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A few additions and alterations to the existing cybertorsos need to be made. In addition to the full-sized cybertorso listed in Man & Machine, two kinds of partial cybertorsos exist. Each covers a bit more than 50% of the torso region and due to structural bracing throughout the rest of the torso cost 2/3rds of the Essence of a full cybertorso. Advances made in the size and efficiency of the artificial organs utilized inside cybertorsos have lead to an increase in the available space and structural support for additional systems in the Full-sized cybertorso.

One of the most common reasons for the implantation of a cybertorso is in accident victims that sustain damage so serious as to be surgically unrepairable. For most such victims, the extreme amount of clonal bioware necessary to replace the damaged organs and structures would take months of forced growth - where they will frequently have mere hours to live even on lifesupport. Cybertorsos offer a solution for the rapid replacement of damaged structures with cybernetics. In such cases, implant surgeons are looking to replace as little of the body as possible. It makes no sense to rip out digestive and reproductive systems in a patient with a crushed ribcage. Similarly, doctors would be loath to replace a healthy respiratory, circulatory system and intact upper spinal column & ribcage if a patient suffered massive trauma to the lower abdomen and hips.

Partial cybertorsos exist to replace either the upper or lower torso of a patient, with the requisite structural bracing in adjacent areas but avoiding leaving as much of the metahuman body intact as possible. Upper Partial Cybertorsos replace the heart, lungs, and sometimes upper digestive system organs with efficient cybernetic substitutes. The ribcage, spinal column, shoulder blades and collarbone are all replaced, and the hip bones are strengthened to support the weight. Lower Partial Cybertorsos replace the organs found in the lower abdomen with cybernetic substitutes as well as hip bones and lower spinal column. Some additional bracing is added to the femur where it connects to the hip socket, but not much is needed, mainly just the hip joint area. Each partial cybertorso reduces the essence cost of strength improvements above 3 to limbs attached to it by 50%.

CyberwareMax. ECUEssenceCostAvailabilityIndex
Obvious Full Cyber Torso101.590,0006/4 days1
Obvious Upper Partial Cyber Torso61.050,0006/4 days1
Obvious Lower Partial Cyber Torso61.040,0006/4 days1
Synthetic Full Cyber Torso51.5120,0006/4 days1
Synthetic Upper Partial Cyber Torso31.080,0006/4 days1
Synthetic Lower Partial Cyber Torso31.070,0006/4 days1

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