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Macavity is a self-assured (to the point of overconfidence), stylish, hedonist driven to run the shadows by a dangerous combination of excitement and curiosity. He constantly pushes his limits to see what he can and cannot do and loves pulling off elegant heists with the maximum amount of self-involvement. He suffers from a mild case of obsessive-compulsive disorder and does not feel comfortable unless he is in control of himself and his situation. He cycles back and forth with a BTL habit because of this, fighting it whenever addiction threatens to remove his control, and indulging it once he has managed to reduce his dependence once again.

Macavity lives by a personal code that excludes the harming of innocent women or children. He will not stand idly by and watch a woman or a child in trouble. He is loyal to his companions, provided he respects them. That respect is earned by a combination of professionalism and an outlook that agrees with his own in the world. His driving curiosity has made every area of study he comes across of interest to him and he spends a considerable amount of time learning and refining his skills both old and new. While a dedicated decker, his martial arts background and deep totemic connection as an adept cause him to spend as much time in the physical world as in the Matrix. Money to him is simply a means to an end, which he uses to satisfy his hedonism, his sense of style, his curiosity and urge to learn, and his sense of professionalism.

Macavity has a dangerous habit of getting personally and romantically involved with the people he works with. Rather than abstract a situtation, he personalizes it and empathizes with specific individuals. Everyone else is simply another target, another paycheck to him. For those individuals that are a part of his life he is willing to go to great lengths to aid and help. He thinks nothing of spending money on other people, particularly individuals that have impressed him in one way or another.

Never shall innocent blood be shed,
Yet the blood of the wicked shall flow like a river.
The three shall spread their blackened wings
and be the vengeful strike and hammer of God.

And shepherds we shall be
for thee my Lord for thee.
Power hath descended forth from thy hand.
That our feet may swiftly carry out thy command.
We will flow a river forth unto thee.
and teeming with souls shall it ever be.

in nominae patris
et filis
et spiritus sancti

- The Boondock Saints

"Though we are not now, that strength
which in old days moved earth and heaven.
That which we are, we are.
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
made weak by time and fate,
but strong in will.
To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield"
– Tennyson
vnv nation . Epicenter
I asked myself "was I content,"
with the world that I once cherished?
did it bring me to this darkened place
to comtemplate my imperfect future
I will not stand nor utter words against
this tide of hate
losing sight of what and who I was again

I'm so sorry if these seething words I say
impress on you
that I've become the anathema of my soul

I can't say that your losing me
I always tried to keep myself tied to this world
but I know where this is leading me
no tears
no sympathy


Michael Yu was born in London to an English mother and a Chinese father who had completed a master's degree at the Queen's college in London. His father quickly attained some reputation as an Electrical Engineer and after ten years of working for Ares, he went independent and began working with the burgeoning space programs of several governments in Southeast Asia--including Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. He led a relatively sheltered life in Nansen Village until he went to college, across the Atlantic in the UCAS at Stevens Institute of Technology & Tharmaturgy.

College opened him up to a world of possibilities, he continued with his martial arts training, learning a bit about other martial arts from fellow students, and joined the schools mens gymnastic team. His natural quickness and martial arts background helped him become a proficient gymnast in very little time. While he never won any medals for the school he was among the top of the team.

One day, he took a date out to eat at a Mafia owned establishment and a joe boy who happened to be the son of a local don showed up for lunch with four goons. Three runners burst through the door a few minutes later, and dropped the four goons with precision bursts clustered through each bodyguard's center of mass. It looked like it was supposed to be a simple snatch and grab job, but a truckload of Mafia soldiers showed up just after the runners hit the place and converged upon all the exits upon hearing the gunfire within.

The situation was bad and rapidly deteriorating, as the runners looked for a way to escape. When they started talking about taking other hostages and running past the accumulating muscle outside, Michael decided to act. Flicking the cover off of his penknife, he jammed it into the throat of a runner that came to grab his date for a hostage. Whirling the body around to keep it between him and the other two runners, he grabbed for the woman's piece and pulled off two shots with the liberated pistol at one of the runners as they shot their comrade full of holes trying to get to him. Luckily for him, the son decided to show some spine, and he broke away from the runner, distracting him for the split second that Michael needed to switch the gun from his sore right hand to the left and fire another couple of rounds into the runner's chest.

The Don was extremely grateful for not only the survival of his son, but the efficient & neat way that Michael had neutralized the threat. Wary of entangling himself in the family, he managed to impress the Don with his respectful but self-confident attitude, and the Don gave Michael 50,000nĄ outright. They came to an agreement and Macavity started training himself with a pair of customized Browning Max Powers that he bought through La Familia.

Over the next year, he became better with those pistols than just about anyone else in the organization. Starting out as a cover man, he progressed quickly to assassination & strike jobs. Just after he had graduated from SIT&T with a bachlor's degree in Computer Engineering and a full tuition scholarship to the School of Visual Arts at the University of Seattle, he joined a small Mafia crew on a strike against the Yakuza. The fight turned sour and things got fragged up real bad. Macavity took a burst that punched through the forearm guard on his left arm as he was vacating. He escaped, hid out over the next day, and finally managed to get to a street doctor he knew.

The doctor had to amputate, the bullets had smashed his elbow both bones in the arm beyond all repair and infection had set in over the previous day. Depained and out of shock, Macavity decided that he'd might as well get a cyberarm as a replacement and went for the most lifelike replacement. He got the street doc to put in a large compartment around which the myomer actuators operated. And when he returned to his room he transferred his cyberdeck into the arm.

He slipped in with a group of ex-military professionals through his friend and classmate, Leo Joh, under the identity, Devon Wilks, alias Wires. The team called itself Black Ops, and was frequently employed by the UCAS military. Polishing off his decking skills with the aid of the matrix and magical child prodigy, Phase, he assisted her in Matrix over watch and intelligence gathering. It was here that he met one of the team's military fixers, Anna Savant. He engaged in a brief relationship with her and was seen together with her, throughout the year he spent working as a part of Black Ops. His relationship with her ended shortly before he parted company, under friendly terms, with the Black Ops team.

He'd gotten the Don to promise to give all the money he had ever made to his girlfriend, who had then moved out to Seattle. After the year spent with the Black Ops team, he tracked her down through the Matrix and discovered that in the intervening years, Bree had Awakened, and fallen under the tutelage of an old street mage who lived in the Ork Underground. To his surprise, he found his best friend and roommate from college, Fienna had also moved to Seattle, so he got in touch with Fienna again and contacted Bree. Bree and Macavity had known Merlin from the Matrix, and he introduced them around and got them acquainted with the people of the Seattle sprawl and helped Michael obtain a new identity as Jonathan Lee, an information broker from Hong Kong. After a mutual decision not to renew their relationship, Michael and Bree split the remaining money and went their separate ways.

Macavity became acquainted with the Triads this time, and after two skillfully executed jobs for them and alot of nuYen, they introduced him to their best cyberdoc. AcIdBuRn broke up with Macavity and got involved with Merlin's friend, Murphy, so with the remaining money, he went under the knife for one last time before school started. When he came out, he could move faster, lift more, and he could see and hear better than any mundane human.

From then until the present he's been living a double life; sharing an apartment with his best friend Fienna, going to school, and living on the 10,000/year stipend; and fleshing out his fake SIM with a small high-class apartment, and a fictitious job as a computer consultant that he fulfills with matrix datasteals. Just recently, he had taken a break from the heavy decking in order to build a novahot cyberdeck which completed, had left him almost at the bottom of his resources. But a string of successful shadowruns not only put him back in the black, but gave him the resources to acquire a few more fake identities, and flesh those identities out with residences and safehouses.

Macavity went over to Norway one summer to meet a decker he'd gotten to know through the Matrix. While there, he worked a couple of runs with the local shadow community and made contacts among the runners there. The relationship he sought with the decker Chria Chance didn't work out as planned, even though she later came to Seattle to visit him. The two never quite settled down together, but managed to remain friends.

Recent events have altered Macavity's role from prime runner to more of a fixer, working with a revolving group of shadowrunners on deals he puts together himself. Three years down the road, he's finished his graduate courseload and needs only to complete his graduate thesis in Computer Generated Simsense to recieve his Masters. As such, he has more and more time to devote to shadowrunning.

His most recent acquisition is a custom built trailer, and a GMC Hauler tractor mated to it. The trailer contains a complete set of living quarters, and a very nicely outfitted microtronics facility capable of producing any computer part Macavity can think of or steal the specs to. It also permits him to keep abreast of the SOTA curve for his cyberdeck indefinitely.

Somewhere along the way back from one of his out of Seattle trips, he picked up a hitchhiker handy with engines and the internal workings of cars, bikes, even vectored thrust drones. Shy and reclusive the 14-year old girl named Trace has seemingly become a fixture in the trailer. Living out of the bunk in the GMC Hauler cab, she earns her keep maintaining Macavity's tractor, trailer, bikes & cars. While not skilled enough to qualify as a full-fledged mechanic yet, she seems to have a natural talent with machines able to coax, cajole, and conjure more performance out of them than anyone else Macavity has met. So far it seems to be a mutually beneficial & strangely non-romantic relationship.

covenant . stalker
in transit you pass among the strangers of the world
paying tribute to the thief who stole away your shadow
you look into the bedrock and listen to the bells
calling liquid lust call for solid white

i see the stalker in your face the secrets in your skin
i keep the wisdom that you need the password that you want
i feel the stalker in your mind the fire in your veins
no hope to be released...

i'm the multitude of travels to the other side
through the broken wall i saw your fellow man
to the west of the horizon there is a bitter wind
and if you try to sense the smell of your face.

for you found the keyhold but you lost your backbone
no courage left to join the march of endless time
you saw the sleep of habit on those walk in trance
to their catatonic aimless lives

so let them start the engine grinding mountain dust
and reproduce your ego too much is not enough
you dig holes through the earth to meet the king of wyrms
to steel away his widsom and learn to decompose

you chant like fifty indians to charm the prince of eagles
to learn the art of seeing and the tongue of the winds
so don't you try to fool me for i watch your every move
we are kindred spirits like two vices in the wild.
sisters of mercy . ribbons
I'm lying on my back now
the stars look all too near
flowers on the razor wire
I know you're here
we are few
and far between
I was thinking about her skin
love is a many splintered thing
don't be afraid now
just walk on in

her eyes were cobalt red
her voice was cobalt blue
I see no purple light
crashing out of you
so just walk on in

her lovers queued up in the hallway
I heard them scratching at the door
I tried to tell her
about Marx and Engels, God and Angels
I don't really know what for
but she looked good in ribbons
so just walk on in
tie a red red red red red red ribbon
love is a many splintered thing
tie a red red red red ribbon
don't be afraid
just walk on in
flowers on the razor wire
just walk on in...

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