FN-FAL II Series

FN-FAL II Base Model

Fabrique Nationale has resurrected an old favorite, the "Fusil Automatique Leger", known as the FN-FAL. This weapon is designed to supplement their FN-HAR. They decided to redesign the overall weapon. The changes include;
FN-FAL II Basic Model
AR, Con:n/a, Rng:15/40/100/250, Ammo:80(c), Mode:SA/BF/FA, Dmg:8M, Wt:4
          w/Shock Pad [Compensates 1 pt of Recoil]
          Avail:6/5 days, Cost:1,600¥, Index:1

FN-FAL II Sniper Version

After the Assault Rifle had been designed FN decided to produce a sniper version. FN used the basic FN-FAL as their base. The two versions share the same frame and many of the same parts.

The major difference came in the barrel and firing mechanism. This version is given a match grade barrel and a different firing configuration. The full auto was given up for a more accurate mechanism. They send the weapon out with a Rate 1 scope and a factory installed Silencer.

FN-FAL II Sniper Version
SN, Con:n/a, Rng:40/80/200/400, Ammo:80(c), Mode:SA, Dmg:14S, Wt:5
          w/Shock Pad [Compensates 1 pt of Recoil]
          w/Mag 1 Scope, Mount:Top, [Shift -1 on Range]
          w/Integral Silencer [+4 to target to notice or locate use]
          Avail:8/6 days, Cost:3,000¥, Index: 1

FN Assault Carbine

The Assault Carbine was created for the law enforcement and vehicle crew use. It is a shortened version of the full basic unit. As such it has many of the same features. The picture above is mounting a vid unit. Many other extras can be mounted on this weapon.
FN-FAL II Basic Model
AR, Con:3, Rng:15/40/100/250, Ammo:80(c), Mode:SA/BF/FA, Dmg:8M, Wt:3
          w/Shock Pad [Compensates 1 pt of Recoil]
          Avail:8/5 days, Cost:1,800¥, Index:1

FN "Stubby" Assault Carbine

The CAS was looking for bids on an assault carbine for their anti-terrorist team. They asked for a SMG sized weapon that can use the assault rifle ammo. FN decided to enter the "stubby" as their bid.

The "Stubby" were well received and FN has received a few contracts based on their performance at the CAS trials. Although Manex won the contract with the CAS, FN was give great praise by the CAS military trial team. Some believe that the FN "Stubby" had out performed the Manex Assault Carbine, but Manex received the contract because of politics.

Manex Assault Carbine
SMG: Con:4 Rng:10/40/80/150, Ammo:80(c), Mode:SA/BF, Dmg:9M, Wgt:3
          w/Shock Pad [Compensates 1 pt of Recoil]
          Avail:9/6 days, Cost:2,500¥, Index:3

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