Name: Nathan Crowe Streetname(s): Shadowclaw 30MagicPhysical Mage
Player:MacavityAge: 29Hair:Black 41Skills41
Race:HumanHeight: 6'3"Eyes:Grey 54Attributes27
Sex:MaleWeight: 180 lbsSkin:Fair 5RaceElf
Archtype: Physical Mage 10Resources90,000
Description: Shadowclaw makes Ninjas look tame by comparison. 19Ally SpiritForce 2

Base Race Mod Total Essence:6
Body 4 - - 4 Reaction:6(12)
Quickness 6 +2 - 8 Initiative:1d6(4d6)
Strength 5 - - 5 Combat Pool:8d6
Intelligence 6 - - 6 Total Karma9
Willpower 5 - - 5 Karma9
Charisma 1 +2 - 3 Karma Pool1d6
Edges & Flaws
Mild Allergy (Sunlight)
Catlike Balance
Eerie Presence
Cyclic Magic (Night)
Continuous Blatant Magic
Astral Chameleon
Distinctive Style
Missing Arm (left)
Weak Immune System
Friends in High Places
Corporate Sell-Out
Hidden Past
Background Trouble

(+1 TN during daylight)
(+2 dice for balance)

(Will (4) roll to avoid)
(-2/-1 TN midnight/night)
(scrolling glowing tatoos)
(-1 astral sig, +2 assense)
(Massive claws, left hand)
(-1 Combat Pool)
(-1 bod vs disease)
(body rejects all cyber, bio)
(Tir Tairngire agent)
(IE Bastard)
(British Intelligence)
(England, Fuchi)

Languages Rating Read/Write
Irish Gaelic10
Active Skills
Edged Weapons/Swords
Pistols/Ares Predator
Magical-Implant Weaponry
Pilot Bike/Racing
Knowledge Skills
Spell Design
Magical Background
Meditation Techniques
Path of Wuxing
Paths of the Wheel
Megacorporate Politics
Japanese Culture
Fake SIN Rating 8 Jonathan Lee

Powers Effects Level Cost
Magical PowerMagic Rating 111.0
Flare Compensation-0.25
Improved Reflexes+6 Reaction, +3d633.75*
Spells (All Exclusive) Type Target Drain Force
Shadowplay (Imp. Invis)P4+2M5
Magic FingersP6+2M3
Gecko CrawlP4+2M3

Forms: Adamantite Arm, Clawed Cyberarm, Grappler, Stealth Suit
Powers: materialization, Sorcery, aid power, telepathic link
Strength32Reaction: 4
Quickness32Initiative: 1d6
Intelligence60Combat Pool: 7d6
Cyber-Implant Weaponry55
Physical CamouflageP4+1M2

Magical Equipment						Cost
Rating 6 Lodge Materials						3,000

Equipment & Gear			Rating	       Conceal  Weight  Price()
Pager							10		 --	10
Pocket Secretary					3		 0.5	2,000
Concealable Shoulder Holster				+2			100
Silencer						-1			500
Concealable Back Holster				+2			100
Concealable Back Sheath					+2			100
Ares Mirror Smarts
Stealth Grapple Line (3 100m lengths)			3		300	255
Electronic toolkit					  3		 1,500
Ascent/Descent Harness					  4	0.25	    75
Ascent/Descent Kit						2.0	   250
Radio Jammer								   100
Panicbutton Jammer (20m range)						   200
BMW Blitzen							25,000

Clothing & Armor				Conceal     Ballistic  Impact	Weight	 Price()
Level 3 Form Fit Body Armor			    12		4	  1	  1.75	   500
London Fog Trench Coat				    11		4	  2	   3.0	 1,200
Full Height Combat Boots			    --		1	  1	  1.75	   500
Armante Executive Tux				    12		3	  1	   1.0	 1,100

Weapons		 	      Conceal   Ammo	Mode	Damage  TN  Range     Weight  Price()
Remington Roomsweeper		8	8(m)	O	9S(f)	    Heavy	2.5	300
	Upper-Back Holster	+2						0.1	100
Narcojet Pistol			7	5(c)	S	Toxin	    Light	1.5	600
20 Shuriken			8	NA		(STR)L				600
8 Throwing Knives		9	NA		(STR)L				160
Katana				3	NA	Melee	(STR+3)M   +1 Reach	1	1,000

Ammunition & Explosives			     Conceal	Damage			Cost()
Regular Ammo 100 rounds					as weapon		300
Ex Explosive 20 rounds					+2 Power		200
4 Smoke, IR									160
12 Flashbang Grenades				6	12M Stun, special	840
70 kilos commercial Plastic Explosive		6	3			420
5 kilos Plastic, Compound XII			6	12  (-12/m)		1,000
10 Radio Detonators				8				2,500
10 Timers					6				1,000
20 IPE Concussion Grenades			6	16M Stun		1400
20 IPE Defensive HE Grenades			6	15S			1000
20 IPE Airfoil Offensive HE Grenades		6	15S			1000
People in the Biz
Lady Sylvia Denumarra (Elven Noble, Level 3 Contact)
Her big brother always watches out for her, much to his dismay since watching out for Lilith is yet another full time job to pile on top of his other three - Grad student, decker, and assassin. Where he gets time to sleep even he doesn't know. Actually, Lilith would much prefer it if he didn't watch her so closely after all she's a big girl now and it's hard to have fun when big brother's around to check up.

Merlin (Tinkerer/Armorer, Level 1 Contact)
Merlin's a Rastefarian ex-street decker that's part of the crowd that Michael typically hangs out with. Easily recognizable by the strings of resistors that are woven into his dreds and his Soviet army jacket, he's taken up a new hobby-collecting, building and inventing gadgets for his pals in the Sprawl. He, Murphy, and Rob consider themselves "brothers", having grown up together, and look out for each other.

Anna Savant (Fixer, Level 1 Contact) 5,000
Anna Savant is an ex-weapons specialist turned fixer who served time in the French Foreign Legion. She specializes in weaponry of all kinds, from the exotic and ancient to cutting edge military.

Haras (Face, Level 1 Contact) 5,000
Haras knows everybody and just about everything that's going down in the Sprawl. She spends her weekends at one dance club or another and her weekdays taking classes and working at two different coffee shops, one in Downtown Seattle and the other in Redmond. She has several "ins" with the Gothiks and with the Mallplexers. For some reason, though adamantly opposed to role-playing, lots of Gamers end up hanging out with her.


(For GM Purposes)

Shadowclaw is the illegitimate son of an Immortal Elf and a human druidess. During her pregnancy, his mother was forced to leave the newly created state of Tir Na Nog in order to save his father from the political repercussions of a bastard son born of a human mother. The Tir needed a strong, pure elven leadership with no human entanglements. Even the vague possibility of a human child had to be avoided at all costs, especially the bastard son of a human druidess. Nathan's mother raised him by herself with difficulty in the outskirts of the London sprawl. When Nathan was born with decidedly elfin features, a man from the British government arranged for Nathan and his mother to become wards of the state. His education and medical requirements were taken care of in return for early studies on metahuman physiology conducted by a Fuchi researcher named Hidoshi.

During his teenage years, Nathan became part of a joint experiment by Fuchi corp. and the British government to create a new breed of 'super soldiers' / agents. As an elf, the British government felt that they would have the perfect agent to infiltrate Tir Na Nog, whose proximity made the much weaker British government very nervous. The Fuchi researchers were attempting to meld magic and cyber technology through the use of highly experimental nanite systems.

After his mother died trying to escape, their personal hold on him was removed and he escaped to Wales where Druids who had trained his mother removed the cyber from his body using ritual magic and, with the help of a Great Form Free Spirit, healed him of his essence. Unfortunately, the ritual was not completely successful. To much alteration had been done to his body and his aura for his missing arm to be regenerated, even magically.

After the ritual was completed, three elves burst into the room where he was resting and abducted him. Unknown to everyone else, a third party, in the form of Nathan's mother's legitimate sister, had taken an interest in Nathan and tracked him to his location in Wales. The elves took Nathan back with them to Tir Na Nog, where he met his aunt, Lady Sylvia Denumarra, for the first time.

Denumarra contacted her long time friend Ehran in Tir Tairngire to sponsor Shadowclaw for immigration to Tir Tairngire and to take her nephew under his wing as a member of Ehran's Paladins. And this is where we find him now, in the service of the Tir as a trained infiltration specialist with a magically summoned ally spirit arm replaceing the one that he had lost.


You remember that the character concept started out as a cyber-soldier... created by Fuchi, similar to Bladerunner, in an attempt to meld magic and machine which didn't really work.

After escaping from Fuchi, Shadowclaw was abducted by three cloaked elves who took him into Tir Na Nog.
He discovered that his mother was the illegitimate child of an IE...
his grandfather was the IE. His grandmother was probably human, and his mother would have been a spike baby.
In any case, his mother's legitimate sister felt some responsibility, especially after she found out that her sister died...
for political reasons, her sister--shadowclaw's mother--never entered Tir Na Nog but stayed in England living quite anonymously.
The Brits tried to force shadowclaw to become an agent for their intelligence bureau, with the help of Fuchi researchers.
After his mother died trying to escape, their personal hold on him was removed and he escaped to Wales where Druids who had trained his mother removed the cyber from his body using ritual magic and, with the help of a Great Form Spirit, healed him of his essence.

This all takes place in the character starts off with most of his essence....
they weren't completely successful, he's had the prosthetic limb for so long and Fuchi has done so much tampering in an attempt to force an aura to accept cyberware as a natural part that his aura doesn't completely remember what was there, so they can't give him back his hand or restore the essence from the lost limb...
Again, for political reasons, his aunt sends him off to Tir Tairngire, to rest, recover and serve the Tir in whatever capacity they find for him. The free spirit....whom shadowclaw has taken for his totem--a remarkably catlike free spirit who is calling herself Pasht--decides to tag along and see what this elf gets himself into.
So there are a lot of interested parties watching him, but he's not getting any help from any of them....
Fuchi is still hunting for him, the Tir Tairngire elves would like to make use of his abilities and eventually get him to join their paladins, and the free spirit just wants to have fun...
She's definitely the corrupting influence on the young man...

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