Name:Raymond Yojimbo   Streetname(s):Wylde Chylde
Player: Duncan Age: Hair: Black
Race: Elf Height: 1.81m Eyes: Dark Brown
Sex: Male Weight: 97 kg Skin: Fair

DESCRIPTION Ray stands 1.81m tall, short for an elf due to his Japanese roots, and looks just short of 90kg (97 kg with cyber). He wears his shoulder-length black hair pulled back into a very tight ponytail which is usually tied off with a strip of Kevlar salvaged from the long coat that saved him from the blast of a force-8 fire elemental during a run. His old meat eyes were particularly light sensitive so he habitually always wears black-chrome Oakley e-Wires, though his new eyes make them moot. Now they ease those around him by hiding the fact that he hasn't blinked in almost a year. As a result of his corporate upbringing and job he habitually overdresses, often to the extent of wearing a custom tailored suit into a firefight. Though this causes the occasional static in the Barrens, it has smoothed his way very nicely when dealing with Lone Star or anyone else with a bias towards salarymen. However, he still wears the stereotypic shadowrunner's long coat, and true to form, it normally hides at least two guns, normally his Ingram and his Predator. In addition, he has a platinum tongue bar and a stainless steel one, along with two stainless steel nipple rings, all part of an effort to keep some semblance of a sense of touch.

But there's a bigger problem. His aura bleeds continuously. Usually it's a trickle consisting of a droplet every few minutes, but as he gets angrier, crazier, more frustrated, and generally closer to losing control the flow increases.

  Base Race Mod Total
Body 5 - - 6   Essence: 0.213
Quickness 7 - - 9   Magic: 0
Strength 6 - - 8   Reaction: 7(12/16)
Intelligence 5 - - 5   Initiative: 1d6
Willpower 5 - - 5   Combat Pool: 9d6
Charisma 5 - - 5   Karma Pool: 1d6

Skill Rating
Firearms 7
Unarmed Combat/Martial Arts/Akido 4/6/8
Armed Combat 4
Stealth 5
Military Theory/Small Unit Tactics 4/6
Etiquette/Corp 5/7
Etiquette/Street 3/5
Negotiation 4
Car 4

Skill Rating
Firearms (B/R) 4
Athletics 5
Psychology 1
Sociology 1
Throwing 1
Biotech 1
Leadership (Ineptitude) 1
Bike 1
Play Instrument (Violin) 2
Japanese 4
Cityspeak 6


Born on January 28, 2028 of two human Renraku employees in San Francisco, Ray showed a knack for puzzle and strategy games, but never any interest his studies of anything but military theory. As a result of his poor marks, and pointed ears, he was only given one career option. they slammed a hlemet on his head and put a gun in his hand. Ray became a Red Samurai. After only three years, he had led small groups of guards up against shadowrunners who outgnned and outmagiced them by far, and had won, consistantly. His superiors were immediately impressed and promoted him. He was placed in charge of physical security, and given the security clearance to have most any information he needed at his fingertips. Over the next four years, his section had the lowest successful intrusion record at their San Francisco offices.

However, as he got better, he realized something. With his hordes of chromed Red Samurai, mono-wire fences, FAT bacteria, Closed-Circuit Simsense, and combat drones the odds were greatly in his favor, thus the runners had far more of a challenge than he did. Always in search of a harder puzzle, he made his decision. He wanted to be a runner. For the next six months he plotted. He put in requisitions for better cyberware, and a highly experimental adrenal pump, all of which he received with the HR's blessings. Then he made some calls, and arranged for a big time fixer in ‘Frisco to ensure that eight cases of military-grade armor-piercing ammunition (which "disappeared" from another section) arrive in Seattle a week after he did, minus four cases. Next he bought a ticket on every flight leaving San Francisco for the next week, had a decker register him as boarding all of them and purchasing drinks on each, all of which he billed on a corp credstik. He calmly boarded the plane to Seattle, ordered a glass of sake, relaxed in his seat and left San Francisco.

Now he is making his living in Seattle under the name Wylde Chylde, doing exactly what Renraku paid him to stop; shadowrunning. Since then he's pulled off more than a few jobs and is enjoying his new career insanely. He's had extensive cybersurgery and has dedicated himself to becoming faster than, well, anything. He specialises in outright voilence, though he's done some pure runnering as well. His oddest job was a short stint with DocWagon, which has becoe part of his cover and allowed him to get a pistol liscense and some cyberware permits.

But there's a problem. Somewhere in the cryo-vat in TT, Wylde lost touch with reality. When he was dragged out of the ooze, he could see and hear twenty times sharper than before, but he had lost most of his tactile sense, and it grated at his sanity far more than expected. After a short time, he was totally out of touch with reality, living his life like a Simsense Duke Nukem knock-off. Fortunately for Wylde, and those around him, he's starting to get his marbles back, though he still wants more chrome.

His family have remained with Renraku, his father Hokato continuing his work as a programmer, his mother Akane is a patent attorney, and his older sister Nibiki is a full-time Johnson. After he disappeared, they were all brought in for questioning and extensively mind probed, but he never told them where he was going, so after three weeks, Personnel Security thanked them for their cooperation, sent them for a month of therapy to ensure their renewed loyalty, then sent them back to work.