Session Start: Sun Mar 30 00:00:00 2003
Session Ident: #Burned-Ice
[20:19] {Macavity} ((alright this means that Darin's meet is a go. in game time is now 5pm. Location: Conference room above Insomnia))
[20:20] * Darin finds a seat with a wall at his back
[20:20] * Macavity returns with Leviathan in tow and two metal suitcases which he places on the conference room table..
[20:20] {Macavity} "I see everyone made it back. Let's hear what we've all found out so far."
[20:21] * Arsenal sits back and listens.
[20:21] {Macavity} "Minx, you were scouting out the Underground, did you find anything there?"
[20:21] * Minx walks in, dressed like she's been out partying, the green streak in her hair gone, looking like she's out to give someone a heart attack (or to make some money).
[20:22] * Darin gets up
[20:22] {Darin} "I have a meet in the arcology in less than an hour, can we make this quick?"
[20:22] * Leviathan sits down, arms familiarly crossed
[20:23] * Minx shrugs. "I found the route through the Underground to the Parking Garage level, but it's a small entrance, we're not going to get the prototype through there, unless you want to take the time to blow up half the wall, and bring Renraku into the Underground. And if we do that, we'll have the Underground gunning for us as much as the Renraku people."
[20:23] {Minx} "As for the clubs in the Arcology, there are a few..some upscale, some hiphop, techno, and the what not. Nothing too special."
[20:23] {Darin} "I will be discussing what we want with the inside man, I plan on telling him nothing about our goals, Just that We need someone we can squeeze
[20:24] {Darin} "
[20:25] {Macavity} "So we could use the Underground to get people in or out to the parking garage? I don't think that helps us very much since Renraku still has weapons and cyberware scanners in the entrances from the parking garage to the Arcology Mall."
[20:25] {Darin} "i will hint that if he wants to get someone out of his hair, this could be a golden opportunity"
[20:26] {Arsenal} "Where in the parking garage is their entrance?"
[20:26] {Arsenal} "And how close to the elevators?"
[20:27] {Blackwidow} "I was able to procure the ammo and weapons and so on, but I still need to go to Ares and pick it up, now mind you it isnt going to be free of charge"
[20:27] * Minx describes the location, locating it as rather high on the wall in one of the lower parking garages.
[20:27] {Arsenal} "How much will we owe?"
[20:28] {Blackwidow} "It will be taken out of your respective cuts, Mac has all the details"
[20:28] {Darin} "Are we gettin an employeee discount on this buy?" ;-)
[20:28] {Blackwidow} "Now mind you I was able to get it at a reduced cost"
[20:28] {Blackwidow} "And I was able to get anyone who wants it med Sec armor"
[20:28] * Minx shrugs. "Oh, and the reaction to me was favorable enough in the clubs."
[20:29] {Darin} "Excellent, all round, from the sounds of things so Far."
[20:29] {Arsenal} "Yes."
[20:30] {Macavity} "I think it works out to about 28,000 nY from each of us..."
[20:30] {Darin} "I will take the opportunity to drop in a few Drones as I leave the Arcology, to monitor the desired areas"
[20:30] * Minx winces at the price.
[20:30] {Macavity} "Except for Leviathan and Blackwidow."
[20:30] * Darin smiles
[20:30] {Leviathan} "My payment is gone, which is perfectly understandable."
[20:31] {Arsenal} "That's over half our cut..."
[20:31] {Macavity} "Mind you, I understand that Ares is providing us with most of the arms, ammunition and armor for free. That amount will cover communications, diving, and other support gear for all of us."
[20:32] {Macavity} "You're each getting another 50k upon successful completion. Remember the 50k up front was only half."
[20:33] * Minx nods.
[20:33] {Macavity} ((one sec))
[20:33] {Arsenal} "I suppose its too late to discuss appropriating some explosives. Just in case we have to get out a non-standard exit."
[20:34] {Blackwidow} "I have enough to collaspe the water maintence tunnel if I have to"
[20:35] {Arsenal} "Do we have enough to blast through the arcology wall. Just in case?"
[20:36] {Darin} "You gotta be kidding? You know how hard that is?"
[20:36] {Blackwidow} "Not shure I got enough to bring down the tunnel as a further distraction and to just cause more hate and discontent to Renraku"
[20:36] {Arsenal} "A friend of mine was called five kilos of C-12 'a bit excessive' when discussing that."
[20:38] {Arsenal} s/was/once/
[20:38] {Darin} "Actually, it is designed to keep shit out, not in..."
[20:38] {Arsenal} "Never mind the explosives. We'll just have to do without, I guess."
[20:40] * Minx nods.
[20:40] {Darin} "IF, and this will be tough, If I can get my Ground Combat drone in, It can make a hell of a lot of distraction"
[20:42] * Minx shrugs. "I'd still rather get in and out without too much fuss, but I guess it's better to be prepared."
[20:42] * Macavity is now known as Mac-phone
[20:43] {Arsenal} "Yes. Pray for the best, prepare for the worst. And remember that Murphy was an optimist."
[20:43] {Minx} "Murphy should've been shot."
[20:43] {Arsenal} "He probably was."
[20:44] {Darin} "He was probably killed by optimists"
[20:44] {Darin} "Look, folks, I gotta cruise over to the Arcology, I'll report in when I'm done"
[20:45] {Arsenal} "Right. Widow, will you need a hand with the stuff from Ares?"
[20:45] * Minx nods. "Be careful of any cyberware scanners."
[20:46] * Mac-phone is now known as Macavity
[20:46] {Blackwidow} "Shouldn't need any help, will just need a vehcile big enough to put everythign in"
[20:46] {Macavity} ((sorry, my father called))
[20:46] {Darin} "Heh, Hard to miss this, points at the Hi-tech Jack behind his temple"
[20:47] {Arsenal} "Hrrm... my POS won't fit everything... especially not with the LMG and crossbow in the trunk."
[20:47] {Macavity} "Vehicle Control Rigs and Datajacks aren't illegal....they're only looking for weapons after all."
[20:48] * Minx thinks of how much stuff her bike can carry...and is glad she travels light.
[20:48] {Blackwidow} "Good things I am not going in I would probally set every metal detector off"
[20:48] {Darin} (("Does the Arcology allow Heli's to the Garage area roof? ))
[20:49] {Macavity} "Not unless they are Renraku helos.."
[20:50] {Darin} "OK, someone loan me a car, Then Use my Landrover to do the pickup"
[20:51] {Darin} "Unless the pickup can wait a couple hours"
[20:51] {Arsenal} "Darin, you can take mine." *tosses him the keys*
[20:51] * Darin catches them, and lays the key to the landrover on the table
[20:52] {Darin} "Gotta run, Back in a few hours tops"
[20:52] {Macavity} "One minute Darin.."
[20:52] {Macavity} "Before everyone breaks up to run out, I've got a few goodies to hand out."
[20:52] {Arsenal} "She's prolly not what you're used to, so be careful not to open the trunk while Lone Star's around."
[20:53] * Minx sits up, smiling at the idea of goodies.
[20:53] * Macavity opens up the metal suitcases to reveal foam padded interiors stocked with what look like ordinary items."
[20:53] {Leviathan} "Spy gadgets?"
[20:53] {Blackwidow} "Whats this 007 stuff?"
[20:53] * Darin smiles at Arsenal, Same goes for the 'Rover"
[20:53] * Macavity pulls out something very small and white
[20:53] {Macavity} "Open your mouth Darin."
[20:53] * Arsenal takes the Rover's keys
[20:53] * Darin complies, with a raised eyebrow
[20:54] {Blackwidow} "Communications?"
[20:54] * Macavity sticks the small white cap on the top of Darin's back molar
[20:54] {Macavity} "That's a mastoid speaker, it's got a very short ranged radio link to this transmitter here."
[20:54] * Macavity hands Darin what looks like an ordinary cellphone.
[20:55] {Macavity} "This lapel pin is the wireless microphone for the system and will keep you in contact with us. THe whole system operates over cellular channels, so it's not useable during combat."
[20:56] {Macavity} "Alright, that should do it."
[20:56] {Arsenal} "Secured channels, I hope?"
[20:56] {Darin} "good for now tho"
[20:56] {Darin} "OK' I"m off"
[20:56] {Macavity} "I've got the channels loaded with encryption, and there's a decoy conversation transmitted in which the actual signal is buried."
[20:56] {Macavity} "Like messages inside a jpeg."
[20:57] {Arsenal} "Interesting."
[20:57] {Macavity} "Alright, good luck Darin...see what you can turn up."
[20:57] {Macavity} "Here."
[20:57] * Macavity tosses one more cellphone to Darin on his way out.:
[20:57] {Macavity} "Give that to your contact so we can get in touch over a secure line next time."
[20:57] {Darin} "The numbers to the other phones are pre-loaded I assume?"
[20:57] {Macavity} "yes, everything is set up."
[20:57] {Darin} "OK, LAter"
[20:58] * Darin turns to leave
[20:58] {Arsenal} (( question... what day of the week is this, game-time?
[20:59] {Macavity} ((game time it's still Saturday night, about 5:27pm))
[21:00] {Arsenal} (( 'k... most of my stuff from the dealer won't be ready 'till monday.
[21:00] {Macavity} "I've got similar setups for Leviathan and Minx for the clubs. The system will only show up as a regular cellphone under security scans."
[21:01] {Leviathan} "Thought I wasn't going into the clubs?"
[21:01] * Minx nods. "The clubs are a joke...typical corporate wannabes."
[21:01] {Macavity} " is up to you. But you can pass security."
[21:01] {Arsenal} "Sounds like you've covered everything, Mac."
[21:01] * Leviathan shrugs
[21:02] * Darin heads to the meet
[21:02] {Macavity} "I certainly try. Two more toys for the people going into the Arcology."
[21:02] {Blackwidow} "I wont be needing any toys since all mine are internal"
[21:03] {Macavity} "These bottles contain a normal product, but if you twist the bottom of the container one full turn to the right, the spray comes out as a DMSO laced Gamma Scopulamine extract. It will put anyone sprayed with it into an unconscious state almost instantaneously."
[21:03] * Macavity nods to Blackwidow
[21:03] {Minx} "Cute."
[21:03] {Arsenal} "Interesting. Some of the boys in my old unit would have killed for those."
[21:04] {Leviathan} "I've got other means of disabling a possible opponent, but I may put it to use."
[21:05] {Minx} "Well, it's a safe an easy way to disable your partner, if you happen to be able to pick one up," Minx says, grinning at Leviathan.
[21:05] {Macavity} "Arsenal, I think we are going to need some demo for this run. Specifically one large breaching charge and several smaller shaped charges. But I will get together with you after tonight to work on the Demo."
[21:06] {Arsenal} "Right."
[21:06] * Leviathan looks to Minx. "Hopefully, I'll have no such luck."
[21:06] {Blackwidow} "I am set with what I need for the tunnel"
[21:07] * Minx laughs
[21:08] {Arsenal} "Hopefully, our contacts can get some C4 or C12 without going past tuesday."
[21:08] {Blackwidow} (Let me bring in my dice bot)
[21:09] * Minx checks the time. "So what time are we going to be heading to the clubs tonight?"
[21:10] * Shadowdice has joined #burned-ice
[21:10] {Macavity} "We should probably wait until Darin gets back, and they probably won't get busy until 11 or midnight tonight."
[21:11] {Blackwidow} "Well if we are set for now I have to go meet my employers and get our stuff"
[21:11] {Macavity} "I've got some work to do in the Matrix, so I'll be in the other room if anyone needs me.."
[21:11] * Arsenal holds up the keys to the rover. "Sure you don't need company?"
[21:11] * Minx nods.
[21:12] * Macavity indicates the door to the conference room that doesn't lead into the hallway and dissappears through it.
[21:12] {Blackwidow} "Nope, they tend to get spooked when I bring people along you know how paranoid corp security can be." I then chuckle
[21:13] {Arsenal} "Yes, I do." *keys-toss* "Just going stir-crazy in here. Hammer won't have the rest of my gear until Monday."
[21:13] * Minx looks over at Mac. "You need someone to watch over you?"
[21:13] {Macavity} "It couldn't hurt."
[21:14] * Minx nods and heads into the room with Mac.
[21:14] * Leviathan rolls his eyes
[21:15] * Arsenal sighs, and heads outside for fresh air.
[21:15] {Blackwidow} (I am going to go take a quick shower since there really isnt much for her to do right now)
[21:15] * Darin tunes the radio to a station that gives constant Traffic reports, aiming for a minimum time transit to the arcology
[21:15] * Leviathan lights up a cigar, lessening the already lack-of fresh air in the room
[21:15] {Arsenal} Darin: already tuned to it, actually
[21:16] {Arsenal} (( with Mac's permission, police scanner in the car?
[21:18] {Macavity} ((Arsenal: Darin left awhile ago actually, so I'm not sure where you're going with that))
[21:18] {Blackwidow} (I'm already gone and will be afk for about 10-15 min)
[21:19] {Arsenal} (( just saying that Ars is likely to have a police scanner in the car.
[21:19] {Arsenal} (( with your permission, of course
[21:19] {Arsenal} (( something for Darin to notice
[21:21] * Arsenal wanders around outside for a bit, smoking a cancerstick
[21:21] {Macavity} ((sure thing))
[21:23] {Darin} 8d6 4
[21:23] {Shadowdice} Darin rolls 8d6 vs TN=4 : 2 8 2 2 4 1 3 2 - 2 Successes
[21:55] {Darin} I"m at my meeting
[21:55] {Minx} ((Minx is overwatching Mac while he's on the MAtrix))
[21:56] {Blackwidow} (okay was just wondering if the matrix run and the meet are being rped out or not?)
[21:57] {Arsena} (( wandering outside the Insomnia waiting for everyone else))
[21:57] {Macavity} ((yes they are..))
[21:57] {Blackwidow} (ok)
[21:57] {Macavity} ((just need to finish the meet with Darin...nobody else went with him, right?))
[21:58] {Blackwidow} (right)
[22:12] {Arsenal} ((*yawn*))
[22:12] * Arsenal heads inside...
[22:14] {Macavity} ((Darin is having some trouble with his contact..))
[22:14] {Minx} ((heh))
[22:15] {Leviathan} The room reeks of cigars. V has been through ten, his calm look showing that either he's smoked enough or he ran out and didn't go looking for any more
[22:15] {Arsenal} "Now I remember why I went outside."
[22:17] {Leviathan} "Least it ain't sewage chief."
[22:24] {Macavity} ((Ok Darin's going to bring his conversation in here...I'm goign to paste it in full for you guys))
[22:24] {Macavity} ((here it comes))
[22:24] {Darin} "So life is good then, no one giving you a hard time at all?"
[22:24] {Makimachi} "Well, there's my manager's a pain in the ass, and there's an asshole in recieving who never gets the orders right because he's always chipped out on something. It's only a matter of time before Renraku fires him I suppose."
[22:24] {Darin} "Ahh, How would you like to hasten his departure? I might be able to cause that"
[22:24] {Darin} "You see, I need someone to pressure a bit, and this Recieving guy sounds like a good candidate"
[22:24] {Darin} "I could try the boss too, but I'll have to find something to use on him, the other one sounds tailor made."
[22:24] {Darin} "I assume the departure of either one would make your life more pleasant"
[21:46] {Makimachi} "Hey, I've got a good job and I'm not looking ot get mixed up in anything."
[21:46] {Makimachi} "He's going to be gone sooner or later anyway. Why should I do anything to ruin his life?"
[21:47] {Darin} "No, I dont want to involve you, I understand, I just need you to point out the one to use, I get a patsy, you get less stress in work"
[21:48] {Darin} "Well, as you say, they will fire him eventually, so Why not let us get some use from him as he leaves"
[21:50] {Makimachi} "Who is this us?"
[21:51] {Makimachi} "No, don't tell me. I don't want to know."
[21:51] {Makimachi} "I do not think I want anything to do with you Darin-dono. I feel that you are planning something unsavory in my place of work and I do not like the sound of it."
[21:52] {Darin} "Yes, better you don't know, then you arent involved. You already knew me, thats why I called Shinomori and asked to see you."
[21:54] {Darin} "We do not intend to harm tour work, I simply want access to some data, and your non-friend in Recieving could help me get it. It should not otherwise affect your work."
[21:55] {Darin} "If things go as desired, he will be replaced, and that the only effect you will see."
[21:56] * Makimachi doesn't appear to be buying it
[21:58] {Macavity} Darin, this is Macavity over comms, I think you're going to have to convince him that we're going to do our job whether he helps us or not. And that without his help it will be messy and violent. Tell him to take the week off in any case.
[21:59] {Darin} "You made it good here, I commend your efforts, Most of us will never get such a chance, We have to do other things. If by chance that also helps you, I like the karma of it, thats why I came to you, It makes my job easier, and could make yours less troubled, It helps both of us. If we cannot get in with help from the inside, We will have to get in another way. Then some innocent people could get
[21:59] {Darin} hurt. I'd very much like to avoid that."
[22:00] {Darin} ((Grrr truncated or somethin)) }
[22:01] {Darin} "Makimachi, We have to do this somehow. If we have an insider to assist, it makes it much easier and less risky. If we have to force our way in someone could get hurt, I'd very much like to avoid that"
[22:03] * Makimachi sits down again and looks at Darin unhappily with just a hint of anger in his eyes.
[22:03] {Darin} "If you like, you can avoid being involved by taking the next week off. I"m not saying when it will happen, but that should cover the possible span"
[22:04] {Makimachi} "You are no friend to ask this of someone Mr. Darin. How do I know that giving you the information you seek will cause less bloodshed and not more?"
[22:04] {Makimachi} "I know that by giving you what you seek I will cause grief to someone."
[22:05] {Darin} "Yes, but only to one who is doing it to himself anyway, and I swear it will be much cleaner this way"
[22:06] {Darin} "I would like this to go so smoothly no-one suspects we were ever here."
[22:09] {Makimachi} "I should go to my employers and warn them that something dangerous will happen this next week."
[22:09] {Darin} "And what they will find if they look is the Reciever doing drugs, brought the wrong person inside, and that person violated secirity, then left. They pressure him, they may put him in detox and move him, rather than fire him, depending on his past record of service, We may be doing him a favor"
[22:10] {Darin} By forcing the issue before he builds along history of screwing up"
[22:11] {Darin} "in any case, you have no connection and he is no longer messing up your orders"
[22:12] {Darin} "i really dont want to have to fight my way in, thats always messy, and I hate that"
[22:13] {Darin} "besides, I could get shot myself then."
[22:27] * Darin dials Mac's phone
[22:30] * Minx picks up Mac's phone. "Yeah?"
[22:32] {Darin} Darin dials Mac, Says "Please advise this gentleman the odds of continueing this plan with or without his assistance."
[22:32] {Darin} Darin hands the phone to Makimachi
[22:32] {Minx} "We're going to do it without him, you just mentioned him to make it safer for everyone involved."
[22:33] * Darin watches for the effect this statement has
[22:38] {Makimachi} "Very well. You seem to have the resolve and the people. I will give you this man's name and then you and I will never speak again."
[22:39] {Minx} And somewhere in the other room watching over Mac's body, Minx rolls her eyes and mouths the words "Corpers" and hangs up Mac's phone.
[22:39] {Macavity} ((lol))
[22:39] {Blackwidow} (Not all corpers are bad lol, widow is a corper lol)
[22:40] {Darin} "I am sorry you feel this way about it, But I will concede to your wish on this."
[22:45] * Darin takes the info, pays for the food and exits
[22:46] {Darin} As I leave I look for spots my Drones could get into
[22:49] * Minx tosses the phone back on the bed, watching for any problems with Mac's decking.
[22:50] {Arsenal} "That went well."
[22:51] * Leviathan chuckles, kicking his feet up onto the table
[22:51] * Darin hangs up the phone
[22:53] {Arsenal} "Remind me to invest in some duct tape before this op."
[22:54] * Leviathan reaches into a bag and tosses Arsenal a roll
[22:54] {Leviathan} "Have to think ahead."
[22:56] * Darin watches for air ducts, maint doors or panels ect
[22:56] {Arsenal} "That we do."
[22:56] * Arsenal tosses it back
[22:58] * Leviathan catches it, even though he wasn't even looking, and sets it in front of him
[23:01] {Macavity} ((alright, fast-forwarding till the point at which we're ready to leave for the club))
[23:01] {Macavity} ((in game time is now 10pm))
[23:03] {Arsenal} before people leave... "Mac, do you have a workshop in here? Gonna make up some plastique."
[23:04] * Darin loads the Arachnid minidrones and a signal retransmission drone, and the Hedgehog
[23:06] * Leviathan is still dressed in the same outfit, but remains somewhat indifferent and crisp looking
[23:06] {Leviathan} ((Later Ken))
[23:06] {Leviathan} "Hooray, time to go clubbing..again."
[23:06] * Minx comes walking out from the room where Mac did his decking, dressed to go clubbing, the green streak still missing from her hair, wearing knee high combat boots, fishnet stockings, some sort of loose, pleated black skirt, made out of some rather odd material, what appears to be a rather tight corset and her black leather jacket. "Hate to leave all my weapons at home..that DMSO mixture better work as advertised, Mac."
[23:06] * Blackwidow is now known as Kensleep
[23:08] * Leviathan shrugs, taking the bottle, standing up and preparing to leave
[23:08] * Minx slips her bottle into the jacket pocket, heading for her bike
[23:09] * Arsenal starts drawing up ideas for a breaching charge, some small shaped charges, and fiddling with the formulae for chemical compositions of each. "Oi, Minx... Does Mach have a workshop up here?"
[23:09] {Arsenal} -h
[23:09] {Macavity} "There's no workshop up here, but Darin might be able to help you out.."
[23:09] * Minx shrugs. "No idea.."
[23:09] {Arsenal} "Roit."
[23:10] * Arsenal looks around for Darin... did he get back yet?
[23:11] {Macavity} ((by this point he should be back))
[23:11] * Leviathan goes outside, getting on his bike, and jetting off loudly
[23:11] {Macavity} ((ok, everyone going to the club head to #burned-club
[23:11] {Darin} "You can work in the back of the Rover, Or over at my warehaouse, It's already been blown up once
[23:11] {Darin} "
[23:12] {Arsenal} "Let's head for the warehouse. You lead, I'll follow in my POS."
[23:13] {Darin} "OK, lets rock, I need to pick up drones anyway"
[23:14] * Minx hopes on her bike and takes off, heading for the club that way.
[23:14] * Darin goes to the 'rover, gets in
[23:14] * Arsenal gets into the genericar, and follows Darin to the warehouse.
[23:14] * Darin plugs the cewll phone into the 'rover power and heads to the warehouse to load up drones
[23:17] {Arsenal} ((Hope you have stuff to make explosives with, Darin.))
[23:18] {Arsenal} +*over transducer headware*
[23:21] {Arsenal} Once there, I start looking over the workshop and mixing chemicals to make explosives
[23:21] {Arsenal} 3d6 0
[23:21] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 3d6 : 3 2 5 *5*
[23:22] {Arsenal} Mac: how long will it take to make 2 breaching charges and a half dozen limpet mines?
[23:24] {Macavity} takes a base time equal to the rating of the explosive.
[23:24] {Macavity} Roll your demolitions skill vs the base rating of the explosive, successes can either decrease the amount of time needed, or increase the rating.
[23:25] {Arsenal} is that in hours or days?
[23:26] {Leviathan} 4d6
[23:26] {Leviathan} 4d6 0
[23:26] {Shadowdice} Leviathan rolls 4d6 : 5 4 1 5 *5*
[23:26] {Arsenal} i.e. a rating 4 explosive would be 4 hours or 4 days?
[23:26] {Arsenal} 3d6 4
[23:26] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 3d6 vs TN=4 : 4 1 3 - 1 Success
[23:26] {Arsenal} breaching charge 1.
[23:26] {Arsenal} breaching charge 2:
[23:26] {Arsenal} 3d6 4
[23:26] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 3d6 vs TN=4 : 4 10 4 - 3 Successes
[23:27] {Arsenal} limpet mine 1:
[23:27] {Arsenal} 3d6 4
[23:27] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 3d6 vs TN=4 : 2 5 4 - 2 Successes
[23:27] {Arsenal} limpet mine 2:
[23:27] {Arsenal} 3d6 4
[23:27] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 3d6 vs TN=4 : 5 1 4 - 2 Successes
[23:27] {Arsenal} limpet mine 3:
[23:27] {Arsenal} 3d6 4
[23:28] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 3d6 vs TN=4 : 3 4 1 - 1 Success
[23:28] {Arsenal} limpet mine 4:
[23:28] {Arsenal} 3d6 4
[23:28] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 3d6 vs TN=4 : 5 8 5 - 3 Successes
[23:28] {Arsenal} limpet mine 5:
[23:28] {Arsenal} 3d6 4
[23:28] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 3d6 vs TN=4 : 5 5 4 - 3 Successes
[23:28] {Arsenal} and limpet mine 6... a slightly more powerful one
[23:28] {Arsenal} 3d6 6
[23:28] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 3d6 vs TN=6 : 2 4 1 No Successes
[23:29] {Arsenal} okay... that one's a flub...
[23:29] {Arsenal} trying again
[23:29] {Arsenal} 3d6 6
[23:29] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 3d6 vs TN=6 : 2 2 2 No Successes
[23:29] {Arsenal} *grr*
[23:29] {Arsenal} third batch of C4-wannabe
[23:30] {Arsenal} 3d6 6
[23:30] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 3d6 vs TN=6 : 3 4 2 No Successes
[23:30] {Arsenal} okay.. I'll settle for the 6th being as powerful as the rest.
[23:30] {Arsenal} 3d6 4
[23:30] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 3d6 vs TN=4 : 3 2 8 - 1 Success
[23:31] {Arsenal} looks like it'll take me about 2 days for the whole batch
[23:33] {Macavity} ((hours))
[23:34] {Arsenal} 50 hours for what I rolled... damn, that's a lot.
[23:38] {Arsenal} looks like I'll be working until Hammer calls saying the stuff's ready.
[23:41] {Leviathan} 4d6 4
[23:41] {Shadowdice} Leviathan rolls 4d6 vs TN=4 : 4 4 5 5 - 4 Successes
[23:42] {Macavity} 4d6 4
[23:42] {Shadowdice} Macavity rolls 4d6 vs TN=4 : 1 8 4 2 - 2 Successes
[23:44] {Minx} 2d6 0
[23:44] {Shadowdice} Minx rolls 2d6 : 2 5 *5*
[23:49] {Macavity} 4d6 3
[23:49] {Shadowdice} Macavity rolls 4d6 vs TN=3 : 2 5 1 8 - 2 Successes
[23:59] {Minx} 3d6 0
[23:59] {Shadowdice} Minx rolls 3d6 : 4 9 5 *9* Session Close: Mon Mar 31 00:00:00 2003
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