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SlamDance, Inc. Combat Gauntlets
SlamDance has built on existing gauntlet designs for combat armor and now offers a variety of gauntlets and gloves with spaces for cyberoptions like increased strength, hand razors, spurs and others.
The following Cyberware may be purchased as options for a guantlet, up to the maximum ECU for that gauntlet. The Conceal of the cyberoption modifies the gauntlet as indicated. The more options you add to a gauntlet, the harder and harder it is to pass it off as a regular glove.
Chemical Analyzer0.5-0.251,000¥
Gas Spectrometer0.5-0.251,000¥
Retractable Handblade1.0-1/-21.01,500¥
Hand Razors0.5-10.51,000¥
Retractable Hand Razors1.00/-10.51,300¥
Retractable Climbing Claws1.0-0.50.51,500¥
Magnetic System (35 kilos)3-12.02,800¥
Retractable Spur1.5-0.5/-41.51,700¥
Strength Enhancement up to 30-1-2,000¥
Strength Enhancement over 31-2-3,500¥
External Weapon Mount3-52.01,000¥
Retractable Weapon Mount5-32.54,000¥

Micro0.5-Pen, microflare, skilsoft chip, razor blade, lockpicks
Small1.0-2Knife, holdout pistol, cellphone, GPS, lockpick gun
Medium3.0-4Heavy pistol, computer, signal locator, grapple gun
Large5.0-6Jammer, Cyberdeck, simdeck, medkit

ConcealECUDamage WeightAvailabilityPriceStreet IndexLegality
SPC-2 Power Glove 12 4 (STR+2)L Stun 5.0 20/21 days 2,000¥ 2.5 1-K
SPM-1 Battleglove 12 4 (STR+2)L Stun 5.0 20/21 days 2,000¥ 2.5 1-K

SlamDance, Inc. Hyper-Hammer
This is a close-combat weapon designed especially for full 'borgs and Trolls. It is a heavy, solid-tungsten sledgehammer designed with ergonomic combat grips, spiked knuckle guards and a thumb switch-activated rocket booster built into the back of the hammer's head. When fired, the rockets blast the hammer around at near-supersonic speed, delivering unheard-of wound potential. One-half Impact armor is used to resist the blow and the rocket-assisted blow counts as Anti-Vehicular per standard SR3 rules. The Hyper-Hammer may be used two times before needing to be refueled (with jet fuel). The handle and grips can be folded down, so that a large person could conceal the Hyper-Hammer under a trenchcoat -- this is made easier by the use of a special shoulder rig, available from SlamDance, Inc. for 40¥ (adds +1 to the weapon’s Concealability).

ConcealReachDamage WeightAvailabilityPriceStreet IndexLegality
Slam Dance, Inc. Hyper Hammer 1 1 (STR+2)M 8 20/21 days 2,000¥ 2.5 1-K
11 (STR+2)D

SlamDance, Inc IMI "Chainknife"
Under special licensing from Israeli Military Industries, we're proud to offer you the weapon made famous by Israeli Mossad agents. Shaped somewhat like a survival knife, this is a battery-powered (2 hours) hand-yheld combat saw which can chew through armor like cheescloth (Use one-half impact armor rating)
ConcealReachDamage WeightAvailabilityPriceStreet IndexLegality
Slam Dance, Inc. IMI "Chainknife" 6 0 (STR+1)S 3 8/14 days 1,860¥ 3.0 3-B

SlamDance, Inc Poison Blades
SlamDance Inc. is proud to offer you the very latest in personal combat drug delivery systems. Mating a SOTA pressurized automatic liquid application system (PALAS) with a variety of retractable blades, SlamDance, Inc Poison Blades automatically recoat the blade with a liquid of your choice after every hit! The blade cycles back after each hit utilizing a pnematic blow-back system triggered by impact, allowing the PALAS to recoat the blade. Liquids are stored in a small cartridge. For an additional 700 nY we can add on the optional cartridge reloading system, contains six 5-dose cartridges, reloading the PALAS with a Simple Action.

All Poison Blade add the cost of 5 doses to each cartridge. The blades do the damage listed below plus whatever additional effects the liquid causes. Inventive players may use the system to create flaming or acid coated weapons.

ConcealReachDamage WeightAvailabilityPriceStreet IndexLegality
Slam Dance, Inc. Poison Punch-Blade 6(3) 0 (STR)M + Special 1 20/21 days 1,500¥ 3.0 3-K
Slam Dance, Inc. Poison Kick-Blade 6(3) 0 (STR)M + Special 1 20/21 days 1,500¥ 2.5 3-K
Slam Dance, Inc. Cartridge Auto-Loader -1 NA NA 0.2 20/21 days 700¥ 2.5 3-W

Mallorean Arms & SlamDance, Inc. present

Gun Blades

Face it, against modern firearms, regular close combat weapons just don't cut it anymore and with the hectic pace of todays fire zones, you just don't have the time to switch back and forth from firearm to melee weapon when someone jumps you from the shadows. SlamDance, Inc in conjunction with Mallorean Arms is proud to present a new line of integrated firearms & melee weapons designed from ground up with the correct weight and balance to make their use completely intuitive, cutting down on your learning curve. Stay at the bleeding-edge forefront of modern combat and look good doing so!

SlamDance, Inc. Apache Pistol
Around 1900 a gang of Parisian criminals called themselves Apaches after the warlike tribe of Native American Indians. The gang used specially made pinfire revolvers that had folding blades and knuckle dusters. There is no barrel on this gun, it must be fired at point blank range. The blade runs under where the barrel of the gun would be. The knuckle dusters act as a folding grip. If a wound with the knife inflicts an S wound the gun may be fired as a free action. While using the brass knuckles (because of the way they must be folded to use them) the gun canot be fired but the knife may be used. While using the gun and knife the knuckle dusters may not be used, because they are acting as a grip. Cannot mount any accessories.
ConcealReachAmmoModeDamage WeightAvailabilityPriceStreet IndexLegality
Slam Dance, Inc.. Apache Pistol 7 Hold-Out 6 SS 7L 1.0 4/5 days 800¥ 2.0 1-C
Apache Pistol - Knife 7 0 NA Melee (STR+2)L see above
Apache Pistol - Brass Knuckles 7 0 NA Melee (STR+1)M Stun see above

SlamDance, Inc. Gun-Katar
The Gun-Katar is a heavy punch blade styled after the ancient Malaysian weapons guaranteed to put an opponent down after one armor-piercing punch. The large triangular blade is split down the center to accomodate a single-shot, large bore 12 guage abbreviated shotgun. Breach loaded, the barrel measures a mere 4", with the two halves of the triangular punch blade on either side extending a full 6" The weapon uses our special line of Electro-thermal ammo with a range of different shot and shells that matches anything you can find on the market for shotguns. (uses hold-out ranges and has a fixed choke of 4)
ConcealReachAmmoModeDamage WeightAvailabilityPriceStreet IndexLegality
Slam Dance, Inc.. Gun-Katar 7 0 (STR+3)L 1.0 20/21 days 1,000¥ 2.0 1-K
Slam Dance, Inc.. Gun-Katar 7 NA 6S 1.0 see above

SlamDance, Inc. Gun-Sword
The Gun-Sword is a heavy caliber revolver mated to a long mono-broadsword. The weapon makes an effective, if heavy, one-handed broadsword. As a revolver, it is a little more difficult to use, with a +1 TN penalty for the weight of the blade and a minimum strength 4 requirement (an additional -2 TN modifier if below STR 4).
ConcealReachAmmoModeDamage WeightAvailabilityPriceStreet IndexLegality
Slam Dance, Inc.. Gun-Sword 3 0 (STR+3)M 1.0 18/21 days 16,000¥ 2.0 1-K
Slam Dance, Inc.. Gun-Sword 3 NA 6 SS 10M 1.0 see above

Mallorean Arms BladeGun
The BladeGun is a semi-automatic heavy pistol with a large crescent shaped knife-blade attached in front of the trigger guard and grip. Also called the Samurai handgun, it incorporates styling found on the grips of katanas and Japanese kanji down the side of the slide and blade.

This pistol can accept only top and barrel mounts, the underbarrel mount taken up by the blade.

ConcealReachAmmoModeDamage WeightAvailabilityPriceStreet IndexLegality
Slam Dance, Inc.. BladeGun 5 0 (STR+2)L 1.0 14/14 days 7,000¥ 2.0 1-K
Slam Dance, Inc.. BladeGun 5 NA 20 SA 9M 1.0 see above

Mallorean Arms Assault-Blade
Mallorean Arms presents the final word on the battlefield in personal weaponry. The Assault Blade is a massive two-handed mono-sword which splits open to reveal a semi-automatic combat shotgun. Heavy use of ceramics and orbital polymers has made this weapon equally well balanced as either a two-handed sword or shotgun although the weapon is still heavy (min 6 STR to wield, -2 TN penalty if below) The clip for the shotgun is reloaded through the hilt of the weapon. No spaces are available for underbarrel, barrel or top mounted modifications, but the weapon comes standard with biometric safety and laser sight. It takes a simple action to ready the sword for use as a shotgun, and while split open in this fashion, the two halves of the blade may be used as a (STR)M damage bayonette. The Assault-Blade comes complete with a sturdy polymer/ceramic back sheath.
ConcealReachAmmoModeDamage WeightAvailabilityPriceStreet IndexLegality
Mallorean Arms Assault-Blade 2 1 (STR+3)M 6.0 20/21 days 42,000¥ 4.0 1-K
Mallorean Arms Assault-Blade 2 Shotgun 30(c) SA/BF 10S 6.0 see above

Mallorean Arms CLAW
Weighing in at 16kg and measureing over 1.2 meters in length, this The CLAW (CLose Assault Weapon) from Mallorean arms is designed for the full 'borg or troll as a multi-weapon close combat system and is totally unmanageable by unenhanced troops without a Powered Exo-Mount. The CLAW is a multi-role weapons package, consisting of a semiautomatic 4-guage shotgun with a modular under barrel support weapon and a pair of ChainSwords mounted on either side of the 4-guage, all housed in an all-weather, heat-resistant, impact-proof polymer/ceramic composite which is stronger than steel. The 4-guage shotgun shell was a scattergun round used in the early 20th century to hunt ducks--traditionally, a 4-guage gun would be bolted down to the stern of a boat, and then the entire boat would be pointed in teh general direction of a flock (yes, a whole flock( of ducks or other fowl. After teh smoke cleared, the hunters would collect the carcasses floating in the water. In 2060, the 4-guage has been revived as an extra-high-lethality munition, using shell casings made of a heat-resistant and heat-absorbing plastic which acts as a thermal sink to ensure that the CLAW does not overheat. The 4" Magnum, 4-guage shell has a bore diameter of 23.75mm (0.935-calibur), as opposed to the traditional 12-guage's 18.5mm bore, giving it hte capability ot fire an even greater array of submunitions than other shotguns. Buckshot (#000), "Beehive" flechette shells, slugs, APFSDS rounds, shaped-charge HEAT warheads, minigrenades, non-lethal batons, "Dragon's Breath" thermite blasts, flash/bang bombs, "Slasher" mono-nets, cratering HEP rounds, and gas shells are all available. THe bullpup CLAW feeds frojm a large 28-round cylindrical magazine that wraps around the user's forearm in a bullpup configuration, but the breech can be locked open to allow special rounds to be singly loaded, and the fully automatic firing rate is 425 rounds per minute. The paired chainswords are powered by powerpacks mounted on each side beneath the firing grip that work for 20 minutes of continuous operation. The chainswords take a simple action to spin-up, making a distinctive high-pitched scream. Beneath the barrel of the shotgun is an interchangable underlug, which can be fitted with any one of the following support weapons: LMG, 4-shot pump-action 25mm gernade launcher, 4-shot micromissile launcher or a cartridge-loading Kendachi Flamer. Whatever the support weapon is, its magazine loads forward of the CLAW's grip and trigger arry and will have its operation slaved to the weapon's computer; the CLAW comes chipped from the factory with IFF and security functions as standard features, making it fully compatible with Smartgun and Smartgun II targeting systems. This weapon is best known for its employment by the Detroid PD's C-SWAT Enforcer 'borgs.
ConcealReachAmmoModeDamage WeightAvailabilityPriceStreet IndexLegality
Mallorean Arms CLAW: 4-Gauge -- Heavy Pistol 28(c) SA/BF/FA 9D 16.0 32/2 months 62,000¥ 8.0 1-K
Mallorean Arms CLAW:Chain-Swords -- +1 20 min Melee (STR+4)D 16.0 see above

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