M-25 Longbow
Hover MLRS

Longbow with Tomahawk Cruise Missle Package

The Longbow is the mobile launch system of choice for the UCAS. Capable of keeping up with the fastest armor pieces, the Longbow's modular weapons fit enables the UCAS Army to quickly tailor it's weapons load for the specific mission.

The Hover M-MLRS (Mobile-Multiple Launch Rocket System) can move quickly over just about any terrain making it difficult for counter-battery fire to respond to the devestating firepower that the system can rain down upon any enemy position. Common modules include a dumb-fire artillery rocket package, a SAM (Surface to Air Missile) package, a generic guided rocket package usable against both surface and air targets, and the Tomahawk III cruise missle package. The MLRS is stabilized by a powerful gyro system and recoil compensators in the turret that are activated just before launch. The gyro system greatly degrades handling when activated, so it is generally left inactive and spun up just before launch.

The MLRS does not carry much in the way of targeting systems itself. Instead, it relies upon a spotting drone that it carries, and the BattleTac FDDM system to relay targeting information and terminal guidance for the rockets. The Longbow carries a crew of three; a driver, a gunner, and a drone rigger who controls the spotting drone.

Armor is relatively light for the Longbow, but full NBC protection is provided for the crew with internal cabin overpressure to prevent contaminents from leaking in.

Handling Speed Accel Body Armour Sig ECM: Military II (Level 9)
6/6 750 45 6 10 6 ECCM: Military II (Level 9)
Autonav Pilot Sensor Cargo Load
4 -- 3 10 16365
Seating 3 Setup/Breakdown N/A
Entry 3h Landing/Takeoff VSTOL
Fuel Turbine( 7500 liters ) Economy 0.3 km/liter
DP Cost 27602 Cost 24,289,760 ¥
Template Thunderbird (clean) Reference The Shop
Features Increased Cargo Space (CF 48)
Load Increase (Level 1000)
EnviroSeal: (gas,overpressurization)
Life Support Systems (20 Man-hours)
Rigger Adaptation
Secondary Controls
Autonav (Level 4)
Advanced Passenger Protection Systems (Seats 3)
Crash Cages
Standard Armour 8
Thermal Baffles (Level 2)
Radar-Absorbent Materials (RAM) (Level 2)
Medium Remote Turret
Vehicle Gyroscopic Stabilizers (Level 4)
Drone Rack (Level 1)
TypeLoad DamageCost
Weapons Fit 8x2 Tomahawk III Missile
28x2 MK.16 "Banshee" 150mm Rockets
48x2 ZEUS 70mm Rockets
8x2 Block II Outlaw AGMs
Int: 10
High Explosive
Int: 6
by warhead
8 M¥
96 K¥
112 K¥
280 K¥

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