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Leatherman Pocket Tool
The classic multi-purpose tool for all functions! Knife, pliers, saw, file and a dozen other functions in one pocket-size package! Adds +1 to any B/R kit. Conceal: 8, 0.5kg, 100¥, Avail: 3/24, Index 1.5

Ultrax Epoxy Foam
Hardens within 1.5 seconds to a strength of 10, sticking firmly to any surface. Ultrax comes in three usable forms. When trying to break or escape from hardened Ultrax, make an opposed strength check. If you have more successes, the epoxy snaps. Comes in 3 forms:
Grenade: Conceal: 4, 0.5kg, 150¥, Avail:8/36 hrs, Index: 2.0
Half strength radius-10m; Full strength radius-5m. Within 5m all parties must resist 10L damage.
Spray: Conceal: 3, Ammo 5(Can), SS, Shotgun, 5.0kg, 900¥, Avail: 8/48 hrs, Index: 2.0
Canister for spray: 20¥, Avail: 6/24 hrs, Index: 2.0
Tube:This is used like a caulking gun, and can seal cracks, doors, or nearly anything with a strength of 10 bond. A second coat, after the first can bring the bond up to a strength of 15, but takes 30 seconds to dry and weakens the bond to strength of 3 until the hardening is complete. One tube can single coat 10 doorjambs or 20 windows.

Trevilla Medical Systems Advanced Emergency Kit
Traditional emergency medkits not enough? For *real* medical emergencies, TMS offer you the latest in medical assistance! Detachable biomonitors! Integral expert system! Full range of traumacare supplies! Built-in chemical analyser with the software to use it! A complete hospital in a box! Conceal: 4, 5kg, 1000¥, Avail: 4/48 hrs, Index: 1.5

The system has three remote sensors which can alert the main unit if a subject's life signs become alarming. Its computer has Biotech-4, Biology(Medicine) 3. The chemical analyser has a rating of 4. In action, the system allows First Aid to be undertaken at merely Bad conditions in extreme situations, and negates Bad. The system may use its own Biotech skill or add half its rating to the paramedic's ability.

For years the best in the flashlight biz. Adjustable beam, waterproof, shock-proof. Doubles as a club. Comes in 3, 4, 5 or 6 cell sizes. 40¥, 60¥, 80¥, 100¥ respectively.
Mini Maglite80.250¥-NA
Maglite-360.540¥+0(STR-1)L Stun
Maglite-450.860¥+0(STR-1)M Stun
Maglite-541.080¥+0(STR+1)M Stun
Maglite-631.2100¥+1(STR+2)M Stun

Swiss Army Knife
An all-purpose utility tool. Don't even think of leaving home without it. If you are using the Swiss Army Knife instead of real tools, add an additional +1 Modifier to the Modifier for "Inadequate" tools. Conceal: 8, Damage: (STR-2)L, 0.25kg, 50¥

Duct Tape
Made of duraplast fibers, this stuff is TOUGH (breaking stress of over 1000 kg.) A perfect compliment to the Swiss Army Knife, especially if you happen to be named McGyver. Conceal: 5, 0.2kg/m, 10¥/50m

Lasertrack(tm) Aerosol
When used in conjunction with a laser detector, guarantees the detector will find the beam. Makes visble spectrum lasers evident to the naked eye. May set off sensetive detectors (roll rating of laser system vs. a target # of 6). 20 uses (40cu.m)/can. Conceal: 5, 1.0kg, 50¥
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