Cyberpunk Fashion

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Spotlights and strobes at the nightclub not enough for you any more? They’ve got clothing that can display moving images, change color, and even give you that glow-from-below to make you look more sinister with some illumi strips on the lapels.

Body armor is “in” for anyone who has to travel the streets. Looking like you aren’t armored in 2054 is like being fat in 1588 or thin in 1926: it’s a sign of wealth. Either you’re rich enough to afford clothing that doesn’t look armored, or you’re so rich that the people who are a threat to you can’t get past your security.

Naturally, there’s a counter-reaction to whatever’s popular, so the heavily armored look is really popular among teens whose parents are all trying to look like firefights don’t happen on the same planet they live on. Savvy parents are secretly glad that their offspring are actually safer because of their rebellious natures.

Of course, overcoats and umbrellas that are proof against acid rain are a must in most urban areas in the Shadowrun world. Seattle’s air is better than most places, since they get ocean breezes on a regular basis, but inland cities are much more terrifying.


Shadowrun’s technology base doesn’t need a lot of extra work to be compatible with a lot of the style of CP2020. The important things to introduce are a number of devices of the same tech level as ruthenium polymers. The technology probably involves conductive polymers (already possible in the 1990’s by “doping” otherwise nonconductive polymers) and some sort of LED-like creation that can also be made flexible. These appear as:

Urban Casual

Logo Gear

The corporations just love advertising, and you can get everything from Knight-Errant baseball caps to Wearman™ jackets showing a continuous stream of specifications on the latest weapons from Ares Arms at the AresWear company store. Similar situations exist for all the other megacorps. Mock uniforms are available for the kids who want to grow up to be Red Samurai, and such gear always has easily distinguishable markings that make it easy to tell a real Red Samurai from someone in a company suit if you know what to look for— and the professionals definitely know what to look for.


On the street, people need to be ready for action. For trouble, you need armor; if you’re on the make, you need to be able to show your assets. The “layered” look of the 2050’s usually involves a bulky long coat or armor jacket over close-fitting clothing underneath.


The average wage slave tends to wear either a corporate uniform (usually a once-piece jumpsuit— check out Uniwear on p59 of Chromebook 1) or slacks and a cheaper version of the button-up collarless shirts popular in the boardroom.


Boardroom fashions are still dominated by the Western business suits that have changed little since the Twentieth Century. Lapels are narrow, and the most popular styles fit the body very closely, displaying the lean and mean physiques of corporate go-getters to advantage. Many shirts have lost their collars entirely, bidding farewell to ties. Check out Takanaka fashions on p63 of Chromebook 1.

High Fashion

In the world of Luxury lifestyle, fashion knows no bounds... including those of taste. Ornamental technology is common as a means of demonstrating wealth. A Luxury party is liable to have everything from people in the finest of boardroom fashions to Native American leathers, kimonos, saris, or bizarre new creations that flaunt a person’s particular assets. Exposed skin is very popular for showing off those gymnasium physiques and laughing in the face of a world that needs body armor, so slashed sleeves and gauzy, semitransparent materials are common.

Basic Costs for Common Clothes

Long Skirt55nĄ1.014
Long Gloves30nĄ--
Long Jacket55nĄ1.514
Lined Coat55nĄ1.014
Long Coat80nĄ2.014
T-shirt20 nĄ0.111
Long-sleeve Shirt30 nĄ0.211
Top/Blouse55 nĄ0.214
Sweater20 nĄ0.5--
Tunic55 nĄ1.014
Long Tunic55 nĄ1.514
Shoes20 nĄ1.011
Halfboots30 nĄ1.211
Boots55 nĄ1.514
Kneeboots10 nĄ2.011
Trenchcoat25 nĄ2.014
Robe35 nĄ1.514
Cloak45 nĄ2.014
Short Cape55 nĄ1.014
Long Cape80 nĄ1.514
Coveralls25 nĄ1.514
Long Vest30 nĄ1.011
Surcoat30 nĄ1.011
Leather Chaps30 nĄ1.514
Tank Top20 nĄ0.28
Halter/Tube Top20 nĄ0.28
Stockings20 nĄ0.18
Body Stocking25 nĄ0.258
Body Suit30 nĄ0.28
Waist Cincher/Belt40 nĄ0.211
Corset55 nĄ0.511
Forearm Guards40nĄ0.28
Greaves40 nĄ0.58
Breastplate100nĄ1/2 Body8
Cup20 nĄ0.28
Helmet40 nĄ0.58

Style & Quality Modifiers
Generic Chicx1Sub-averagex0.5
Urban Flashx2Goodx2
Businesswearx2Very Goodx3
High Fashionx3Superchic/(Personal Design)x7

Misc Options
Illumi Strips100/meter
Wearman™ Cloth250/sq meter
Reactimesh Fibersx2
Conceal = Base Conceal - 1/2 Ballistic - 2 x Impact
Increased Conceal

Magic & Fashion

With the reality of magic on the streets, New-Age style fashions have become very prevalent again, although more often with mundane individuals than Awakened Magicians.

Since the Fashion spell is one of the most useful in the game, here is the Object Resistance Table entries of various cloths. Natural fibers that only require minimal processing are easier to work with than leather that’s been through a heavy tanning process.

Object Resistance Table
Wool, silk, cotton, linen4
Rayon, vatgrown silk or leather6
Synthleather, polyester, nylon7
Kevlar, most body armor8
Illumi strips, reacti-mesh9
Polylog™ material, Polychromic™ material, Wearman™ videocloth10

Armor Modifications

There are many other things that can damage runners besides bullets and heavy blows. Fire, electricity, acid, and cold can all be deadly, as can a lack of common sense or caution. These modifications are offered by several companies to help protect against these kinds of hazards.

Each of these modifications can be integrated into any standard or name-brand armor clothing, diving armor, form-fitting armor, security armor and even hardened armor (unless otherwise noted). Each armor modification is represented by rating points. The rating of a single modification cannot exceed the highest Ballistic or Impact rating of the item. In addition, the total ratings of the modifications given to an armor item cannot exceed the combined Ballistic and Impact ratings of the armor. Unarmored clothing can also use these modifications, but the maximum rating and total ratings cannot exceed 2.

Armor modifications are cumulative with other protections against specific forms of damage. For example, the damage from a flamethrower elemental manipulation spell is reduced by half Impact armor. If the victim were wearing armor that also had 2 points of fire resistance, the Power would be reduced by hlaf the Impact rating +2.

Chemical Seal
In a world where acid rain and heavy air pollution are present in every city, chemical seals are a common accessory to outdoor clothing. Water-resistant, nonporous impermeable materials added to a piece of armor can protect the wearer from liquid-based chemical attacks. Each point of chemical seal reduces by 1 the Power of contact-vector compounds.

Fire Resistance
Fire-retardant, heat-resistant and non-flammable materials are another common accessory. Each point of fire resistance reduces by 1 the power of fire-based attacks. Each point also adds +1 to the armor's Object Resistance when determining if it catches fire.

Gel Packs
Gel packs are liquid filled packs that remain liquid and flexible until the shock wave of a projectile impact solidifies the gel into an impenetrable barrier. As soon as the kinetic energy dissipates, the gel liquifies again, ready for the next impact.

Gel packs effectively turn a normal piece of armor into hardened armor. If the base Power of an attack is lower than the armor rating, the attack does no damage. If the base Power exceeds the base armor rating, then treat it as a normal attack. Gel packs are noticable and halve the concealability of an armor (round down). Because gel packs solidify to absorb a hit, they impose a +2 penalty to the Body Test for Knockdown. Because Gel Packs are bulky, increase the Ballistic and Impact Armor ratings by 50% when checking for Combat Pool loss.

Gel Packs cannot be added to Diving, Form-Fitting, or Hardened Armor. Only one set of Gel Packs may be added to an armor and no other armors may be layered with Gel Packs. When added to unarmored clothing, Gel Packs give that clothing a hardened armor rating of 1/1

Insulation consists of thermal fibers, insulating layers, and heat-retaining weaves to protect the wearer from cold. For each point of insulation, reduce by 1 the power of ice or cold-based attacks.

A layer of electrical insulation can be incorporated into armor to reduce the impact of electrical attacks. Full armor suits can also have conductive outside layers connected to pads on the soles of the shoes or boots to effectively ground the character. Each point of nonconductive material reduces by 1 the Power of electrical-based attacks.

Thermal Dampening
This modification reduces a user's heat signature to make him less detectable by thermographic vision and infrared sensors. An inner layer captures and channels the body's heat into a chemical chill can while an outer layer maintains a surface temperature equivalent to that of the surrounding air. Thermal dampening is only effective on outfits that cover the entire body (head-to-toe jumpsuits, cloaks, and full-coverage armor). Each point of thermal dampening adds a +1 modifier to perception Tests to notice the target using thermographic vision and also increases the target's Signature against drone and vehicle sensors by +1. The maximum modifier available is +6. The chemical chill can is normally good for 120 minutes. Replacement cans take a complex action to swap in and out and the chill can takes 2 hours to dissapate the stored heat.
  • Hot Environment: Duration x 1/2
  • Cool Environment: Duration x 2
  • Moderate Activity (walking, talking) : Time multiplied by 2 (so 1 minute of walking equals 2 minutes on the cans time)
  • Heavy Activity: (running, hiking, skiiing): Time x 4
  • Strenous Activity: (Sprinting, Combat) Time x 8
  • Extra layers over suit: Duration x 1/2 per layer.

Aural Dampening
Aural Dampening reduces the Aural (sound) signature of an individual by sampling the sounds made and generating precisely out of phase sound waves to cancel out the noise. Each point of Aural dampening adds a +1 modifier to hearing perception Tests to notice the target, adn also increases the target's Signature against drone and vehicle sensors by +1. The maximum modifier available is +6.

Chameleon Camouflage System
Chameleon technology uses an outside layer of woven Ruthenium fibers linked to a processor and cameras in order to mimic the background like a chameleon. Chameleon Camouflage is only effective on outfits that cover the entire body (head-to-toe jumpsuits, cloaks, and full-coverage armor).The system requires a minimum of 4 cameras and imparts a +4 modifier to Visual Perception tests to notice the target and also increases the target's Signature against drone and vehicle sensors by +4. Each additional camera, up to a total of 8 adds an additional +1 to Perception Tests and the wearer's Signature.

Armor ModificationConcealWeightAvailabilityCostSt. IndexLegality
Chemical Seal----+1/+12 hrs+(Rating x 250 nĄ)+0.25Legal
Fire Resistance----+1/+12 hrs+(Rating x 100 nĄ)+0.25Legal
Gel Packs*+25%x2/x4x5+24-L
Insulation-1 / 2 points+0.5 / point+1/+12 hrs+(Rating x 150nĄ)+0.25Legal
Nonconductive----+2/+24 hrs+(Rating x 200 nĄ)+0.25Legal
Thermal Dampening----x2/x4+(Rating x 1,500 nĄ)+2Legal
Aural Dampening--+25%x2/x410,000 + (Rating x 2,000 nĄ)+2Legal
Base Chameleon System+4+25%x2/x420,000 nĄ + 10,000 nĄ/m^2+2Legal
Additional Imagers+4+0.5 lbsx2/x4+5,000 nĄ+2Legal

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