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A great deal of the work of getting into a place that doesn’t want visiting shadowrunners to drop in is a matter of passing an ID scanner. ID scanners range from a simple keypad used as internal security on a room in an already secure building to cellular scanners used to verify multi-million-nuyen transactions involving ebony credsticks.

Maglocks come with room for mounting a scanner, and generally any maglock will have a scanner of the same rating as a lock. There are three basic ways to get past one.

A sequencer is a small electronic box that tests keypad combinations at high speed. Many keypads are designed to report cases of too many attempts at key entry in a given interval, and hence sequencers are not very popular among runners. It requires opening up the case of the keypad, so you might as well spoof it while you’re in there.

A maglock passkey is a sequencer for magnetic card systems; unlike the keypad sequencer, it does not require opening up the case. It has similar risks to a sequencer for paranoid devices.

Phony prints can be made from fingerprints (though their Rating should be limited by the quality of the print) or from actual hands (which have an arbitrarily good Rating for taking the print from, assuming you’ve cleaned them off). Fake eyeballs are custom-designed to look like a real eye to a scanner, and are extremely expensive and very illegal. They’re not as expensive as getting an equivalent setup installed in your head, but they’re still quite pricy.

Palmprint/Microchip scanners consist of small microchips that respond to varying magnetic fields are encased in a biologically inactive plastic and implanted in a person’s flesh, often between the bones of the palm of the hand. reads the microchip in a person’s hand while scanning their palm. A microchip is equivalent to a very small magcard, and palmprint/microchip scanners are defeated by the combination of a palmprint and a maglock passkey. Magcard scanners alone can also read microchips.

Voiceprint systems are not the same as the voice recognition system in the main Shadowrun book; voiceprints are designed to recognize a particular person au natural while a voice recognition system is meant to get past voice distorters. The voice synthesis system is a cousin to the cybernetic voice modulator: it is a small box with high-quality speakers, microphones, and analysis software, designed to replicate a person’s vocal patterns.

To “train” a voice synthesis system’s, roll the rating of the voice synthesis system against the quality of input available for it. Assume 5 minutes of recording of continuous speaking (like a speech) or 10 minutes of conversation qualifies as TN 10. For each additional unit, drop the TN by one to a minimum of 2. Modify for audio quality: trideo should be normal, a radio broadcast +1, a Low lifestyle phone system as bad as +4, or a Luxury one the same as trideo. Recording from a high-quality studio mike could be as low as –2. A single success means the system has been trained to imitate that person’s voice.

It can be preprogrammed with phrases triggered by macro buttons; alternatively, anyone with a datajack can jack in and supply the words to be spoken through cybernetic commands.

Available Packages

Lockpick Earrings:
You're running from a band of gangers intent on your life when you run up against an old fashioned lock blocking your way to freedom. Luckily, you're wearing tres chic Lockpick Earrings from Danger Girl Inc.! Disguised as stylish earrings, these lockpicks add an additional die for each earring to your lockpicking skill when used. The basic set consists of a standard pick and torsion wrench. For best results, we recommend a set of six! Concealment 14, 200¥ basic set, 500¥ for a set of six

Danger Pocket Secretary:
For the ultimate in Security Countermeasures, the Danger Pocket Secretary comes fully loaded. In addition to state of the art 200mp computer, cellular phone, digital camera, & Portals 2060-P operating system with a rating 6 Data Encryption System for a low price of 5000¥ -- we offer these fully integrated add-ons. Concealability: 3(14) 2.5kg, 5000¥ + add-on price.
Fingerprint Scanner61200¥
Keypad Sequencer618000¥
Radio Scanner/Jammer66000¥
White Noise Generator69,000
Signal Locator (AOD)63000¥
Bug Scanner63000
PDS Stun Gun750¥7S Stun damage, 2 charges
Interlink43,000¥ Allows user to access Remote Control Deck, Cyberdeck, or other Computer Deck from a distance (Flux 4). Takes up one channel on RCD, and needs component integrated into RCD, Cyberdeck or computer.

Corrosives Pen:
This chic looking fountain pen houses a resevoir of powerful acid. Good for one application, the Rating 10 acid will eat away in a matter of moments any barriers between you and freedom. Concealment 15, 5000¥

Thermal Lances:
We've got them! Simple in construction and easy to hide, thermal lances consist of a thin ceramic tube filled with thermite and lit by a self igniting magnesium strip. Hot enough to melt through metal, thermal lances can be used for all your entrance needs. Thermal Lances function as Thermite burning bars from M&M pg 115. Thermal lances melt through 5cm of Rating 12 barrier each combat turn and last for five turns (15 seconds). Thermal lances cause 10D damage to anyone exposed to the thermite flame emitted from the ceramic tube and will likely catch fire. Fire causes 6M +2 per Combat Turn. The ceramic tube reduces glare modifiers to +3. Concealment 14, 2000$yen;
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