Morpheus Internatinal

Morpheus International is an international SOTA security and military vehicle provider. It's clients range from the Japanese Red Samurai to the UCAS military, to the British SAS & French DGSE. Morpheus is the most visible subsidiary of the Macrotech Inc. consortium, at least from a corporate standpoint. Their intelligence division is top notch and one of the most active divisions in the company. Security is also a priority concern,

The company was founded in 2051 by Karen Foster, with a matrix based board of directors that included several prominent Shadowland deckers such as Anubis and Malcontent.

Within a year they had major contracts to the UCAS military and the Japanese Red Samurai. They relocated their main office to a location adjacent to the Japanese Foreign Trading Zone in downtown Seattle and took over a closing UCAS airbase in Tacoma. After retooling the facilities to produce parts for the new Commanche Aerospace Assault Dropship, they began their production run for the UCAS. By the middle of 2053 they were shipping the completed Dropships to military bases throughout the UCAS and to the Freedom 1 Space Station in orbit.

Home Office Location: Seattle, UCAS
President/CEO: Karen Foster
Chairman of the Board: Anubis
Corporate Status: Private Corporation
Major Shareholders:
Karen Foster (Aprox. 41%)
Mathews Foundation (Aprox. 22%)
Torsi Spesca (Aprox. 11%)

Net Rating: 65 (3rd Tier)

Major Interests
Aerospace: 7
Robotics: 6
Military Technology: 4

Fiscal: 5
Intelligence: 10
Management: 5
Research & Develpment: 8
Magical Security: 4
Matrix Security: 8
Physical Security: 7
Military: None


The VPs are; Rick Sternback (VP of Legal), Sashi German (VP of Finance), Dr. Yang Newman (VP of Aerospace Technology), Dr. Shirow Masamune (VP of Robotics), Dr. Bevel Lemelisk (VP of Advanced Technologies)

>>>>(Wait a minute the frag does a brand new company get this cutting edge in just four years? I smell puppet corp here.)<<<<< --Weasel Boy (21:58:32/12-28-56)

>>>>(I have it on fairly good authority that Karen Foster used to run the shadows. Word on Shadowland is that just before she retired she went on dataruns against every major vehicle manufacturer and brought their latest designs to market before they even knew that they had been compromised.)<<<<< --Macavity (The-Mystery-Cat!)

>>>>(How the frag did a bunch of major corps let someone get away with a scam like that?)<<<< --Praetor (22:03:07/12-28-56)

>>>>(They didn't really have a choice. By the time they found out, Ms. Foster had already signed exclusive deals with the Red Samurai, the UCAS military and a host of other clients to supply them with the next generation toys that they had been drooling over..... in return for certain security guarantees for her company.)<<<<--Macavity (The-Mystery-Cat!)

Ground Vehicles

Aphid Light Tank
M-25 Longbow MLRS LAV


Orpheus Personal LAV
Helix Insertion VTOL
AV-9C Orca Gunship
UCAS Navaho Attack Dropship
UCAS Cheyenne Assault Dropship
UCAS B-7 Stealth Bomber


ZX-2 Gargoyle
ZX-3 Raptor
MX-5 Interceptor
MX-3 Killerbee
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Vehicle design & form modifications by Macavity