Session Start: Mon Apr 07 23:17:57 2003
Session Ident: #Burned-Ice
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[23:17] * Topic is 'Game start tentatively scheduled for 5 PM EST Tuesday'
[23:17] * Set by Macavity on Mon Apr 07 20:43:53
[23:18] * Minx sets mode: +oo Macavity Shadowdice
[23:19] {Minx} "Watching a decker work has got to be the most boring thing in the world..."
[23:19] * Macavity yawns and stretches and turns to Minx..
[23:20] {Macavity} "I'm sorry...but thanks for watching my hoop."
[23:20] * Macavity leans close and whispers in Minx's ear
[23:20] {Minx} "That's why they pay me the big money or something..."
[23:21] {Leviathan} "We need some info on our object of blackmail."
[23:21] {Macavity} "Oh, what's this? Darin's contact panned out?"
[23:23] {Leviathan} "I guess so. I've got some BTL's, he's got a habit."
[23:24] * Arsenal has joined #burned-ice
[23:24] * Minx yawns and stretches, showing off perhaps a little too much. "So what kind of info do we need?"
[23:24] {Arsenal} ni!
[23:24] {Leviathan} "Well.."
[23:24] * Leviathan slides Mac the info Darin got
[23:25] * Macavity looks it over, suddenly all buisness
[23:25] {Leviathan} "From how I understand it, this guy in receiving has a bad habit. I'd like to know how and where he gets his goods, and if we can perhaps convince him to buy our product, and take pictures of him doing so."
[23:26] * Macavity sets mode: +o Arsenal
[23:26] {Minx} "Why not just take pictures of him when he buys it from his regular source?"
[23:27] {Macavity} "And Darin wants me to find all of this out via the Matrix? That's going to be tough."
[23:27] {Macavity} "I'm not even sure that kind of information is in there, because if anything obvious were there, Renraku would know."
[23:28] * Minx nods. "It's going to take actually going to the streets. Hell, it could be just about anyone."
[23:28] {Macavity} "We've got his number here. Why don't we just sell him the BTLs ourselves?"
[23:28] {Leviathan} "That's why I bought em."
[23:30] {Macavity} "well, the rest of you can handle that end. I've got to get a couple hours of sleep, and then I've got a few days of serious decking to do."
[23:31] {Leviathan} "Well I'm not selling them."
[23:31] {Macavity} "But before I go, I did find out some useful information while I was quietly snooping about the Renraku archives."
[23:32] {Macavity} "The transport is flying in from a Renraku corporate fleet ship. Looks like a frigate or other light warship. Way out of our league."
[23:32] * Minx glances at Leviathan. "Why not?"
[23:33] {Macavity} "I got confirmation of the flight schedule, so we've got our timetable. I also pulled some maps of the rooftop and the 22nd floor around the elevator from the mainframe."
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[23:33] * Macavity slots a chip into the pocketsec on the table and punches up the maps...
[23:33] {Mac-GM} ((maps are going out on email))
[23:34] * Minx studies them curiously.
[23:34] {Leviathan} "Because I 'scream corper' as you'd say."
[23:35] * Minx shrugs. "Gangers aren't the only dealers. Rumors have it MCT and Azzie have their own production lines and distributors."
[23:35] {Leviathan} "Yeah but I had a bad experience with the Triads just now that tells me I ain't quite cut out for this. I barely got out with what I have, including my hoop."
[23:37] * Minx raises an eyebrow. "You try to double deal them or something?"
[23:37] {Leviathan} "Nah, just said the wrong things."
[23:37] * Minx shakes her head.
[23:38] * Arsenal chuckles slightly.
[23:38] * Macavity waves to everyone and walks into the next room..
[23:39] {Leviathan} "Look I'll do it, I just ain't comfortable with supporting somebody's habits."
[23:39] {Minx} "Just using them to possibly ruin his career and life?"
[23:39] {Arsenal} "No one ever said making these runs were supposed to be comfortable, until retirement."
[23:40] {Leviathan} "It's just not usually my role."
[23:40] * Minx shrugs, then yawns.
[23:42] * Arsenal shrugs. "Oh, I need to get back to the warehouse soon, I have a special batch brewing, but I managed to cook these up." *brings out the two breaching charges and 5 other demo packs.
[23:43] * Minx glances at them, then takes a step off to the side. "Uh huh. What kind of power are they supposed to have?"
[23:43] {Arsenal} "After hearing what the transport it, I wonder if these will be needed the way we planned on them."
[23:44] {Arsenal} "Slightly better than C4. The batch I'm working on is more powerful yet. A kind of last-ditch effort, so to speak."
[23:44] * Leviathan nods
[23:45] {Arsenal} "You never know when you'll need charges."
[23:48] {Mac-GM} The two breaching charges are small, cigarette pack sized packages, while the shaped charges are only slighly larger soda-can sized unit with a dial and switches on one end and what looks like a self-bonding plate on the other..
[23:51] * Minx glances at them. "As long as they explode when we want them to..."
[23:52] {Arsenal} "They will."
[23:57] {Mac-GM} ((the recieving clerks name is Harold Leeman btw, and Darin asked to see if he could be induced to recieve a large package on the day of the extraction, in addition to providing a pair of uniforms and blank IDs))
[23:58] {Arsenal} "Well, I'd best get back to the mix."
[23:58] {Arsenal} "Don't want this one going off prematurely... like the previous batch did
[23:59] {Leviathan} "Gee, thanks for leaving these here then."
[23:59] {Mac-GM} ((that's not a reassuring thing to hear))
[00:00] {Arsenal} "Don't worry... last batch ended up too rich. I won't let you near anything that won't be useful."
[00:01] {Leviathan} "Uh-huh.."
[00:02] * Arsenal wavers, then collapses. "On the other hand... I need some sleep."
[00:03] {Arsenal} "I shouldn't push myself on this..."
[00:04] * Arsenal sits down, and slips into a light sleep
[00:06] {Leviathan} "He must have some kinda regulator."
[00:06] * SpuN walks in, usual blue tinted aviator shades and warm smile in place.
[00:06] * SpuN is now known as ChaLk
[00:06] * ChaLk walks in, usual blue tinted aviator shades and warm smile in place.
[00:06] {ChaLk} "hey guys, how goes?
[00:08] {ChaLk} "Any word on our inside yet?
[00:08] {Leviathan} "Gee. Haven;t seen you in awhile."
[00:09] {ChaLk} "I've been prepping and practicing"
[00:09] * Minx shakes her head as she looks at Arsenal, then takes another step away from the homemade explosives.
[00:10] {Minx} "Practicing?"
[00:10] {ChaLk} "oh... those look fun"
[00:10] * ChaLk nods
[00:11] {ChaLk} "I've got pretty well stocked medical supplies set, and I've been keeping my wires and remote control deck warm"
[00:14] {Arsenal} *while seemingly asleep* "Those explosives will work when we want them to, Minx. Have faith in my work." *slight grin*
[00:16] {Leviathan} "Alright, well, I'll have to set up a meeting with this addict here.."
[00:16] * Leviathan goes into the other room
[00:18] {ChaLk} "Well, i'm tired of 'prepping', you guys want a hand with mr addict?"
[00:20] {ChaLk} "hello?"
[00:20] * ChaLk follows Leviathan
[00:20] * Leviathan holds up a finger to his lips as he sits in front of a vidphone
[00:21] * ChaLk pushes his shades on to his head and stands clear of the vidphone cam range and stands quietly, arms crossed
[00:25] {Leviathan} ""Mr. Leeman, you might not remember me, but my name is Ronald Rosenfelt."
[00:26] {Harold Leeman} "You're right, I don't remember you... What can I do for you?"
[00:27] {Leviathan} "Well, I was wondering if I could pay you back for the favor you did for my brother a few years ago. Say..would you mind coming down to the base level floor and letting me buy you a drink?"
[00:27] {Leviathan} "I'd really like to meet you, sir."
[00:28] {Harold Leeman} "Well, it's much too early to be doing any drinking and I'm rather busy with my family actually. Maybe another time."
[00:28] {Harold Leeman} "What was your brother's name?"
[00:28] {Leviathan} "Actually sir, this might well be to your advantage..Say, would you mind switching this call off of the speaker phone?"
[00:29] * Mac-GM Harold picks up the hand-held from the wall, and the view disappears
[00:30] {Harold Leeman} "What is it that you want?"
[00:30] * Leviathan turns the camera back off
[00:30] {Leviathan} "Well, honestly sir, you don't know me, but you know my product."
[00:32] * ChaLk listens with a smile on his face
[00:32] {Harold Leeman} "Look if you're trying to sell something I'm not interested, and if it's something for the department, you can reach me at work during normal business hours."
[00:33] {Leviathan} "The things I have to offer are better than life itself(he clears his throat). I'd just like to show some of them to you, all I'm asking is one meeting, five minutes of your time."
[09:22] * Maelwys is now known as Minx
[09:22] * Arsenal is now known as Arsenal
[09:23] * Leviathan is now known as Leviathan
[09:23] {Leviathan} hehe
[09:23] {Arsenal} *heheheh*
[09:28] * Mac-GM has joined #burned-ice
[09:28] * Arsenal sets mode: +o Mac-GM
[09:28] {Mac-GM} ((alright, here we go...))
[09:29] {Mac-GM} To recap briefly - the story thus far....
[09:29] {Mac-GM} Macavity called all of you in to meet with him and outlined a run against Renraku to extract a scientist working there, steal a prototype Anthroform Drone, and assassinate three individuals in the project along the way.
[09:30] * Kendoshi is now known as Blackwidow
[09:30] {Mac-GM} After receiving significant support from Ares Macrotechnology in addition to a hefty 6-figure pay for the job (half up front, half on completion), a plan is worked out.
[09:31] {Mac-GM} Macavity & Minx penetrate the Arcology and while Minx watches over the decker's meat bod, Macavity slips into the off-line security network, hacks some electronic back doors into the host and recoveres some interesting data.
[09:33] {Mac-GM} The air transport arriving on Thursday to pick up the drone will be flying in from the RCS Sengoku (Renraku Corporate Ship - 'Warring States' - a reference to a period of Japanese history)
[09:35] {Mac-GM} Darin turns up a BTL addict working on floor 22 of the Arcology - the same floor that the Anthroform is being produced. Leviathan, Chalk and Arsenal manage to turn this employee by staging a BTL purchase and recording it.
[09:35] {Mac-GM} In exchange for the destruction of the recording, he promises to obtain uniforms, blank ID tags, and to recieve a package to be delivered THursday morning before the prototype leaves.
[09:37] {Mac-GM} The time is 12-midnight, Sunday night, and Blackwidow and Darin are off to smuggle her - and weapons, armor and gear for the rest of the team - into the Arcology via a waste pipe being serviced and scheduled to be sealed up in the morning by the construction crew.
[09:37] {Mac-GM} ((I'm glossing over the BTL addict in the interests of time))
[09:38] {Mac-GM} Current Location: Meeting rooms over Insomnia
[09:39] {Arsenal} (( *nod*))
[09:39] {Mac-GM} 6 hard plastic waterproof cases for the weapons, ammunition and armor sit opened upon the conference room table. Darin is the only team member not packing his container with gear.
[09:40] * Darin contemplated what he might send in since the Steel Lynx's are going in via the Recieving department on floor 22
[09:40] * Macavity leans against the conference room table, cleaning and checking out his vast array of pistols one last time before packing them into the container behind him.
[09:41] * Minx packs what she'll need, grumbling at the idea of packing most of her weapons away.
[09:41] {Blackwidow} "Damn talk about alot of firepower, it is going to be one tight fit" she says with a bit of a smile
[09:41] * Leviathan chuckles
[09:41] * Minx thinks about making a comment, but doesn't.
[09:42] * Arsenal is doing pretty much the same as Mac, only he's also adjusting the smartlink on the crossbow as he works.
[09:42] {Leviathan} "Wonder what possessed me to buy this machine gun"
[09:43] {Arsenal} "Damn shame the grenade launcher won't be ready until tomorrow afternoon."
[09:43] {Darin} "The Steel Lynx's each have 2 one-time HEAP grenade launchers, They'll have to be enough"
[09:44] {Arsenal} "I'd have prefered to have that mounted on the rifle before going in." *sets AK and crossbow, along with appropriate ammo, in the case*
[09:44] {Minx} "I hope the grenades don't bounce off the walls and come back...
[09:44] {Leviathan} "All I need is my armor and ammo really."
[09:45] {Darin} "They also have 2 one-time smoke tubes"
[09:45] * Arsenal sets the explosives in his as well. "Last batch didn't perform up to specs, so I didn't bring it. These will have to be enough."
[09:45] {Arsenal} "Think we'll need the LMGs?"
[09:46] * Minx checks her stuff, making sure she can carry it all.
[09:46] * Leviathan packs in all the gear he bought for this mission
[09:46] * Arsenal field-strips the Ingram Smartgun before setting it in as well.
[09:46] {Blackwidow} "Doubt it if we need that much firepower something went very wrong"
[09:47] {Arsenal} "Well, I'll let it stay in the trunk, then."
[09:48] {Blackwidow} "Not like we arent already packing enough weapons"
[09:48] {Arsenal} "On second thought... well, something may go wrong anyway." *goes out to the car and brings in the LMG to pack it
[09:48] * Leviathan begins the painful task of cleaning out his armguns with a special kit
[09:49] {Leviathan} "Wish I remembered what the fuck possessed me to put these things in."
[09:51] * Minx packs her gear...knives, pistol, armor...and that's about it.
[09:51] {Arsenal} "Well, it could be worse, Lev."
[09:52] {Macavity} "Alright, who's going out there tonight besides Widow and Darin?"
[09:53] {Leviathan} "Well, if I've got a directive, I'll go."
[09:53] * Minx ponders it. "Nah...No point in alot of us going...secretive is better."
[09:54] * Arsenal goes through a mental checklist as he packs: Predator, Warhawk, crossbow, katana, Valiant, Security armor (courtesy of Widow's employers), his current set of grenades, explosives, climb cord, ammo, ammo, ammo...
[09:54] * Leviathan nods
[09:54] * Arsenal closes the case. "Done."
[09:54] {Leviathan} "Pretty much everything I own is in this case, damn."
[09:55] * Macavity walks over to Leviathan and puts a hand on his shoulder..
[09:55] {Arsenal} "I know how you feel. We lose these cases, we can kiss this op, and most of our stuff, goodbye."
[09:55] {Macavity} "Everything but the most important thing."
[09:57] {Leviathan} "What's that? My brain?"
[09:57] {Arsenal} "Your life."
[09:57] {Blackwidow} "Lol not to mention at least one of your team, gear can be replaced, bodies cant so you need to have your heads in the game at all times got it"
[09:57] {Leviathan} "Heh, don't even know if I own that chief."
[09:58] {Minx} "Sucks to be you."
[09:58] {Leviathan} "Before any of you go down, I'll be the last one out. I've got nothing to lose."
[20:02] * Minx nods and finishes packing her stuff. "Done."
[20:02] {Darin} "Lets load up"
[20:02] * Arsenal helps with the loading of the gear
[20:03] * Darin shifts units not to be used out of the way
[20:04] * Blackwidow finsihes breaking down her rifle into her own case and places the rest of her gear in same said case
[20:04] * Macavity closes up his container and carries it down to Darin's truck
[20:05] {Arsenal} "Anyone need a hand with anything?" *carries his own*
[20:05] * Leviathan lifts his container easily, surprisingly enough considering what it's loaded down with, to Darin's truck
[20:05] * Minx drags hers down.
[20:06] * Leviathan offers to help Minx
[20:07] {Darin} "I should get you a crane, Widow"
[20:07] * Arsenal helps Minx, if she lets him
[20:08] * Minx isn't dumb, and lets the augmented folks drag her much lighter case down for her.
[20:09] * Blackwidow grabs her cases and everything with no problem
[20:09] {Mac-GM} ((and now off to the subway station..))
[20:10] {Darin} ;/mew gets in the driver seat and jacks in
[20:10] * Darin gets in the driver seat and jacks in
[20:10] {Darin} ((grrrr))
[20:10] {Mac-GM} The group has a subway stop near the Barrens selected as much for it's abandonment and lack of cameras as for the fact that the trains on that line pass through the Arcology in their loop from Downtown Seattle back out to this stop. Until recently, this stop was in better shape, but the Barrens slowly encroached upon it until it reached it's current state.
[20:11] {Macavity} ((as long as Darin isn't jacking off))
[20:11] {Darin} ((( ACK, bad pun alert )
[20:11] {Arsenal} {ooc} *snicker*
[20:13] {Darin} "Hop in Widow, lets Roll"
[20:13] * Blackwidow gets in and shuts the door behind her
[20:14] * SpuN has joined #burned-ice
[20:14] {Arsenal} oi, Spun
[20:14] * Darin sets mode: +o SpuN
[20:15] {Blackwidow} (here is a bit of news for you, Jennifer Garner and her hubby are divorceing)
[20:15] {SpuN} ((Hi, Sorry. my car got locked in, couldn't get under the chain at my new apartment to get back to campus. so i ended up JUMPING my car over a snowbank and on to the road))
[20:16] * Minx goes to get some sleep while she can.
[20:16] {Arsenal} {ooc} *snicker* good one, Spun
[20:16] * Leviathan rests up as well, where he's sitting
[20:16] * SpuN is now known as ChaLk
[20:17] * Arsenal rests up as well... been going for a few days without sleep making those explosives.
[20:17] * Darin heads to the selected point at reasonable speed
[20:23] {Mac-GM} The subway would be deserted except for the fact that a pair of either street residents or really badly off gangers are roasting rats over a fire in the garbage can located in the dilapidated waiting platform.
[20:24] {Mac-GM} The tile wall is cracked and coated with half-an-inch of black, sooty, grime. Cameras in the ceiling and several of hte lights are smashed almost beyond recognition, and most of the light comes from the fire in the trashcan and the occassional passing train.
[20:31] * Darin looks over the area
[20:32] * Minx finds a nice room at the club to crash in.
[20:34] * Darin starts unloading the cases and carrying them to the top of the steps
[20:34] * Blackwidow takes some of the cases as well
[20:35] * Darin motions to Blackwidow to continue on down, We'll keep the cases under watch
[20:35] * Blackwidow nods and continues on down
[20:35] {Mac-GM} ((btw, anyoen else that wants to go with, can. Widow's going to be on the train, and going in, but other characters can go with to carry the cases))
[20:36] * ChaLk will go.
[20:36] * Arsenal will go as well, just to keep an eye on the cases
[20:37] * ChaLk takes up some cases and looks around
[20:38] {Mac-GM} A train eventually pulls up, a handful of people are onboard, one or two get out here, but nobody else besides the group of you gets on.
[20:38] {ChaLk} ((where's mac right now?))
[20:38] * Arsenal is carrying his case and Mac's
[20:38] {Darin} We load the cases quicly
[20:38] {Mac-GM} ((not with you...))
[20:39] * ChaLk loads smoothly and calmly.
[20:39] {Mac-GM} An old lady dressed in the finest bag-lady chic is fast asleep in one of the benches of the last car, but otherwise it is empty.
[20:39] * ChaLk sits once loaded and takes out his cellphone ((is there a signal in here?))
[20:39] {Darin} "I'll keep an eye on you, keep a commlink open
[20:39] {Darin} "
[20:40] * ChaLk follows Darin
[20:41] * Arsenal follows as well, keeping his eyes open for anyone that could be Lone Star
[20:41] * Darin goes back to the Landrover and starts setting up his Hedgehog and Arachnids
[20:41] {Mac-GM} The train takes off with Blackwidow, the cases and whomever else is going along to help her carry the cases off the back of the train via grapple line.
[20:42] * Blackwidow sits down as if nothing is diff
[20:42] {Mac-GM} ((chalk, Arsenal, you might want to go with widow))
[20:42] * ChaLk will go with Blackwidow
[20:42] {Arsenal} ,ooc} *nod* was thinking the same thing
[20:42] * ChaLk makes a cell call.
[20:42] * Arsenal sits down across from Widow
[20:43] * Darin sets mode: +o ChaLk
[20:44] * Darin drives to the selected location for his Rigg ops and sets up
[20:45] * Darin jacks in and activates the RCD, then Hedgehog, leaving the others off for now
[20:46] * ChaLk sits, chats quietly and keeps an eye out
[20:46] * Arsenal seems pretty tense, constantly looking around, especially towards the doors to the other cars
[20:46] * ChaLk looks at Arsenal
[20:47] * Arsenal glances at Chalk, then back to the doors. "What?"
[20:47] * ChaLk gives a lil nod and sits back, his body appearing relaxed, but his eyes and mind very very alert
[20:47] * ChaLk hangs up his phone, tucks it into his jacket and fiddles with it for a sec
[20:48] * ChaLk closes his eyes and then opens them in slowly.
[20:48] {ChaLk} "Live from new york, its saturday night"
[20:49] {ChaLk} {{subvocal mic: mac, should u be able to share this feed with Darin tha'd rock}}
[21:02] * Darin monitors and scans for Signals from the renraku dronesfor
[21:03] * Arsenal gets up and starts pacing nervously.
[21:03] {Darin} 7d6 8
[21:03] {Shadowdice} Darin rolls 7d6 vs TN=8 : 5 4 10 5 2 4 5 - 1 Success
[21:04] * ChaLk takes a long hard look at the old woman in the train
[21:06] {Mac-GM} 8d6 7
[21:06] {Shadowdice} Mac-GM rolls 8d6 vs TN=7 : 5 5 3 3 2 3 5 22 - 1 Success
[21:06] * Arsenal takes a good look out the windows of the doors into the other cars
[21:06] {Darin} 7d6 7
[21:06] {Shadowdice} Darin rolls 7d6 vs TN=7 : 2 5 5 3 2 1 3 No Successes
[21:07] * Blackwidow gets up and walks over to the old woman and looks like she is going to fall but uses her hand on the old woman to steady herself and lays a tranq derm on the old woman to keep her quiet
[21:07] {Arsenal} *cell to Chalk* {{Sorry if I'm nervous. The thought of someone from Lone Star on this train makes me nervous. This is my first run, after all.}}
[21:08] * ChaLk nods
[21:08] {ChaLk} "We can just chat here, quietly. lets keep the airwaves free, okay?"
[21:09] {Darin} 8d6 7
[21:09] {Shadowdice} Darin rolls 8d6 vs TN=7 : 2 5 3 3 2 1 4 2 No Successes
[21:09] {Blackwidow} *SV*"That should keep her out forawhile"
[21:09] {Arsenal} "Right. Looks like she'll be out for a bit, if Widow did what I think she did to her just now."
[21:10] * ChaLk settles back and looks around. his leather jacket clad arms folded across his chest, shades perched on his head. Beneath the normal leather no one would guess he's all nerves and loaded weapons
[21:12] {Arsenal} "I wasn't expecting to take on a whole arcology my first time out, either."
[21:13] {Darin} 8d6 7
[21:13] {Shadowdice} Darin rolls 8d6 vs TN=7 : 2 5 1 3 5 9 11 2 - 2 Successes
[21:14] {Macavity} 8d6 7
[21:14] {Shadowdice} Macavity rolls 8d6 vs TN=7 : 3 3 2 3 4 3 5 2 No Successes
[21:15] {ChaLk} 6d6 4
[21:15] {Shadowdice} ChaLk rolls 6d6 vs TN=4 : 4 2 2 2 11 3 - 2 Successes
[21:15] {Darin} 8d6 7
[21:15] {Shadowdice} Darin rolls 8d6 vs TN=7 : 5 3 4 3 4 4 3 11 - 1 Success
[21:15] {ChaLk} 6d6 8
[21:15] {Shadowdice} ChaLk rolls 6d6 vs TN=8 : 5 4 2 3 5 4 No Successes
[21:16] {Minx} ((Worked for me earlier to create Elementals :) ))
[21:18] {Darin} 18d6 7
[21:18] {Shadowdice} Darin rolls 18d6 vs TN=7 : 5 2 5 9 5 2 2 5 4 4 2 11 4 5 5 5 4 2 - 2 Successes
[21:19] {Darin} 8d6 7
[21:19] {Shadowdice} Darin rolls 8d6 vs TN=7 : 4 2 5 4 2 3 4 5 No Successes
[21:19] {Darin} 10d6 7
[21:19] {Shadowdice} Darin rolls 10d6 vs TN=7 : 10 2 2 2 1 4 8 5 1 17 - 3 Successes
[21:19] {Arsenal} now we're getting somewhere.
[21:19] {Darin} 8d6 7
[21:19] {Shadowdice} Darin rolls 8d6 vs TN=7 : 5 5 5 10 5 3 2 10 - 2 Successes
[21:20] * ChaLk gets up and sits near (and looks at) the old woman. makes sure she's breathing and unconscious
[21:21] {Macavity} 5d6 8
[21:21] {Shadowdice} Macavity rolls 5d6 vs TN=8 : 2 5 4 3 1 No Successes
[21:21] {Macavity} 8d6 8
[21:21] {Shadowdice} Macavity rolls 8d6 vs TN=8 : 1 10 2 2 2 3 5 5 - 1 Success
[21:22] * ChaLk is now known as ChaLk_brb
[21:23] {Arsenal} "Tell ya what? Once we make our drop, we should get off at different stops. I need to stop at my safehouse to check the mail anyway."
[21:23] {Mac-GM} The entrance to the Arcology looms over the track as the train starts to enter the cavernous tunnel through the Arcology. The lack of word from darin makes all of you uneasy, as there is no way to tell if the Renraku drones are working or not.
[21:24] {Darin} {comm} I'm starting to loop data, It's a go
[21:24] {Arsenal} "Whew...."
[21:24] {Arsenal} *to Widow* "Your show now, Widow."
[21:24] * Blackwidow comes out of her trance and gets up and gets ready
[21:25] * ChaLk_brb is now known as ChaLk
[21:25] {Blackwidow} she heads to the back of the car and starts to set up her grapple line and the equpitment she will need
[21:25] {Mac-GM} The three of you need to launch grapples into the girders overhead and step off the back of the train holding onto the heavy containers...good thing the stealth line holds up to 1,000 kg.
[21:25] * ChaLk gets up and gets prepped
[21:25] * Arsenal grabs containers and the grapple launcher.
[21:26] {Blackwidow} she straps her container to her and gets ready to fire
[21:26] * Arsenal follows suit
[21:26] {Mac-GM} ((everyone make a reaction test, open tn))
[21:26] * ChaLk does likewise, his combat vest clips holding the containers securly
[21:26] {Arsenal} 7d6
[21:26] {Mac-GM} ((or at least the three of them))
[21:26] {Arsenal} 7d6 0
[21:26] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 7d6 : 2 2 2 4 2 4 2 *4*
[21:26] * Arsenal oocly hurts the bot
[21:27] {ChaLk} 6d6 0
[21:27] {Shadowdice} ChaLk rolls 6d6 : 4 3 5 4 3 4 *5*
[21:27] {Mac-GM} ((wow...the dicebot sucks))
[21:27] {Darin} (( I told ya that bot sucks ))
[21:27] {Mac-GM} ((imagine combat))
[21:27] {Blackwidow} 8d6
[21:27] {Blackwidow} 8d6 0
[21:27] {Shadowdice} Blackwidow rolls 8d6 : 1 5 2 4 3 5 2 3 *5*
[21:27] {Darin} (( I'd rather not, with these rolls))
[21:28] {Arsenal} remind me to use real dice in combat
[21:28] {Mac-GM} with the speed of the moving train, the grapples all miss their intended targets...
[21:28] {Arsenal} *reel in*
[21:28] {Mac-GM} ..but somehow catch on something up there, and each of you is left hanging from their cables across from the construction site as the train keeps going..
[21:28] {Arsenal} scratch that
[21:29] {Blackwidow} "Lets drop drown and get me inserted"
[21:29] {ChaLk} ((can i use launch weapons for my roll instead of reaction?))
[21:29] {Mac-GM} ((actually swing to one side))
[21:29] {Arsenal} "Right."
[21:29] {ChaLk} ((nevermind))
[21:29] {ChaLk} "Okay"
[21:29] {ChaLk} "lets do this"
[21:30] * Arsenal drops down
[21:30] {Darin} {comm}"mind the rails, folks"
[21:30] * ChaLk lowers himself down and clears it up
[21:30] {Arsenal} {comm} "Roger that."
[21:31] * Blackwidow gets to were she is suppose to go with her gear
[21:31] {Blackwidow} "Lets go clock is ticking"
[21:31] * Arsenal looks around, engaging his cybereyes' low light vision
[21:31] {Arsenal} "Right." *grabs gear and goes*
[21:31] * ChaLk hauls ass just behind BW
[21:31] * Arsenal is following Chalk
[21:31] * Blackwidow heads for the tunnel scanning the area around her for any hostiles
[21:32] {Mac-GM} ((perception and stealth checks please))
[21:32] {ChaLk} 6d6 0
[21:32] {Shadowdice} ChaLk rolls 6d6 : 7 2 5 5 2 3 *7*
[21:32] {ChaLk} 4d6 0
[21:32] {Shadowdice} ChaLk rolls 4d6 : 3 5 4 2 *5*
[21:32] {Blackwidow} 7d6 0
[21:32] {Shadowdice} Blackwidow rolls 7d6 : 8 5 3 3 3 4 3 *8*
[21:33] {Blackwidow} 6d6 0
[21:33] {Shadowdice} Blackwidow rolls 6d6 : 1 3 4 4 5 2 *5*
[21:33] {Arsenal} 6d6 0
[21:33] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 6d6 : 1 3 4 3 3 5 *5*
[21:33] {Arsenal} perception
[21:33] {Arsenal} 4d6 0
[21:33] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 4d6 : 5 10 5 2 *10*
[21:33] {Arsenal} stealth(sneaking)
[21:33] {Blackwidow} (perc/stealth for me)
[21:33] {Mac-GM} ((that's what I figured...)
[21:35] {Mac-GM} 8d6 0
[21:35] {Shadowdice} Mac-GM rolls 8d6 : 5 2 5 4 4 5 5 1 *5*
[21:37] {Blackwidow} *sv*"Lets hope the rigger has things looped or we are in for some serious trouble"
[21:38] {Mac-GM} Before you lies the two ends of a missing 2 meter section of pipe inside the cut-open service way.
[21:39] {Arsenal} *sv* "Which way?"
[21:39] {Blackwidow} *sv*"Looks like this is it give me the gear and I will go in"
[21:39] * Arsenal starts feeding Widow the gear
[21:39] * ChaLk ties off and passes BW the gear
[21:40] {Blackwidow} *sv*"Wont matter once they seal it up"
[21:40] {Mac-GM} ((another perception test from everyone please))
[21:40] {Blackwidow} 7d6 0
[21:40] {Shadowdice} Blackwidow rolls 7d6 : 2 2 4 7 2 2 3 *7*
[21:41] {Arsenal} 6d6 0
[21:41] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 6d6 : 2 3 9 2 5 11 *11*
[21:41] {ChaLk} 6d6 0
[21:41] {Shadowdice} ChaLk rolls 6d6 : 5 4 1 8 2 3 *8*
[21:41] {ChaLk} "hold"
[21:42] * Arsenal hrrms...
[21:43] * Blackwidow holds
[21:43] {Mac-GM} Loading the gear into the pipe quietly only takes five minutes....
[21:43] {ChaLk} (( on the phone))
[21:44] {Mac-GM} Blackwidow goes in last, pushing the containers ahead of her deeper into the open pipe
[21:44] {Blackwidow} "See yah in a few days, if everything goes according to plan"
[21:44] {Arsenal} "Gotcha."
[21:45] * ChaLk points out the Renraku drones and looks to BW: "Have fun, we'll see you at the top"
[21:45] {Blackwidow} "Already saw them"
[21:45] * ChaLk nods
[21:45] {Mac-GM} A rumbling down the track clues the three of you into the fact that the next train is about to pass...
[21:46] * Arsenal takes a look at the drones. "Time to skedaddle."
[21:46] {Blackwidow} "Thats your cue to didee maw out of here"
[21:46] {Mac-GM} ((your ticket out of there if you can rappel up to the rafters and drop down onto the roof as it passes))
[21:46] {Arsenal} strength check?
[21:46] * ChaLk makes for the rafters
[21:46] {Arsenal} same
[21:47] {Mac-GM} ((it's going ot be another reaction test to land onto the roof then a quickness test to not fall off))
[21:47] {Arsenal} 7d6 0
[21:47] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 7d6 : 5 2 4 9 1 1 4 *9*
[21:47] {Arsenal} 6d6 0
[21:47] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 6d6 : 5 5 5 4 4 1 *5*
[21:47] * ChaLk waits until the train is below him and says "Thats why they pay us the big bucks." "GINSU!"
[21:48] * ChaLk drops
[21:48] {ChaLk} 6d6 0
[21:48] {Shadowdice} ChaLk rolls 6d6 : 2 3 3 4 1 5 *5*
[21:48] {Mac-GM} The train passes under you, and the last thought that passes through your mind before you cut the line and land on the roof is that you never realized how fast trains travel..
[21:48] * Arsenal lands on the train with no problem, and struggles to stay on
[21:48] {Mac-GM} ((quickness 6 test to not fall off))
[21:48] {Mac-GM} ((roll it now))
[21:48] {ChaLk} 6d6
[21:48] {ChaLk} 6d6 0
[21:48] {Shadowdice} ChaLk rolls 6d6 : 16 3 5 5 3 5 *16*
[21:48] {Arsenal} 6d6
[21:48] {Arsenal} 6d6 0
[21:48] {Shadowdice} Arsenal rolls 6d6 : 5 5 10 8 2 2 *10*
[21:48] {Arsenal} *whew*
[21:49] * ChaLk lands, rolls and comes up in a lotus position , then lays down to avoid any overhead 'issues'
[21:49] * Arsenal lays flat as well..
[21:49] {Mac-GM} Chalk and Arsenal quickly drop down between the cars before the train passes the second (camera covered) platform in the Arcology on it's way out.
[21:49] {Arsenal} "That'll leave a mark."
[21:50] {Arsenal} "I landed on the holdout. Ow."
[21:50] * ChaLk cringes in sympathy
[21:51] {Arsenal} "I bet that old lady's pissed she missed her stop."
[21:51] * ChaLk waits for the right opportunaty and joins the rest of the sheep in the transit system
[21:51] {ChaLk} "oh crap, i forgot to remove the tranq. all well."
[21:51] {Mac-GM} ((ok anyone want to take a quick break before I fast forward to Thursday?))
[21:51] {Mac-GM} ((we've got a big chunk of combat coming up))
[21:52] * Arsenal has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[21:52] {Minx} ((I'm good, but I think Arsenal needs a break :) ))
[21:52] {ChaLk} ((i'm guessin he wanted the break :P))
[21:52] * Darin fades in fresh video before dropping off the net
[21:53] * Arsenal has joined #burned-ice
[21:53] {Arsenal} re
[21:53] * Darin sets mode: +o Arsenal
[21:54] {Blackwidow} 5d6 6
[21:54] {Shadowdice} Blackwidow rolls 5d6 vs TN=6 : 5 11 11 2 3 - 2 Successes
[21:54] {Mac-GM} ((wb...10 min break before we fast forward to Thursday and the actual run))
[21:54] {Blackwidow} (my die like me)
[21:54] {Arsenal} sure
[21:55] {Blackwidow} 6d6 0
[21:55] {Shadowdice} Blackwidow rolls 6d6 : 4 1 3 4 11 5 *11*
[21:55] {Arsenal} during the intervening time, I get the rest of the gear from my dealer, and hit my safehouse to store the launcher there.
[21:55] {Blackwidow} 6d6 0
[21:55] {Shadowdice} Blackwidow rolls 6d6 : 3 3 5 11 11 4 *11*
[21:56] {Mac-GM} In the intervening time, everyone takes the opportunity to practice swimming and diving in the water behind Darin's warehouse...
[21:56] {Mac-GM} ((everyone gets 1 point to add to Diving and Athletics / or Swimming skills))
[21:56] {Mac-GM} ((swimming is a specialization of Athletics))
[21:56] {Arsenal} and if we don't have the skill?
[21:57] {Mac-GM} ((how come Kendoshi's dicebot always gives him 11s?))
[21:57] {Mac-GM} ((you get the skills at 1 if you didn't have the skills previously))
[21:57] * Arsenal AFKs to make some supper...
[21:58] {Blackwidow} (I dont know maybe it likes me :P)
[21:58] {Blackwidow} 3d6 0
[21:58] {Shadowdice} Blackwidow rolls 3d6 : 4 5 2 *5*
[21:58] {Blackwidow} (see it doesnt always give me 11's lol)
[22:02] * ChaLk buys some makeup and practises making himself look a little less conspicuous
[22:02] * Minx spends the time swimming and clubbing and sleeping, keeping careful track of the elementals.
[22:02] * ChaLk dyes his hair a very light brown (eyebrows too)
[22:03] * ChaLk spends the rest of his time practising swimming, diving, and flying his rotodrone around the area
[22:03] * ChaLk also flirts (not pressing, just friendly) with Minx
[22:03] * Macavity is buried in decking for the next few days...having not kidded about how much time he would need hacking the Renraku host
[22:06] * Minx flirts back a little, spending most of her time in the club.
[22:07] {Arsenal} {ooc} back momentarily... pasta's cooking...
[22:08] * ChaLk makes certain that he's getting a lot of sleep and eating well, augmented by a few pints of 'the good stuff' at the club with Minx.
[22:10] * ChaLk is also getting pretty good with his rotodrone
[22:11] {ChaLk} "Almost as much fun as the real big birds"
[22:11] * Darin spends time swimming, rigging the Drone sub, and working on the warehouse
[22:13] {Arsenal} "After this run... maybe a nice smuggling run for someone?"
[22:13] {Arsenal} "I know I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for something of that nature."
[22:14] * ChaLk actually manages to pick out decent swim trunks, flat blue, and you notice he's got three tattoo's, a mixture of black ink and light tats. Forearm dragon with glowing eyes (and datajack mouth), a Sperethiel light armband, and a black "GINSU" heart on the back of his calm.
[22:14] {Darin} I'm gonna need a bigger Rig to haul all my Drones from now on...
[22:14] * Macavity finds a shipping company they can use to transport the crate containing a large metal equipment table with the two cloaked steel lynx's hidden inside.
[22:15] * ChaLk offers to help Mac with some legwork stuff (packaging, hauling in his van, whatever)
[22:16] * Darin charges up the Lynx's and gets them boxed up
[22:17] {Darin} {loads the cargo bays with extra ammo for the vindicators}
[22:17] {Mac-GM} Tuesday, the Renraku recieving clerk, Harold Leeman, contacts you with a dead drop for the uniforms and blank ID badges inside the Arcology mall
[22:17] * Darin looks around, Who wants ta go fetch with me?
[22:17] {Mac-GM} ((any small amounts of additional gear can be stowed inside the lynx's as well..))
[22:17] * ChaLk will go for that (unarmed but armored)
[22:18] {ChaLk} ((i'll stow a medkit in there if c'est cool?))
[22:18] {Mac-GM} ((there's 2 CF of space left after the ammo))
[22:18] {Darin} ((Very, Chalk))
[22:19] * Darin mentions, as he loads the spare ammo, "I assume some of you know how to reload these Vindicators, if the need arises?"
[22:20] {Mac-GM} ((2 1/2 meter cubes))
[22:21] * ChaLk gets Darin to show him (although its prolly similar to the Ruhrmetall SF20 i use)
[22:21] * Darin goes thru the motions of reload twice, then has Chalk do it while he watches
[22:21] * ChaLk does no prob
[22:22] * Darin preps for the pickup
[22:22] * Macavity gathers everyone together Wednesday night, the night before the extraction to go over final details one last time.
[22:22] * ChaLk is there ((records it into head mem for posterity))
[22:22] {Arsenal} {ooc} back for good... pasta's done. *passes some around*
[22:23] {Macavity} "Alright, let's go over the plans one last time so everyone's clear on what we're doing inside. Did everyone get a look at the maps of the elevator bank on the 22nd floor and the rooftop of the Arcology?"
[22:23] * Arsenal nods.
[22:23] {ChaLk} *nod*
[22:23] * Minx nods
[22:23] * Darin loads a copy into his Tacware
[22:23] {ChaLk} ((chalk also tends to put things like that in headmem for emergency viewing))
[22:24] {Macavity} "They're most likely going to take cargo elevator 12 all the way up, since it's closest to the laboratory the prototype is being stored in."
[22:25] {Macavity} "The only other cargo elevator that passes through that level is #9, across from #12"
[22:25] * Arsenal nods.
[22:25] {Arsenal} "And we're intercepting the party where?"
[22:26] {Macavity} "In any case we'll have Darin's cloaked Lynx's hidden near each hallway to let us know exactly which one they'll be using and we'll position ourselves around that elevator."
[22:26] {Minx} "At the Elevator."
[22:26] * Arsenal nods
[22:26] {Darin} "Don't forget and walk into the Lynx's"
[22:27] {Macavity} "Before any of this happens though, we need to take care of our escape route. Darin and Leviathan - posing as Renraku techs thanks to the uniforms and ID tags we've gotten - will respond to an electrical fire in the Renraku Manta Ray patrol sub parked in the dock on level B1"
[22:27] * Leviathan nods
[22:27] * Darin nods
[22:28] {Macavity} "Minx is going to send one of her Fire elementals to do that Thursday morning at 09:00"
[22:28] * Minx grins.
[22:29] {Macavity} "Even if they detect the elemental, it will be assumed to be a terrorist attack of some kind, repelled by renraku mages if necessary, and the techs will still be called in to repair the sub."
[22:30] {Macavity} "Once Leviathan and Darin get there, Darin will make whatever repairs are necessary, and install all the equipment he needs to run his drones from the sub."
[22:30] * Arsenal smiles at Minx. "Elementals are nasty critters. Good thing you're on our side, not theirs."
[22:30] {Macavity} "Leviathan meanwhile will ambush the real techs, and the replacement crew when the show up and board the sub. Just before Darin leaves the docks, Leviathan will leave the sub and take the elevator up to floor 21."
[22:31] {Leviathan} "Where will the real techs be?"
[22:32] {Macavity} "Unconscious or otherwise incapacitated inside the sub. Once you and Darin get inside the sub, nobody else that enters will be allowed to leave."
[22:32] * ChaLk chews a toothpick and is all ears
[22:33] * Leviathan nods
[22:33] {Darin} "I'll toss em out right before I undock"
[22:33] {ChaLk} "remember to close the screen door"
[22:33] {Macavity} "Actually, don't do that, as they'll be seen on camera. You'll have to just lock them up in one of the crew cabins."
[22:34] {ChaLk} "I'll give u some tranq's for them if u want"
[22:34] {Leviathan} "I'd like those."
[22:34] * ChaLk nods
[22:34] {Darin} "Ya thats a good idea, keep em out of my hair"
[22:35] {Macavity} "At 10:00, the two patrol subs are scheduled to go out and switch places. Darin will take his sub out and torpedo the other as they exchange places. After that, he will slip back close to the docking area and be prepared to blow up the waste water outlet defenses so that we can get the scientist out safely."
[22:35] {Darin} "Take Big Zip-ties too, Strap em up good, just in case someone is resistant to tranq"
[22:35] {ChaLk} "and ya might want some zipties to prevent mutany if that don't work"
[22:35] {ChaLk} "Jinx, yer buyin me a beer once we're done this"
[22:36] {Macavity} "We'll leave the Anago sea sled hidden nearby there tonight so that those escaping from the outlet can rejoin the rest, and as a backup in case anything happens to Darin's Manta Ray sub."
[22:36] {Darin} "And I got a predator II for final backup"
[22:36] {Arsenal} "We get out of this, the first round of drinks is on me."
[22:36] {Macavity} "Actually, we can't risk Leviathan or Darin taking any external weapons or armor that a Tech wouldn't have."
[22:36] {Darin} "damn, yur right"
[22:36] {Macavity} "So Darin will most likely be unarmed, unless a security officer enters the sub and is incapacitated."
[22:37] {Darin} "I hope he's got a predator, I like them.."
[22:37] {ChaLk} "You could throw some extra gear into one of your lynxes"
[22:37] {Arsenal} "For security, you're probably looking more at a Fichetti."
[22:38] {Darin} Well, that wouldnt penetrate the hull ..."
[22:38] * Minx listens carefully.
[22:38] {Darin} "I won't be going up, Chalk, I'll be rigging them from the sub"
[22:38] {Macavity} "At 10:10 all of us will meet on the 21st floor hydroponics bay with Blackwidow and gear up. We'll have to secure the floor and take out anyone that shows up while we're there. I'll be working matrix overwatch with the cameras and sensors on the 21st and 22nd floor showing faked feeds."
[22:39] {Darin} I'm sending in an Arachnoid to watch out for us, no-one will notine an extra one in there"
[22:40] {ChaLk} "And i can provide some extra eyes inside for ya Mac"
[22:40] {Macavity} "Luckily for us, the air transport is scheduled to arrive at 11:00, close enough to the shift change of the subs, that they'll just begin to wonder about the returning patrol sub having not returned when we're taking the prototype."
[22:41] {Darin} "And that lets me concentrate on the Sub combat Prior to having to run the Lynx's in any combat"
[22:42] {Macavity} "We've observed the patrol changes taking between 45 minutes to an hour, as the two subs meet up in the patrol area and verify their identity before the sub crew being relieved returns to the dock."
[22:42] {Macavity} "Once we're geared up and have determined which elevator they're going to use, we'll position ourselves inside the elevator shaft."
[22:43] {Macavity} "Each cargo elevator has a service room on either side with maintenance access panels that open out to the waiting area in front of the elevators, you can see it in the plans."
[22:44] {ChaLk} "What are the red things on that map?"
[22:44] {Macavity} "Widow and another will take one side, Leviathan and someone else will take the other side. Meanwhile, Minx and I will stay inside the elevator shaft waiting for the service elevator to get there."
[22:45] {Macavity} "The red circles on the rooftop map are weapons emplacments, guided missiles and phalanx style anti-missile guns. Also I'm led to believe that some of those emplacements may be high powered lasers."
[22:45] {Macavity} "But I'll get to all of that in just a moment...bear with me here."
[22:45] {Arsenal} "I volunteer to be with Widow."
[22:45] * ChaLk nods
[22:45] * Macavity holds a hand up and waits
[22:46] * Minx frowns at the mention of the weapons, and sits back with a thoughtful look.
[22:46] {Macavity} "I'm talking about the elevator.jpg map here."
[22:47] * ChaLk swaps them up in his headmem/image link. "oh..."
[22:48] {Mac-GM}
[22:48] {ChaLk} "got it"
[22:49] {Macavity} "Ok, as I was saying, does everyone see the two rooms on either side of the freight elevators?"
[22:49] * ChaLk nods
[22:49] {Macavity} "One pair waits in one room, and the other pair in the other room."
[22:49] * Leviathan nods
[22:50] {Macavity} "My thoughts are that since Minx and I excel at hand to hand combat and are more lightly armed and armored than others, we should enter into the elevator itself and take out the guards in the closer confines after the prototype has been loaded."
[22:50] {Macavity} "Once the elevator arrives we'll have several minutes as they wheel the prototype out to it to get on top of the elevator and prepare to enter through the roof hatches of the elevator."
[22:51] {Macavity} "Remember, this is roughly a 20 meter square elevator. So it's not tiny."
[22:51] {Arsenal} "That should work."
[22:51] {Darin} "We could draw em into the side rooms, I can park the lynx's there..."
[22:51] {Macavity} "No, the side rooms don't have proper doorways, and what we need is to cut off the Red Samurai from the front of the freight elevator."
[22:52] {Arsenal} "I'm fairly good with that sword I packed. If you need a hand with the others, I'm there."
[22:52] {Darin} "Ahh, no doors isnt good
[22:53] {Macavity} "At the same time that Minx and I jump into the elevator, the two pairs on either side will blow open the maintenance hatches leading into the elevator waiting area, and emerge to deal with the security immediately outside the elevator."
[22:53] {Macavity} "We'll have three objectives here. Locate and protect the scientist we're extracting, secure the elevator and hallways before it, and terminate the three Renraku employees we've also be contracted to take out."
[22:54] {Macavity} "All of these objectives should be either inside the elevator or about to enter it."
[22:54] {Arsenal} "What's the strength of those walls we're blasting through?"
[22:55] {Macavity} "I suggest that when the two pairs emerge, one person should sweep right/left and the other should concentrate on those troops either between the two hatches, or in the immediate waiting area."
[22:55] {ChaLk} "we could prolly bring some extra armor and/or arms for the scientist in the drones?"
[22:55] {Minx} "No time to get it. The stuff we have is already in."
[22:55] {Macavity} "They're either heavy or reinforced material, but definitely not structural"
[22:56] {Macavity} "That's why we're moving the scientist out through the waste pipes, using the extra diving gear we stowed with Blackwidow."
[22:56] {Arsenal} "The breaching charges should do the trick. Might want to use the other charges to amplify the blast as well."
[22:57] * ChaLk nods
[22:57] {Macavity} "Widow has six tanks, plus the two she wore going in, and enough regulators and masks for all of us if something goes wrong and we need to evac."
[22:57] {Arsenal} "Be sure and set them to detonate at the same time."
[22:57] {Macavity} "Primary emergency evac will be through the hydroponics bay we secured on floor 21."
[22:59] {Macavity} "The scientist will not be versed in using firearms or wearing armor, so even if we got them for her, she wouldn't be able to use the weapon and it would take her awhile to get into armor."
[22:59] {Macavity} "Any questions at this point?"
[22:59] * Minx nods. "So we've got where the scientist is going out. Who's going with her?"
[22:59] {ChaLk} "If ya want, i've got a kevlar blanket"
[23:00] {Arsenal} "Security blanket, Chalk?"
[23:00] * ChaLk nods "paranoia strikes young my friend"
[23:00] {Macavity} "If we have wounded, they're going out with her. Otherwise I'll go out with her."
[23:01] {Macavity} "The rest of you are more heavily armed and armored for the next stage. And we'll need Minx for magical support."
[23:01] * Minx nods. "And the rest of us go up the Elevator, hit the top floor, take the plane, ditch it in the sound, then get picked up?"
[23:01] {Macavity} "You got it."
[23:01] * ChaLk nods to Minx "lift and seperate" *wink*
[23:01] * Macavity smiles at Minx's direction..
[23:02] {Arsenal} "Sounds fairly simple. With room to improvise if something goes wrong."
[23:02] * Minx shrugs. "Easy enough, as long as the crash is controlled enough."
[23:03] * ChaLk nods "like falling off a bike"
[23:03] {Arsenal} "Minx, could you give us an air or water elemental to help cushion the landing?"
[23:04] * Minx shrugs. "Depends on what I have left after the elevator.
[23:04] * Arsenal nods.
[23:04] {Macavity} "Darin will leave a drone loaded with explosives to blow up the outake defenses right before the scientist and anyone with her get there - and then head out to the pickup area in the Sound."
[23:06] {Macavity} "I suggest that just before the aircraft hits the water, everyone bails out from the back hatch. so that you don't have to worry about being trapped inside, or being hit by something mettalic, hard and or sharp."
[23:06] * Arsenal nods.
[23:08] {ChaLk} "i can show yas the basics if you want to use chutes. assuming they've got them available"
[23:08] {Macavity} "we'll leave all the diving gear that isn't used to escape through the waste pipes on the pallet with the prototype, so that as soon as everyone's aboard and the air transport takes off, you can put on the diving tanks, masks, flippers and otherwise get ready for the water."
[23:08] * Minx nods.
[23:08] {ChaLk} "Good call"
[23:08] {Macavity} "We have one last fallback plan after the elevator leaves the 22nd floor."
[23:10] {Macavity} "Since the security feeds are looped, Arcology security shouldn't realize that anything is amis until after you emerge on the roof, but just in case they do, we'll cut the controls to the elevator and let it fall down to B4 using the emergency brakes in controlled bursts to slow the descent."
[23:11] {Macavity} "I've looked at the plans, and the shaft that freight elevators 12 and 9 sit in go almost straight down through the Arcology from the top floor to the bottom."
[23:11] {ChaLk} "hell of a drop"
[23:12] {Macavity} "If that's the case, then upon emerging on floor B4, we'll make our way to the Ork Underground entrance, blowing it open if we have to, and escape that way."
[23:12] {Macavity} "I don't know if we'll be able to take the prototype with us that way, we might, we might not. But it's an escape option right up until the point you get on the air transport and fly away."
[23:13] {Arsenal} "Bringing the wrath of the Underground as well as Renraku down on us."
[23:13] {Macavity} "Any questions?
[23:14] {ChaLk} 3d6 4
[23:14] {Shadowdice} ChaLk rolls 3d6 vs TN=4 : 8 1 4 - 2 Successes
[23:14] * ChaLk remains calm and silent
[23:14] {Arsenal} "If we do have to go that route, I say we break open the transport crate and use the thing on our way out. Possibly better than blowing a hole in the wall.
[23:14] * Minx shakes her head. "I'd suggest not using the Underground if all possible. We'll have to ditch the prototype, and we run the risk of hte Underground turning on us."
[23:14] {Macavity} "There's no guarantee that the Anthroform is fully operational, powered up, or otherwise useable by any of us."
[23:15] {Arsenal} "I know... but that is a last ditch effort right there."
[23:15] {Macavity} "It's the only other option if I can't keep the security deckers from realizing what's going on before you get to the roof."
[23:15] {Minx} 'why can't we stop it at 21 and head through the sewage tunnel?"
[23:16] {ChaLk} "again ditching the prototype, but good idea again"
[23:16] {Macavity} "I've spent the last few days uploading one-hundred-and-thirty-four viruses into the security network all programmed to go off at 11:10 hours - right after we'll be taking the elevator up."
[23:17] {ChaLk} "you are the man"
[23:18] {Macavity} "It should keep the deckers busy, and I'll be working to keep control of the elevators out of their hands, but I can't guarantee that I'll keep the Arcology deckers off for the entire trip."
[23:18] {Arsenal} "Well, if we have to ditch the prototype... we get off, and blow the clamps. Gravity should do our job for us in that case, mangling their prototype, probably setting them back a ways on it."
[23:19] {Macavity} "If you can get off on the 21st floor, you can try swimming through the waste management pipes, but even that might be blocked if the deckers rouse the security systems."
[23:19] * Minx nods and shrugs. "Okay."
[23:19] {Macavity} "The jobs not without risks."
[23:19] {Arsenal} "Naturally."
[23:19] {Macavity} "But this is the best shot that I think we've got."
[23:20] {Macavity} "Is everyone clear on what we're doing then?"
[23:20] * Arsenal nods. "Very."
[23:20] * Minx nods.
[23:20] {ChaLk} "Agreed. lets test the comm gear and get a lot of sleep"
[23:20] * Macavity nods
[23:21] * Leviathan nods
[23:21] {Macavity} "We'll each enter the Arcology different ways and use the ID tags to get us into the elevators tomorrow. Darin and Leviathan will go in first, the rest of us around 10:00 hours to the 21st floor."
[23:22] * Leviathan hides a smirk
[23:23] * Darin is now known as ramjet
[23:23] * Arsenal decides to park his genericar in the parking garage...
[23:24] * Minx nods.
[23:24] {Mac-GM} ((everone ready to go on?))
[23:24] * ChaLk finds a place to park his van within a couple km's of the Arc
[23:24] {ChaLk} ((yup))
[23:24] {Arsenal} {ooc} ready to rumble
[23:24] {Mac-GM} ((everyone want to finish this run tonight?))
[23:24] {ChaLk} ((within remote range))
[23:24] {ChaLk} ((sure))
[23:24] {Blackwidow} (im game dont work in the morning)
[23:24] {Minx} ((fine with me))
[23:25] * ramjet is now known as Darin
[23:25] {Darin} (( I'll hang for a while, I'm fadin tho ))
[23:25] {Leviathan} ((Let's roll))
[23:26] * ChaLk goes and relaxes for the rest of the eve
[23:26] {Mac-GM} ((do we want to reschedule? it's going to be alot of combat))
[23:26] * Arsenal checks his fake ID... these generic IDs, or do they actually have what we do on them?
[23:27] {Mac-GM} ((we can do it, all your combat's early on Darin))
[23:27] {Blackwidow} (I go to working 245pm-11pm wed-fri
[23:27] {Minx} ((Well, I'm going to have to bail in about an hour or so, got another game :/ ))
[23:27] {Arsenal} i.e. Darin's says "tech", mine might say "security"...
[23:27] * ChaLk chillaxes and chats it up with Minx
[23:27] {Mac-GM} ((gah...))
[23:27] {Mac-GM} ((go on for an hour?))
[23:27] {Darin} ((Ya ))
[23:27] {Arsenal} for an hour sounds good
[23:28] {Minx} ((yeah))
[23:28] {ChaLk} ((ya))
[23:28] {Mac-GM} ((alright, here we go))
[23:28] {Minx} ++
[23:28] {Mac-GM} Thursday morning doesn't quite dawn, as a storm front has rolled into the Seattle area. Rains and winds are expected to pick up in the afternoon.
[23:29] {ChaLk} 3d6 7
[23:29] {Shadowdice} ChaLk rolls 3d6 vs TN=7 : 3 2 4 No Successes
[23:29] {Arsenal} {ooc} and this is different for Seattle... how? :)
[23:29] * Macavity wakes early, and spends an hour in meditation, then goes and checks to make sure everyone else is awake by 07:00
[23:30] * Arsenal was awake at 5, drinking coffee
[23:30] {Minx} Minx is definitely not a morning person...
[23:31] * Leviathan was geared and ready even earlier than Arsenal, and without coffee he sits, looking quite crisp in his uniform, having donned a pair or glasses for looks
[23:31] * ChaLk is awake and ready
[23:31] * Macavity brings some coffee and breakfast to Minx as she wakes up.
[23:31] * Arsenal loads a clip into the Fichetti, and is in uniform.
[23:31] * ChaLk drinks a coffee (with half a shot of baileys)
[23:32] * Arsenal then chugs his two-hour old coffee, black...
[23:32] {Arsenal} "Perfect. Cold, black, and strong."
[23:32] * ChaLk forces himself to dress 'normally'
[23:32] * Minx sips the coffee thankfully, and gulps down the breakfast rather quickly.
[23:32] {ChaLk} ((Mac is so damned slick))
[23:32] * Macavity sends Leviathan and Darin ahead of the others to the Arcology
[23:33] {ChaLk} "may the force be with ya"
[23:33] {Arsenal} *snicker*
[23:33] {Arsenal} "Into old vids, I see."
[23:33] * ChaLk nods
[23:33] * Macavity wishes Leviathan and Darin luck and tells them to be careful as they leave..
[23:34] {ChaLk} "truely a classic, before they went to hell with the nineteen sequels"
[23:34] * Darin says thanks and heads out
[23:35] * Leviathan nods, and follows Darin
[23:36] * Arsenal heads out as well... making sure his car is free of incriminating evidence, and parking in the Arcology parking lot.
[23:36] {ChaLk} "Mac, any sign of Widow? Although i guess no news is good news"
[23:37] {Leviathan} "Before things get all business Darin, I wanted to wish you good luck with the rigging and all."
[23:37] {Macavity} "Widow's doing fine so far. She'll let us know the status of the 21st floor before we get there, so we'll have intel going in."
[23:37] {Arsenal} scratch that above for now..
[23:38] {Mac-GM} ((Leviathan, Darin, head to #burned-sub))
[23:39] {Darin} "Thanks"
[23:39] * ChaLk shakes Darin's hand "Take it easy, and if ya get it easy, take it twice."
[23:40] * ChaLk turns to Lev "Be good and if ya can't be good, be careful"
[23:40] {Minx} ((Afk quick second))
[23:42] {Blackwidow} 6d6 0
[23:42] {Shadowdice} Blackwidow rolls 6d6 : 10 8 3 3 4 2 *10*
[23:45] {Mac-GM} 4d6 6
[23:45] {Shadowdice} Mac-GM rolls 4d6 vs TN=6 : 4 3 5 4 No Successes
[23:45] {Mac-GM} 4d6 6
[23:45] {Shadowdice} Mac-GM rolls 4d6 vs TN=6 : 3 17 8 3 - 2 Successes
[23:45] {Mac-GM} 4d6 6
[23:45] {Shadowdice} Mac-GM rolls 4d6 vs TN=6 : 1 2 4 4 No Successes
[23:46] {Minx} ((Back))
[23:46] * Arsenal conceals his Fichetti before going in.
[23:46] {Macavity} ((what's the conceal on the Fichetti?))
[23:47] {Arsenal} looking it up
[23:47] {Arsenal} 6, but I have a concealable holster for it, so 8
[23:48] {Macavity} 8d6 6
[23:48] {Arsenal} and the streetline special has one of 8, concealable holster boosts it to 10
[23:48] * Shadowdice has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[23:48] * Blackwidow has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[23:49] {Macavity} ((damn...just when ya need them))
[23:49] * Blackwidow has joined #burned-ice
[23:49] * Shadowdice has joined #burned-ice
[23:49] * Arsenal sets mode: +oo Blackwidow Shadowdice
[23:51] {Macavity} 8d6 6
[23:51] {Shadowdice} Macavity rolls 8d6 vs TN=6 : 5 5 5 3 3 3 5 2 No Successes
[23:51] {Macavity} 8d6 6
[23:51] {Shadowdice} Macavity rolls 8d6 vs TN=6 : 3 3 4 3 8 4 1 5 - 1 Success
[23:51] {Macavity} "You're not going into the Arcology with a weapon are you, Arsenal?"
[23:52] * Arsenal looks at the pistol. "I do have a legal permit for it... you spotted it, huh?"
[23:52] {Macavity} "Not as the person on that Renraku ID. The weapon detectors will pick you up in a heartbeat if you walk in there with anything. No knives, nothing."
[23:53] * Arsenal sets it on the table.
[23:53] {Minx} ((Crap, brb again, keyboard is blinking))
[23:53] * ChaLk laughs at Arsenal, then frowns "oh yeah"
[23:53] {Arsenal} "Should've gotten a security ID, but oh well."
[23:54] * Arsenal pulls out the holdout pistol as well, and then the boot knife, setting them on the table. "That's it."
[23:54] * ChaLk does a dance and eventually digs out a colt takedown holdout in a concealable holster
[23:54] * Macavity shakes his head...
[23:55] {Arsenal} "Grew up around weapons... Dad taught me to shoot from the moment I could pick up a gun. It became second nature to have a weapon on me."
[23:56] {ChaLk} "ya, i feel naked"
[23:57] {Macavity} "You do what you have to, not what you want to, if you want to live through a run."
[23:57] * Arsenal shrugs on the trenchcoat. "Well, I'd best go fight traffic to get to the arcology, to get there in time. Any sign of Widow yet?"
[23:58] {Macavity} "Widow's up and about. No need to worry about her."
[23:58] {Arsenal} "That's good. I'll see you there."
[23:59] {Darin} 4d6 0
[23:59] {Shadowdice} Darin rolls 4d6 : 4 3 5 1 *5*
Session Close: Wed Apr 09 00:00:00 2003
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