Nearing almost a century of service, the classic Uzi SMG has been updated into a highly compact assualt package. Featuring an integral grenade launcher for irritant, breaching, or offensive rounds, and optional smartlinking or laser sights, the Uzi 4 challenges any weapon to best it.

>>>>[A favorite in the West Bank terror raids, i hear]<<<<-Argent

>>>>[Terror raids?? Try law enforcement. Jeez...]<<<<-Zapper Weisman

>>>>[All in who's side yer on, i guess, but as far as the weapon goes, it is well suited for urban situations, even if i find teh GL a BIT overkell]<<<<-PsiKore
 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
Uzi 4 Entry SMG 4 SA/BF/FA 30/6 4.25 7M/10s 1350



The smaller twin to the latest Uzi concept, the Mini 4 is engineered for covert and undercover operations where size is a serious factor in weapon selection. Containing all of the legendary Uzi reliability, the Mini is availble with several modifiactions, including a silenced, smartlinked model.
 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
Mini 4 SMG 5 SA/BF/FA 30 2..5 7M 900

>>>>[Whoopee. I know i like some older weapons, but HK creamed IMI in this field so long ago it takes my Math SPU to keep track]<<<<-Tas

>>>>[Hey! But this way we get to play Mossad agent for a day!]<<<<-ClicClac



Created for the tough streets of Oakland, the SCK 220 was the winner of a Japanese Imperial Marine contract for a high-caliber, compact autofire weapon capable of incapacitating "non-standard" opponents. With a 25 round capacity, integral smartlink, and mil-spec weatherproofing, the 220 is the perfect solution to your shadow op needs!

 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
M220 HP 4 SA/BF/FA 25 2.5 9M 2000

>>>>[Wow--now you too can own the weapon of facist oppressors!]<<<<-Impact

>>>>[Yeah, yeah, look past your politics and it's a damn fine weapon for folks needing the occasional rock 'n' roll from a heavy pistol. Beats the Thunderbolt for control anyday.]<<<<-Black Morgan



With the quiet, but profitable sales of the M70 SMG, Berretta could have stayed out of the SMG market for years to come. Instead, to meet the demands of the Italian Internal Security Force, the MP105 has been released. In many ways a standard SMG, the 105 has one unique feature, an integral "Gun-Cam" to allow after-action replaying of critical ops. End the worries of dubious reports and legal hassles permanently, with a video record of how it REALLY went down!.
 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
MP105 SMG 4 SA/BF 32 3.5 7M 700
>>>>[Oh yeah, just what I want, built in evidence.]<<<<-NuckleCraker

>>>>[Ah, but ya can hold it 'round a corner and see what yer hittin' Pretty wiz!]<<<<-Phrikshun Phit

>>>>[Again, chummer, that's enough of your personal life already....]<<<<-DeRez

>>>>[Well, it's a nightmare for a runner, but it has a certain appeal if the cops in your neighborhood like to play rough. Of course, finding a cop who'd carry one....]<<<<-Spryte


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