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This section is designed to introduce several cyberware and bioware elements whose absence in the Shadowrun game have bothered me for some time. They are provided in a collected format for my own players, and for other GMs to peruse and decide on the applicability to their games. DIRECTORY
Auxiliary Cyberlimbs
Cybertorso Options
The Compleat Encephalon
Disguise Cyberware
Miscellaneous Cyber & Bioware
Please do not go around loading up characters with cyberware from these pages and expect your GM to have no problems. Instead I would ask that you refer your GM to this page first and ask him (preferably very politely while offering something to drink) what he thinks of the 'ware and whether he would like to allow his players access to any in his game.


One commonly overlooked use for illegal cyberware modifications is disguise. With the application of a little myomer and some variable inflation subdermal bladder surface features can be rendered fairly malleable across the entire range of metahuman expression. In Shadowrun, being a sneaky little git can save everyone's hoop.

Cybereyes with shifting color tints are so common that eye color is no longer even used by most bureaus to track individuals. Retinal duplication and synthetic fingerprint cyberware can get you through many security check points, and a venom sack implanted in the fingertip filled with a small qauntity of blood taken from the same Johnson whose Retinal and fingerprint you're copying can get you through all but the most sophisticated of DNA checks.

While magical 'physical mask' spell remains the easiest way to duplicate the appearance there are times when magic isn't available, or where a spell might be detected or disrupted. With the right cyberware you can reproduce the effects of a mask spell at any time, for any length of time, and without worrying about astral signatures and the like. True the cyberware shows up when astrally assenssed, but what mundane corporate git doesn't have cyberware implanted these days?

Available Packages

Tech Hair0.1 Essence2,000 nY
This cybernetic replacement comes with all the options, woven from micro-strands of the same myomer used in cyberlimbs, the hair follicles are sheathed in a ruthenium coating and are seated in implanted sub-dermal follicle sheaths. These three mechanisms allow the user to create just about any hairstyle they can think of at whim. Stiffness, Curliness, straightness, color and length up to 3-feet may be altered with a simple action, simply by thinking it!

Meta-Morphic Ears-- Essence25,000 nY
This option for full cyber-ears only replaces the external ear structure with a malleable memory plastic casing about a myomer-laced telescoping framework. With a simple cybernetic command, or by manipulation with the hand the shape of the ears may be altered within a wide range of limits that encompasses all known metahuman variants.

Cyberface Disguise (Rating 1-6)0.5 EssenceRating x 20,000 nY
This cyberware modification replaces the facial musculature with cybernetically controlled myomer and adds actuators and inflatable membranes beneath that myomer to alter the facial features of an individual across the entire range of human facial phenotypes. Chins, cheekbones, and the brows are manipulated by gross skeletal actuators, while inflatable micro-bladders in the cheeks, lips, throat, and eyelids alter the shape of these features. The nose has itís own actuators and myomer ligaments to alter its shape. When implanted in a cyberskull, this modification costs no essence but takes up 1 ECU.

Pelvic Skeletal Manipulator0.75 Essence40,000 nY
This extensive cybermod replaces the pelvic bone with an articulated cyberware replacement which can alter the placement of the hip joints and enables expansion and contraction of the pelvic region between a set range determined by the associated skeletal structure of the individual. When combined with other body modifications, this can allow an individual to successfully alter body-phenotypes between genders. When implanted in a cybertorso, this modification costs no essence but takes up 2 ECU.

Cybernetic Breast Augmentation0.2 Essence5,000 nY
This replacement for inserts that only increase the breast size allows full control over the size and shape of the breasts through a myomer web layered over a set of variable liquid inflation membranes. The size may be manipulated in a full range from null to DDD and the surface skin is treated with elastacin and anchored with myomer to stretch smoothly over the entire range. When implanted in a cybertorso, this modification takes up no essence and 1 ECU.

Thoracic Exoskeletal Manipulator0.75 Essence40,000 nY
This cybermod grafts a second, cybernetically actuated ribcage over your own and allows expansion of the chest by 20% without alteration of the actual ribcage size, not interfering with normal breathing patterns. Grafts of elasticin and synthagin to the dermis atop allow the skin to stretch smoothly over all dimensions. This can effectively increase the build appearance of the user. When implanted in a cybertorso, this modification Costs no Essence but takes up 2 ECU and costs 10% less due to structural mounting already built into the cybertorso.

Miscellaneous Cyber & Bioware

Here are a few additional items--mostly verging on the exotic side--that can spice up your everyday shadowrun.

Forked Tongue0.1 Essence2,400 nY
A novelty cybermod, until you combine it with a cybernetic chemical analyzer/gas spectrometer combo, then its use becomes apparent. This cybermod allows the user to directly sample substances for her chemical analyzer without risking poisoning or contamination by extending to sample, and then retracting into a sterilizing sheath.

Mr. Studd ô Implant0.1 Essence2,000 nY
Keep her going all night, every night, and she'll never know. Use your imagniation and add +1 to all Seduction rolls afterwards.

Lady Midnight ô Implant0.1 Essence2,000 nY
Keep going all night, every night and never worry about wearing out again! This implant avoids all the painful aftereffects of intercourse.

Contraceptive Implant0.01 Essence500 nY
Never worry about unforseen consequences again! A common implant among the young and reckless, this is readily available at most clinics.

Newthroat Ė cybervox0.2 Essence5,000 nY
Similar to cybereyes and cyberears, this cyberware replaces the entire vocal chord region with a voice synthesizer. The cybervox can accept up to 0.5 Essence worth of accessories to the throat, such as Internal Voice Mask, Subvocal Microphones, High & Low Frequency modulation, Audiovox, Voice Synthesizer, Voice Pattern, Ultrasound Emitter, Oral Spur and Forked Tongue.

This system allows the user to control vocal tones, volume and tone quality with the precision of a musical synthesizer. Special effects (reverb, tremolo, sustain, and choral voices), loudspeaker volumes and vocal delay programming (for singing with yourself) are also possible. This effect adds +2 dice to any vocal Performance tests.

Voice Synthesizer
This system allows the user to mimic any voice or tone previously recorded in memory. The chip can store up to 10 "voices" and use the recorded phenomes to generate any speach. Voice recognition systems cannot be fooled by this system as it does not precisely copy the voice pattern, only mimics it via synthesized tones. When implanted with a Voice Pattern, reduce essence by 50%.

Voice Pattern
This is different from the Voice synthesizer as it can be used to deceive voice recognition systems (p. 236, SR3), and also (gamemasterís discretion) to fool other people. It is available in ratings 1 through 6. When implanted with a Voice Synthesizer, reduce essence by 50%.

Low Frequency (Subsonic) Modulation
This modification enables sounds to be produced far into the subsonic range. Unless the hearing range of the individual is likewise modified, they will be unable to effectively control this modification. Subsonic sounds transverse greater distances than higher pitch sounds. Double the distance subsonic sounds are audible to someone able to hear subsonics. In addition, subsonic overtones can be added to tones naturally audible and induce subconcious reflexes in listeners. Anyone not equipped with the ability to distinctly hear subsonics suffers a +1 penalty to all social skills involving the character using subsonics as the subsonics induce a feeling of uneasiness in them. Characters able to hear the subsonics are not affected as their brain interprets the sounds normally.

High Frequency (Ultrasonic) Modulation
This modification enables extremely high-pitched sounds to be produced far into the ultrasonic range.

Ultrasound Emitter
This is the emitter component of the cybereye ultrasound vision system. When combined with the extended range-subsonic cyberear mod and image link in a cybereye they replace and function exactly tthe same as the ultrasound vision system (p. 18, Man & Machine). When implanted with Low Frequency Modulation, reduce essence costs by 50%

Aquatic Speakers
This cybermod places a pair of speakers covered with a resonating membranes on either side of the throat. When activated underwater, the air-filled space between the speakers and membranes functions as a resonating chamber transmitting speach for great distances in the water. This speach is comprehensible to anyone else in the water nearby, and at great distances to anyone with low-frequency hearing.

AudioVox - 0.2 Rating+2/Rating days 1.1 Rating x 25,000
Voice Synthesizer - 0.2 Rating+2/Rating days 1.1 Rating x 25,000
Voice Pattern 1-50.2 Rating+2/Rating days 1.1 Rating x 25,000
Low-Frequency Modulation - - Rating+2/Rating days 1.1 Rating x 25,000
High-Frequency MOdulation - - Rating+2/Rating days 1.1 Rating x 25,000
Ultrasound Emitter - 0.2 Rating+2/Rating days 1.1 Rating x 25,000
Aquatic Speakers - 0.2 Rating+2/Rating days 1.1 Rating x 25,000
Subvocal Microphone -0.1 4/72 hrs 2 850
Internal Voice Mask -0.1 6/48 hrs 1 Rating x 4,000
Oral Slasher -0.25 8/1 wk 2.5 10,500

Sharkgrin0.1 Essence1,200 nY
Replaces a userís normal teeth with sharpened ceramic teeth giving the user a bite damage of (STR/2)M. Biting the opponent requires an Unarmed Combat attack with a reach of 0.

Powerjaw0.1 Body3,000 nY
This is effectively muscle augmentation for the jaw area only. Cannot be combined with regular muscle augmentation as it includes this bioware mod already.

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