[00:22] * Macavity watches everyone else leave the conference room to get some sleep and then walks over and takes Minx's hand as she's leaving the room to pull her into his arms
[00:24] * Minx grins, pressing tight. "Yes?"
[00:25] {Macavity} "Care to spend the night in my room?"
[00:25] {Macavity} "It's soundproofed. Just like the conference room."
[00:25] * Minx grins and pulls away, sitting on the table top. "Hrrm...." she says with a grin
[00:26] * Macavity shrugs..
[00:26] * Minx looks around. "Why wait?"
[00:26] * Macavity eyes the slightly ajar door to the conference room..
[00:27] * Minx laughs. "Good point...lead the way..."
[00:28] * Macavity pushes the door to the hallway shut and turns the lock
[00:28] {Macavity} "Problem solved?"
[00:29] * Minx leans back on her arms, stretched out as she sits on the conference table.
[00:29] * Macavity wanders over to Minx and reaches out a finger to trace a line along her jaw
[00:30] * Minx smiles, turning her head to kiss the finger. "Something you wanted from me?"
[00:31] * Macavity shrugs..
[00:31] {Macavity} "Maybe...is there anything you want from me?"
[00:34] * Minx parts her thighs, pulling Mac between them, pressing against her. "Yeah...I think so."
[00:35] * Macavity runs his hands through her hair, grasping the back of her head and pulling her to for a long passionate kiss
[00:36] * Minx returns the kiss just as passionately, legs pulling tighter...once the kiss breaks... "This armor better be easy to get out of..."
[00:36] * Macavity shows Minx just how easy it is to get out of that armor
[00:37] {Macavity} *snap* *snap* *snap*
[00:38] * Minx lays back, totally nude, the only adornment a small nipple ring made of silver and what looks like a small emerald.
[00:39] * Macavity strips off his shirt and leans down to take the nipple ring in his teeth as he licks the nipple beneath with his tongue..
[00:42] * Minx shivers, purring with pleasure, using her legs to pull him against her over and over.
[00:42] * Macavity runs one hand lightly along the side of Minx's face, while his other hand slips between her thighs
[00:43] * Minx arches her back, pressing against him. "Mmmm...you've done this before."
[00:44] {Macavity} "Enough to figure out all the best ways..."
[00:45] * Minx squirms..."With all those women's clothes in your closet, I was beginning to wonder..."
[00:45] * Macavity slips out of his boots as he touches and licks Minx all over, never stopping at any one place on her body for long
[00:46] {Macavity} "Well I hate leaving clothes that are left behind on the floor."
[00:47] {Minx} "Your guests must get such interesting looks as they leave..."
[00:47] {Macavity} "Well, the thing is that some of them seem to prefer to leave in my clothing...."
[00:48] * Macavity pulls Minx off the table and picks her up in his arms as he continues kissing her
[00:49] * Macavity walks over to another door, and opens it adroitly with his armful of Minx, and carries her over to the bed in this room.
[00:50] {Minx} "Damn I'm beginning to like this place..." she sighs, cuddling
[00:51] {Macavity} "...which is a pain because then I have to go out and buy more."
[00:52] * Macavity lays down next to Minx in just his leather laced-up jeans
[00:52] * Minx rolls Mac over, straddling him, kissing his face and chest. "Yeah...I'm sure that's such a pain for you..."
[00:53] * Macavity leans up to suck gently on side of Minx's neck where it meets her shoulder..
[00:55] * Minx drapes her hair over Mac's body, slowly kissing her way down to his jeans. "as much as I like your clothes...I think I'll leave with mine..."
[00:55] {Macavity} "That's what I like about you."
[00:58] * Minx unlaces your jeans, pulling them off before straddling you again. "Or maybe with more then I showed up with..."
[00:59] * Macavity grunts and locks lips with Minx, running his hands over her body as he pulls her against him
[01:01] * Minx smiles and straddles Mac, gliding him into her before slowly beginning to rock on top of him...
[01:02] * Macavity slowly bucks his hips in rhythm with her rocking..
[01:04] * Minx relaxes, enjoying the sex, taking her time, expertly riding him, her hips rolling and taking into account his motions...
[01:08] * Macavity reaches up after awhile and directs Minx to turn around so that she rides him facing away, then reaches around her body with one hand caressing a breast and the other between her legs, continuing to rock in and out of her as his fingers caress her skin..
[01:11] * Minx gsaps, picking up her pace, shuddering softly as she orgasms...
[01:13] * Macavity pulls her down onto her side on the bed, and cups himself around her, sliding in her again from behind while the fingers of one hand continue to brush against her sex...
[01:14] {Minx} "oooh yeah...lots of practice," she gasps, craning her neck around to kiss him, body moving against his
[01:16] * Macavity kisses her passionately, his free hand reaching up under her body to massage her breast and his knee slips in between and lifts up her leg as he continues to move against her inside and stimulate her from outside...
[01:19] {Minx} ((Ug, going to have to go...safe to assume this keeps up till both of them wear out I think.))
[01:20] {Macavity} probably....roll body to find out how long?
[01:20] {Maelwys} lol

[19:34] {Macavity} did we ever retrieve your clothes from the conference room next door?
[19:35] {Macavity} and unlock it for that matter...
[19:35] {Minx} Yeah, she would've retrieved them. Unlock, who knows. Where they planning on sleeping?
[19:36] {Macavity} probably not for quite awhile...but eventually...I don't know would she have fallen asleep in the same bed or left to grab sleep on one of the bunks across the hall?
[19:37] {Minx} Probably would've stayed in the same bed
[19:40] {Macavity} and slept in..
[19:41] * Minx shrugs. Nada most likely. Maybe her t-shirt.
[19:41] {Minx} But if she didn't leave, the conference room door should still be locked.
[19:42] {Macavity} well...I was talking about spending the morning sleeping in since they were probably up all night...
[19:42] {Minx} ahh, figured that was the other option, heh
[19:43] {Minx} Yeah, probably for a bit.
[19:43] {Minx} Though I'm guessing they're both used to dancing/clubbing/anything up most of the night, then getting up
[19:54] {Macavity} true...

[19:54] * Macavity wakes up and stretches quietly, making sure he doesn't disturb Minx with his movements if she's still asleep..
[19:57] * Minx yawns, grabbing the covers and rolling over.
[19:59] * Macavity glances at her to gauge how awake she is...
[20:01] {Minx} She seems awake enough to hold a conversation, but not planning on getting out of bed soon, unless made....typical teenager.
[20:02] * Macavity pokes her gently somewhere private and sensitive...
[20:03] * Minx opens her eyes. "Yeah?" she says with a grin
[20:06] * Macavity leans over and gives her a long, lingering kiss good morning...
[20:08] * Minx pulls you closer for a deeper kiss. "So...what's the plan?"
[20:10] {Macavity} "I don't know...feel like spending another hour or two in bed?"
[20:10] * Macavity slips his arms around Minx and strokes her skin enticingly with his fingertips..
[20:12] * Minx smirks and stretches against you. "Sounds good." she says with a grin, and snuggles back under the covers, eyes closing.
[20:13] * Macavity nibbles on Minx's ear and whispers..."I didn't mean spend it sleeping..."
[20:15] * Minx opens he eyes and grins. "Aww..."
[20:16] * Macavity kisses Minx as she opens her mouth to say 'Aww' and slips his tongue in for some serious wrestling...
[20:19] * Minx returns the faver, wrapping herself around Mac in a very serious attempt at molding herself to every part of him.
[20:20] * Macavity slips a hand between her legs to reward her for the attempt and focuses on the delicate skin of her neck..
[20:23] * Minx parts her thighs willingly for the hand. "I reallly hope there's a shower around here..."
[20:24] {Macavity} "Oh there's a small one through that door."
[20:25] * Macavity waves with his free hand at the wall opposite the conference room
[20:25] {Macavity} "I suppose we could have used it last night instead of the sinks.."
[20:26] {Minx} "Never would've gotten ther in time," she says, as her hands begin to tease him.
[20:28] * Macavity starts trailing kisses down Minx's body, pausing for awhile at her breasts, then continuing down along the side of her stomach...
[20:30] * Minx lays back, a smile on her face, moaning softly as Mac works, her arms tucked under the pillow, watching him.
[20:32] * Macavity reaches a hand up to brush her lips as he kisses the insides of her thighs...
[20:33] * Minx arches her back, her thighs parting. "Um...I could live with 2 hours of this."
[20:35] * Macavity presses against her, both lips and tongue working hard in all the right places...
[20:38] * Minx wraps her legs tightly around him, hands toying with her own breasts, her sighs turning to moans..
[20:40] * Macavity waits until she seems almost at the brink, then slides up into her from behind in a repeat of last night's performance
[20:41] * Minx presses back quickly, building a rhythem with him, body gripping him tightly, a sheen of sweat on her body as they couple.
[20:43] * Macavity continues thrusting inside her, hitting just the right spot as his arms reach around to heighten her pleasure..
[20:45] * Minx cries out, a combination of the tongue and his body causing her to orgasm, her body stiffening around his.
[20:46] * Macavity continues moving smoothly against her forcing her climax to extend to another orgasm, and then another, before stopping..
[20:47] * Minx slumps over, panting, looking back with a very....satisfied smile.
[20:49] * Macavity smiles back at Minx, then sits up, still not spent, and turns as if to start getting out of bed...
[20:50] * Minx rolls over. "You're going to be uncomfortable."
[20:51] * Macavity leans over to kiss Minx
[20:51] {Macavity} "As long as you're satisfied I'll manage."
[20:52] * Minx leans over and kisses Macavity, taking him into her mouth, showing she's rather good at it also...
[20:53] * Macavity leans back and gives himself over to her efforts, already on the edge from their lovemaking before.
[20:55] * Minx finishes him off slowly with her mouth, finally leaning back with a satisfied face, after cleaning all evidence of their lovemaking.
[20:56] * Macavity leans over, takes Minx in his arms and kisses her passionately for her efforts...
[20:56] {Macavity} "Time to grab a shower and join the others?"
[20:56] * Minx keeps the kiss going for a while, then slumps on the bed. "Sure...you go first..if we both take a shower, we'll never join them."
[20:58] {Macavity} "I was just about to see if I could tempt you into it..but alright. I'll be done in a jiff."
[21:00] * Minx grins and curls back up in the covers, licking her lips
[21:00] * Macavity hops into the shower and comes back out ten minutes later..
[21:01] * Macavity walks back into the room towel around his waist drying off his arms...his hair for some reason appears to be completely dry and styled as if he hadn't stepped into the shower at all..
[21:02] * Minx looks over the hair curiously. "Cute trick."
[21:02] {Macavity} "What?"
[21:03] * Minx stands up, stretching. "The hair." she says as she disappears into the bedroom, giving you another very good look at her backside.
[21:04] * Macavity eyes it appreciatively and explains..
[21:05] {Macavity} "It's cyber, tech-hair. I can style it however I like and it never really needs to be washed since it's self-cleaning."
[21:05] * Macavity follows her into the room
[21:05] {Macavity} "I can change colors, length, style, all it takes is a simple mental command
[21:06] {Minx} "Ahh...cool. No cyber for me....all natural.." she says, slipping into the shower.
[21:06] * Macavity demonstrates, shaking his head and shifting from chinlength metallic blue to an irredescent green mowhawk to waist lenght straight black hair..
[21:06] {Macavity} "Indeed.."
[21:07] {Minx} "Cute..." she says, standing under the spray of water, but leaving the door open so you can watch.
[21:07] * Macavity watches her shower for a moment, admiring the play of water sluicing over her body, then goes back outside to get dressed..
[21:09] * Minx comes out about 15 minutes later, drying her hair, then walking around, sorting out her clothes.
[21:12] * Macavity greets her with a kiss when she comes out..
[21:13] * Minx models a bit of the skintight bodysuit for Mac, then gets dressed into her usual leathers, getting ready.
[21:13] {Macavity} "I'm going to join the others and see what they're up to...
[21:13] {Macavity} "see you out there."
[21:13] {Minx} "Okay."
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