Driving Rules

Let's face it, the current rules for vehicle combat with the maneuver score system are just a bit cumbersome. A fact which makes most GMs shy away from vehicle combat. But chase scenes are some of the best face-paced, adrenaline-pumping parts of movies, so why should we leave them out of shadowruns?

I hope that these streamlined, simplified rules will make vehicle combat at least as easy as normal combat, while leaving in as much realism as possible.

Everything starts with the vehicle handling score. Whenever a character attempts to do something with his vehicle, he rolls his driving skill vs a base target number that equals the Handling of the vehicle he is controlling adjusted by all the appropriate modifiers from the two following tables. Wherever a fraction is taken, round to the nearest whole modifier.

Maneuver Base Handling Modifier Table
ManeuverTN Modifier
Ram, Front+2
Ram, Side+3
Ram, Rear+4
Aim Car+ [Range modifier for firearm - 3]
Dodge Traffic, Light+(closing speed) x 0.08
Dodge Traffic, Moderate+(closing speed) x 0.09
Dodge Traffic, Heavy+(closing speed) x 0.1
Additional Maneuver Modifier Table
vehicle at 1/2 speed rating-1
vehicle exceeds it's speed rating+1
vehicle at double speed rating+2
VCR Implant*-(VCR Rating x 2)
Autonav+ Autonav Rating
Reaction* -(Reaction x 0.1)
*Incompatible with each other. Player may use either VCR bonus or Reaction bonus but not both.

Example: Rigger X has a VCR rating 2 and is accelerating through oncoming light traffic in a 55mph highway (approx speed 70, open terrain) from a base speed of 70 (52 mph) trying to lose two Lonestar Ford Americars in his Eurocar Westwind 2000. Rigger X rolls his driving skill of 6 vs a TN of 8: [(Handling +3) + (VCR Implant -4) + (1/2 speed rating -1) + (oncoming traffic +11) + (Open Terrain -1)]. The two Lone Star cops whom have no VCR, but Reaction of 10 and 12 roll their driving skills of 5 vs a TN of 13: [(Handling +4) + (Reaction -1) + (oncoming traffic +11) + (Open Terrain -1)]. Rigger X rolls a 3,4,11,5,8 and makes it easily with 2 successes. The first LoneStar cop rolls 3,3,5,5,8 and must make a crash test because of traffic. The second Lonestar cop rolls 2,2,4,8,14 and manages to accelerate and stay on Rigger X's tail.

Hiding is simply done by breaking LOS (Line Of Sight) with the pursuer(s) and then rolling a Vehicle Stealth check (default appropriate Pilot skill) TN 4. Each success increases the signature of the vehicle. The pursuers must then make a Sensor check vs the signature of the target adjusted by the Target Stealth check successes, Terrain, and Weather modifiers.

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