7 years of intensive field research later, the Ares Frangible Weapons Team has released what they call "the logical successor" to their world-feared Viper: The Momba packs a heavier round and more sophisticated electronics than it's smaller sibling, and features a built-in suppressor.
 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
Momba SMG 3 SA/BF/FA 40 3 7S(f) 1100

>>>>[Bah. Just be careful in autofire, with the rear-loading magazine, her center of gravity shifts forward when firing.]<<<<-Tas

>>>>[Note: suppressor, not silencer, so she'll just wake up the next door neighbor, not the whole apartment block.]<<<<-Synapse



  Imported by Ares Arms originaly for "Bughunt" operations in the Chicago Containment Zone, the FireKat has been seen in use in several areas across the continent. Already proven as a highly effective hive-buster, find out what a FireKat can do for you! Binary chemical ignition insures user safety, a feature lacking in our competitor's models!

 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
 M750 (LP) ha! BF/FA 20 6.5 8m flame 6750
>>>>[Woah!!! And Neon Samuri bitched about the lasers!, this has NO place in the shadows!}<<<<-I/O

>>>>[Yeah, really-it's waaaaaaay too humid in Seattle for this pup:)]<<<<-ClicClack

>>>>[Oh man, this is the coolest! FLAME UNITS ONLY!!!!!!!]<<<<-Tas

>>>>[Beats the hell outta harsh language, i guess....]<<<<-Impact


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