Name:Genevive Delacroix   Streetname(s): Belle Morte (La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Sans Merci)
Player: Jag Age: 32 Hair: Dark Blond
Race: Human Height: 5'8" Eyes: Brown
Sex: Female Weight: 145 lbs Skin: Fair
  Base Race Mod Total
Body 6 - - 6   Essence: 1.2
Quickness 4 - +3 7   Magic Pool: NA
Strength 5 - +3 8   Reaction: 6
Intelligence 4 - - 4   Initiative: 6+1d6
Willpower 3 - - 3   Combat Pool: 7d6
Charisma 3 - - 3   Task Pool: NA

Skill Rating
Armed Combat 5
Unarmed Combat 4
Firearms 5
Stealth 5
Athletics 5
Electronics B/R 4
Negotiate/Bargain 4/6
Etiquette/Maritime 4/6
Flaws Points
Gunslinger Honor -1
Dark Secret -2
Day Job -3
Hidden Past -1
Background Trouble -1


Genívive was born Genevive DíLioncourt to two fairly normal nearly-well-off parents in Cannes, France. She has a older brother, Lucien. Her mother died when she was 5, leaving a fairly absent-minded father to take care of both of them. This he did, in that he provided food, schooling, and a place to crash at night. However, it ended up being Lucienís job to watch Genívive, with the result that she got into more trouble than a normal kid. Lucien was also around incresingly less as he got older, and then when she was 9, he disappeared altogether. He reappeard 5 years later, literally falling at her feet as she was coming home from school one day, looking like heíd been through the circles of hell.

From that day on, she received a different sort of schooling. Her brother taught her the fine art of Shadowrunning, declaring it to be more lucrative and more fun that becoming a wage-slave like their father. She began to meet the other members of his team as they drifted into town, first Danielle a young but very accomplished sneak thief, then a street sam by the name of Blaise, and later a few others. On her 18th birthday, as a sort of skewed birthday present, Lucienís team took her on a run with them as backup, and from then on, she was a full member of the team. Three years later, however, they were forced to flee to Nice when they became a little too public in Cannes. Lucienís and Geníviveís father never even noticed when they left.

Eventually Genívive formed her own group, and began to acquire the street name of "La Belle Dame Sans Merci", "Sans Merci" for short. She started and eventually led a reasonably sucessful team, including Blaise and Danielle, and with the new additions of Chantelle, an elven decker; Armand, a cat shaman; and Jean-Claude, a reclusive rigger. They had a fairly sucessful working life for seven years (a lifetime in the Shadows); one night, however, Genívive was accosted just before they were to raid the palacial estate of a local multi-millionaire and steal some sensitive documents. She was offered a couple million nuyen to split amongst her team and told that it would be worth her while to tell her captors where and when her team would be striking. She told them, and found out the next day in the screamsheets about the bloody and painful and not very quick death her team suffered.

Ashamed and fearful that the news would get out, she fled Nice and now is working in the private sector, calling herself Belle Morte and wandering as her finances permit.....

Item # Conceal Rating Weight Cost
Survival Kit 1 NA NA 2 100
Medkit 1 NA
Toolkit 1 3 5 500
Ascent/Descent Kit 1 NA
Fine Clothing 1 NA
Yamaha Rapier 1 NA 10,000
High Lifestyle NA NA NA
Maritime Pocket Secretary 1 3 0.5 3,000

Item Body Essence Cost
Boosted Reflexes 3 2.8 90,000
Cybereyes 0.2 5,000
Flare Comp 2,000
Low-Light 3,000
Optical Mag 3 6,000
Cyberears 0.3 4,000
Amplifier 0.2 35,000
Damper 0.1 35,000
Select Sound Filter 0.2 10,000
Skillwires Plus Level 3 0.3 45,000
Softlink Level 2 0.2 2,000
Muscle Augmentation III 2.4 - 135,000
Enhanced Articulation 0.6 - 40,000

Item Conceal Range Ammo Mode Damage Weight Cost
Ares Predator II4 Heavy18(c)S 9M2.5825
Ares Predator II - silenced4 Heavy18(c)S 9M2.5825