Name:  Saruji Ishikawa		Street Name:  Zero		40	Skills		40
Player:  Macavity	Age: 23		Hair: Black		15	Magic		Physical Adept
Race: Human (Vampire)	Height: 5'1"	Eyes: Silver		0	Race		Human (Vampire)
Sex: Male		Weight: 140 	Skin: Light Grey	10	Resources	90,000
Archetype: Physical Adept					58	Attributes	29
Description:  Gaunt, long limbed frame stretched taut with muscles.

Advantages				Disadvantages
Enhanced Physical Characteristics	Allergy Sunlight, Severe
Enhanced Senses				Induced Dormancy (Wooden Stake)
Essence Drain				Essence Loss
Immunity (Age, Poison, Pathogens)	Aggravated Damage (Fire)
Infection				Restricted Diet (Blood)
Thermographic Vision

Edges				BP	Flaws				BP
Elf Looking			+1	Eerie Presence			-1
Ambidextrous			+2	Sensitive System		-2
Catlike Balance			+2	Hung out to dry			-4
Astral Sight			+3	Combat Monster			-1
Poor Link			+2	Vindictive			-2
					Hidden Past (Ninja Clan)	-1
					Dark Secret (Vampire)		-2

Attributes	Starting Total: 29
	     Initial	Race	Mods	Total				Initiate Grade: 0
Body:  		4		+12	  16	Essence:  6(12)		Magic Attribute: 7(13)
Quickness:	6		+12	  18	Reaction:  9(15)	Magic Pool: 7(13)
Strength:	5		+12	  17	Initiative:  3d6	Astral Strength: NA
Intelligence:	5			   5	Combat Pool: 7(13)d6	Astral Quickness: NA
Willpower:	4			   4	Good Karma: 1		Astral Body: NA
Charisma:  	2			   2	Karma Pool:  2d6	Astral Reaction: NA
						Total Karma: 54		Astral Pool: NA

Skill	Starting Total: 40		Rating	PhysAd Powers	  level	magic	geas
Unarmed/Ninjitsu (defensive style)	 5/7	Traceless Walk		0.5	Time (night)
Edged Weapons/Ninja-To			 5/7	Nerve Strike		0.75	Fasting
Pistol/Colt Manhunter			 4/6	Missile Mastery		0.75	Time (night)
Throwing				  4	Improved Reflexes   2	3.0	
Stealth					  6	Smashing Blow		0.75	Incantation
Athletics				  6	Missile Parry		0.75	Time (night)
Etiquette/Ninja Clan			 1/3	Flare Compensation	0.25
Etiquette/Triads			 1/3			
Disguise				  3	Mystic Armor	    4	 3.0	Fresh Blood
						Killing Hands     Deadly 3.0	Fresh Blood

Contacts:			Languages:
	None				Japanese 5
					Sperethiel 2
					English 3

Initial funds: 90,000
Current funds: 15,495

Clothing & Armor		Conceal      Ballistic	Impact		Weight	Price ()
Ghostsuit			  +4		2	  1		2.75	53,000
Ghostsuit Mask & Hood		  --		0	  0		0.25	 6,000
Tabi									0	   200
Combat Boots					0	  1		1	   120
Rags				  12		0	  0		2.0	  --

Equipment & Gear			Conceal			Price ()
Concealable Holster			+2			100
Concealable Holster			+2			100
Smartgoggles, Low-Light Optical					4,000
Ascent/Descent Kit						250

Weapons		            Conceal	Ammo	Mode	    Damage	Range	Weight	Price
Kendachi MonoKatana		3	NA	Melee      (STR+4)M	1	    1	1,200
Kendachi MonoKatana		3	NA	Melee      (STR+4)M	1	    1	1,200
Colt Manhunter (cl) w/ silencer	4	19(c)	S	      9M	Heavy	  4.5	1,130
Colt Manhunter (cl) w/ silencer	4	19(c)	S	      9M	Heavy	  4.5	1,130
Shuriken			8	100		    (STR)L		   25	3,000
Savalette Guardian (1cs)	5	14(c)	S/B	      9M	Heavy	  3.25	1,350

Ammunition & Explosives				Damage		Cost
10 clips APDS (200 rounds, caseless)		1/2 Ballistic	1150
5 clips Explosive (70 rounds, caseless)		+1 Power	 575

	Saruji's mother was considered to be samurai, even in the industrialized world of 
	modern day Japan.  She worked for the Yakuza as a close personal assistant to one 
	of the most powerful leaders of the Yakuza.  In that position of power, she 
	learned a great many secrets that were unknown outside of the highest circles 
	within the Yakuza.  Thus, when Saruji began showing signs of magical adeptness, 
	she sent him off to be trained by the ancient ninja clan that served the powerful 
	heads of the Yakuza.  Saruji had little contact with his mother, and she remained 
	busy working for the Yakuza.  One night, during a surprise raid by the Triads on 
	several Yakuza bosses who were meeting in Hong Kong to discuss expansion into the 
	Chinese market, his mother was kidnapped, along with two of the lower level Yakuza 
	bosses.  It was felt that because of the personal connection, Saruji would be the 
	best choice to rescue her and the two other Yakuza captured.  His infiltration and 
	rescue of the hostages would be his final test before he was initiated into the 
	Ninja clan.  A week of intensive training and infiltration placed him in precisely 
	the right time and place to intercept the hostages as they were moved between two 
	safe houses.  When he defeated their captors and moved to free them, his mother 
	stood suddenly and shot both of the Yakuza bosses as they attempted to escape.  
	Apparently, she had made use of the kidnapping to escape cleanly from the Yakuza 
	without incurring dishonor to her son.  Saruji was placed in a dilemma, and he 
	abandoned his mission, fleeing with his mother from the Yakuza.  The Triads, 
	angry at losing their bargaining pieces attempted to first kill them, and then 
	reveal them to the Yakuza, but Saruji was able to escape.  His mother was not so 
	lucky the second time and was captured by the Yakuza.  They tortured her for her 
	betrayal and she died sometime the next day in the midst of great pain.

	Saruji vowed vengeance against the Yakuza, and openly joined the Triads in their 
	fight against the Yakuza.  While there, an elite circle within the Triads composed 
	entirely of vampires selected him.  They initiated him into their order, instilling 
	him with their curse and granting him great powers in order for him to pursue his 
Return to the Isle Of Shadows