Man Portable SAM units

The following two weapons are man portable AA weapons used by security, smugglers, and armed forces.

I would like to have some feedback on them. I want to know what you think. Are they too powerful? Useless? Redundant? Changes you would like to see? Any feedback you wish to give me is welcome.

Deamon One Shot SAM

The Israeli military complex is opening up to selective buyers it's "fire-n-forget" SAM. These light, man portable weapons are available through > > > > > [Deleted per Sysop; No Ads!] < < < < < and come with an acquisition and tracking system designed for low flying targets.

The simple and easy to use design has made these a well liked urban AA alternative. The top unit is shown in the folded, transport condition. The bottom unit is open, primed, and ready to use.

Deamon One Shot SAM
HW Con:-, Int:4, Rng:20-70/150/450/4000, Dmg:12D, Wt:2
          Availability:8/6 Days, Cost:3,000¥, Street Index:2

Slasher SAM

The CAS has started to issue to its line troops Manex's new Slasher II surface to air missile. Thus the older, original Slasher missiles have started to show up in the hands of border runners, CAS Border Scouts, and some licensed security users. A few of these are now even finding there way into the hands of smugglers and black market weapons dealers.

The original Slasher is comprised of a launcher and a missile pack. The missile is loaded into the launcher and then fired. The missile has a sophisticated tracking and targeting system and has been quite successful in it's intended role.

Manex Slasher SAM Launcher
HW Con:-, Int:6, Rng:20-150/250/850/6000, Dmg:14D, Wt:4
          Availability:8/8 Days, Cost:2,750¥, Street Index:2

Extra Slasher Missiles
          Availability:8/6 Days, Cost:2,000¥, Street Index:1.5

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