[01:03] {Mac-GM} your directions are to take the tube to a certain subway stop and one of the ANcients you know will meet you there if you give him a call..
[01:04] * Minx uses her phone to give him a call when she's on the tube.
[01:04] {Mac-GM} "Hey, what's up babe?"
[01:05] {Minx} "Not much...just need a way into the Underground."
[01:05] {Mac-GM} "Alright, I'll meet you and the Green Street station.....know how to get there?"
[01:06] {Minx} "Yeah, no problem, I'm on my way there now."
[01:07] * Minx taps her foot, looking around the car as she waits, thinking she should've just taken her bike.
[01:08] {Mac-GM} you get there without too much hastle...and arrive on the station platform to find the Ancient hanging out by the vending machines..
[01:08] * Minx heads on over grinning. "Heyas."
[01:09] {Mac-GM} "Hey babe, what's doin?"
[01:09] {Mac-GM} the Ancient's tall and lanky, with red-tips to his blue-black mowhawk and motorcycle leathers..
[01:11] * Minx shakes her head. "Not much, a little freelancing...I need a way into the Underground, maybe a guide to Melchior.
[01:12] {Mac-GM} "I'm your sugar, sugar"
[01:12] {Mac-GM} he grins saucily at you, eying your leathers up and down appreciatively...
[01:12] * Minx grins. "You're still not sleeping with me."
[01:12] {Mac-GM} "Can't blame a fool for tryin can ya?"
[01:12] * Minx laughs.
[01:12] {Mac-GM} "Come on, it's this way sista.."
[01:12] * Minx shakes her head and follows.
[01:15] {Mac-GM} he leads you around the edge of the platform, past the 'No Admittance Except for AUthorized Personnel' sign at the end of the platform, down along the tracks and over to what looks like some kind of maintenance hatchway in the wall..
[01:15] {Mac-GM} Openign the door it reveals a long metal staircase going down, down, and down...
[01:16] {Mac-GM} He leads you about halfway to the bottom, steps over to a gridded catwalk, that takes you to a tunnel that seems to pass some distance below the tracks above.
[01:16] * Minx memorizes the way. "Say, would there be someway to move a truck through the underground?"
[01:16] {Mac-GM} the tunnel is filled with steam pipes, and on the other side opens out into a larger service corridor, still lined with pipes and lit by the occassional unbusted metal cage protected lightbulb in the ceiling..
[01:17] {Mac-GM} "There are a few roads down here sista....and a couple of entrances to through parking garages and the like to the streets above..yeah.
[01:17] * Minx nods. "Anything near the arcology?"
[01:17] {Mac-GM} ((roll your int in channel))
[01:18] {Mac-GM} "Near the Arcology, which arcology?"
[01:18] {Minx} "THE Arcology. Renraku."
[01:18] {Mac-GM} "Not that I know of Sista... Course I'm not a proper Trog, I just know my way around a few of these parts."
[01:18] {Mac-GM} "Is that what you're going to see Melchior about ?"
[01:19] * Minx grins. "Maybe."
[01:20] {Mac-GM} "Why would you want to know somethin like that for now sista?
[01:20] {Minx} "My Business."
[01:21] {Mac-GM} He continues leading you through a maze of corridors, stairs, catwalks, and more corridors which would leave any sane person lost. Fortunately, that isn't an affliciton you suffer from.
[01:23] * Minx follows along, trying to remember the way, glancing around occasionally. "Damn, this is big."
[01:23] {Mac-GM} "This ain't nothin sugar, just a small portion around this subway station...come on."
[01:24] {Mac-GM} he gestures as he steps through another rusted door that looks like an air-tight pressure door on a ship...
[01:25] * Minx steps through, glancing around curiously.
[01:27] {Mac-GM} The door leads into a more open chamber, kind of a large alleyway leading out to what looks like an underground street up ahead..
[01:28] {Mac-GM} the ceiling slopes up and the entire thing spreads out like a cone connecting the smaller back with the high vaulted ceiling of the 'Street'
[01:28] * Minx whistles. "Impressive."
[01:29] {Mac-GM} your guide leads you out there, and you see that in either direction as far as you can see this street extends...wide enough to accomodate a car easily, it would be wider, except for the stalls of vendors that line both sides.
[01:29] {Mac-GM} Behind the vendor stalls are the beautifully sculpted facades of buildings built right into the rock walls beneath the vaulted ceiling.
[01:30] {Minx} "Damn..."
[01:38] {Mac-GM} "Come on, down this way. Don't let those vendors get ahold of you or you'll never get where you're going today."
[01:38] {Mac-GM} As if directed, several vendors rush up to you begging you to look and buy their wares..
[01:38] * Minx nods. "And I'll probably wind up poorer for it.."
[01:38] * Minx follows him, ignoring the vendors.
[01:41] {Mac-GM} Eventually, the vendors leave you be and you escape from their clutches...your guide takes you further along the street until it joins up wiht an even bigger one.
[01:42] {Mac-GM} This time, you see cars driving back and forth, and there are actual sidewalks with almost respectable looking shop fronts along it. The ceiling here is at least four stories high, with the buildings on either side sporting upper story windows.
[01:43] * Minx shakes her head. "Damn...should've come here sooner...no sales tax..."
[01:43] {Mac-GM} The light seems to come from a mismatched combination of flourescent lights, luminescing moss on all the upper surfaces, and dusty globes connected to fiber-optic light paths leading up to the surface.
[01:44] {Mac-GM} There are even one or two scraggly trees growing down here and the overall lighting is kind of like an artificial forest gloom..
[01:45] * Minx takes this all in, patting herself down, to make sure the vendors didn't take any of her knives..
[01:46] {Mac-GM} none of them seem to be missing...
[01:47] {Mac-GM} Juran, your fellow Ancient, takes you only a short while down this very prosperous looking section before leading you down another side street, this one not so well lined with vendors.
[01:47] {Minx} "So how much further?"
[01:48] {Mac-GM} Here you can see that the buildings lining the street are in many cases residences, with kids playing in the dirt in front of the dorways, and orks hanging laundry out to dry on poles in front as well. The two of you attract only a few stares here and there. The street is busy enough for two elves not to garner too much attention..
[01:49] {Mac-GM} "about another 15 minutes walk..not that far..
[01:49] {Minx} "Damn..should've brought the bikes."
[01:49] {Mac-GM} As you continue onwards, the road gets more and more sparsely populated. And the two of you start getting more and more looks from the inhabitants...
[01:50] * Minx strides confidently next to Juran
[01:50] {Mac-GM} "Nah, there's nowhere to park them near where we're going and I woulnd't trust them not to get stolen down here. Much as I love riding, there's really not that many places down here where you can do it."
[01:52] {Mac-GM} As he speaks you reach a bend in this street, where an underground stream has worn away part of it before branching off ahead of you, while the street curves up and around to your right. Along either side of the stream is a worn pathway, and the ceiling above the stream is covered in that glowing luminescent moss.
[01:53] {Mac-GM} Following the stream for maybe five minutes, it suddenly opens out into a huge underground cavern. The stream continues on ahead of you to fall off the side of a cliff in a splashing waterfall.
[01:53] {Minx} "This is pretty cool. Surprised the Corps haven't tried to do something about it. Too big I guess."
[01:54] {Mac-GM} All around you, you see the same from hundreds of other streams, the far side of the cavern lost in the cool watery mist from the depths below...the entirety is brightly lit by glowing moss and crystals here and there sparkle, making the entire twilight scene look like someone had taken a fantasy elven city and dropped it here.
[01:55] {Mac-GM} Here and there you see the lights of dwellings on the cliffs, and small carved pathways in the rocks leading to those dwellings.
[01:55] {Mac-GM} Your guide points to one such and bids you farewell...
[01:55] {Mac-GM} "That's where Melchior lives, tell him Juran says hello."
[01:56] * Minx thanks Juran. "Will do. Thanks for the tour...Should be able to get out of here, I hope." she snickers.
[01:58] * Minx heads off towards the indicated dwelling.
[02:00] {Mac-GM} The 'house' is plainly furnished, sculpted out of the rock, it has a long, low window that faces out into the cavern next to the only door. A fire inside makes the interior walls look cozy and you spot smoke wafting out of a hole in the rockface above..
[02:00] * Minx knocks, calling out Melchior's name.
[02:01] {Mac-GM} A tall elf dressed in fringed robes with a long, wide similarly fringed scarf wrapped about his shoulders like a wrap comes out of the dwelling, his hair is smooth, white and slicked back, and his face is long and thin with a bejeweled dangle hanging from one earlobe.
[02:01] {Mac-GM} "Yes, what can I do for you child?"
[02:02] {Mac-GM} "Do you need a healer?"
[02:02] * Minx snickers. "I'm Minx, your name was mentioned by the Ancients...actually I need information..."
[02:06] {Mac-GM} "Oh really. Well come in dear child and have something to eat."
[02:07] {Mac-GM} He turns around and dissappears inside his home..
[02:07] * Minx blinks, then shrugs and comes in, looking around.
[02:08] {Mac-GM} Inside is as comfortable as the outside suggests, with low wooden tables, rugs, and lots of soft cushions to sit upon...
[02:09] {Mac-GM} The roof is low in the front but vaults up high enough to stand up straight in the back, and your host comes back in a moment with a bowl of soup and a plate of sweetbreads to munch on.
[02:09] {Minx} "Nice place..."
[02:11] {Mac-GM} "Why thank you."
[02:12] {Mac-GM} he tamps a long-stemmed pipe with tabacco, and then sits down across from you on a cushion puffing away contendly as he appraises you.
[02:12] {Mac-GM} "You certainly dress like an Ancient. What can I do for you child?"
[02:13] {Minx} "I need information on the Underground." she says, settling down.
[02:14] {Mac-GM} "I've lived here almost ten years now. I know much about this place but if there's anything I've learned it's how little of it I actually do know."
[02:15] {Mac-GM} "Still, if there's someone living there, I've probably paid a housecall to the area."
[02:15] * Minx nods. "Know anything about the place near Renraku?"
[02:15] {Mac-GM} "place near Renraku?"
[02:17] {Mac-GM} "
[02:17] {Mac-GM} "None of the corporations really have any branches down here."
[02:18] {Minx} "No, but I'm sure down here has branches near the corporations."
[02:19] {Mac-GM} "what exactly are you getting at child, speak clearly for an old man."
[02:20] {Mac-GM} ((how the elf could be as old as he appears is a mystery since it's only been 30 some odd years since the awakening))
[02:21] {Minx} "I was wondering how there could be a way into the parking garage of the Renraku Arcology.
[02:21] {Mac-GM} "Ah....."
[02:21] {Mac-GM} for a few moments, the elf puffs silently on his pipe
[02:22] {Mac-GM} "Yes, I think I know someone who knows of a way.."
[02:23] {Mac-GM} "I find that the children down here are the most adept at finding new ways in and out of the Underground."
[02:23] {Mac-GM} "Most of the adults have gotten used to living down here, but children are always looking for adventure."
[02:23] * Minx assenses the guy. "Yeah, us Children are petty good at that."
[02:24] {Mac-GM} ((he assenses as mundane which you were told he wasn't))
[02:26] {Mac-GM} "I remember one group that came back quite sadly. They'd found a way out of the Underground, but one of the children was shot and killed on the other side, the others came back terrified. Some of the adults went looking where the children had gone, and they found that there was a branch whose walls had collapsed open into one of the exterior service ducts of the Renraku Arcology."
[02:26] * Minx settles back, listening. "Nice aura. Masking?"
[02:26] {Mac-GM} "My dear, that's a very rude question to ask of one's elder."
[02:27] * Minx tries to recall a map in her head, to see where he's talking about.
[02:27] * Minx grins. "Impudent bunch, aren't we."
[02:27] {Mac-GM} he sighs forlornly.
[02:27] {Mac-GM} "Do you want to know what I have to tell you or not?"
[02:28] * Minx nods and listens.
[02:28] {Mac-GM} "Good, you can control yourself when you want to."
[02:29] {Mac-GM} "I expect you want to know where this entrance is and all about it. If you'll finish up your food, I'll take you to someone who knows where it is, and how best to get to and from it."
[02:29] * Minx finishes her food quickly.
[02:29] {Mac-GM} "You have no small talent of your own, if you choose to spend the time and effort to practice and learn to control it."
[02:30] {Mac-GM} "You will find that it will not be an easy path. And that you will be tempted to take the easy path and rely upon your instincts instead of your will."
[02:31] * Minx frowns and looks down. "I try."
[02:31] {Mac-GM} "But if you are interested in learning. If you are willing to spend the time and effort."
[02:31] {Mac-GM} "Come now, let us go and find your answers."
[02:32] {Mac-GM} He reaches over and touches Minx gently and affectionately upon the shoulder as he stands and walks outdoors.
[02:32] {Mac-GM} "There is an old saying...a very old saying. When the pupil is ready the master shall appear."
[02:33] {Mac-GM} he looks her over once and then walks to the very edge of the cliff and steps off onto what looks like thin air.
[02:34] * Minx stands, following, then stops. "Uh huh."
[02:34] {Mac-GM} "Well, dont' just stand there, come on."
[02:34] {Mac-GM} he waits for you to join him ...out on thin air.
[02:36] * Minx looks over the edge of the cliff.
[02:37] {Mac-GM} The cliff drops away before her, and she can see distant pools of water where the waterfalls are emptying themselves into, lit from below by more of that phosphorescent moss..
[02:38] * Minx assenses the air.
[02:38] {Mac-GM} Melchior reaches over and pulls Minx's hand as she leans to look over the edge of the cliff and she takes an involuntary step into the air as she almost stumbles...and finds her foot on something that feels solid.
[02:39] * Minx shakes her head. "Cute."
[02:41] * Minx follows, occasionally looking down.
[02:41] {Mac-GM} Once she's stepped completely onto the all but intangible platform... the two of them whisk away through the air across the cavern to the far side. Although a slight breeze ruffles Minx's hair, it doesn't seem anywhere near as much as it should be as the surrounding walls blur past them.
[02:41] {Minx} "oh...Very cool...elemental or spell?"
[02:42] {Mac-GM} They pass through a waterfall and into a long bored out corridor, and for a moment as they pass under the waterful, Minx can make out the invisible sphere of force surrounding them outlined by the water sliding off of it.
[02:42] {Mac-GM} "It's a little bit of both actually, Melchior comments calmly as they zip through the air."
[02:43] {Mac-GM} The continue to zip down empty tunnels, finally alighting on the floor of one that connects with a curved residential street much like ones Minx passed earlier on her way to Melchior.
[02:43] {Minx} "Little of both?"
[02:43] {Mac-GM} Melchior leads her to a nearby home and knocks on the door
[02:44] * Minx looks back, astrally trying to find any sign of the spell or elemental.
[02:44] {Mac-GM} A large, burly looking ork comes out and scowls at Minx before he sees Melchior...then bows very deferentially to the elf and invites him inside.
[02:46] {Mac-GM} "Actually Thurn, my friend here needs your guidance." Melchior indicates Minx, still looking back up the tunnel they came through. "I would consider it a personal favor if you would look out for her for me."
[02:46] {Mac-GM} Thurn readily agrees, and Melchior walks back to Minx.
[02:46] {Mac-GM} "He will show you where this underground passageway that you seek is, and he will answer any more questions about it that you need answered."
[02:47] * Minx looks around. "Okay, cool...what do I owe you?"
[02:47] {Mac-GM} "I hope that you will consider my offer and that I may see you again when you are finished with whatever you are involved in. May the good spirits watch over you child."
[02:48] {Minx} "And you."
[02:49] * Minx watches Melchior leave, trying to see how he does it.
[02:49] {Mac-GM} "You will not be discouraged if the world does not rush to you, demanding what you have...Neither will you quietly sit down to let the world wonder and then seek you; but you will be aggressive, you will carry your truths to people and cuase them to see them so clearly that they must accept them."
[02:50] {Mac-GM} He touches her head as if reading prophecy from the touch, and then turns, dissappointing Minx by walking down the tunnel out of sight.
[02:50] * Minx blinks.
[02:50] {Mac-GM} ((and on that note, I'm going to sleep.))
[02:50] {Minx} ((heh, laters))
[02:51] {Minx} Not even gonna ask right now :)
[02:51] {Mac-GM} ((one question...will you go back to try to find out what the old elf was talking about?))

Session Start: Sat Mar 29 20:08:34 2003
Session Ident: Minx

[20:08] Session Ident: Minx (~wraith@cloaked.houston.rr.com)
[20:08] {Minx} ((hola))
[20:10] {Macavity} Minx stands before a grizzled ork who looks as if he's seen his share of battle from the scars on him. As she turns from watching Melchior leave, she sees the ork straightening up from a bend.
[20:11] {Macavity} He gives you a once over, with a slight, disapproving look on his face, then turns and goes back into his home without a word.
[20:11] * Minx crosses her arms and waits for him.
[20:12] {Macavity} He does not come out..
[20:13] * Minx waits a minute or two then sighs, and knocks on the door.
[20:13] {Macavity} Down the street, a small gang of orkish youths roaming about catch sight of you and shout to one another as they start walking your way..
[20:14] {Macavity} The door is open, and inside you can see the ork Melchior introduced you to cooking something on a small burner on a countertop carved out of the walls.
[20:14] * Minx frowns, studying the group, looking for any gang tags visible.
[20:14] {Macavity} the youths all wear red and black, like the Trogs, but none of them seem old enough to be members of any seniority with them...most likely errand boys for the gang that unofficially controls the Ork underground
[20:16] * Minx waits patiently, knocking again.
[20:17] {Macavity} The ork turns around and eyes you in the open doorway..
[20:17] {Macavity} "I'll be with you in just a minute...have a seat or something."
[20:18] {Macavity} Outside, you hear the group of kids coming up to the abode, jeering and cracking stones off the walls.
[20:18] {Macavity} "Waz da madda Zeus, you takin a likin for daisy eda's now?"
[20:19] * Minx snorts and takes a seat, waiting.
[20:19] {Macavity} The ork puts down his cooking and carefully turns off the burner before turning around to walk out to the front...
[20:20] * Minx lets the ork deal with it, though ponders which would be the leader, and which needs to be taken out first...
[20:20] {Macavity} He faces the kids calmly.. "Why doncha take your buddies and find yourselves some trouble elsewhere Elias."
[20:21] {Macavity} The outspoken ork youth spits at Zeus's feet and another one tries to wing a stone through the doorway to hit Minx, but misses...
[20:21] * Minx snickers.
[20:24] {Macavity} "HEY!" Zeus bellows suddenly, and the youths all back up a step or two, "That's my HOUSE you're throwing stones at. You want to fight, you come up here and get your ass whooped by me. Don't you dare come around and throw shit like some fraggin slitch breeder!"
[20:25] {Macavity} The kids grumble alot but back off and head down the passageway...
[20:26] * Minx stands up, leaning against the wall, watching them go.
[20:27] {Macavity} Zeus just eyes you, and goes back to his cooking...
[20:28] * Minx glances at the food, then leans up against the wall, waiting.
[20:29] {Macavity} Finishing his cooking, he pours the contents into a bowl and sets to, without offering any.
[20:29] {Macavity} "So what do you need?"
[20:31] {Minx} "I need directions to the Renraku Arcology."
[20:31] {Macavity} "Why don't you take the metro?"
[20:32] {Minx} "Why don't you live above ground?"
[20:33] {Macavity} "because your kind and the breeders don't take too well to that."
[20:33] {Macavity} "Do you think we live down here because we like it?"
[20:34] {Macavity} "Missy, there ain't no place up there for folk like us. The barrens maybe, but that hell hole's worse than even down here."
[20:34] * Minx tilts her head. "Let's just say me and the metro don't get along to well."
[20:34] {Macavity} "So get a map and walk.."
[20:34] {Macavity} "Or take a cab, what do I care.."
[20:35] * Minx shrugs. "Okay, lets say the Cops and I don't get along, and the corps, and alot of other people up there."
[20:36] {Macavity} "Tough life missy."
[20:38] {Minx} "Yeah."
[20:38] {Macavity} Zeus goes on eating his lunch..
[20:39] * Minx checks her knives, leaning up against the door, waiting.
[20:45] {Macavity} ((he's playing a waiting game and he's going to win...))
[20:45] {Minx} ((heh))
[20:46] * Minx shrugs and turns to leave. "I'll remember you to Melchior next time I talk to you." she says. walking out the door.
[20:47] {Macavity} "So you're looking for an Underground entrance to the Arcology." He calls to your back as you get up to leave. "What makes you think there is one?"
[20:49] {Macavity} ((do you actually leave?))
[20:49] {Minx} "Rumors, innuendo, and Melchior mentioned something about a group of children stumbling across it." she says, stopping at the door.
[20:51] {Macavity} Zeus regards her carefully...
[20:51] * Minx looks over her shoulder. "So are you going to show me?"
[20:52] {Macavity} "One of those children was my son. I forced the other children to show me where...where he was, by the time I got there it was too late."
[20:52] {Macavity} he gets up from the table, grabs his coat and walks over to you, looming over even your height..
[20:52] {Macavity} "I will show you."
[20:53] * Minx nods. "Corps suck, neh?"
[20:54] {Macavity} He turns and locks his door, then summons you to follow him and leads the way through the tunnels, each one more isolated than the next, till the two of you reach a point where even the electric lighting is gone.
[20:55] {Macavity} The tunnels here are lit only by the lumniescent moss, but your eyes adapt easily to it...
[20:56] * Minx walks along carefully and quietly.
[20:56] {Macavity} Finally he stops and gestures you forwards...there just ahead, you see a faint glimmer of light, stronger than that from the moss.
[20:57] * Minx blinks. "It's still open?"
[20:58] {Macavity} Quietly he turns to you and says. "It's there, just ahead. They covered it up with an armored ventilation cover but placed sensors and monowire along the inside.
[20:58] * Minx nods. "Is it safe to go near it?"
[20:58] {Macavity} "Of course, we had the sensors disabled, and ripped out the monowire long ago, but we have over the years taken pains to make sure that Renraku does not know this.."
[20:59] {Macavity} "Go ahead and look, but do not be seen or heard."
[20:59] * Minx walks on over carefully, looking for any signs of people or threats.
[21:00] * Minx also tries to figure out where exactly this leads into the arcology.
[21:01] {Macavity} Through the ventilation shaft before you, you can just make out the illumination of the parking garage beyond....
[21:01] {Macavity} ((slits in the ventilation cover rather..))
[21:02] {Macavity} The hole is small, large enough for a metahuman to get in and out, but small, and seems to be situated high up on the wall of the garage.
[21:03] * Minx ponders, looking over the construction of the vent, and how hard it would be to get through.
[21:06] {Macavity} The vent cover itself looks removeable without too much effort....
[21:08] * Minx nods slowly, pondering, then astrally checks out the cover.
[21:09] {Macavity} Astrally, the cover appears to be just regular metal...
[21:10] * Minx walks back to the guy. "Interesting. It leads to their parking garage."
[21:12] {Macavity} Zeus nods his head away from the vent and heads back the way you came..
[21:12] * Minx follows along, memorizing the route.
[21:16] {Macavity} After you reach a fair distance away, he turns back to you...
[21:16] {Macavity} "So what do you plan to do?"
[21:17] * Minx raises an eyebrow and shrugs. "Most likely nothing here. If push comes to shove, nice to know there's a way out other then a body bag."
[21:20] {Macavity} "Anyone that leads Renraku to our homes I will personally hunt down and kill. And I will not be the only survivor that does so either."
[21:20] {Macavity} "I wish you luck."
[21:21] * Minx nods. "Thank you."
[21:22] * Minx looks around. "Um, how do I get back to Melchior's from here?"
[21:23] {Macavity} "Follow me."
[21:24] {Macavity} Zeus leads you back to one of the main streets of the Underground and gives you directions back to the Cavern of Waterfalls
[21:24] * Minx thanks him and heads back to Melchior's...when she arrives, she knocks on the door.
[21:28] {Macavity} The elf opens the doorway and bids her enter...
[21:28] {Macavity} "Did you find what you were looking for my child?"
[21:28] * Minx shrugs. "Maybe."
[21:29] {Minx} "Doubt it will come in handy, but I guess I came to find out if that would be the case."
[21:31] {Macavity} "Have you given any thought to studying here?"
[21:32] * Minx settles down. "What kind of studying?"
[21:35] {Macavity} "studying your hidden potential of spirit,,...the ars arcanum as my friend Luthor with his dusty tomes likes to call it."
[21:36] {Minx} "My Magic you mean."
[21:39] {Macavity} "yes, magic..."
[21:41] * Minx shrugs. "Maybe. I don't really know you...but the floating thing wsa a neat trick..." she grins nervously.
[21:54] * Minx looks around a little nervously and self-consciously.
[21:55] {Macavity} "What can I answer for you?"
[21:57] * Minx shrugs, anxiously shifting. "I don't know...why do you want to teach me?"
[22:02] {Macavity} "Because you are a student without a teacher and I am a teacher with no students. Do I need a reason?"
[22:03] * Minx shrugs. "Most people do in this world."
[22:03] {Macavity} "You cannot go around suspecting everyone about you of ulterior motives. A little caution is wise, but sometimes a cake is just a cake."
[22:04] * Minx snickers. "Don't get out much, huh?"
[22:04] {Macavity} "Come, have a cup of tea before you leave."
[22:04] {Macavity} he sighs sadly as he fetches tea for the two of you...
[22:05] * Minx sips her tea. "I'll think about it."
[22:12] * Minx continues to study the waaaay too old elf as she drinks her tea.
[22:15] {Macavity} the waaay too old elf goes back to the book he was reading and sits in companiable silence..
[22:16] * Minx looks over the book curiously, a hunger to see it.
[22:18] {Macavity} The book appears to be a history book of some kind, called the Turning of the Wheel of Ages....
[22:19] * Minx squirms a bit, looking around looking for any books on magic.
[22:24] {Macavity} "You seem impatient..."
[22:25] * Minx settles back. "Curse of the street and youth."
[22:26] {Macavity} "What do you want Minx?"
[22:26] {Macavity} The elf closes his book and sets it aside as he gazes thoughtfully at Minx..
[22:27] * Minx shrugs, nervously looking around the room. "I don't know...I want ot know about magic and spirits..."
[22:27] {Macavity} "You question my motives for wanting to teach you, and yet here you still are."
[22:27] {Macavity} "Do you want to learn from me then?"
[22:28] * Minx nods quickly.
[22:29] {Macavity} "Alright then, the first thing we must do is acertain the calling of your spirit."
[22:30] * Minx looks at him confused.
[22:30] {Macavity} "For me that calling was Snake, and Snake has guided me through much of my own studies."
[22:30] {Macavity} "We are going to find out if you are attuned to a particular totem."
[22:30] {Macavity} "Or if you are more attuned to an elemental aspect of magic."
[22:31] {Minx} "Oh..no...I don't think I am...I've always had more luck as a mage..."
[22:31] {Macavity} "You cast spells by formulae then? And the spirits you summon are the four natural elements of the world?"
[22:32] * Minx nods
[22:32] {Minx} "When I can get it to work..." she says quietly
[22:36] {Macavity} "Here, I am not sure how much help I can be to you, other than with the general mysteries of our art, but I may have some books that may be of service to you."
[22:36] * Minx brightens at the mention of the books, looking around.
[22:37] {Macavity} the elf wanders over to his shelves, and after a brief period of searching pulls out a leather-bound tome the cover inlaid with silver leaves..
[22:38] * Minx blinks, looking at it. "I can't take this.."
[22:38] {Macavity} "This is Valen's Tapestry of Magic, a book that deals heavily with the unlocking of metamagical techniques...since you already know how to cast some magic, this may be of more use to you than books more commonly found in the shops of talismongers and their ilk."
[22:39] {Macavity} "It is yours to borrow. You can take it with you, or you can leave it here to come and read. And I will be delighted to have someone to argue the semantics of metamagic with."
[22:41] {Minx} "Metamagic?"
[22:42] {Macavity} "it is what many term the higher mysteries of our art..."
[22:43] {Minx} "Oh..."
[22:43] * Minx looks over at the book.
[22:43] * Minx runs her fingers over it, examining it carefully.
[22:44] {Macavity} "I have always viewed them as gifts that Snake revealed to me as my spirit more closely approached the ideal of Snake."
[22:44] * Minx tries to twist her mind around that. "Oh...I see....I think."
[22:47] {Macavity} ((and I'm going to leave it at that....how long will Minx stay there do you think?))
[22:48] {Minx} ((Probably not much longer, she'll head off with the book, and probably lock herself in a room to study it for a bit.))
[23:05] {Minx} ((And depending on time, she might check out the club by herself, see what kind htey are, what wait times are like, etc))
[23:07] {Macavity} ((alright, all of this brings you to about 3pm...))
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