The Castech Argus

Castech has produced a full line of sturdy weapons for the law enforcement community. The Argus is no exception. Built to be both functionable and modifiable. The Argus comes standard with a sight bay already built into the weapon. There is the choice to take it without any sight or with either an internal laser or smartgun link. Other sights are planned for future release.

The Argus also comes in two stock options. They are a full wood stock or a folding stock. The Castech Security Force uses the folding stock option in their vehicles. Both stocks come with shock pads already mounted.

[ Game note: The folding stock version only gets the shock pad bonus if the stock is extended. It takes a simple action to extend or collapse the folding stock. ]

The Castech Argus
SH, Con:2, Rng:5/20/40/60, Ammo:10(m), Mode:SA, Dmg:10S, Wt:4
          w/Shock Pad [Compensates 1 pt of recoil when shouldered]
          Avail:4/24 hours, Cost:450¥, Index:1

          w/Laser Sight: Mount:Internal, [-1 Target Mod / 50 mtr]

          w/Smartgun Link: Mount:Internal, [-2 Target Mod]

          w/Folding Stock [+3 to Con when folded down]
          Cost:+75¥, Con:2/5, Wgt:-1

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