The Aphid light tank was specifically designed with the crowded variable terrain of the Japanese Islands in mind. Sold to Section 6 of the Japanese Internal Security Force, the Aphid was rapidly dubbed with the affectionate nickname, Fuchikoma. The Fuchikomas utilize a combined wheeled/walker design with the powerplant and "legs" attached to a central body. A pair of manipulator arms and a sensor cluster "head" are connected to the front of the central hub and a large cylindrical chamber housing the pilot's couch and defensive missiles is attached to the back of the hub. The revolutionary design of the Aphid was made possible by advances in Smart Materials and in Structural Agility--both of which give the Aphid surprising manuverability.

In addition to its manuverability, the Aphid also hosts an impressive arsenal of weapons. The main 'gun' is the awe-inspiring Rockwell AGL-13 gernade launcher, a fully automatic, rapid fire, gernade launcher with a built in 20 canister belt. The gernade launcher is supported by HK MG4/46 LMGs down the centerline of each manipulator arm for suppressive and anti-infantry fire roles. Finally a pair of AVMs (Anti Vehicular Missiles) provides the Aphid with an antitank punch capable of knocking out almost any armored vehicle.

The Aphid also hosts a surprising ability to act independently when given non-specific instructions by its pilot. Due to its advanced programming it can even act defensively when the pilot is unconcious, allowing both it and the pilot to escape from battle. One of the unforseen effects of this advanced artificial intelligence programming was the development of a 'personality' among certain Fuchikomas. The particular pilots of these Aphids have apparently declined to have their tank's memory wiped, claiming faster response times and better control characteristics in their tanks warrant the occassional abberrant response.

Handling Speed Accel Body Armour Sig
2 57/49 5 2 15 10
Autonav Pilot Sensor Cargo Load
-- 4 1 4 90
Seating 1 Setup/Breakdown 5
Entry 1 rear hatch Landing/Takeoff NA
Fuel Electric ( 110 units ) Economy 0.55 km/unit
DP Cost 6359.5 Cost 79572.75 ¥
Template Large Wheeled/Walker Drone Reference Rigger2
Acceleration Increase (3.75)
Increase Fuel Tank Capacity (70 PF)
Increased Cargo Space (9)
Load Increase (910)
Signature Improvement (2)
Speed Increase (47.5)
Smart Materials
Internal Hardpoint (1)
Mechanical Arms (2)
Amphibious Operation Package Level II
Drive by Wire Level III
Structural Agility Level III
Engine Seal
Standard Armor (Armor 15)
Remote Pilot Systems Level IV

Customized Sled Seat (1)
Advanced Passenger Protection Systems
Crash Cage
EnviroSeal System w/ water seal
Life Support Systems (5 man-hours)
Datajack Port
Rigger Adaptation
Remote-Control Interfaces
Internal Rocket Mount (2)
Internal Firmpoint (1)
Grapple Gun
Grapple Gun
Standard Armor (Armor 15)
WeaponsTypeLoad DamageCost
Rockwell AGL-13 Gernade Launcher
HK MG4/46 (2)
200 round belt (2)
Anti-Vehicular Missiles (2)
15000 ¥
5,000 ¥
650 ¥
4,000 ¥

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