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Session Start: Wed Mar 26 00:00:00 2003
Session Ident: Leviathan
[01:02] {Leviathan} "So, where to?"
[01:03] {Macavity} "Um...want to drive or take the tube?"
[01:03] {Leviathan} "Let's drive."
[01:05] {Macavity} "You got a car?"
[01:05] {Leviathan} "A bike."
[01:05] {Macavity} "Alright, let's go..."
[01:05] * Macavity walks over to his bike chained up against a rusting fence and starts it up after dealing with the security..
[01:06] * Leviathan nods, heading to his scorpion and hopping on, loudly revving it up because there's really no quiet way to do it, wheeling over to where MAc is, and following him when he moves
[01:06] {Macavity} "Keep up."
[01:06] * Macavity heads off through Chinatown and out towards Tacoma
[01:07] * Leviathan follows, staying just at Macavity's heels, but just barely
[01:09] * Macavity continues through Tacoma, taking the Rt 161 down to Puyallup
[01:10] * Leviathan thinks "Gee, classy."
[01:11] * Macavity pulls into an alleyway between two storefronts advertising womens clothing and cheap stereos. Coming to a stop before a door set in the alleywall about midway through, he bids you to park and follow him inside.
[01:11] {Macavity} "Hey, you don't have your armor with you, do you?"
[01:12] * Leviathan does so. pointing to his burlap sack
[01:12] {Leviathan} "Think I'd go anywhere without it?"
[01:13] {Macavity} ((a very...large burlap sack))
[01:13] {Macavity} ((like 20 lbs))
[01:13] {Leviathan} ((Yep))
[01:14] {Leviathan} ((Only thing he could really find to hold it in, but he carries it everywhere."
[01:14] * Macavity punches in a code on the door keypad and opens it for Leviathan
[01:14] * Leviathan steps in with a quaint nod
[01:20] * Macavity leads the way down stairs to a basement hallway. Stopping at one of the metal doors in the wall, he gives it a knock
[01:21] * Leviathan smirks to himself once again, shifting the weight of the sack easily to his other hand
[01:21] {Macavity} "Something on your mind?
[01:22] {Leviathan} "This place just reminds me of that doc you sent me to to get the cyberscan."
[01:22] {Macavity} "Well, he was a help wasn't know what you're full of now at any rate"
[01:23] {Leviathan} "Somewhat, yeah. Wish I knew the why part though, yanno?"
[01:24] {Macavity} "yeah."
[01:24] {Macavity} After a moment, the door opens up and a hooded and cloaked figure stands there regarding the two of you...
[01:25] {Macavity} "What is it?" he asks in a deep gravely voice.
[01:25] * Leviathan looks to the cloaked figure casually, waiting for Macavitry to speak
[01:25] {Macavity} "Hey, Nikon...this is my pal 'V'...he's got some Armor that I think you might be able to help him fix and get working again."
[01:26] {Macavity} "Who is he?" he asks
[01:26] {Macavity} "Oh, come on...he's cool, he's with me. Come know I wouldn't bring anyone who wasn't Elite here now right?"
[01:30] {Macavity} "All right, I'll take a look at it" the figure says gruffly..
[01:30] {Macavity} "Great! V, this is Lord Nikon. Lord Nikon, this is Leviathan."
[01:30] * Macavity introduces Leviathan and Lord Nikon to each other..
[01:30] * Leviathan extends a hand, shakes it if it's offered
[01:30] {Leviathan} "A pleasure, sir."
[01:30] * Macavity gestures for Leviathan to go ahead in..
[01:30] * Leviathan does so
[01:30] {Macavity} Lord Nikon bows inside his cloak, disdaining the hand shake..
[01:32] {Leviathan} "A wise choice." he says to himself
[01:32] * Macavity takes Nikon aside for a moment..
[01:33] {Macavity} "Hey, you think it would be allright, if I could crash here tonight maybe?"
[01:33] {Macavity} "Aw Mac...come on...." he says in a pained voice.
[01:35] {Leviathan} ((o/~ Now tell me do you think it'd be alright..if I could just crash here tonight? You can see I'm in no shape for drivin', but anyway I've got no place to goo..o/~))
[01:35] * Macavity grabs the fellow by the arms as Nikon flips off his hood to reveal a grinning face surrounded by dreads
[01:36] {Macavity} "Resident Evil Unleashed!" the two of them shout at each other as they smack hands together and head inside laughing
[01:36] {Macavity} ((popular computer game))
[01:37] * Leviathan is inaide, setting the armor out onto whatever table has the least on it
[01:39] {Macavity} Once inside, Nikon throws off his robes to reveal a colorful T-shirt, baggy pants and sandles. Dark skinned, he has a distinctly rastafarian look to him, although still clean shaven.
[01:40] {Macavity} the place is littered with electronics, bits and pieces of weapons, and shells of computers...he directs you to lay it out on a table he clears off cereal boxes and a jigsaw puzzle from..
[01:40] * Leviathan moves it from one table to another, shrugging to himself as he does so
[01:44] {Macavity} "Alright, let's see what this is."
[01:44] {Macavity} "oooh...Milspec" Nikon crows as he almost pushes you out of hte way to study your armor
[01:45] * Leviathan smirks to Macavity
[01:45] * Macavity flops over in a comfortable looking armchair by a consol showing a Trid image of a paused video game
[01:47] {Leviathan} "I woke up in it..any idea what might have caused the battlescars?"
[01:51] {Macavity} "Could be any number of things really. It sure has seen some hard use though."
[01:51] {Leviathan} "Can you fix it?"
[01:55] {Macavity} "Maybe...maybe..
[01:55] {Macavity} "Let me see..."
[01:56] * Leviathan nods, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall
[01:56] {Macavity} Nikon goes on fiddling with it at length, checking the insides, the seams, every part of it.
[02:03] {Macavity} "I think I might be able to do it...I'll have to order some parts, and this inner suit lining has to be replaced entirely...maybe I can canabalize a piece of form fitting armor if you have one.
[02:04] {Leviathan} "Matter of fact I'm wearing a full suit."
[02:05] {Macavity} "I could treat the outside of that with a nonporous polymer skin"
[02:05] {Macavity} "Well, I"ll need it if you want me to fix this."
[02:05] {Macavity} "I assume you're going to take care of this?"
[02:05] {Leviathan} "Got a room for me to take it off in?"
[02:05] {Macavity} Nikon looks at Macavity..
[02:06] {Macavity} and waves over to a side room for Leviathan
[02:06] {Macavity} "You know me, I'm always bringing in strays."
[02:06] * Leviathan goes into the room to take off his FFBA, coming out with a bit less bulk, but not much at all, his arms now bare from the sleeveless Sleeping Tiger shirt he has on
[02:07] {Macavity} "Phew, don't you guys ever shower?"
[02:07] {Macavity} Nikon makes a fuss then grins at you good naturedly
[02:08] * Leviathan chuckles. "Well, if you've got a few quarters I can go wash it for ya."
[02:09] {Macavity} he waves you away, and comences spraying it down with a solvent cleaner..
[02:10] * Leviathan chuckles, and sits
[02:10] {Macavity} I have to apply the polymer coating to it anyway...
[02:10] * Macavity turns to Nikon and gestures to the trid screen..
[02:10] {Macavity} "Mind if we play a little Resident Evil Unleashed?"
[02:10] {Leviathan} "By the way, if there's any extras you happen to notice, let me know. I don't know much about it besides the fact that I woke up in it."
[02:13] {Macavity} Nikon waves at Macavity "me casa et su casa. Go ahead and enjoy...just don't save over my game."
[02:15] * Leviathan passes on the game, preferring to just watch Macavity play, and making the occassional, if oddly helpful, suggestion
[02:17] {Macavity} ((I think here's a good place to stop))
[02:17] {Leviathan} ((Okay, when shall we continue this? Tomorrow good?"
[02:18] {Macavity} ((um...perhaps..we'll see..))
[02:18] {Macavity} ((maybe tomorrow night))
[02:18] {Leviathan} ((okay, talk to you then)) Session Close: Wed Mar 26 03:09:40 2003
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