Seburo M9 Battle Rifle

The Seburo M9 is an extremely concealable, quiet close-quarters weapon used by special forces the world over that fires the powerful .308 caliber round normally used in sniper rifles. Utilizing Seburo's trademark helical clip in a bull-pup configuration similar to the J6, the grip and helical clip are designed to slide so as to curve around the dimensions of the users arm. Very compact and light, with high-impact strength ceramic construction that reduces weight at an amazing rate, the M9 features advanced internal recoil compensators that greatly reduce the recoil of the weapon.

The M9 hosts a Solenoid trigger and Electrical Operation that uses a short spark, fed from a capacitor embedded in the magazine, across two leads to ignite the cartridge. It fires caseless ammunition at an unbelievably high rate of fire (20 rounds on full-auto) with only one half the normal recoil. The lack of moving parts causes near-silent operation and a sound suppressor built into the barrel further dampens the action (+4 to perception tests).

The specially designed double clip and feed system allow the operator to switch back and forth with a free action if using the smartgun link or a simple action without. This allows custom tailoring of ammunition loads to the task at hand. A typical mix would be regular rounds on one side and HELAP (High-Explosive Light Armor-Piercing) rounds on the other.

The Cyber Optic Triangulation (COT) system is a modification to the existing smartgun systems, that allows an operator to see through the scope in their eye as though they were actually looking through it. The system projects the scope's image in the users eye in a small window. All normal functions may be used, zooming and simple targeting. This also helps in targeting the weapon, giving a -1 modifier to all attacks when using this system. One bonus to this system is that it may be used as a "periscope", allowing attacks without actually seeing the target. However, the character does not get the extra -1 modifier, he or she only gets the smartgun modifier. Finally the scope requires the user to either have a display link cybereye or specially modified Smart Goggles at +100% to the regular cost.

Type Conceal Ammo Mode Damage Weight Availability Cost Street Index
Assault 6 96(double clip) SA/BF/FA 8S 5.2 24/14 days 22,000 2

Range Modifiers
Short Medium Long Extreme
-2 -2 -3 -4

The weapon's internal recoil compensators offer 4 points of recoil reduction. The handle has integral thermographic and lowlight scopes within it and the weapon is fully rigged for COT (Cyber Optic Triangulation) and Smartgun II. The TAG Rail can accept several underbarrel mounts.

M9 with extended bayonette and Ultrasound scope attached to scope handle

TAG Rail Mount options (from Paul J. Adam)
(Travilla Arms Group)
Type Concealability Weight Cost
Rail Mount -1 .25 100
Xenon Floodlight -1 1 100
Grenade Launcher -3 2 1800
Railgun Shotgun -2 2 600
Laser Designator -2 .5 4100
Hi-Power Laser Sight -1 .25 1500
Flash Pack -1 .25 250
Vertical Handgrip -1 .2 200

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Special thanks to Eric Johnson and his Limited Shadowrun site.