Name: Stephanie Strecker Streetname(s): Gila, Dusky AResources1,000,000
Player:MacavityAge: 21Hair:None BSkills40
Sex:FemaleHeight: 5'8"Eyes:Grey CAttributes24
Race:OrcWeight: 150 lbsSkin:Green DRaceOrc
Ethnicity:Germanic Archtype: SEAL Chem/Bio Expert EMagic Mundane
Description: Originally a slim girl of Germanic descent, the goblinization process has left her somewhat broader shouldered and heavier built, but still good looking, for a human's perspective, and absolutely stunning from the standpoint of an Orc. In fact she looks less like an orc than an elf with a stout swimmer's build.

Base Race Mod Total Essence:0.11 Movement
Body 3 +3 - 6 Reaction:8(11) Walking:6
Quickness 6 - - 6 Initiative:3d6 Running:18
Strength 3 +2 - 5 Combat Pool:11d6 Swimming:10
Intelligence 6 -1 +2 7 Task Pool:1d6 Fatigue3(4)
Willpower 3 - - 3 Karma1.5
Charisma 6 -1 - 5 Karma Pool1d6

Active Skills
Knowledge Skills
Arms Dealers
Military Gear
Edges & Flaws
Mild Allergy: Dry Air
Water Sprite
College Education
Moderate Phobia: Dragons
Bonus Attribute Points
Elf Looking
Slight Build
Resistance to Toxins
Registered Equipment

metahuman allergy
(+0.1 swim, +1 fatigue)
Pre-med & Med
(Dragons/Large Fires)

(+1 Body vs Toxins)

Initial funds:  1,000,000				Languages
Real SIN							English/Military Lingo	4/6
	Current funds: 50,220					German	4
	Middle Lifestyle: 5,000 /month				Sperethiel	1
	Income: 		Costs: 200 /month

Residences						Cost
Small, High Class Apartment				Medium Lifestyle
	1 bedroom, half bath, small common room
	Fax, Vidphone service, 

Bioware					Body	Price()
Secondary Gills*			1.5	120,000
Enhanced Articulation			0.6	40,000
Orthoskin 3				1.5	100,000
Tracheal Filter Level 2			0.4	48,000
Toxin Extractor Level 1			0.2	30,000
Chemical Repellant*			0.4	20,000
Trauma Damper				0.4	50,000
Dental Reconstruction			-	1,000

Cyberware						Essence		Price()
Cyber Ears					0.3		  4,000
	Extended Range (0-20hz, 20khz-100khz)				  4,000
Level 1 Sound SPU					0.15		  5,000
	Rating 2 Damper Program (4Mp)					  2,000
	Amplifier Program (Rating 2)
	Select Sound Filter Program (Rating 5)				 50,000
Ultrasonic Transmitter					0.2		  4,000
SPU Echolocation					0.15		  4,000

Encephalon Level 3					1.5		 75,000
Wired Reflexes Level 2 w/ Reflex Trigger (Alpha)	2.56		356,000

Cyberfins-4 (Alpha)					0.96		 84,000

Clothing & Armor				Conceal     Ballistic  Impact	Weight	 Price()
Level 2 Form Fit Body Armor			    15		3	  1	  1.25	   250
Kevlon Greaves					    5		+1	  +1	  0.75	   250
Sleeveless Armor Vest				    15		2	  1	  0.75	   175
Ruf Tread Combat Boots						1	  1	  1.75	   500
Diving Armor					    -		4	  2	  2	 1,750

Equipment & Gear			Rating	  	     Conceal  Weight  Price()
Respirator mask (modified)							100
Duct Tape (70m)								         20
Leatherman								         60
Shoulder Rig (Webbing)						 --    0.1       50
Wrist Phone w/Flip-up Screen						      1,500
Biotech Kit							  3	      1,500
Chemistry Kit							  3	      1,500

Weapons			 	      Conceal   Ammo	Mode	Damage  TN   Range  Weight  Price()
Colt M24A3 Water Carbine		5	30(c)	 S/B	  6M	    SMG	     3.5    1,000
HK 227-s (2clqt)			5	33(c)	 S/B	  7M	    SMG	     3.0    1,800
SMF K6 Sniper Rifle			-	30(c)	S/B/F	  10S	    Sniper   5.6    2,000
Narcojet Pistol				7	5(c)	  S	(as toxin)  Light    1.5      600

Ammunition & Explosives		Damage			Cost()
Regular Ammo 100 rounds		as weapon		300
People in the Biz
Gillian DelaCroix (Fixer, Level 1, Contact)
Gillian has military connections all over the place. The an army brat whose father was a captain and the wife of another Navy SEAL, she went private sector when a government op fragged up and turned her into a widow. It's rumored that she spent some time in the French Foreign Legion during the Euro Wars. At any rate there are a lot of European mercs that deal exclusively with her, despite the fact that she resides in Seattle.
Blue Cross (ex-Shadowrunner, Level 1 Contact)
Merlin's a Rastefarian street decker that's part of the crowd that Michael typically hangs out with. Easily recognizable by the strings of resistors that are woven into his dreds and his Soviet army jacket, he's in touch with just about everyone in the Sprawl. He, Murphy, and Rob consider themselves "brothers", having grown up together, and look out for each other.


Stephanie was born in 2029, a normal mundane girl to German-American parents who were both doctors and expected their daughter to follow in their footsteps. A bright young girl, she entered the pre-med program at Temple University when she was 15, and completed the program in 4 years, in the top 10% of her class. Things went well in medical school for the next three years, but in the beginning of her fourth year she was hit with UGE (Unexplained Genetic Expression) and "goblinized" into an orc. Along with the metamorphosis, she acquired a physiological disorder that caused breathing problems when the moisture content of the air dropped below a certain level.

On top of the other physical changes, the sudden change in people's behavior and in her own mental abilities triggered a sudden loss of self-esteem and a drop in her grades. Her parents, shocked by the change and frightened of what it would mean to her career, pushed her harder to complete her studies and recieve her MD. In a fit of rebellion, she quit medical school and joined the Marines.

The UCAS government had gotten over its problems with metahumans by this point in time and recognized the fact that in many cases, metahumans proved to be superior soldiers in the military. After a brief loss of trust in the officers who had undergone UGE, the UCAS regained its confidence in their capabilities and re-issued SINs to all of the metahuman officers within its ranks. Stephanie proved herself in the Marines, keeping up despite informal hazing and the hard work that fell on metahuman shoulders more often than not.

One day, SEAL Captain John Myers, was reviewing the young recruits and he noticed Stephanie, whose looks could not be hidden even by the "goblinization". When he checked on her record, he was even more amazed. Here was an outstanding MD candidate with degrees in Chemistry, Biology, and Medicine who had excelled through Marine basic training. He quickly extended her the offer to enter SEAL basic training, and if she passed that, to become a member of his SEAL team.

Stephanie leapt at the chance, amazed at her fortune. John's interest in her did amazing things for her self-esteem and she bulled her way through SEAL basic training, became a member of his team, and a frequent guest to his quarters.

In 2059, Stephanie and John were going to be married, when the team got called to go on a mission into the Carribean. The mission turned into a disaster, when a dragon unexpectedly showed up. John and half of the team perished in fire, and Stephanie barely made it out alive. She was awarded a Purple Heart for courage under fire, and recieved an honorable discharge when she put in her request to leave the SEALs. For her years of outstanding service to her country, the UCAS left her the cyberware she had recieved, and issued her papers and permits for the cyberware and military gear along with her SIN.

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