with the barest hint of a smile.
[Oracle] "Very well. To the business at hand."
[Oracle] "I was successful in decrypting the contents of the data unit you provided me. The information contained within is interesting enough that I was willing to waive my normal 20% fee...But if you wish to maintain formalities then I will not deprive you of the pleasure."
[Oracle] "In addition, I have found a local buyer, a Denver corporation known as BioGene Technologies Inc."
[Oracle] "They have asked you to bring the data module to one of their computer laps where they can determine the veracity of the data. You will have full corporate immunity into and out of the facility."
[Oracle] "They have tentatively agreed to 500,000 nuYen for the information on the condition that it is as interesting as I have described it to be."
* Leviathan smirks, barely discernable in broad daylight, completely unseen in the darkness
* Macavity considers the offer for a moment, and glances over to Leviathan.
* Leviathan nods to Macavity
* Macavity catches Leviathan's eye, his cyberoptics rendering Leviathan's features in crystal clarity even with the darkness.
[Macavity] "We will accept. You have the location of the laboratory?"
* Oracle nods towards the data unit off to one side and a data pad with the relevant information atop it.
[Macavity] "Thank you Oracle. I will see you tomorrow."
[Oracle] "Goodbye Macavity...."
[Leviathan] "Oracle, a moment of your time, as-has become usual."
* Oracle glances over at Leviathan after a moment.
[Leviathan] "Have you begun to search for any information for me regarding my identity?"
[Oracle] "I have, but so far I have found very little. Entry and exit visas in London, Germany, Egypt and the Algerian Theocracy."
[Leviathan] "So you would have a name?"
[Oracle] "Each time you entered the country through a different name. Benedict Joseph Labre, Charles Borromeo, Isaac Jogues...all the names of Catholic saints."
[Oracle] "But that is all I have found so far. As you know, many countries do not keep genetic records of individuals entering and leaving legally. And then there is the type of travelling more commonly employed by individuals in our circles."
* Leviathan nods
[Oracle] "I will keep searching, but information takes time to uncover."
[Leviathan] "Thank you very much, Oracle."
[Oracle] "I do not need your thanks, I would much rather have a more physical contribution."
[Leviathan] "What little you can give me is worlds away from what I have. If you wish payment, I already I feel I owe you for the assistance given."
[Oracle] "Why don't we settle on a figure. 20% of your share in any of your ventures I have a hand in?"
[Leviathan] "I'd like to not set a solid percentage now, as I don't know how much information you'll be able to recover."
[Oracle] "Said ventures providing you with a retainer to keep you in service to me?"
[Oracle] "What information exists, I will find. But it will take time and much in the way of resources."
[Leviathan] "Very well then, consider our deal made."
* Oracle bows to Leviathan.
[Leviathan] "Hopefully I'll not dissapoint with the services I am able to give."
* Leviathan bows back, a bit deeper
[Oracle] "Please contact me when your current courier work is done."
[Leviathan] "I shall."
* Macavity bows once more towards Oracle and then steps out of the room, carrying the data unit
* Oracle is now known as GM
* Leviathan follows Macavity out, walking alongside him
[Leviathan] "what do you think?"
[Macavity] "Of?"
[Macavity] "Do you need to pick up any gear or weapons back at the Trailer or do you have everything you'd like to have with you going into BioGene?"
[Leviathan] "For one, the deal I made? Is it a good idea? For two.." he smirks, a bit more visibly, "Benedict, Charles, or Isaac?"
[Leviathan] "I'm ready as usual."
[Macavity] "I think I'll stick with V. As for the deal..."
* Macavity shrugs
[Macavity] "Lets get this to the corp, get our money and be done with it."
[Macavity] "The sooner this data is out of my hands the better I'll feel."
[Leviathan] "Damn straight."
[Macavity] "I don't need Aztechnology's property hanging about my neck any longer than it has."
[GM] The trip to the BioGene Technologies computer lab goes without incident. Upon showing the data pad to the guard at the front desk, he asks you to wait in a side room for a moment. Both of you are escorted to a side room, taken around the weapons detectors.
[GM] After a few minutes, a side door to the room opens and a young lady steps through...
[Kabuki] The woman who steps through is a contrast in natures. The clothing she wears is corporate chic enough not to look out of place here, but sturdy enough not to be a liability on the streets. Her movements are smooth and controlled, and she seems to fit into the place, though her starkly white painted face with bright red lips and eyes outlined in black scream street...
* Leviathan notes to himself that the woman is likely an elite guard of some sort
[Kabuki] Another contrast, though not as startling this day in age is the obvious Japanese ancestry coupled with the elven ears. "I was sent to collect you." she says in slightly accented English.
* Macavity nods slightly to the woman
* Leviathan nods, falling in step behind Kanuki after a brief bow
[Macavity] "Please lead on."
[GM] The trio takes a series of corridors to a small elevator that whisks them down several levels to some kind of underground facility.
* Macavity glances over the woman carefully, noting possible weapons concealed in her outfit.
[Macavity] "My name is Macavity. This is my comrade, Leviathan."
[Kabuki] "We are almost there."
[Leviathan] "Nice to meet you too."
* Macavity steps up next to the woman carefully.
* Kabuki glances at Macavity.
[Macavity] "May I have your name?"
[Kabuki] "It is unimportant."
[Leviathan] "But it is only polite."
* Leviathan crosses his arms, leaning against the elevator wall
[Macavity] "I find no-one I meet unimportant."
* Macavity studies the woman's face...
* Kabuki shrugs. "You can call me Kabuki. Come, time is wasting." She starts to walk back down the hallway.
[Macavity] "And in this business, anyone you meet could be important to you someday."
* Leviathan follows quietly behind the duo, long coat disguising and muffling already silent footsteps as he glides along
[GM] The hallway leads to a small comfortablly appointed room with a formidable-looking cyberterminal in the middle. A tech sits at the term and a clean-shaven James Dean-looking young corporate exec leans against the desk.
* Kabuki bows slightly. "As you requested."
[GM] He waits until Kabuki shuts the door behind the three of you before introducing himself...
[GM] "Thank you Kabuki."
[GM] "Allow me to introduce myself. Cole, McKennas Cole."
* Kabuki takes a place against the wall, fading into the background as she's no longer needed.
* GM is now known as Cole
[Leviathan] "Leviathan. My cohort here is known as Macavity. A pleasure."
[Cole] "I've been authorized to offer up to 500,000 nuYen in non-negotiable Zurich Orbital Bearer Bonds if the data you've brought pans out. My technician here will verify the contents, and then I'll present you with the money and you'll be escorted out."
* Macavity hands over the data unit to the technician, and walks around behind the cyberterminal with the technician, hands gliding lovingly over the hardware built into the table.
* Leviathan nods
* Macavity catches Leviathan's eye, and nods as he steps back to cover the room from the opposite side of the desk from Leviathan.
[Cole] The tech spends a few moments hooking up the data unit, then begins accessing it from the the download continues, he appears to get more and more excited..
* Leviathan takes a few steps back himself, mostly to keep an eye on kabuki, but not appearing overly obvious in his actions
[Kabuki] 6d6 0
[Shadowolf] unload -rs sr_script.ini
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* Macavity sets mode: +o Shadowdice
[Kabuki] 6d6 0
[Shadowdice] Kabuki rolls 6d6 : 5 4 5 2 10 3
[Leviathan] ((Need to do a quick reboot))
[Leviathan] ((brb))
* Leviathan has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
* Kabuki studies the two men, watching them from her position.
* Cole taps a credstick against his thigh in a nervous rhythm
* Leviathan has joined #burned-ice
[Cole] With the tension in the room it seems to take hours, but a few minutes later the tech looks up. "It's good" he proclaims in an excited whisper.
* Cole sets mode: +o Leviathan
[Cole] "Alright. Excellent."
[Cole] "I'd like to thank you two gentlemen for bringing this data to us."
* Cole walks over to the desk an picks up a slim briefcase which he hands over to Macavity
[Cole] "Here are your bonds. Kabuki will see you upstairs."
* Macavity takes the case, walks around the desk and hands the case over to Leviathan.
* Leviathan takes the case, taking Macavity's right side as usual, following behind him, also as usual
[Macavity] "Thank you."
[Cole] "I look forward to doing business with you gentleman in the future. Please do take care while you're in Denver."
[Macavity] "We'll be sure to do so."
* Macavity leaves the room and waits for Kabuki & Leviathan to join him.
* Cole is now known as GM
* Leviathan follows Macavity out
[GM] The door closes behind the trio, a short trip down the corridor takes them to the elevator which takes a few minutes to descend back to them.
* Kabuki leads them out of the complex.
* Macavity turns to Kabuki just before they leave and extends a hand to her.
[Macavity] "It's been a pleasure..."
* Kabuki bows slightly, before turning and leaving.
[Leviathan] "Awfully friendly girl. Have a thing for elves, I'm noticing."
* Macavity turns the proffered hand into a florish to his own bow, then heads out.
* Macavity eyes Levithan
[Shadowolf] (i'm going into SWG letme know when it is time)
[Macavity] "I have a thing for 'awfully friendly girls. Not that its any of your business."
* Macavity responds in a slightly mocking voice..
* Leviathan smirks.
[Leviathan] "I mean, one in Seattle, one in Denver.."
[Macavity] "It's always good to get to know the individuals working the scene in the city you're staying in."
* Leviathan chuckles. "Suuuure."
* Macavity takes the case back from Leviathan inside the car and opens it, removing a handful of the paper bonds and handing them to Leviathan.
* Leviathan pockets them. "What for?"
[Macavity] "There you go. 100,000 nuYen for backing me up on this trip."
[Leviathan] "Well, that's a lot of money for doing what I always do, chum, but that's not a complaint."
* Leviathan grins
[Leviathan] "Thanks Mac."
[Macavity] "Least I could do for your delightful company. Let's head home."
[Leviathan] "Right."
* Leviathan makes a phone call on the way back
[Leviathan] "Care to do a little work this evening?"
[Leviathan] "Make a quick ten kay?"
[Macavity] "What is it?"
* Macavity glances over at Leviathan on the phone..
[Leviathan] "The Oracle wants us to help out Shadowolf, team bailed on him in a run and he could use some extra protection. You in?"
[Macavity] "I guess. What are the details?"
[Leviathan] "Well, the safehouse has room for the trailer, Sioux sector."
[Leviathan] "Could give us a place to stay for awhile."
[Macavity] "Alright. Sounds fine to me."
[GM] The house is located in the Sioux Sector, an old Victorian-style home that's been added and modified several times over the years.
* Leviathan hops out of the semi, knocking on the door politely after mac gets out and joins him
[GM] ((which door Lev?))
[Leviathan] back door by the driveway
* Macavity scopes out the back..
* Shadowolf draws one of his pistols and walks to the door and I switch to astral perception before I get to the door and attempt to see who it is
[GM] A high perimeter wall surrounds the property. The back is almost completely concreted in, a thin strip of grass between the back wall and the edge of the driveway and garage is the only green. Although with the current drought it's more of a yellow-brown.
[GM] ((you can't see through the wall in astral unless you astrally project through the wall))
[Shadowolf] okay then I do that
[Shadowolf] (sorry)
* Leviathan waits quietly at the back door, checking the windows
[GM] you recognize both Macavity & Leviathan by their astral aura, having previously astrally observed them.
* Shadowolf comes back to his body and opens the door a bit and looks out "Whats up"
[Leviathan] "Oracle contacted me, said you could use some backup."
[Macavity] "We're your relief, or company."
* Shadowolf opens the door up and lets them in
[Shadowolf] "Yah I guess you could say that"
* Leviathan steps into the house quietly, walking about freely to familiarize himself with the layout
[GM] ((everyone see the map ok?))
[Shadowolf] "Beer in the fridge sorry it isnt that decorated but it does the job:
* Kabuki is now known as Valefar
[Macavity] "What kind of surveillance do you have up? Defenses?"
[Shadowolf] "Well I have snoops around the place and have a few spirits up for magical defense's as well as suvialence, but to every one outside this appears to be a vacant house
* Leviathan takes a seat near the front window
[Leviathan] "There any bugs here?"
[Shadowolf] its clean
[Shadowolf] ""
[Shadowolf] "I sweeped it when I came in here and have white noise generators up to muffle any decteion and so on"
[Leviathan] "No, I'm talking about real bugs, insects.."
[Shadowolf] "Yah that too"
[Shadowolf] "Wolf keeps the place pretty clean"
[Leviathan] "Alright.
[Shadowolf] "But I did spot some large cockroacked in the basement if you want to go check it out?"
[Leviathan] "No, I'll just avoid the basement."
[Shadowolf] You see this very large wolf come padding into the room and coming to sit down next to Shadow
[Leviathan] A good companion to have if you follow the totem of the wolf."
* Shadowolf nods "Why do you think he sticks around with me"
* Macavity disappears into the house, checking out all the nooks & crannies..
[Leviathan] "Maybe you feed him?"
[Shadowolf] "So ORcale said I could use some back up? Yah I can when MAc gets back I will fill you both in. No it isnt that we have this rather strange relationship I watch his back he watches mine we made a damn good team back in the wildcats"
[Leviathan] "Wildcats?"
* Macavity returns to the room
[Macavity] "I heard my name?"
* Shadowolf lifts up his shirt and shows you the Tattoo on his arm
[Shadowolf] "Yah I was going to wait till you got back to fill you both in so I wouldnt have to do it twice"
[Shadowolf] (anyone want to see what wolf looksl ike?)
[Leviathan] ((sure))
[GM] ((free form for a moment, telephone brb))
* Leviathan quietly scribbles down things in a black composition notebook
[Shadowolf] (hmm wonder why it says unable to resolve host)
[Leviathan] ((I'm behind a firewall))
[Shadowolf] (that is probally why then lol)
[Shadowolf] (MAc should have a pic of it on his site)
[Leviathan] ((People usually dont have trouble sending me things though))
[Shadowolf] "Yes I was a Wildcat at one time in a way still am unoffically that is"
[Leviathan] ((Brb too, nature))
[GM] ((10 minute break all, next part is going to be a couple weeks later))
[Valefar] ((k, afk for a few then))
[GM] ((how late can everyone go tonight?))
[GM] ((I've got a pretty major segment up next))
[Shadowolf] (not very late at all work in the morning)
[Steel] (39 min)
[Valefar] ((I'm good. My late night game got canceled))
[GM] ((that involves everyone))
[Shadowolf] (Its getting late for me mac)
[Steel] (So not long...I have a Safety Audit in the morning...:( )
* Ramjet is now known as ramjet
[Shadowolf] (Not good and I have a PT test in the morning as well)
[Leviathan] ((Back))
[Leviathan] ((I'll be up anyway, so I can continue, can't speak for everyone else though..))
[Shadowolf] (sorry MAc I cant )
* Shadowolf is now known as Kendoshi
[Kendoshi] If I was on leave np but I am back to work now
* Leviathan is now known as RustAngel
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[GM] ((hrm...))
[is still here...watching, waiting, holding my breath...]
[GM] ((can we do a major bit of combat tonight?))
[GM] ((what about doing this tomorrow night?))
[GM] ((or afternoon))
[Darius] What time?
[GM] ((i'm free whenever, so i'ts up to you folks))
[Darius] (6P EST?)
[Kendoshi] (tomarrow night actually any time at night works up until say 11pm or so)
[RustAngel] ((I'm free tomorrow.))
[GM] ((maelwys?))
[RustAngel] ((pending on what happens, naturally..))
[GM] >>>>GAME OFF<<<<
[Valefar] ((Should be fine most likely, unless something pops up))
[Darius] I'm headed for bed then. I shall be here at 6PM EST.
[GM] ok, tomorrow night it is, I'll try to be up as early as possible, let's aim for 6pm EST if that's good by everyone else.
[RustAngel] k..
* Disconnected Session Close: Tue Jul 15 23:44:39 2003

Session Start: Wed Jul 16 19:17:59 2003 Session Ident: #Burned-Ice
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[Darius] We ready to go?
[RustAngel] I know I am..
[GM] just about..
[GM] uploading one more map..
* Darius goes into character.
* Darius is now known as Steelshadow
[GM] After the normal settling in problems of unpacking and getting used to staying in a new place, everything settles down into a quiet routine.
* RustAngel is now known as Leviathan
[GM] Valefar keeps to himself for the most part, having commandeered the entire third floor.
* Maelwys is now known as Valefar
[GM] Leviathan spends his time on the library terminal, studying biology, medicine and general science.....taking a crash course on first aid and medicine.
* Leviathan picks up the phone, strolling about the bottom story. "Hello?"
* Macavity spends his days working in the garage and in the trailer on weapons and software, and his evenings visiting with Oracle.
[GM] ((feel free to conduct the phone convro in chan))
* Steelshadow calls you on your phone.
[Steelshadow] Hey there. I'm not sure if yoy remember me. I'm Steel, the guy you helped our a few weeks back.
[Steelshadow] Well, I'm looking for some help.
[Leviathan] "Whatcha need chief?"
[Steelshadow] I'm looking for some information, and was wondering if you knew someone who could get it.
[Leviathan] "We all have sources, kid, but I ain't no fixer..either way, ask away."
[GM] The distant shriek of steel being cut and shaped echoes from the weapons shop tools set up inside the garage in back.
[GM] ((picture Whisper's shop in Blade))
[Steelshadow] 'Well, I'm trying to find some info on an SAS unit. 132d, Bravo Team.
[Leviathan] "Uh-huh.."
[Steelshadow] 'You know anyone that can look into...less-than-legal information procurement?'
[Leviathan] "Sure do."
[Steelshadow] 'Where can we meet?'
* Leviathan hrmms, strolling around a bit, not really any type of fixer at all, but guessing he can put Steel in touch with the Oracle. He reads off an address in the vicinity, a coffee shop or some other public place
[Steelshadow] 'Thanks. You looking for help yourself?
[Leviathan] "What do you mean?"
[Steelshadow] 'I need a job.'
[Leviathan] "I told you we'd call you.."
[Steelshadow] Fine. Thanks for your help. Have a good day.
* Steelshadow hangs up.
* Leviathan grumbles to himself as he lights up a cigar, going over to the workshop to get mac's attention
* Macavity is busy machining a piece of metal the length of his hand and thickness of his finger via a computer controlled lathe.
* Leviathan politely waits for him to stop
* Macavity watches closely as the robotic arms make cuts and grooves to tolerances a few microns wide.
* Macavity pauses the process and looks up at Leviathan.
[Macavity] "What's up?"
[Leviathan] "Remember that bleeder we picked up the other week?"
[Macavity] "Vaguely....Steel-something right?"
[Macavity] "Big irish guy."
[Leviathan] "Yeah, something like that. He wants info on an SAS unit, gonna need some decking done."
[Macavity] "What did you tell him?"
[Leviathan] "Told him I'd meet him. I ain't a fixer but I can put him in touch with a decker, you being my first choice.."
[Macavity] "Um...yeah I suppose. I could run a couple of search agents on it. Does he have any information to start with?"
[Leviathan] "You'll have to ask him, unless you want me to ask him for you."
* Macavity considers for a moment..
[Macavity] "I did turn up something interesting about those guys at the shootout, which makes me glad we're in Sioux territory at the moment."
* Valefar walks downstairs, one of the few times he actually leaves the third floor, and raids the kitchen, taking food back upstairs.
[Leviathan] 132nd, Bravo team, to be specific about what unit he's lookin for
[Leviathan] "Also said he wanted work.."
[Macavity] "The credstick I took from one of them had a fake SIN on it, no big surprise there...but when I did a little digging into it I came up with UCAS banks suspected of being CAS DSI fronts."
[Macavity] "See if you can get him to give you his real SIN and any other information about himself he might have. But make it seem as if you're just collecting info to find out about this 132nd Bravo team."
[Macavity] "I'd go with you, but at least one of us needs to stay here to protect the kid. I think Shadowolf stepped out to go an check some things out with his Sioux military buddies.
* Kendoshi has joined #burned-ice
[Leviathan] "Alright."
* Macavity sets mode: +o Kendoshi
* Leviathan heads out
[Macavity] ((to speak of the devil is to invite him to dinner))
[Kendoshi] (LOL)
* Kendoshi is now known as Shadowolf
* Steelshadow sits and waits at the local java shop.
* shadowdice has joined #burned-ice
* Steelshadow sets mode: +o shadowdice
* Leviathan heads in, taking a seat across from SteelShadow
[Shadowolf] (I am just getting things situated
* Steelshadow nods to Lev.
[Steelshadow] 'What are you asking in price?'
* Leviathan nods back, waiting a moment.
[Leviathan] "Depends upon what you need specifically and the amount of risk involved,"
[Steelshadow] 'I lost contact with a friend in Bravo. We were lads back in Devonshire.'
[Steelshadow] 'I'm trying to find out what happened, and who was responsible.'
* Steelshadow gets a vengeful look in his eyes.
[Leviathan] "Vengeance is a profitable thing."
[Steelshadow] 'Aye, it is. Can you help me?'
[Leviathan] "I can see what I can find out."
* Steelshadow leans closer.
[Leviathan] "This have something to do with that episode a few weeks ago?"
[Steelshadow] 'I must warn you...the last person I asked this information from died trying to get it to me...that was his house your crew shot up.
[Leviathan] "We can take care of ourselves."
[Steelshadow] 'I saw that, and thank you again for taking care of me hide too.
[Steelshadow] 'We have a deal then?'
[Leviathan] "One condition."
[Steelshadow] 'Name it.
* Steelshadow sips the last of his black coffee.
[Leviathan] "I'll need some credentials. If my people don't know who they're working for, they won't work."
[Steelshadow] Fine. What do you need to know?
* Steelshadow looks apprehensively at Lev.
[Leviathan] "A name would do, your real one."
[Steelshadow] 'MacKenzie. Kebran MacKenzie.'
[Steelshadow] 'And that stays between you, me, and your team. Got it?'
[Leviathan] "Alright then MacKenzie. I'll let you know if we find out anything, and how much that anything will cost you."
* Leviathan eyes him planitively. "Business as usual, chief."
[Steelshadow] 'We have a deal then. I'll be in the area.'
* Leviathan rises, giving a slight nod before he heads out himself, taking a roundabout route back to the safehouse to be sure he's not being tailed
[GM] roll perception Lev
[GM] ((open ended...))
[Leviathan] 6d6 0
[shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 6d6 : 3 5 3 1 3 4 *5*
[Leviathan] 5d6 0
[shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 5d6 : 3 9 5 3 4 *9*
[Leviathan] ((Heh, sorry about the first roll, wrong dice))
[GM] 5d6 0
[shadowdice] GM rolls 5d6 : 3 4 1 3 14 *14*
[GM] ((ok, Leviathan, you don't spot anything on your way back))
[GM] Leviathan returns to the safe house without any incident...
* Leviathan hops out of the car, pretty sure he's not being followed, walking into the backdoor of the house, making sure the locks are locked and whatnot
* Macavity watches Leviathan returning in the small visual displays along the bottom of his field of vision fed from remote cameras and the sensors on the GMC Hauler
* Macavity walks into the main house area from the garage, locking the door behind him and goes to greet Leviathan.
* Leviathan nods to Mac, taking a seat and telling him what he was able to find out.
[Macavity] "Hey, welcome back. Shadowolf came in right after you left, but I forgot to ask where you were meeting your omae."
[Macavity] "Everything go well?"
[Leviathan] "Well enough I suppose, no need to have met him..His name's Kebran MacKenzie. Wasn't about to ask him for a SIN but I'm pretty sure the name's legit."
[Macavity] "Why don't we find out. How is that spelled?"
* Leviathan scribbles it down, sliding it over
* Macavity goes over to the computer terminal in the library and sticks his finger into the datajack port...
[Macavity] "Alright...setting up the search parameters...I won't limit it to England. For all we know the accent and appearance could be faked."
[Shadowolf] "I am surprised he gave his real name" I say this as I am walking into the room
[Shadowolf] "How did it go?"
[Macavity] "He's either very foolish, or very good."
* Leviathan shrugs. "Guy doesn't seem to know how the shadows work."
[Shadowolf] "I would bet on very foolish"
[Macavity] "Or his real name's compromised in some way...."
* Macavity trails off, lost in thought
[GM] Several minutes pass before Macavity stirs again
[Macavity] "Well, that's interesting."
* Leviathan runs a scratching hand through his newly sprouting hair.
[Shadowolf] ((#burned-plan is open))
[Macavity] "Kebran MacKenzie belongs to someone real. I've got records of his birth in Devonshire, England. Parents Allen and Leena both dead....hello, what have we here?"
[Macavity] "public funeral and military honors for British SAS officer KEbran MacKenzie, killed during a training excercise in the North Sea."
[Macavity] "The body was not recovered due to weather conditions...."
[Macavity] "Well, he's either this fellow or he read the same news clip I just read."
[Leviathan] "Said that he wants information on Bravo due to an old friend going missing."
[Leviathan] "Get this- that shootout we had was the person who he hired last to dig up the info's doss."
[Shadowolf] "Why would someone want to dbl cross him for that info unless it was some drek hot info that has alot of higer ups in on it?"
[Macavity] "As I said before, Mr. MacKenzie interested me after I did a little digging into the fake SIN that one of his attackers had on him."
[Shadowolf] "Those SAS guys are top notch Counter terrorism and so on arent they?"
[Macavity] "The background of the SIN had fingermarks all over it from a UCAS Bank suspected of being a front for the CAS DSI - Department of Strategic Intelligence."
* Leviathan puffs his cigar, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall.
[Shadowolf] "If the UCAS is involved it cant be good"
[Leviathan] "So he's got feds after him for something."
* Leviathan looks to Shadowolf. "The more dangerous it gets, the greater the rewards."
[GM] I didn't say UCAS....CAS DSI.
[Shadowolf] "Ah okay"
* Macavity leans back in the chair and looks at Leviathan and Shadowolf.
[Macavity] "So what do the two of you think?
[Shadowolf] "I think it is interesting to say the least it must be big if it has multinational fingerprints on it so to speak"
[Leviathan] "Just looking up info for this guy is likely going to be pretty risky. He's in deep shit. Seems we're the only ones able to bail him out of it, but at what cost?"
[Leviathan] "Pretty likely he's going to get himself scragged if we let human nature take its course." he tosses the butt of his cigar into a nearby ashtray, and begins pacing slowly about, in thought
[Shadowolf] "Plus whats in it for us?"
[Leviathan] "Curiosity is a dangerous thing..It's up to you though boss."
[Shadowolf] "I am mean we still have the gig watching the brat"
[Leviathan] "The brat's pretty friggin' safe."
[Shadowolf] "I know but a job is a job"
[Shadowolf] "I was told to watch the brat I will watch the brat, if you want to take the mission go for it, but a job is a job"
[Leviathan] "How long are we watching this kid for anyway?"
[GM] "Look, whatever it is, we're already in it. If those guys we killed were government then it doesn't matter anymore."
[Shadowolf] "True but we didnt leave anything trace behind"
[Macavity] "Whats in it for us is knowing where the next ambush or trap might come from."
[Macavity] "Did you recover your bullets Wolf?"
[Macavity] "From inside the house?"
[Shadowolf] "I made shure the place was steril and nothing could be traced back to us"
[Leviathan] "Casting some sterilization mumbo ain't gonna remove lead, chum."
[Macavity] "Or the bullet holes that lead makes."
[Shadowolf] "Good point"
[Shadowolf] "Well my old chumemrs in the Wildcats havent heard anything so, and they would let me know if anything is coming down"
[Leviathan] "So much for being a good samaritain..."
* Macavity snorts...
[Macavity] "Military there's an oxymoron."
[Leviathan] "Seemed like thugs to me."
[Macavity] "Contradiction in terms..."
[Macavity] "They might have been, but they had government writ large on their fake IDs.
[GM] ((everyone roll intelligence, TN is 10 unless you have hearing amp -TN 8 with amp))
[Shadowolf] "The info I am talking about wont come from typical MI"
[Leviathan] 5d6 10
[shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 5d6 vs TN=10 : 1 9 3 2 2 No Successes
[Shadowolf] 6d6 10
[shadowdice] Shadowolf rolls 6d6 vs TN=10 : 3 2 5 2 3 3 No Successes
[Macavity] 8d6 8
[shadowdice] Macavity rolls 8d6 vs TN=8 : 3 5 5 2 4 5 2 5 No Successes
[Shadowolf] ((By the way the white noise is also going and if my watchers got wind of anything they would let me know))
[Leviathan] "Well, it's your move Mac, if you don't want to look up this info, just let me know and I'll call him."
[Shadowolf] "Well for a shit hot decker as I am led to belive from the Oracle it shouldnt be to much work for one of your caliber\"
[GM] ((everyone roll perception again, TN is now 8, hearing amp 6))
[Macavity] 8d6 6
[shadowdice] Macavity rolls 8d6 vs TN=6 : 3 3 3 3 4 3 1 2 No Successes
[Leviathan] 5d6 8
[shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 5d6 vs TN=8 : 1 3 1 15 5 - 1 Success
[Valefar] 7d6 8
[shadowdice] Valefar rolls 7d6 vs TN=8 : 2 7 1 3 3 2 5 No Successes
[Shadowolf] 6d6 8
[shadowdice] Shadowolf rolls 6d6 vs TN=8 : 3 11 2 1 8 3 - 2 Successes
[Shadowolf] ((damn))
[Leviathan] ((Nice roll))
[Shadowolf] ((no kidding))
[Shadowolf] "We may have company I hear motorcycle engines in the distance"
[Shadowolf] "A lot of them"
[Leviathan] "I heard the same."
* Shadowolf sits down gets comfortable and his body goes limp
[Leviathan] "Someone head upstairs to get Vale, bring the kid into the basement."
[Shadowolf] (going astral)
* Leviathan dons his armor as quickly as he can
* Macavity runs up the stairs, flipping open his pocket sec and bringing up the security systems on the trailer
[GM] ((lev, roll your quickness TN your body+2))
[Leviathan] 10d6 7
[shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 10d6 vs TN=7 : 5 3 4 3 1 4 4 4 2 5 No Successes
[GM] ((lev, it takes you body minutes to put on your armor))
[GM] Within a few minutes, the sound of motorcycles becomes loud enough for all to hear. A few minutes after that, it's impossible not to hear it, the revving of dozens of engines echoing between buildings like an orchestra of cacaphony.
* Leviathan wonders which biker gang he inadventantly pissed off.
[GM] Backfires make the combat vets of the group jump, each sounding too close to a gunshot for them to dismiss it immediately. The sound is so loud that individuals can hardly hear their own voice, let alone anyone else talking.
[Shadowolf] ((what did I see when I went astral))
* Shadowolf comes back to his body
[Shadowolf] "Its a bunch of go-gangers some with minimal cyber. All mundanes as far as I can tell."
[GM] ((anyone looking outside with gang identification can roll vs TN 4))
[Leviathan] 3d6 4
[shadowdice] Leviathan rolls 3d6 vs TN=4 : 5 1 3 - 1 Success
[Shadowolf] 4d6 4
[shadowdice] Shadowolf rolls 4d6 vs TN=4 : 3 2 1 4 - 1 Success
[Shadowolf] "They are one of the Denver Go-Gangs"
[GM] >>>>GAME PAUSED<<<<
* Disconnected
Session Close: Wed Jul 16 21:17:46 2003
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