Sure, being on the cutting edge is nice--but it costs. And why pay for unneeded features when all you need is a reliable weapon? Norinco, the national firearms manufacturer of China, has the low-cost solution for you! No frills, but able to be upgraded with all standard accessories.
 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
 A-10 AR 3 SA/BF/FA 36 4.5 8M  600
>>>>[Hell, it may be cheap, ugly, and only bareley able to hit a broadside of a barn, but the damn thing 'll fire through any condition.]<<<<-Tas


 The French Foriegn Legion is know for being tough on it's men, and even tougher on the gear the use. That's why pro's in the know are picking up their latest weapon, the FAMAS-12. Tested world-wide, the FAMAS 12 features ambidextrous opporation and easy accesorization.
 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
FAMAS AR 3 SA/BF/FA 40 4.3 8M 1100
>>>>[This is one of the three things the French did right, along with wine and pastry. I have yet to find a stuation where my FAMAS will jam, foul, or malfunction in anyway. Of course, a Dikote treated reciever group and customized smartlinking systems help, too.]<<<<-Deathlock

>>>>[I personally love the aftermarket belt-feed adapter. Add that and a ceramic barrel, and you got yerself a hellacious froggie burpgun.]<<<<-Static



Next generation armors demand next generation weaponry--and S&W has delivered it to you! Instead of revamping tired old designs, the Thunderblast, the headliner of S&W's new Thunder series of advanced weaponry, was built from the ground up as a totaly new design. Delivering more power than the competition's wimpy "assualt rifles, the Thunderblast battle rifle will cut through even hardened armors with ease. Accepts all standard accessories and sights.
 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
Blast Sport NA SA/BF/FA 25 6.5 7S 1200


Planning an op into artic terrain? Want the proven reliability of the Kalashnikov action with better accuracy? The Valmet R30 is the weapon of your dreams! Built around the world-renowned Kalashnikov action, the Finnish Valmet adds even better cold-weather perfomance and increased accuracy. Accepts all top mounted and barrel accesories.
 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
 R30 AR 3 SA/BF/FA 40 4.25 8M 1400
>>>>[Wacky-looking, but the best weapon around for serious winter use.]<<<<-Tas



 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
M42 AR 2 SA/BF/FA 44 5 8M 1250

>>>>[Oh wow. Snooze. Snore. Yet another pointless assualt rifle. Boooooooring!]<<<<-ShaLaLa

>>>>[Hey, don't knock it--the Cougar's very well built, and actually shows that Remington did it's homework. The databus is extremely expandable, the electronics use standard batteries(unlike the Ares Alpha) and it takes just a few seconds to field-strip without tools. Not all exciting features, I admit, but the idea of a good rifle is to keep things dull.]<<<<-Tas

>>>>[Hmm. So why you still packing an HK, then, huh?:)]<<<<-



Do your vactations take you to tropical locales one week and polar vistas the next? Tired of your smartlink contacts shorting out due to humidity or watching the latest and greatest caseless ammo ooze out of the magazine due to hostile environmental conditions? HKhas reintroduced and reengineered their classic roller-lock 5.56mm rifle into the 21st century with you in mind! The HK 97, firing cased rounds from a closed-bolt roller-lock action, is the toughest weapon you'll ever buy. So tough, it's guarunteed for 5 years-no matter what happens! Make the same choice that the CASMC and Gaetronics did-get your HK97 today! Availble with all standard accesories and optics packages. Custom-fitted grips and sites availble at additional cost.
 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
HK97 AR 3 SA/BF/FA 40 4.75 8M 2450
>>>>[This is the best damn rifle I've ever packed, and lemme tell ya, in Force Recon, you carry a lot of different types. Accurate as hell in the worst possible conditions imaginable, the only folding stock I'd ever trust, and near-unjammable magazines! I've got mine tricked up with a heavier barrel and smartlinking, but even stock this baby's sweeter than anything on the market.]<<<<-Tas

>>>>[How cute. A jarhead in love]<<<<-DeRez

>>>>[Wowee. My AK-97 is 95% of the HK for only 900 nuyen. This bitch better come with a free toaster or somethin']<<<<-Purple People Eater


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