Name:Terrence "Terry" Potts   Streetname(s):Maitreya
Player: Starsight Age: 20 Hair: Brown
Race: Human Height: 1.75 m Eyes: Liquid Brown
Sex: Male Weight: 75 kg Skin: Tanned
  Base Race Mod Total
Body 3 - - 3   Essence: 6
Quickness 4 - - 4   Magic Pool: 6
Strength 1 - - 1   Reaction: 5
Intelligence 6 - - 6   Initiative: 1d6
Willpower 6 - - 6   Combat Pool: 8d6
Charisma 4 - - 4   Task Pool: NA

Skill Rating
Sorcery 6
Conjuring 4
Ettiquette/Maritime 2/4
Ettiquette/Street 3/5
Athletics/Swimming 2/4
Firearms 2
Boat 2
Flaws Points
Moderate Phobia: Insect Spirits -3
Bio-Rejection -2
Distinctive Style (light attacks) -1
Wierdness Magnet -1

Edges Points
Aptitude: Sorcery +2
College education:Arts & Sciences +2
Focussed Concentration +2
Innocence +1
Item # Conceal Rating Weight Cost
Gold Docwagon Contract NA Gold NA 25kY
Full-height Combat Boots1NA 1/11.5275
Wetsuit114 4/32.5350
Diving Armor1- 4/221,750
Full Face Mask1 -360
Clothing Sets4NA NA200
Fine Clothing Set1NA NA500
Oilskin Clothing2NA NA200
Waterproof Pocket Secretary2 0.53,500
Armored Vest110 4/32600
Armored Jacket17 6/32900

Item Conceal Range Ammo Mode Damage Weight Cost
Uzi 4 Entry SMG4 SMG18(c)BF/FA 7M4.251,350
HK G3MK Assault rifle NA/2 Sporting18(c)SA/BF 7S5.751,950
Additions: Imp Gas Vent IV, Smartlink II, Customized


Happy-go-lucky party boy with an eye for the girls and a good line of patter. His 'street' name is from an old novel of his dad's - his real name is Terrence 'Terry' Potts.

Born on an ex-oil rig and bought up in England of working-class parents, he went to school at one of the better tertiary colleges in London. When he finished his degree he went out to earn living working with dive teams, especially salvage diving. He did this for a few years, then got caught up in a smuggling operation - they were smuggling loot from salvaged ships. After a slightly fraught session of questioning, he joined them.

He has done several different things since then with smugglers and so on, including getting some of the salvage from a downed special ops mission chopper that was supposed to be destroyed on impact with the water (both guns).

Light Missile (fire missile) C 4 [(F/2)+1]S
Light strike (fire strike) M 2(4)(6) [(F/2)+3]D
Laser (flamethrower) M 6(8) [(F/2)+1]S
Personal mana barrier M 6(8) [(F/2)+1]M
Barrier M 4(6)(8) [(F/2)+2]S
Seal form M 2(4)(6) [(F/2)+2]M
Chaotic world I 2(4)(6) [(F/2)+2]S
Imp. Invisibility I 2(4)(6) [(F/2)+1]M
Physical mask I 2(4) [(F/2)+1]L