Vampiric Abilities

Heightened Senses
Initiate 1

The vampire has extremely acute senses which lower the target number for perception tests by two.


The vampire may spend one Essence point to heal one box of damage each round. If the vampire takes a deadly wound and has no Essence remaining it enters a state of torpor

Initiate 3

The vampire adept may use this ability to dodge melee attacks directed against him. He rolls a number of dice equal to his initiate level. This is an open-ended test (see Shadowbeat), and if the adept rolls higher than two times the number of successes his opponent rolled on his attack test, the adept dodges the attack and takes no damage. If the adept does not roll high enough, he takes damage as normal. The vampire may not make an attack when he uses the Dodge ability.


16) Antidote Toxin (SRII p. 154)

These curative spells act on a toxin (poison or drug), or the disease, not the person affected by them. The Spell Success Test has a target number equal to teh Strength (Power) of the infection or toxin. The antidote spell must be used before the toxin damages the victim. Its successees directly reduce the Strength of the toxin at a one-to-one ratio, making it easier for the target to make his own Resistance Tests. Type: Physical Range: Touch Target: Toxin Strength Duration: Permanent(20 turns) Drain: [(F/2)]D

113) Quickmove

This is a useful spell both for getting out of troublesome situations and for attacking. Quickmove triples the characters base movement. Base movement for walking is a characters Quickness Rating in meters during that Combat Phase. Base movement for running is Quickness x3 for humans, elves, and orks; and x2 for dwarves & trolls. Multiply the base movement x3 whether it be running or walking. Characters walking with quickmove take a +4 target modifier to any tests attempted and a +6 modifier while running.

75) Chained Lightning

This is similar to the above Spark spell, but instead of striking only a single target, it jumps from the original target to the closest living thing, then to the next, and so on. The caster has no control over the jumps; if two or more targets are the same distance for a jump, one is selected randomly. For every jump, the Force is reduced by 1. The energy keeps jumping until it runs out of targets, or until its Force is reduced to 0. The damage code is (F)S, and the Damage Level is increased by one level for every two successes rolled by the caster. All targets are struck by the same number of successes, only the Force is decreased for each new target. This spell is resisted in the same way as the Spark spell. This spell can strike its caster if he or she is the closest living being for a jump. Type: Physical Range: LOS Target: 4 Damage Level: S Duration: Instant Drain: [(F/2)+1]D

72) Shadow (SRII p.158)

An area-effect spell. This spell creates a pool of darkness equal to one-half the caster's Magic Rating times the spell's successes in meters. The Target Number depends on the local conditions: bright midday 6; day 5; day, overcast 4; twilight 3; street light or darker 2. Every 2 successes imposes a +1 Target modifier for Combat or Perception Tests against targets within the area of shadow. Type: Physical Range: LOS Target: See above Duration: Sustained Drain: [(F/2)+2]M

95) Anti-Spirit Melee

When attacking a spirit, a character normally uses Willpower instead of Armed or Unarmed Combat skill (see page 142 of SRII). However, the subject of this spell can attack a spirit as if the spirit were a normal character. This means that any weapon can be used, and that Armed or Unarmed Combat skill is used, as appropriate for the weapon used by the character. The character may still use his Willpower to attack the spirit, if he choses to do so. The subject of this spell is vulnerable to attacks by the spirit as usual, and the spell requires a voluntary subject. This spell is only usable for melee attacks against spirits. When using ranged combat of any type, use the normal procedure. Type: Mana Range: Limited Target: 4 Duration: Sustained Drain: [(F/2)+1]S

Anchored Spells
ItemEffect Spell(s)ForceComponents
Gold BroachDetect BulletForce 4Activation/Deactivation Link
Bullet Barrier (Personal)Force 8Spell Link
Quickmove (Personal)Force 6Spell Link
Gold BroachDetect SpellsForce 4Activation/Deactivation Links
Spell Barrier (Personal)Force 8Spell Link
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