Name:Kyrian Lusitania Streetname(s):Paste
Player:MacavityAge: 23Hair:Black
Race:ElfHeight: 5'11"Eyes:Irridescent Green
Sex:FemaleWeight: 120 lbsSkin:Bronze

Base Race Mod Total
Body 6 - - 6 Essence:2.7
Quickness 6 +1 +4 11 Magic:2
Strength 1 - +4 5 Reaction:8(10)
Intelligence 3 - +2 5 Initiative:1d6
Willpower 4 - - 4 Combat Pool:9d6
Charisma 3 +2 - 5 Task Pool:3d6

Unarmed/Cyber-Implant Weaponry/Mantis Style4/6/8
Conjuring/Mantis Spirits3/5
Police Proceedures2

FlawPoints MeritPoints
Eerie Presence-1 Piercing Gaze+2
Distinctive Style-1 Bonus Attribute Points+2
Distinctive Style-1
Distinctive Features-1
Curse of Venus-1

ComponentEffects BodyEssencePrice
Muscle Augmentation Level 4 Quickness +4, Strength +4 1.28-72,000
Enhanced Articulation Reaction +1, Athletic Dice +1 0.6-40,000
Tailored Pheromones Level II Charisma +2 0.6-45,000
Digitgrade Legs Reaction +2, Movement +3 1.75-10,000
Biojack Tendons Level 6 6x Jumping Distance 0.25-30,000
Partial Exoskeleton (Heavy Scales) 1 ballistic, 2 impact 1.0-25,000
Ruthenium Fiber coating Perception +4 0.0-15,000
Tech Hair -0.02,000
Trauma Damper Transfers one box of physical to stun, -1 stun 0.4-50,000
Cybereye Replacements (Alpha) -0.1615,000
Thermographic -09,000
Vision SPU (Alpha) -0.1613,500
Display Link -0
Lowlight Program Bullfrog Ltd. Shareware -0
Flare Compensation Program Bullfrog Ltd. Shareware -0
Vision Magnification Program Bullfrog Ltd. Shareware -0
Cyber Arms (Right & Left) -2.0200,000
Vibro-Blade System -080,000
Magnetic Cyberlimb System -05,600
Retractable Hand Blade -020,000
Retractable Elbow Spur -023,000
HK227-S SMG (Gas Vent 2, caseless, silenced) -07,200
Retractable Shoulder Spurs -023,000
Figertip ExpertPicks (right hand only) -018,000
Fingertip Datajack Level 4 (right hand only) -04,000


Kyrian Lusitania escaped from Brazil when she was fifteen, making her way aboard a tramp freighter to New York. There in the city, she was saved from the midst of a gang war by a local cop. When Harry Truant learned of her past, he adopted her and raised her as his daughter. After he died fighting drug dealers, Kyrian entered the academy and joined the police force intending to go after those drug dealers herself.

The local police department had been corrupted by drug money however and prevented her from going after them. Quitting the police force, and aquiring the cybermods she needed to kill them, she went after the dealers that had murdered Harry and executed them one after another.

With the blood of the last of the dealers on her hands, Kyrian collapsed mentally as the hatred and anguish that had driven her for the past year vanished. Nothing was left to fill the void that was left behind. She had been killing for so long that there was little humanity left for her to return to.

As she knelt there, a woman materialized out of the shadows. Tall, exotic looking and clothed in Amazonian tribal garments, she touched Kyrian's shoulder. Somehow, that touch felt comforting and Kyrian gazed up at the woman wonderingly.

"You have done much here in the world of men, but it is time that you return to your heritage. The predator has manifested herself, you must seek the spirit of the mantis."

With a shudder, Kyrian entered a vision quest unlike that of any other shaman. The totem of the Mantis answered her call for direction and guidance and imbued her with the essence of a female mantid spirit. Her life purpose renewed, she took all of her savings and the inheritance from her foster father and invested it in bioware that brought her closer to her totem.


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