Above: A basic Calico M950 with the 100 round caseless magazine.

Calico M950 Series

Calico hit the weapons market with a new and unique helical magazine system. Their M110 using the .22 LR round held 50 rounds. A 100 round magazine was soon to follow.

The Calico M950 Series of SMG's first were introduced in 1989. The M950 used the 9mm round. In 2056 the M950 was reintroduced as a "new" weapon. The New M950 included some refinements in the basic materials used to manufacture the weapon as well as a switch to caseless ammo. Today, the M955 is available in three basic designs.

The basic Calico M950

The basic model was left as a no frills SMG. It has not changed much in looks from the original M950 design. The helical magazine was retained. The firing mechanism and feed system were reworked to take advantage of the more advanced caseless ammo. The basic model can use either the hundred round or fifty round magazine.
Calico M950 (w/50 round magazine)
SMG, Con:4, Rng:10/40/80/150, Ammo:50(c), Mode:SA/BF/FA, Dmg:6M, Wt:2.75
          Avail:5/24 hrs., Cost:950¥, Index:1

Calico M950 (w/100 round magazine)
SMG, Con:4, Rng:10/40/80/150, Ammo:100(c), Mode:SA/BF/FA, Dmg:6M, Wt:3.5
          Avail:5/24 hrs., Cost:975¥, Index:1

Extra 50 Round Magazines
          Con:9, Wt:.5
          Avail:4/24 hrs., Cost:20¥, Index:1

Extra 100 Round Magazines
          Con:7, Wt:.75
          Avail:4/24 hrs., Cost:35¥, Index:1

Calico M950 "Bantam"

The Bantam, a factory shorted version of the Calico M950, was created for those with the need for a concealed carry SMG. The weapon was intended for the executive protection and law enforcement markets. This version could use the one hundred round magazine, but becomes quite awkward to use. Most people who use it prefer the fifty round magazine.

[Game Note: If the 100 round magazine is used the target number is at a +2. This version uses my short barrel rules. ]

Calico M950 "Bantam"
SMG, Con:6, Rng:10/35/70/140, Ammo:50(c), Mode:SA/BF/FA, Dmg:6M, Wt:2.5
          Avail:5/2 days, Cost:1,000¥, Index:2

Calico M950 Combat Model

The Combat version of the M950 was given a one hundred round magazine from the factory. It can use the fifty round magazine if desired. A forward hand grip is added as well as an internal smartgun link. This version can be ordered with an internal laser sight if desired. The combat version also comes from the factory with a flash and sound suppression system. The unit can be screwed off and on as desired.
Calico M950 Combat Model
SMG, Con:3, Rng:10/40/80/150, Ammo:100(c), Mode:SA/BF/FA, Dmg:6M, Wt:3.75
          w/Smartgun Link: Mount:Internal, [-2 Target Mod]
          w/Sound Suppresser [+2 to target to notice or locate use]
          Avail:5/3 days, Cost:1,200¥, Index:2

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