Session Start: Mon Mar 24 20:31:29 2003
Session Ident: #Burned-Ice
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[20:31] * Topic is 'Game at 8:00 PM tonight. Smash & Grab at Renraku'
[20:31] * Set by Macavity on Mon Mar 24 19:23:31
[20:31] * Macavity sets mode: +o Mac-GM
[20:32] {Mac-GM} ((alright everyone, we're just about to get started, sorry for
the late start))
[20:32] {Mac-GM} ((get your descriptions ready all))
[20:33] {Leviathan} ((Copying and ready to paste:P ))
[20:33] * Maelwys is now known as Minx
[20:35] {Mac-GM} Minx & Leviathan are both contacted by Macavity about a
[20:37] {Mac-GM} Everyone else is contacted by their fixers and told to meet at
a bar named Razor's Edge that Friday, at 3pm in the afternoon
[20:38] * Leviathan shows up, promptly on time, the unconscious mercanary in
him kicking in, as well as the desperate search for a sense of self.
[20:38] * Arsenal shows up a little early, and orders a whiskey as he waits.
[20:38] * Blackwidow shows up a good 30 min early to the bar and sits at it with a
[20:39] * Macavity arrives with Leviathan and Minx, and takes a booth in the
back after talking to the bartender
[20:39] * Minx settles in the booth, stretching comfortably, ordering a beer.
[20:39] * Arsenal looks over everyone with that practiced look. He hasn't yet
touched his whiskey.
[20:40] * Leviathan seems a bit young for all this. At least it looks so in his form.
He has quite the babyface, but anyone looking into his eyes can tell that he's a man of experience. A man of experience and a man of loss. He stands 6'0, with peircing green eyes and handsome features. His hair is black, cut short and spiked. He wears a sleeping tiger line suit, looking something like a rich-kid street tough. He has no visible weapons on him, but to the trained
[20:40] {Mac-GM} The Razor's Edge opened way back in 2037 after the owner,
Iron Eddie took a few hyper velocity slugs to the lower spine and was forced into early retirement. The Edge is known for serving cold drinks and hot business opportunities.
[20:40] {Mac-GM} Located just behind the railroad tracks that run between Elliot
Avenue and Alaskan Way, the Edge is renowned for bar fights and chromed bikes.
[20:40] {Blackwidow} (do we have a name to ask for?)
[20:41] {Arsenal} or a picture of a face?
[20:42] * Minx is around average height for an elven female, wearing black
leathers, a t-shirt underneath, combat/biker boots. Her hair is worn long and loose, with a rather bright green streak through part of it.
[20:43] * Arsenal is 6'3" tall human with piercing brown eyes and scraggly brown
hair. He's wearing urban camouflage colored clothes under a long trenchcoat. The hilt of a katana peers out of the top of the trench, and a holster visible on his belt shows a large pistol.
[20:43] {Mac-GM} Everyone with an invitation to the part has been told that they
will be contacted at the bar by someone there.
[20:44] * Arsenal sits at the end of the bar, his back to the wall, watching those
who walk in
[20:45] * Blackwidow is 6'0" tall female she has long black hair and dressed in
skin tight black leathers she has a pair of mirroerd sunglasses on and trench coat
[20:46] {Blackwidow} I VGV+
[20:46] * Macavity is a slim figure, maybe 5'6" and 120 lbs with mirror shades
and chin-length metallic blue razor-cut bangs that shade his face. He is dressed in a long black synthleather trenchcoat with pale-white flourescent underlighting coming from panels on the inside of the trench.
[20:46] * Leviathan rises from his seat, approaching Arsenal's position and leaning over casually at the bar for a moment long enough to make it look like a simple comment was made and nothing else. "My employer wishes for you to follow me to our table."
[20:49] * Macavity watches the entire bar calmly, holding a smoking clove with one hand and the other stretched out along the back of the booth. A subdued grey and red ribbed long-sleeved shirt can just be seen beneath the trench, and some very slight, interesting looking bulges here and there for the perceptive.
[20:50] {Mac-GM} At the front of the bar, a pair of bikers holding mugs of beer start getting into a loud, but good-natured arguement as their mates listen on.
[20:50] * Blackwidow seeing Mac gets up and walks over to the table he is at "Long time no see Chummer hows tricks been"
[20:50] * Leviathan turns on a heal to walk back to his table, taking a calm, reserved seat
[20:51] * Macavity waves Blackwidow down to a seat at the booth and offers a clove cigarette to her
[20:51] * Minx leans back in the booth, yawning, watching the those that approach.
[20:51] * Blackwidow takes one and lights it up smoking on it
[20:52] {Mac-GM} After a few minutes, a waitress comes over with drinks for the group in the booth..
[20:52] * Arsenal slams his whiskey
[20:53] * Macavity looks over in Arsenal's direction..
[20:53] {Macavity} "Arsenal, right?"
[20:53] * Minx takes her beer, studying Blackwidow with a small smile, then over the rest of the group.
[20:53] {Arsenal} "That's right."
[20:53] * Arsenal wanders over as well.
[20:53] * Macavity extends a hand to shake his hand and then makes introductions all around
[20:54] * Blackwidow looks back at her nods and goes back to smoking her clove and waits for the pitch
[20:54] * Arsenal shakes hands and nods casually to everyone in turn
[20:55] {Macavity} "Alright, I'm going to begin, there were one or two others I was waiting for but if they couldn't make it we'll just have to see."
[20:57] {Macavity} "This is going to be a smash and grab job from a major corporation. Some wetwork is to be expected, and the insertion and extraction are going to be difficult. The pay is 50,000 each up front, 50,000 on completion, plus possibly expenses."
[20:58] {Blackwidow} "If we find anything along the way will we be able to keep, on top of what we are sent in to snatch and grab"
[20:58] {Arsenal} "Which corp?"
[20:58] {Minx} "Some Wetwork?"
[20:59] {Macavity} "Some of you are relatively new to the scene, I'm not going to lie to you, this is a fairly difficult and dangerous assignment, but I think it has a good chance for success."
[21:00] * Minx smirks.
[21:00] {Macavity} "I'm not going to go into details here, if you're interested we'll take this to the next level, at a more private location."
[21:00] {Arsenal} "Count me in."
[21:00] {Macavity} "I will tell you that Blackwidow here, is on loan to us from the corporation we'll be working for."
[21:01] * Minx frowns. "Um...."
[21:01] * Blackwidow nods
[21:01] * Arsenal studies Blackwidow as best he can
[21:01] * ChaLk sits down. He is a pale Elf, dressed in an eclectic blend of fine and ordinary clothes (black cargos, fine longcoat, t-shirt). His scuffed Docstealtoes have a hole on the left toe exposing the metal.
[21:02] {Leviathan} "You have my assent sir."
[21:02] {ChaLk} "I won't make you repeat, i heard, I do believe that sounds about right"
[21:03] {Blackwidow} There really isnt anything to noticable about her she looks rather bland and unremarkable, so visbale cyberware or bioware
[21:04] * ChaLk is twenty something, a decent datajack is visable, but its the only apparent cyber. His hair is spikey and white (like the rest of him)
[21:04] * Minx continues to frown mistrustfully at Blackwidow. "A corper?" she sneers.
[21:05] {Blackwidow} "They pay well"
[21:05] {Macavity} "If you want out Minx, now is the time to say so."
[21:05] * Macavity glances at Minx and nods thoughtfully..
[21:05] {Blackwidow} 3d6 6
[21:05] Blackwidow rolls 3d6 vs TN=6 : 4 4 2 No Successes
[21:05] {Blackwidow} i4d6+3
[21:06] * Minx shrugs. "No, I'll stay."
[21:07] {Arsenal} "Where do you want to meet us?"
[21:08] {Macavity} "Alright, everyone interested should get their gear and whatever they'll need for the next week and meet at the club Insomnia at 10 o'clock tonight."
[21:08] {Arsenal} "Club Insomnia. Got it."
[21:09] * Minx slouches in her seat, finishing off her beer, as well looking generally bored with the proceedings, though she does seem to perk up at the mention of the club.
[21:09] {Blackwidow} "Will be there"
[21:09] {ChaLk} "Passwords? names to drop? I try not to pay cover when i don't have ta"
[21:09] {Macavity} "Your downpayments will be there, and we'll be working in isolation until the job is over."
[21:09] * ChaLk grins a toothy charming grin
[21:09] * ChaLk nods
[21:09] {Arsenal} "Good."
[21:09] {Macavity} "Come to the back door, and mention my name. The bouncer will send you up."
[21:10] * ChaLk nods again
[21:12] * Arsenal gets up from the table, and sneaks a glance at his watch
[21:12] {Mac-GM} ((time is now 3:30pm))
[21:13] * Minx stars spinning the now empty beer bottle on the table, watching it as it goes around. "So is that it Mac?"
[21:13] * ChaLk takes out a toothpick (mint flavoured) from his pocket and chews it.
[21:13] {Arsenal} "Looking forward to working with you."
[21:14] {Macavity} "For the moment've got a chance to grab whatever gear you need, but I'll meet up with you at the club...doors open at 8 tongiht by the way..
[21:15] * Minx grins.
[21:15] * Macavity slips something to Minx
[21:16] * Minx gives the bottle one last spin. "Alright, I'll meet you there."
[21:17] * Macavity waits for the others to leave..
[21:17] * Blackwidow gets up and leaves and gets into her car and drives off
[21:18] * Leviathan gets up from his table, nodding to MAcavity and going back to his hole
[21:18] * Arsenal heads over to the bar for a beer to go, then heads back to his place
[21:18] {Minx} Those that leave relatively soon after Minx see her sitting on a BMW Blitzen, painted in black and Green, obvious gang tags.
[21:18] * ChaLk thanks Mac, stands and leaves with his usual grin.
[21:19] * Macavity touches Leviathan's sleeve as he starts to get up
[21:19] * Leviathan looks back down to Macavity, and re-seats himself
[21:19] * ChaLk walks off down the street for a ways, turns left and is gone.
[21:33] * Arsenal motors on over to the meeting place in the early evening.
[22:02] * Leviathan shows up with only a nod to the bouncer at the backdoor, getting in a bit early (7:30ish) and idling away at the bar, enjoying the atmosphere, finding being surrounded by the blindly grinding, sweating, likely-drug induced euphoria of flesh strangely comforting. He seems to pass on or ignore any who come to sit near him, grope him, and offer him the promises of such a place. He seems a rock in a river of opiates and ArtiFog, nameless in a sea
[22:03] {Mac-GM} ((Time: 8:30 PM at the club Insomnia))
[22:03] * Blackwidow shows up bout 15 min early to the back door and tells the guard she is here to meet Macavity
[22:04] * Arsenal shows up 10 minutes early, and does the same as BW
[22:04] * ChaLk rolls up and finds parkin, makes sure his gear is outta sight in the back of the van and walks around to the back door. He tries to be early, meaning hes' just barely on time. Gives word to the bounce, and waits to see if he'll strip him of his weapons.
[22:05] {Mac-GM} Insomnia is a massive, converted parking garage with three 2-story dance floors located on the outskirts of chinatown behind the MCT Convention Center. A pair of troll bouncers wearing leather and tight-fitting muscle shirts stand on either side of the front entrance, while an elaborately dressed drag-queen in 'Manson-esq' makeup checks IDs.
[22:06] {Mac-GM} The backdoor to the place is a solid steel door beneath a lamp and the metal bubble dome of a sensor/weapons pod.
[22:07] {Mac-GM} When you knock on the door, it opens to reveal an armored ork bouncer with a weapons scanner in one hand and a silenced SMG in the other.
[22:07] * Arsenal eyes the pod, *knows * they'll find the armaments he's carrying...
[22:08] {Mac-GM} He eyes you up and down.. "What do you want? Club's on the other side."
[22:08] * Minx arrives a few minutes before 8, knocking on the back door, dressed to thrill and kill, fitting in with the gathering line outside the club, her clothing leaving little to the imagination at times. She's carrying a rather large bag over her shoulder, and kicks at the door, careful not to scuff the new boots.
[22:09] {Arsenal} "I'm here to meet with Macavity. He's expecting me." *opens the trench * "Oh, do I keep these with you, or can I take them with me?"
[22:09] * ChaLk (in his own turn/time) mutters "pizza" under his breath, then proceeds to utter (louder this time) "Mac sent me"
[22:12] {Mac-GM} "When he hears that, he ushers you in without even bothering to scan you for weapons. He directs you up a flight of stairs once inside.
[22:12] {Arsenal} "Danke."
[22:12] * Minx mentions Mac's name, nodding to the bouncer as she walks in. "Where are we meeting? I'm going to throw this bag in the room first."
[22:12] {Arsenal} scratch that...
[22:12] {Blackwidow} (IAm already inside lol)
[22:12] {Mac-GM} At the top of the stairs, you spy another weapons pod hanging from the ceiling aimed down the steps at you.
[22:12] {Arsenal} "Arigato"
[22:13] * Minx tosses a wave at the gun pod, then hits the dance floor for the next 2 hours or so.
[22:13] * Arsenal nods.
[22:13] * Arsenal walks into the meeting area.
[22:14] * Blackwidow walks up to the meeting room since she already knows were it is
[22:15] * ChaLk trucks it up to the meeting room (cuz he's just about on time)
[22:15] {Mac-GM} The stairs open out to a catwalk which litterally vibrates from the heavy, rythmic base.
[22:16] {Mac-GM} The floor below is packed with dancers grinding against one another in an oddly graceful, swaying manner to the dark, gothic-industrial music.
[22:18] {Mac-GM} One in particular catches your eye, an exotic looking asian girl dressed from head to toe in tightly laced black leather (corsets, jeans, and high-heeled boots) and judicious amounts of latex and lace. She dances to the music and plucks small floating balls of light out of the air around her to dance in her hands.
[22:18] {Mac-GM} compelty engrossed in the beat her pale white face and hair stand out in stark contrast to the dancers who seem to form a circle about her.
[22:18] {Blackwidow} (looks alomst like an anime version of a cat)
[22:19] {Arsenal} "Not bad."
[22:20] {Leviathan} "Hand me a wet towel, Earl. My arms are starting to look like the wall in the ladies' room."
[22:20] {Mac-GM} You also notice Macavity and Minx amid the dancers, moving with the same, almost unearthly grace as the asian girl.
[22:21] * ChaLk has a bit of trouble tearing his eyes off the dancer, but continues on
[22:21] {Macavity} 6d6 0
[22:21] Macavity rolls 6d6 : 5 9 2 10 3 1 *10 *
[22:22] * ChaLk stops
[22:22] * ChaLk looks at the woman again and grins
[22:22] * ChaLk continues
[22:22] {Arsenal} "What is it? Recognize her?"
[22:23] {Minx} 2d6 0
[22:23] Minx rolls 2d6 : 2 3 *3 *
[22:23] * Ramjet is now known as Darin
[22:25] * Leviathan , before he gets the towel, checks his watch, then kicks up the bag he's had wrapped around his ankle, grabbing it with his left hand expertly as he rises, his fluid motions seeming to have been practiced over and over again. He joins Chalk and Arsenal silently, whom both notice that his formerly bare, muscular arms actually do look like a bathroom wall. Names of women and men, and their phone numbers, a half-drawn penis that looks like it wa
[22:26] {Macavity} From the dance floor below, Macavity, Minx, & Leviathan start making their way up the cordoned off staircase to the catwalk to join the latecomers and head up to the meeting room.
[22:26] {Arsenal`} ow
[22:28] {Minx} * Leviathan , before he gets the towel, checks his watch, then kicks up the bag he's had wrapped around his ankle, grabbing it with his left hand expertly as he rises, his fluid motions seeming to have been practiced over and over again. He joins Chalk and Arsenal silently, whom both notice that his formerly bare, muscular arms actually do look like a bathroom wall. Names of women and men, and their phone numbers, a half-drawn penis that looks like
[22:28] {Minx} {Macavity} From the dance floor below, Macavity, Minx, & Leviathan start making their way up the cordoned off staircase to the catwalk to join the latecomers and head up to the meeting room.
[22:28] {Minx} ((Shit, wrong room, sorry, meant to go to the plan channel))
[22:28] {Leviathan} it was interrupted as he grabbed whomever was drawing it by the throat. "Shall we gentlemen?"((hehe, didnt know it cut off))
[22:29] * Macavity gestures for everyone to preceed him up the staircase to the next level
[22:29] * ChaLk follows
[22:29] * Blackwidow follows on up
[22:29] * Arsenal` follows as well.
[22:30] * Minx heads up, looking nothing like a runner, more like a teen raver as bounces up the stairs, walking into the room, grabbing a bag and then leaving the room again.
[22:30] * Leviathan looks to chalk. "Hey kid, want any of these numbers before I wipe em away?"
[22:30] {Arsenal`} "You certainly get around..."
[22:30] {Mac-GM} at the end of the catwalk a door opens out on a concrete stairs that form a fire escape from the top floor to the basement. The door at the top opens out what looks like a series of corporate-looking corridores lined with doors.
[22:31] * Leviathan shrugs. "I don't dance."
[22:32] * Macavity leads everyone over to one of the doors, and opens it gesturing them into a conference room with a set of inclined windows that open out to the dancefloor below. The room appears to be one of a series in a square above the dance floor. The windows of the rooms across from yours are all dark.
[22:32] {Mac-GM} Waiting for you already inside is Blackwidow..
[22:33] * Minx disappears into another room.
[22:33] * Arsenal nods.
[22:33] * Macavity is dressed in leather lace-up-the-side jeans, a fishnet shirt and various belts and cuffs hung with metal O-rings and is still dripping persperation from the dance floor below.
[22:34] {Macavity} "If you'll excuse me for a moment and make yourselves comfortable, I'll just go and change into something a bit more presentable..
[22:34] * Leviathan takes a seat, wiping the phone rumbers and randomness off of his arms carefully with someone's stolen, sweat-wringed towel
[22:34] * Arsenal sits down, and starts field-stripping the AK
[22:34] * ChaLk is dressed as before (cargos, silver tshirt, longcoat, wallet chain, steeltoes)
[22:34] * Macavity smudges the heavy kohl lining his eyes as he wipes the sweat off with a towel..
[22:34] * Macavity dissappears down the hallway into another room
[22:34] * ChaLk grabs a seat one away from Blackwidow
[22:35] {Leviathan} "I still think that they should take out these windows so I can spit on them." He says to himself, standing near the window onto the chaos below
[22:35] {Arsenal} "Are you nuts? They'd like that."
[22:35] {Leviathan} "I'm perfectly aware of said comment."
[22:37] {Leviathan} "Why not add to their blissful ignorance? Things are forgotten in a place like this, details like names and such. I have never felt so close to home among the masses.."
[22:37] * ChaLk slouches in the chair, and crosses his feet. pulls out some sunglasses and puts 'em on the end of his nose. Then takes out a toothpick and chews it intensely. you can hear him occasionally whisper to himself while he looks around calmly takin it all in.
[22:37] {Arsenal} "Hmph."
[22:38] * Blackwidow is just sitting there relaxing waiting for everyone to get started
[22:38] * Leviathan pulls out a matte black, milspec-armor looking helmet and commences to clean off an old bloodstain with the now ink-stained, sweat soaked towel
[22:39] * Arsenal finishes fieldstripping the AK, starts on the SMG
[22:39] * ChaLk leans over to quietly talk to BW
[22:40] {Leviathan} "By the way, I specialize in combat situations."
[22:40] {Arsenal} "As do I..."
[22:40] {ChaLk} (loud for group to hear) "Really, couldn't tell", (quiet for BW to hear) "compensation much"
[22:41] * Leviathan smirks. "A damned shame I can't really strip my weapons."
[22:42] {Arsenal} "Well, we all have our specialties." *finishes the SMG, starts on one of the pistols *
[22:42] * Leviathan looks to Arsenal. "You would want to buy them if you knew what they were, but then again, I can't sell them."
[22:44] {Arsenal} "That all depends. I'm not into cybering myself to pieces."
[22:45] * ChaLk clears off the spot in front of him as though he's about to bring out his gun and disassemble/assemble/oil it, but instead whips out his notepad and tucks a pencil behind his ear
[22:46] * Leviathan remains silent, setting his helmet back into the darkness of that ragged-looking burlap sack he carries around, crossing his arms and leaning back against the tinted window
[22:48] {Mac-GM} The minutes pass with still no sign of Macavity or Minx..
[22:48] * ChaLk attempts small talk
[22:50] * Leviathan checks his watch
[22:50] * Macavity follows Minx into the room and closes the door behind him, walking over to the table and flipping on the switch of a device in the center of the table.
[22:51] {Macavity} "Sorry to keep all of you. Here's what you've been waiting for."
[22:51] * Macavity tosses several credsticks on the table so that they slide to each of the recipients..
[22:51] {Macavity} 7d6 4
[22:51] Macavity rolls 7d6 vs TN=4 : 11 2 11 2 8 3 4 - 4 Successes
[22:52] * Minx is dressed again much like at the bar, in black leathers, hair still loose, looking nothing like the girl from the club (except for the green streak through the hair). She settles down into a seat as she listens, examining a rather long knive in the light, checking the edge.
[22:52] * Blackwidow takes the cred stick and pockets it
[22:52] * ChaLk picks up the stick, verifies the amount, smells it, tucks it neatly in a pocket
[22:52] * Arsenal picks it up, and pockets it
[22:53] * Macavity is dressed in a form-fitting, long-sleeved ribbed shirt, and the black leather jeans from before. The slightly raised soles of the boots he has on increases his height to 5'9" but as always he seems unaware of whatever his actual height might be.
[22:54] {Arsenal} "So who are we hitting, for what, and when?"
[22:55] {Macavity} "Alright, we're working for Ares Macrotech on this one. Again, as I've said before, Lady Blackwidow here is on loan from them to us. I've found her to be honorable, and she's not afraid to get her hands dirty. She's one of the team."
[22:55] {Macavity} "We are hitting Renraku, Mr. Arsenal. And we are going to be taking two things from them."
[22:56] {Macavity} "One is this scientist."
[22:56] * ChaLk mutters "the other is Style and flare"
[22:56] * Macavity keys a switch on the device sitting in the center of the table, and an image appears in the air above it of a woman in her 30s wearing glasses and a lab-coat.
[22:57] {Arsenal} "Bet she cleans up nicely, if you get her out of the coat."
[22:57] {Macavity} "Her name is Natalia Semenova Kuz'mich, and she contacted a scientist she knew in Ares just over a week ago. She wants out gentlemen, and we're going to get her out."
[22:57] {Macavity} "The other is this."
[22:58] * Macavity hits the device again, and an image of what looks like a cyberzombie appears in the air
[22:58] {ChaLk} "He's pretty"
[22:58] {Arsenal} "You have a wierd definition of the word."
[22:58] {Macavity} "This is Renraku's prototype Anthroform Exo-Armor. Ares has been working on a similar model for some time now, but an op run by Renraku robbed them of some data and expertise enabling Renraku to get here first."
[22:59] * Macavity keys the device again..
[23:00] {Macavity} "This man, Jakob Aharon, left Ares with their most current research and technical specifications and went over to Renraku about four months ago."
[23:00] * Macavity adds two more faces to the air on either side of the one already there
[23:00] {Arsenal} "So we eliminate him?"
[23:00] {Blackwidow} "With extreme prejudice"
[23:01] * Minx sits back and listens.
[23:01] {Macavity} "He was assisted by the man on the left, a Renraku Security decker named Ian Frieze."
[23:01] {Arsenal} "Cold-hearted SOB, I guess."
[23:01] {Macavity} "The gentleman on the right is the project director who coordinated the extraction from Ares and who heads the Renraku project."
[23:01] * ChaLk mutters something not audible
[23:02] {Leviathan} "Would it be preferential that these targets be eliminated as well?"
[23:03] {Blackwidow} "The scientist is mine regardless he dies by my hand alone and mine only"
[23:03] {Macavity} "We are indeed being paid to eliminate these targets as well."
[23:04] {Arsenal} "I got no problem providing cover fire."
[23:04] {Macavity} "Our primary objective is the extraction of the scientist, and the retrieval of Renraku's prototype."
[23:04] {Darin} A lean tanned man in a leather jacket strolls in
[23:04] {Arsenal} "We have to grab the girl and the plans, then kill the others on the way out, or go back a second time."
[23:04] * Leviathan looks up to the latecomer, then back to the projector
[23:04] {Arsenal} "A decker would be useful for getting around the security, though."
[23:04] {Blackwidow} "We kill them and grab the package, no going back a second time"
[23:05] {Darin} "sorry, Not Fraggin helipad anywhere here. Hadda go back and drive in"
[23:05] {Macavity} "The prototype has been completed, and our current information tells us that Renraku will be shipping it out on Wednesday, 6-days from now."
[23:05] * Macavity introduces Darin to everyone else there..
[23:06] {Macavity} "This is our rigger, Darin, he was running a little assignment for me earlier, so couldn't make it until now."
[23:06] {Arsenal} "Well, that gives us a timetable. No sense believing their security's on the weak end during the weekend, either."
[23:07] {Mac-GM} ((would everyone please give descrips to Darin, and vice-versa))
[23:08] * Leviathan seems a bit young for all this. At least it looks so in his form. He has quite the babyface, but anyone looking into his eyes can tell that he's a man of experience. A man of experience and a man of loss. He stands 6'0, with peircing green eyes and handsome features. His hair is black, cut short and spiked. He wears a sleeping tiger line suit, looking something like a rich-kid street tough. He has no visible weapons on him, but to the trained
[23:08] * Arsenal e is a 6'3" tall human with piercing brown eyes and scraggly brown hair. He's wearing urban camouflage colored clothes under a long trenchcoat. The hilt of a katana peers out of the top of the trench, and a holster visible on his belt shows a large pistol.
[23:08] * Minx tilts her head. "So our primary target is the woman and the prototype. To get the second 50K, we have to kill them also, or are they targets of opportunity as the trids like to say?
[23:09] * Blackwidow is about 6'2 all black leather black marrior wrap artound shades and a black leather trench coat
[23:09] {Blackwidow} (No visbale cyberware or weapons)
[23:09] * ChaLk 's smooth elven features are topped with White/Iridescent Blue 'spiky' short hair. Looks a bit odd, but attractive, if you like the really pale quirky kind. He is slender but cut, Usually wears a dark long coat, black cargo pants, scuffed black combat boots, and a silver dichrome T-shirt that with the following in light grey small letters : "If you can read this you are standing too close". Only visible cyber is a datajack, and
[23:09] {Blackwidow} "They may be targets of opertunity to you but to me they are already dead"
[23:10] * Minx is a youngish elf, black leather and boots, a leather jacket, scuffed and worn. Her hair contains a greenstreak through it, setting off the blackness.
[23:10] {Macavity} "No, we should get paid for just the prototype and the woman, I believe that Blackwidow has specific orders regarding them. We may get a bonus for assisting her, but I wasn't able to get a definite answer from Ares."
[23:10] * ChaLk is dressed to seem out of place anywhere, while his confidence and demeanor makes him seem completely at ease and belonging
[23:10] * Minx frowns. "Specific orders? She better not frag us up."
[23:10] {Blackwidow} "Why would I do that, there is no honor in that"
[23:12] {Arsenal} "Fair enough. Do we have a layout of the Renraku compound?"
[23:12] {Macavity} "We do indeed. Thanks to our very courageous young scientist inside."
[23:12] * Macavity keys the device on the table and the image in the air switches to a plan of the Renraku Arcology building.
[23:13] {Macavity} "The prototype is being constructed, tested, and held here on the 22nd floor."
[23:13] {Macavity} "I've been studying these plans, and I think our best method of getting there is through the hydroponics, aquaculture, and waste disposal tanks on the 21st floor just below it."
[23:14] {Arsenal} "And our lady scientist is also in the 22nd, then?"
[23:15] {Macavity} "If we plan this correctly we should be able to catch all of them on that level."
[23:15] * Minx settles back. "If we need to get out quickly, and we have the woman and the prototype, are you going to stay behind alone?"
[23:15] {Macavity} "All four individuals are intimately involved with this project and will be working on the prototype itself right up to the last moment."
[23:16] * Macavity touches Minx's arm gently
[23:16] {Macavity} "She won't be alone because I for one will be there taking them out as well."
[23:16] * Blackwidow leans over to Chalk and wispers somethigi n his ear "I would be careful what you say cause some of us can hear what you mutter under your breath and rember your nothing but hired hep on this run rember that"
[23:16] {Blackwidow} "I will stay behind alone and get out some other way"
[23:17] {Macavity} "You will not."
[23:17] * Macavity stares levely at both Blackwidow and Minx
[23:17] * ChaLk calmly looks at Blackwidow and nods "Yessum"
[23:18] * Arsenal ponders. "What of security?"
[23:18] {Macavity} "This has to be a team operation. I will not accept individual vendettas to interfere with the success of the operation, or with all of us getting out in one piece."
[23:18] {Macavity} "If you don't like it, you can consider yourself out of the team. Do I make myself understood?"
[23:18] * Blackwidow nods
[23:19] * Minx shrugs. "okay."
[23:19] {Macavity} "I intend to complete all of our objectives. We get paid better that way."
[23:19] * Macavity grins and drops into one of the chairs.
[23:19] * Darin examines the building, noting helipads, parking, access routes and obstacles to flight and groundd access
[23:19] * Leviathan smirks at Macavity
[23:20] {Leviathan} "Have you made me a copy of these schematics, Macavity?"
[23:20] * Minx leans forward, studying the plans.
[23:20] {Macavity} "Level 22 has a helipad relatively near the lab, but of course it is guarded."
[23:20] * Macavity slides a chip over to Leviathan
[23:20] * Darin takes a chip out and offers it too Macavity, "the info you wanted"
[23:20] * Leviathan nods. "Thank you."
[23:20] {Arsenal} "Guards are no problem. Its the non-human security I'm wondering about."
[23:21] {Macavity} "The seattle monorail line passes through Level 5 and has two station stops on either side of the Arcology."
[23:22] {ChaLk} "I vote, if it counts for anything *shoots BW a glance *, quiet in, loud out, less bullet time means better chances of getting out objective out in one piece"
[23:23] {Blackwidow} "Why loud out we do it right we get in we get out dont make very little noise, more noise you make the more shit you get tossed your way"
[23:23] {Darin} I'll agree with that"
[23:23] {Macavity} "However, there is a stretch of track that is not under surveillance between the two stops. This poses one means of entering the arcology."
[23:23] * ChaLk takes a good long hard look at the schematics
[23:23] * ChaLk nods to BW's comment "even better"
[23:23] {Arsenal} "How about we do this.... Darin, you said you have a bird, right? Can you get me near the level 22 helipad, so that we create a diversion. Minx, 'Widow, ChaLK, you go in quietly. While all the forces are focussed on the diversion, you can get in amidst the chaos."
[23:24] {Darin} "We have a deckere? A 'scheduled' landing on that helipad would make the leaving smoother"
[23:24] {Blackwidow} (Good point this is pre shutdown right or this the new archology?)
[23:24] {Macavity} "Won't work Arsenal, the defenses on the Arcology are state of the art. Air to air missiles, phalanx guns, and lasers take out any unauthorized aircraft approaching the arcology.
[23:25] {Mac-GM} ((the date is October 2059, before the Arcology shutdown))
[23:25] {Blackwidow} (I breath a profound sigh of relife lol)
[23:25] {Arsenal} "Well, it was worth a shot."
[23:25] {Leviathan} "I'm fairly certain that Macavity already has a solid plan. Please hear him out, he has done this quite a few times."
[23:25] * Arsenal looks for that stretch Mac mentioned
[23:26] {Macavity} "Actually, I only have some ideas, I haven't really worked it entirely out."
[23:26] {Darin} "I dont want my Heli shot to bits as a distraction"
[23:27] {Macavity} "One of them was to enter the Arcology via the waste disposal system via the Seattle Sound."
[23:27] {Darin} "the Waste water outlets are defended well too"
[23:27] {Blackwidow} "Any elevator shafts or maintence shafts near the strech of track"
[23:27] {Macavity} "Which is why I had Darin check the outlets..."
[23:27] {Arsenal} "Defended by what?"
[23:28] {ChaLk} "Also, won't Seattle Transit notice a bunch of really well equipped runners on their 415 southbound?"
[23:28] {Leviathan} "I'll do it."
[23:28] {Blackwidow} "Its Seattle"
[23:28] {Macavity} "There are no maintenance shafts or doors for that stretch of track, a narrow ledge extends along it between the two monorail stops."
[23:28] {Arsenal} "Lone Star also keeps an eye out for runners on their rails, remember?"
[23:29] * Blackwidow refuses to make a comment about LS
[23:29] {Macavity} "They will if they see us."
[23:29] * Minx listens carefully.
[23:29] {ChaLk} "What about sending the spec. equip and a couple people in through either the pipes or the track, some others can get into the arc the old fashioned way... Shopping spree. meet up, gear up, rock and roll?"
[23:30] * Arsenal cocks an eyebrow.
[23:30] {Macavity} "But the Arcology is too heavily defended to approach by air, and going in through the public mall entrances doesn't seem like it would work either."
[23:30] {Darin} "torpedo armed underwater drones are the outer layer of defense ojn the water outlets... Then monowire, lasers, Awakened critters in cages, Wanna get closer? I didn't"
[23:30] {Arsenal} "Which leaves the waste tunnels."
[23:30] * Minx wrinkles her nose in disgust. "Eww."
[23:30] {Blackwidow} "How is it for say not going in with a drone but say parachuting in"
[23:31] {Macavity} "That might work...the mall extends up to level 6, and the two monorail stops are connected to it."
[23:31] {Darin} The drones I can try a takeover on, that could trigger a responce tho
[23:31] {ChaLk} "Who's our teams decker?"
[23:31] {Macavity} "I am."
[23:31] * ChaLk nods
[23:31] {ChaLk} "cool"
[23:31] {Blackwidow} "Most radar cant pick up signatures as small as a human"
[23:31] * Arsenal does some physics in his head...
[23:32] {Arsenal} 2d6
[23:32] {Blackwidow} "Any one up for a freefall drop then parachute in"
[23:32] {Arsenal} "Why not? You only live once."
[23:32] {Macavity} "Most radar can't...however, I've been told that the Arcology has been recently upgraded against terrorist attacks. I don't know what the resolution of their exterior sensor and weapons systems are, but I suspect that it's better than 'most'..."
[23:33] * Blackwidow shrugs "Just a suggestion"
[23:33] {ChaLk} "What about my idea to get equip in by say, dufflebag on the tracks, have the bulk of the team enter the mall, Mac here opens up a can open up an elevator, trix in and make us virtually invisable inside whilst we ride up nice and smooth to meet the equip people?"
[23:33] {Arsenal} "Can we get someone in to their systems via the Matrix to disrupt their radar during our jump?"
[23:33] {Macavity} "Even if we parachute in, we would still have to rappel down 300 floors."
[23:33] {Macavity} "The security systems cannot be accessed via Matrix, the system just isn't physically connected."
[23:34] {Blackwidow} "Our stuff will show up on any scanner"
[23:34] {ChaLk} "Not even from within the mall?"
[23:34] {Arsenal} "How often does the monorail go by these two stops?"
[23:34] {Blackwidow} "Unless all your gear is ceramic or cant be picked up with a MAD device"
[23:35] {Macavity} "No, again they've taken precautions against terrorist attacks. All security systems have their own hard lines seperate from anything else. The only way I could access the system is from above the 20th floor, or the security centers in B12 and B20"
[23:36] * ChaLk nods and makes a sad face
[23:37] {Macavity} "There's actually four rails, two local and an express in between. Trams pass through there fairly regularly, sometimes not even stopping at the Arcology.
[23:37] {ChaLk} "You wanna jump? I don't"
[23:37] * Leviathan raises a hand
[23:37] {Arsenal} "Wait a minute... can we at arrange a scheduled landing on the helipad?"
[23:37] {Leviathan} "My gear is ceramic.."
[23:38] * Macavity looks over at Leviathan and nods his head
[23:39] {Macavity} "I don't really think so Arsenal, all incoming flights are listed on a database inside the security control center of the Arcology. A database which is standalone and inaccessable from the Matrix. I can't alter it. At least not with the time we have."
[23:40] {ChaLk} "so what about getting you to one of these sec centers, but how?"
[23:41] {Arsenal} "Can magic get you past through the mall?"
[23:41] {Macavity} "The security centers, I think, are quite out of the question for us. If we can get above the 20th floor, however, I believe I can access their systems from one of the security devices up on those floors."
[23:42] {ChaLk} "waste seems like it might be one of the only options."
[23:43] {Macavity} "Magical security is the arcology's weak point, but it is still formidable. I've been told that Renraku has taken a number of steps to provide permenant astral security for multiple areas of the arcology."
[23:43] {Darin} Waste is same as Water security
[23:43] {Macavity} "Roughtly a quarter of the arcology is sealed off astrally by permenant wards, shamanic lodges and bound spirits. And the have a significant number of walls filled with FAT bacteria."
[23:44] {Mac-GM} ((alright, I'm going to stop the game here, you all can spend some time thinking about ways in and out.))
[23:44] {Mac-GM} ((people with work tomorrow need to get to bed...))
[23:45] {Blackwidow} (Night all 6am comes real early for me)
[23:45] {Mac-GM} [[[[[ GAME OVER ]]]]] ]
[23:45] {Arsenal} "Shit, this place is sealed tighter than Fort Knox."
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