AV-9C Orca

The Orca is the UCAS Army's primary ground support VTOL. The equal of any attack helicoptor or scout aircraft, the Orca hosts an impressive array of weaponry, a comprehensive electronics suit, and armor capable of shrugging off most attacks. Add that to state-of-the-art airframe and overpowered ducted turbofans that give it an unheard of arial agility, and you have a highly lethal air support unit.

Handling Speed Accel Body Armour Sig
4/5 500 40 5 10 7
Autonav Pilot Sensor Cargo Load
4 -- 8 40 2762
Seating 2e Setup/Breakdown N/A
Entry 1 Landing/Takeoff VTOL
Fuel Ducted Turbine ( 750 ) Economy 0.5
DP Cost 59686 Cost 95,497,600 ¥
Chassis Tilt-wing Reference The Shop
Engine Ducted-Turbine
Features Load Increase (Level 350)
Increased Cargo Space (CF 48)
Smart Materials
Structural Agility (Level 3)
Drive-by-Wire: Speed (Level 3)
Contingency Maneuver Controls (Rating 1)
Signature Improvement (+1)
Improved Economy (Level 5)
Acceleration Increase (Level 20)
Speed Increase (Level 205)
Datajack port
Rigger Adaptation
Secondary Controls
Autonav (Level 4)
Advanced Passenger Protection Systems
Crash Cage
EnviroSeal (gas, overpressurization)
ED (Level 6)
ECM (Level 8)
ECCM (Level 8)
ECD (Level 6)
Radar-Absorbent Materials (RAM) (Level 2)
Thermal Baffles (Level 1)
Internal Rocket Mount (Quantity 1)
External Rocket Mount (Quantity 2) Turrets, Remote (mini) (Quantity 1)
Smartlink Integration Kits (Level 1)
Gunnery Recoil Adjusters (mini turret) (Level 3)
Standard Armour (Armour 10)
Ruggedness (Level 2)
TypeLoad DamageCost
Weapons Vindicator Minigun
1,000 round APDS
9x2 ZEUS 70mm Rockets
2 Silencer AARMs
Int: 5
1/2 Ballistic
12,500 ¥
6,000 ¥
36,000 ¥
50,000 ¥

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This form created by The Shop, written by James Ojaste.
The latest version can be downloaded from his Shadowrun page.

Vehicle design & form modifications by Macavity