Name:Sarah Alicia Walker   Streetname(s):Bran
Player: Raaltina Age: 20 Hair: Black
Race: Elf Height: 5'6" Eyes: Brown-Black
Sex: Female Weight: 110 lbs Skin: Fair
  Base Race Mod Total
Body 4 - - 4   Essence: 6
Quickness 3 +1 - 4   Magic Pool: 6
Strength 4 - - 4   Reaction: 4
Intelligence 5 - - 5   Initiative: 4+1d6
Willpower 5 - - 5   Combat Pool: 7d6
Charisma 2 +2 - 4   Task Pool: NA

Skill Rating
Conjuring 4
Sorcery 4
Magical Theory 3
Firearms 5
Stealth 4
Athletics/Swimming 1/3
Electronics B/R 2
Electronics 3
Etiquette/Corporate 2/4
Etiquette/Magical 1/3
Flaws Points
Short -4
Dark Secret -2
Danger Addiction -2
Low Pain Tolerance -4
Nightmares -2

Edges Points
Photographic Memory 2


Branís mother, Eleanor Sarah Winder, worked for Saeder-Krupp as a spy. She was put on a long term assignment in Aztlan. She successfully infiltrated the other corporation, and remained there for 10 years. After she had been there two years, she had a daughter, who she was able to hide from the Azzies. Only she and the little girl knew who the childís father was. Eight years later, Elly was again pregnant, only this time it got more complicated. When she did her short disappearing act, the man started asking questions. When she was eight months pregnant, the man found out what had happened, and Elly ran for her life and the lives of her children.

She contacted an old friend, and her boss, Richard Dolph, from Saeder-Krupp to get them out of there. It was the first time she told anyone about her daughter, Sarah Alicia Winder. She was able to make it to the meeting place, but she was there too early. There was a group hunting them, they were very close on their tail. Elly told Alicia to hide somewhere, where she would not be found. She told her the name and description of the man they were supposed to meet in this place, and that she could trust him. Elly then gave Alicia a disk to give to Richard.

She then told Alicia that she must remain hidden no matter what happened, even if she was taken away. Alicia nodded her understanding, and found a tree outside the clearing. She climbed up the tree, all the way to the top, where she had a perfect view of the small clearing her mother was in. She watched as a group of five people came and took her mother away. She knew that two of them were mages, and the other three had a lot of cyberware. She knew that even from the distance she was at, she would always remember who they were.

It was almost another hour before the man her mother had called Richard showed up. She began to climb down the tree, but when she was halfway down she slipped and fell out of the tree. Richard caught the child. He and two other people looked around very carefully, but still found no trace of Elly. Richard took Alicia and they left. It was difficult getting across the Aztlan border, but they made it, then switched to a boat, then to a plane which took them to Germany. On the plane, Richard began to ask Alicia questions. She tried her best to answer them, and she gave him the disk as her mother instructed. He was quite surprised that this little girl was Ellyís child.

Item # Conceal Rating Weight Cost
Armored Clothing 1 NA NA 2 100
Lined Coat 1 NA
GPS 1 3 5 500
Climbing Gear 1 NA
Force 3 Library 1 NA
Elemental Materials 16 NA 10,000
Watcher Materials 5 NA NA NA
Combat Fetish 1 NA NA NA
Healing Fetish 5 NA NA NA
Maritime Pocket Secretary 1 3 0.5 3,000

Healing Gesture 6 [(F/2)*wound]M
Improved Invisibility Gesture 6 [((F-1)/2)+1]M
Chaos Gesture 6 [(F-1/2)+1]M
Manaball Gesture 6 [(F-1)/2]S
Sleep None 4 [(F/2)+1]M
Magic Fingers None 3 [(F/2)+1]M
Stunbolt None 5 [(F/2)-1]D

Elly had had blond hair and light brown eyes, and she was by no means a mage of any sort, she had had no magic whatsoever, and no one he knew of in her family had magic. This little girl had hair black as a void, her eyes were a dark, dark brown, and she had some measure of talent in the magical aspect, even though she couldnít be more than eight. This worried him a little. If the father knew she existed, the Azzies would be coming after her very soon. He was quickly relieved to find that no one knew she existed, except her mother. Richard immediately committed himself to take care of this poor, strange little girl.

While on the plane, Alicia had severe nightmares. She had dreams of being a sacrifice for a blood ritual. Later, when someone else had gotten into Aztlan, it was discovered that Elly, after having the unborn child brutally removed from her, had been used as a sacrifice in a blood ritual.

No one was able to find out what had happened to the baby. Alicia insisted for a long time that the little boy was alive, but after a while, when she realized that it was extremely unlikely, and even if he was, it would be nearly impossible to get him out, she shut up about it. Richard raised her like she was his own child, and taught her how to control her magic.

While she was living in Germany, she loved to climb trees, and Richard began to call her "Little Raven". There were several times when her foster parents took her on cruises. She found she loved the sea, and when her adopted older brother began to work on a corporation ship, she tried several times to sneak onto the ship. She actually succeded a few times, and went with them on some of their trips. When she was old enough, she started working for the corporation. She knew a little about shadowrunning, and began to help one of the teams that the corp. hired regularly. She found she loved the excitement, and the danger of the runs. Very soon, the runs began to take up all her time, and she began to travel more. She took the nick name Richard had given her and translated it to Gaelic, Bheag Bran, which was quickly shortened to Bran. She still remembers everything when she was hiding in Aztlan, and everything about the run out.

She still remembers the faces of the five people, as though it happened yesterday, and she still has nightmares about her motherís death, and the mystery surrounding her brother. And she hates blood magic with a passion. Alicia still keeps in close contact with Richard and his wife Celia. They are her family, and she loves them dearly. She also will not do anything against Saeder-Krupp, but will take up a job for them in a heartbeat. She has a fierce loyalty to the corporation.

Item Conceal Range Ammo Mode Damage Weight Cost
Ares Predator II - silenced4 Heavy18(c)S 9M2.5825