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Danger Blazer:
An armored blazer, tailored especially to your form, suitable for most formal occasions. Comes with up to four integral concealed holsters, specially fitted to your personal sidearms. Each cuff has four buttons bearing your personal crest. The first two on each cuff fit together to become a powerful explosive; the next pair can provide a meter of monofilament for all its myriad purposes. The armored lining optionally includes a layer of monocloth, protecting you against monofilament attacks. B3, I2, Concealment 12, 2 kg. 3000¥, or 45000¥ with monocloth.

Rappelling Slacks:
A set of armored slacks with matching belt. The belt buckle contains a monofilament line; the slacks appear normal from the outside, but contain a well-camouflaged rappelling harness inside, which tightens when one hangs from the belt buckle. This makes it possible to descend sixteen stories in an emergency. In addition, the belt buckle can provide sufficient illumination for a person with low-light vision to see clearly in otherwise complete darkness. The armor is subtle, and optionally includes a layer of laminated monofilament cloth to prevent unhappy problems caused by monofilament tripwires. B3, I2, Concealment 13, 2 kg. 3000¥, or 45000¥ with monocloth. Also comes in an Icon America look-alike Jeans version for the same price.

The slacks and blazer are, of course, available in tuxedo form.

Rappelling Bodysuit:
Similar to the Rappelling Slacks mentioned before, this is a bodysuit for women with a stylish self belt containing the monafilament line and firmly attached to a concealed rappelling harness inside. For those occassions when the option of wearing slacks simply isn't available, look your best on the outside while keeping the men on their toes.

Garter-belt holsters:
A highly concealable holster attached to a very feminine garter belt keeps one hold-out or light pistol in an area where no gentleman would ever dare search. Be ready for any occassion and stun the opposition with this field tested one of a kind garter belt.

Lifesaver Scarf:
On the outside, it’s a luxurious cashmere scarf. However, no ordinary cashmere scarf can support up to a ton of weight, and it certainly would not have a lining of B4, I3 armored cloth surrounding laminated monofilament weave. The scarf can easily be used as a garotte in the ancient thuggee tradition, and will protect you from cold, monofilament garottes, and sniper bullets targetted at your throat. 12,000¥. Concealment 14. Available in white, black, dark grey, and Black Watch tartan.

The classic fedora, in white, grey, black, or tan. Supplies B4, I2 armor to your head (+0B,+1I to other armor). The hatband also serves as an antenna for the built-in bone conduction communicator capable of functioning as a cellular phone or local walkie-talkie. 3,000¥, 10,000¥ with monocloth lining.

Siberian Cap:
A design seen in Siberia and China, lined with vatgrown rabbit fur and containing flaps that can fold down to keep your ears warm. Supplies B5, I3 armor to your head as well as a built-in communications headset; add the snap-on glasses with a heads-up display and dazzle protection and you’re ready for action. (+1B, +1I to other armor.) 6,000¥, 14,000¥ with monocloth lining.

Heavy Hands:
The classic weighted gloves have come into the modern era. These gloves have a complex set of layers: an outer layer of synthleather covers monocloth, which in turn surrounds a plastic that bends easily under ordinary usage, but instantly hardens under impact. Finally, there is a silk lining. The gloves thus provide an excellent utility in combat, and even allow bare-handed attacks against monowhips and monowire. Add +2 to the power of strikes using the hands. The extremely thin lining on the fingertips only adds +1 to tactile perception TN’s; ordinary gloves add +4. 8000¥ per pair.

Danger Longcoat:
Identical to other high-quality synthleather greatcoats, this version sports several unique features. Attachment points inside allow a wide variety of concealable holsters and sheathes to be attached. Up to two sword sheathes, six large dagger sheathes, four pistol holsters or 18 small throwing knife sheathes can be attached and concealed within. The buckles on the wrist cuffs conceal a small grapple launcher with a 25 meter length of "spider silk" mono-molecular line capable of holding up to 800 lbs line weight. Similar to the Danger Blazer, the buttons lining the front of the Danger Longcoat contain binary explosives that when combined together create a powerful shock triggered explosive. When seperated, each button is completely harmless, even when subjected to fire or high intensity electrical charges. Folded underneath the back armor, (giving the wearer that aggressive large-shouldered look), the latest advances in orbital polymer technology have brought us the Nanochute®, a single-use compact parachute designed for emergency use. The Nanochute® is about the size of a piece of A3 paper (420mm×297mm or 16.5”×11.7”) and 2cm thick, and can be rolled or folded freely. Owing to the method of its storage, this parachute cannot be repacked and the back armor of the Danger Longcoat will be useless after the ’chute has been used. B4, I2, Concealment 12, 5 kg. 50,000¥ or 100,000¥ with monocloth

Ski Jacket
An armored ski jacket with excellent insulation, waterproof layers and internal heating coils that keep you warm and dry even in the worst snow conditions. Contained within several panels around the outside of the jacket is a special inflating air bag that inflates to form a sphere with you safely and securely in the middle. The airbag is inflated by pulling on the ripcord at the collar of the ski jacket and permits falls from heights as great as 30 meters without any injury to the wearer. However, it's primary function is protection from avalanches, allowing the wearer to safely ride out the crushing wave of snow and dig his way out afterwards. Conceal: 5, Weight: 5kg, 8000¥

Keep your things safe and within reach with our stylish Kevlar Backpack. This semi-rigid pack features a secret compartment concealed within the angled metal plates forming the bottom of the pack and accessable from the outside by sliding part of the exterior metal shroud down (Conceal 14). The compartment is large enough to house a pair of pistols or a single SMG. We recommend our hermetically sealed clips & non-metalic pistols or the Ares Protector folding SMG. Strategically placed pockets and armor plates form an interlocking grid that gives the wearer +1 Ballistic armor to attacks from behind. Concealability 5, Weight: 5kg, 600¥

Danger Cast
Want to really surprise your opponent? Try on a Danger Cast for size. A variety of lethal weaponry may be incorporated into a fake cast. The leg cast comes complete with a wheelchair mount with a hidden compartment in the wheelchair for your leg. The cast itself surrounds either a single use rocket launcher or a cut-down light machinegun (use SMG ranges). The arm cast can mount everything from an SMG down.

Metahuman Clients

Our garment prices are given for Human and Elven garments. Due to materials costs, our Dwarfish, Orkish and Trollish clients must pay 15% less, 25% more, and 100% more respectively for monocloth options. We will bear the cost of the varying amounts of less expensive materials ourselves.
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