Character Stats

CONTACTS: Friends & Associates

Lilith (Ronin, Level 3 Contact)
A little known secret, Lilith is Macavity's rambunctious little sister. You would never suspect that such a cute little girl could get into so much trouble. Technically living with their parents in Hong Kong, she's 'wandered' away more times than Macavity can count, and every time it's up to him to quietly extricate her from her 'adventures' and return her to their parents without anyone being the wiser.

Shadowland (Level 2 Contact)
Every decker worth his salt has Shadowland as a contact. Macavity is no exception, and he spends great amounts of time maintaining his status as a regular on Shadowland, talking and uploading information on a variety of channels even when walking, driving or eating through a set of slick computer display glasses.

Fienna (Deckmeister, Level 2, Buddy)
Fienna is Michael's roommate and friend since his college years at SIT&T. Now working as a computer consultant for a variety of small computer businesses, he hooks the two of them up with discounts on computer parts.

Brie aka aCiDbUrN (Street Mage, Level 0 Contact)
Cute-looking wisp of a blond who barely tips the scale at 89 lbs, she has a truly wicked mind and a knack for completely grossing out the guys. She has an astonishingly extensive collection of knives and bondage gear for such an innocent looking girl.

Merlin aka Lord Nikon (Tinker/Armorer, Level 1 Contact)
Merlin's a Rastefarian ex-street decker that's part of the crowd that Michael typically hangs out with. Easily recognizable by the strings of resistors that are woven into his dreds and his Soviet army jacket, he's taken up a new hobby-collecting, building and inventing gadgets for his pals in the Sprawl. He, Murphy, and Rob consider themselves "brothers", having grown up together, and look out for each other.

Nate (Fixer, Level 1 Contact)
Nate is the easy-going owner of a pool hall where Merlin, Bree, Murphy, Rob & Macavity frequently hang out. But the hall is just a cover for his real work as a fixer and mover for data steals. The pool hall sits on top of the hardened bunker that he works out of.

Anna Savant (Military Fixer, Level 1 Contact)
Anna Savant is an ex-weapons specialist turned fixer who served time in the French Foreign Legion. A former lover of Macavity, he learned quite a bit about wetwork from her, before they both joined BlackOps. Taking over her old mentor Renault's business, she now specializes in weaponry of all kinds, from the exotic and ancient to cutting edge military.

Leo Joh (Level 0 Contact)
A former classmate of Macavity, Leo studied Materials Science at SIT&T before returning to Singapore to serve as a Demolitions specialist in the Singapore Special Forces.

Ian Fford aka Annubis (Decker/DJ, Level 1 Contact)
Ian Fford DJs the gothic night at Macavity's favorite haunt, the club Insomnia. Usually dressed in white, his cover as an extremely friendly, almost flaming DJ is in stark contrast with his matrix persona of Annubis, a dark, brooding data thief and information broker.

Sariah Khalsa (Middle East Art exporter, Level 1 Contact)
Met twice, once in his dealings as an antiques dealer, and later as a shadowrunner. Sariah has some knowledge of his two identities. Sariah calls 'da Bronx' sector of the NYC sprawl her home, and returns every chance she gets.

The Finn (Fixer, Level 1 Contact)
They say that if you do work in the shadows long enough, sooner or later you'll do a job for The Finn. An almost infamous personality in the shadows, The Finn is a fixer's Fixer and in a league all his own.
Cinnamon Argentis (Ancients Go-Gang member, Level 1 Contact)
While in Cincinnati, Macavity had an ongoing open relationship with Cinnamon and used her connections on several jobs, always engaging the gang for acts they considered fun, and paying them handsomely afterwards. Through her, Macavity cultivated the Cincinnati chapter of the Ancients as a contact in their own right.

Bethany Sianna (Dominatrix, Level 1 Contact)
While investigating for a run, Macavity ran into Bethany in an apartment. She immediately engaged him for casual sex, and while he was able to turn her down (it bothered him that she pursued him, he needed to be the one pursuing). He got in touch with her later, and after taking her out to goth-clubs and bondage parties, became her occassional lover.

AegisBreaker (Legendary Decker, Level 1 Contact)
A decker legendary on the Denver Datanets, AegisBreaker has become something of a mentor to the young Macavity. Having met her once dancing in a club and discovered her true identity upon waking the next morning, she has taken him under her wing and started showing him the more subtle tricks of the trade

Danger Girl Inc. (Shadow Gear Corporation, Level 0 Contact)
Macavity's a repeat customer of these highly successful shadowrunners turned entrepreneurs, turning over much of his hard-earned nuYen to them for unique items of gear, such as his Danger PocketSec. Macavity did a little work for them when they started up their company and they pass him a discount that neatly makes up for the additional nuYen he spends on the three girls that run the company.

Lillian Stokke (Bar Owner, Level 1 Contact)
Owner of the Pink Flamingo, a bar in Stavanger, Norway. Macavity met her while his compatriots in that country were plotting a run. While they argued, he took her to another bar down the street and had a few drinks. A few drinks led to dinner later that night, dinner led to a nightcap, and the nightcap led to Macavity moving into her apartment for the rest of his stay in Norway.

Michelle Kultoor (Corporate Fixer, Level 0 Contact)
Corporate Johnson who took up Macavity's offer for dinner after a run.

Mother Tink (BDSM Fasion Designer, Level 1 Contact)
Mother Tink, aka Tinkerhell is a designer and promoter prominent in the goth scenes of NYC, Dallas, Chicago, & Seattle. Macavity had known her informally at several clubs across the UCAS, but got to know her after taking her for breakfast after a night where she was dumped and left at the club. Finding commonalties in taste, they corresponded online, and continued to see each other whenever they were both in the same town.

Philip Chang (Trid Pirate & Underground BTL Lab Tech, Level 1 Contact)
Another fan of the goth scene, Philip's real strength is with electronics and information. Always looking for the next scoop, Philip outfits anyone who places a deposit with him a Simsense Trode Rig hairnet. If you should happen to record something either newsworthy or entertaining, he'll reimburse your deposit and make you a deal for the recording.

Sway (Mechanic, Level 1 Contact)
Once a nomad, this skinny 15-year-old girl somehow ended up coming back to Seattle with Macavity. Quiet, shy, and more at home with her machines than people, she is rarely seen and even more rarely heard. She maintains the facilities in Macavity's trailer and the rest of his wheels in return for room and board in the cab of his GMC Hauler Tractor and access to his extensive simsense collection. Unusually enough for Macavity, there doesn't seem to be a romantic component to their relationship -- at least none observed -- but he does seem to care in some way for the girl. She bears significant knife scars upon her face and possibly body from some trauma in her past.

SHADOWRUNNERS: People in the Biz

Chria Chance (Decker/ Assassin, Level 2 Contact)
A vivacious, seductive, and aggressive girl out to get as much as possible for herself with the least effort. Chria has combined her natural talents with all the cutting edge cyberware money can buy to make her a first rate decker and assassin - with a host of skills hard-wired into her nervous system. Chria fancies herself a sadist and a dominatrix of sorts, and had kept several boys under her spell until Macavity came along and messed everything up. She found her match in him, and the two had a tempestuous relationship, either fighting or passionately making up. The relationship didn't work out, but the two found themselves inevitably coming to each others aid, usually ending up with another round of fights and sex until they broke up again. [Lanfear]

Haras (Face, Level 2 Contact)
Haras knows everybody and just about everything that's going down in the Sprawl. She spends her weekends at one dance club or another and her weekdays taking classes and working at two different coffee shops, one in Downtown Seattle and the other in Redmond. She has several "ins" with the Gothiks and with the Mallplexers. For some reason, though adamantly opposed to role-playing, a lot of Gamers end up hanging out with her.

Chalk (Medic/Rigger, Level 1 Contact)
A tall effeminate, albino combat medic, Chalk was involved in street racing as a kid, and never outgrew it. After a hate-crime in medical school, Chalk hit the streets for revenge, but eventually became a professional runner.

Oracle (Decker, Level 1 Contact)
Oracle and Macavity go back to his early days as a gunman in the Mafia. Her status as the custodian of the most extensive repository of information on the Matrix, was attained after the loss of her meat-bod. Macavity killed each of her assailants and left her the recording of their deaths. Since then their relationship has grown into a friendship of sorts, and Macavity makes it a point to look her up whenever he's in the NYC sprawl.

Black Ops (Ex-military Covert Ops Team, Level 2 Contact)
Macavity put in some time with this group of highly trained professionals, and from time to time they call upon his services as a decker and spy. The team is composed of seven core members: MDK-the ex-Army Ranger, ex-Convict team leader, Winter-physical adept scout, Phase-Elven decker & conjurer, Ballistic-rigger & hotshot pilot, Pinpoint-Mossad Hobgoblin weapons specialist & sniper, Gila-Ork Ex-Navy SEAL chem/bio specialist, and Spelljammer-dwarven combat mage

Natch (Assassin Mage, Level 1 Contact)
A highly competent and intelligent assassin, Natch specializes in quiet jobs that earned him his nickname "The Natural Causes Killer" Currently a pair with Moonlight, the two are favorites of Macavity and he comes to their aid whenever called. [Tim]

Moonlight (Yakuza Assassin, Level 1 Contact)
An ex-Yakuza Assassin, Moonlight had been turned into a bunraku girl when Natch found and rescued her. Moonlight eventually came to terms with her roots, and has since earned the respect of the Yakuza by keeping the clans various ways in her debt. [Barbie]

Crystianna (Cat Shaman, Level 1 Contact)
An unusually short elf, Crystianna is even slighter than Macavity, and blind, but also an unusually adept and graceful dancer. The two see each other regularly in Seattle at the club Insomnia. [Kendoshi]

Twitch (Rigger, Level 1 Contact)
An eccentric, scruffy looking rigger, Twitch favors a massive synthleather duster, cowboy boots and hat, and likes to customize his drones to look like creatures out of a Jim Henson Studios movie.[Absinthe]

Leviathan (Mercenary, Level 1 Contact)
A capable soldier, Valentine proved himself in the company of Natch, Moonlight, Crystianna and Macavity. A potent and capable group that was responsible for many difficult missions. [RustyAngel]

Minx (Ancients Go-Ganger, Level 1 Contact)
A tough, elf mage-adept who holds her own among the Ancients, Macavity found his match in more ways than one with her. Minx is currently Macavity's guide in Los Angelos, where she knows many of the Ancients native to that city. [Maelwys]

Chalk (Combat Medic, Level 1 Contact)
Chalk might be certifiably insane, but the stylish, albino elf still has the skills that make him a good choice for any team. An ex-street racer and an ex-medical student, Chalk combined these two disparate interests into a successful career for himself in the shadows. [SpuN]
Shadow-Cincinnati (Mercenary, Level 1 Contact)
Macavity made several runs with Shadow while he was in Cincinnati, and the two found they worked well together. Eventually, Shadow settled down with a girl there to raise a family and joined Griffin Industries covert ops division and the two parted company, as Macavity returned to Seattle. [Kendoshi]

Firebird (Pheonix Shaman, Level 1 Contact)
A non-violent, pacifist, Macavity first met Firebird as she left a job offer he was at because of its violent requirements. Macavity was so impressed by how she handled herself that he handed her his business card and part of his pay to recompense her for her time there. He contacted her later for an assassination job he converted into a covert extraction, using her magical assistance to cover up the extraction, and fake a Yakuza boss's death for the Mafia in Cincinnati.[Absinthe]

Abbey (Shadowrunner, Level 1 Contact)
Quiet, very private professional whom Macavity has worked with from time to time in Cincinnati, and whom unfortunately refuses to mix business with pleasure. [Sludig]

Tam O'Malley (Rigger, Level 1 Contact)
Drone Rigger Macavity once worked with alongside Shadow in Cincinnati [Absinthe]

Howling-Mad (Rigger, Level 1 Contact)
An self-professed anime fan, Howling-Mad favors loud Hawaiian shirts, shorts and sandals atop his cyberware - an eye-jarring combination that's as memorable as his character. He and Macavity started a small courier company out of Cincinnati, which Macavity left wholly in Howling-Mad's hands once he left for Seattle. Macavity sits on a board of directors that consists of himself and Howling-Mad, and owns 50% of the stock, but is content to let Howling-Mad run the company however he sees fit. [Star Ranger]

Zenith (Sorcerer/Rigger, Level 2 Contact)
Zenith aka Valentina "valya" Pavlova Nicholina, aka Niko is the owner of the Ezumrud Gostenetsa-Gahrahz [Emerald Hotel & Garage] in Vladivostok Russia. Catering to the many riggers and smugglers that stopover in Vladivostok, the hotel asks few questions of its patrons and Niko's own almost empathic link with vehicles makes her a highly sought after mechanic. Macavity kidnapped Zenith during an extraction of a UCAS CIA operative during a run commissioned by a rogue FBI Agent looking to clear his name. When the extraction went sour, he took the unconcious and wounded girl with him to another hotel, and nursed her back to health himself. She initially thought he had kidnapped her with nefarious purposes in mind, but found out later that he had kept her safe when her hotel was ransacked by the assailants that had killed the CIA Operative. Instead of leaving when he let her go, she followed and stowed away on the group's Banshee LAV. The two became intimate during the rest of the run into and out of Siberia. Afterwards, Macavity helped Niko re-acquire and repair her hotel, and together they made sure that the local criminal cartels would leave her alone in the future. [Nijona]

Silencer (Combat Mage, Level 1 Contact)
A quiet man with a sense of power about him, Macavity got the opportunity to work with Silencer while he was in Norway. [Terje]

Badboy (Ork Mercenary, Level 1 Contact)
Solid Ork mercenary whom Macavity worked with in Norway. Macavity used his Matrix contacts to locate a minigun for Badboy. [Grapz]

Sinclair (Elven Mage, Level 1 Contact)
Full name - Jeffery Sinclair. Elf Mage with solid rep and no discernible history up until 7 years ago. Favors combat and physical manipulation spells (especially light and lightning spells), and is also competent in close combat and with a pistol. Currently clean and a respectable citizen, with rumors of just a few deep and dark side projects. No longer an active runner. Believed to be involved with a secret magical order. [TLM]

Radiostar (Bicycle Messenger/Runner, Level 1 Contact)
A 17 year old girl caught up in the shadows, Radiostar aka Mackenzie, is a quiet shy girl. Upon occassion, Macavity has contracted Mackenzie to run local deliveries for Howling-Mad Couriers in Seattle, paying her or the co-worker she finds to make the delivery under the table. [Lumie]

Tamara (Runner, Level 0 Contact)
An older, cool and competent runner with a sense of style. [Barbie]

Ten (Ninja, Level 1 Contact)
Ten owes Macavity a marker after their last job, so should the job require it, Macavity will call in the Ninja to aid him. [RustyAngel]

Wraith (Shadowrunner, Level 1 Contact)
A professional mercenary and shadowrunner, Wraith and Macavity have worked on one or two assignments together in London and Seattle. [Opiate]

Arsenal (Ex-Lonestar Undercover Agent, Level 1 Contact)
Once a Lone Star undercover agent, Arsenal went native on his superiors and took his training to the shadows to make himself some money. He seeks now to distance himself from his former life, but the question is, will his former life let it be distanced? [Arsenal]

ENEMIES: Still Alive and Kicking

Murphy Blue (Scum, Rating 1)
Power: 0, Motivation: 2, Knowledge 5

ACiDbUrN's current boyfriend, Murphy once considered himself a friend to Michael, but after Michael took it upon himself to make sure that Murphy knew exactly what he could and couldn't do to Brie, he's developed a healthy loathing for Michael. The fact that he's relatively powerless and can't do a thing to hurt Michael back gnaws at him in his darker moments. And while he once heralded Brie as his victory over Michael, the beating and humiliation he endured soured that. Only the fact that he's still with aCiDbUrN keeps him from running his mouth on about Michael. That and the fear that Michael would find him and kill him for real this time.

UCAS DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency, Rating 2)
Power: 5, Motivation 4, Knowledge 1

After leaving the deniable asset the DIA code-named Black-Ops, certain elements in the UCAS military wanted Devon Wilks eliminated by the other members of Black-Ops for his knowledge. Being one-step ahead of them, Macavity had the others help him to fake the demise of Devon Wilks and left for Hong Kong where he used his original SIN to move out to Seattle as a student. A recent run for the FBI caused Macavity to once again appear in the military's sights. Although the only thing they know is that Macavity is alive, the UCAS moves quietly to eliminate the one loose end with knowledge of Black-Ops existence, this time using other resources besides the Black-Ops team.

Jade (Elven Combat Mage, Rating 1)
Power: 2, Motivation: 4, Knowledge: 0

A cold, proud elf, Macavity once worked with Jade on a run to rescue Otaku from an AI, but came to odds with her over mind-probing the children. Unable to overlook her cruelty, he confronted her and they fought briefly hand to hand. Although the match was a draw, when the others in the group sided with Macavity, she quit the job and left. Ever since, she has sought to avenge her pride upon Macavity whenever the opportunity arises. [Jan]

Akeru, Falchion, & Tinman (Shadowurnning team, Rating 3)
Power: 3, Motivation: 4, Knowledge: 2

Akeru is a physical mage, Falchion is a rigger, and Tinman is a mercenary. The three are all highly experienced and capable shadowrunners whom have run the shadows far longer than Macavity. Macavity was once a part of this crew, but upon their discovery of his BTL habit they blamed him for a failed run and then tried to physically restrain him in order to divest him of his BTLs and break him of his habit. He fought them off, escaped, and later betrayed them by hiring another team and beating them to the objectives of the run they were engaged in, leaving the three to deal with the aftermath and the descending Lone-Star Teams. The three apraised the situation immediately, as they had made contingency plans in that very case, were able to escape quickly and quietly without incident. They are currently looking to track down Macavity, even as they continue with other jobs.

Yan Chow (Triad Boss, Rating 1)
Power: 4, Motivation 6, Knowledge: 0

Tiger Chow and Lou Chow's brother, Yan Chow wants the murderer of his brothers dead, but has only sketchy information on the identity of the assailants. Should better information become available to him, he will move all his resources to avenge his dead brothers. He moves quietly and cautiously as he is still out of favor with the rest of the Triads for his brother's attempt to seize power from the leading Triad bosses in Seattle that was foiled by Macavity.

Drake (Shadowrunner, Rating 1)
& Shadow (Shadowrunner, Rating 1)
Power: 1, Motivation: 3, Knowledge: 0

Called in on an old debt to Ten, an assassin for a secretive clan of adepts, Macavity helped Ten take the two shadowrunners down in their A-Class neighborhood safehouse after they shot, tied up and locked Ten in another safehouse. Drake was shot multiple times in the back by Macavity, and Shadow was cut down by Ten's poison coated shuriken. Rescued by Lone-Star and having spent a month recovering in the lone-Star ward, they had much of their gear confiscated by the Star. Back on the streets, Drake and Shadow have vowed to avenge themselves on both Ten & Macavity for the attack within their safehouse. Shadow had only a brief look at Macavity's breath mask shrouded, mirror-smart glasses covered, hair-shaded face to remember Macavity by. Drake had worked once before with Macavity, and might have recognized Mac from his description or might not have. The "snarling panther" stylized breath mask is the most recognizable thing about Macavity. Other than his signature pistols.

If they do come after Macavity, he will have no choice but to eliminate them. They would pose a threat to his security.

Nightfire (Ares Operative, Rating 2)
Power: 2, Motivation: 2 Knowledge: 1

On their most recent run, Macavity arranged to obtain a prototype powered exoskeletal combat unit Renraku was testing for Ares. During the delivery and pay-off, Ares moved several Knight Errant teams led by Nightfire to take out Macavity's group. They escaped amidst much carnage, and Nightfire himself was badly injured. A professional, he has taken it upon himself to hunt down Macavity and his remaining team members one by one.

THE DEAD: "..know only one thing, it is better to be alive" - Mao Tse Tsung

Yu Chow & Tiger Chow
The two Chow brothers were Triad leaders killed in the first job that Macavity ever arranged. Their brother, Yan Chow has vowed revenge for their deaths.

Michael Sternmeyer - (Renraku Cyberdyne Systems Project Director)
Ian Frieze - (Renraku Security Decker)
Jakob Aharon - (ex-Ares Scientist)

This trio were assassinated during a run sponsored by Ares to acquire an experimental Renraku prototype drone. Dozens of other Red Samurai were either killed or gravely wounded in the action by Macavity & his team.

Blackwidow (Ares Sniper)
Cold and professional, Widow disdained personal attachments in the business, and hated when individuals brought her gender into their appraisal of her. She worked with Macavity, and appreciated his talent and professionalism of he and his team to such an extent, that she sacrificed her life to honor their professionalism by ignoring her superior's orders to kill the team members, electing to fire on the Knight Errant personnel attempting to arrest the group. [Kendoshi]

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