When the newly-formed SWAT division of Wolverine Security started looking for a sniper rifle, they knew not to trust some newcomer to the field, or to rely on high-tech promises. Instead, they modifed the highly successful Remington 950, adding a free-floating, silenced barrel and custom cyberoptics. Adjustable cheek and stock rests, in addition to the included Harris bipod, assure the first-shot takedown that is critical in a security sniper's role.

 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
M1200 Sniper NA SS 5 6 10S 2350

>>>>[Not bad. Nothing to write home about, but not bad.]<<<<-Tas

>>>>[Hmm. Only 5 shots? Good to know.]<<<<-ClicClac



Countersniping is a demanding role, especially in the closely-packed urban environments in which most law-enforcement professionals are forced to operate. Too large a round, and you have over-penatration and possible collateral damage, and too small a round can be blown off course by the rapid wind shifts common in urban canyons, and the kinetic impact may not be severe enough to insure first-shot take downs. The Styer-SAG(Automatic Sniper Rifle) was desinged for precisely these conditions. Certified security customers also qualify for a 250.00¥ rebate at Styer's Exclusive training program.

 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
 SAG Sniper NA SA/BF 40 6 8M 2300



Nothing is more annoying than a pesky sniper, and nothing is more effective at fighting back than a sniper rifle of your own. The problem, of course, is that traditional sniper weapons are fragile, and don't stand up to much abuse in the field. What to do? Winchester answers this question with the CSU-10, a soldier-proof weapon with the range and punch of most sniper weapons, but the durability of a battle rifle. Also, the CSU-10 is coming into vouge as a "headhunter" rifle all on it's own.
 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
 CSU-10 Sniper Ha! SA/BF 25 6.25 9S 1,375
>>>>[Badass! The counter-sniper weapon of the Big Bad Mouse!]<<<<-Tas

>>>>[Wha??????]<<<<-Clueless in Seattle

>>>>[Winchester was bought out by DisCorp a few years back...seems like the Mouse Brigade needed a few new toys to play with.]<<<<-I/O

>>>>[Hey, i got just one question--i just "acquire" a new can i get the "Annette" lettering scraped off?]<<<<-Daffy*DUCK!*



If your next assignment brings to locales not friendly to high-tech sniper weapons, yet you still need portable, accuarte firepower, take a look at the Styer Safari. It's powerful 8mm cartridge packs a wallop, but the bolt action reciver and standard scope advertise a sporting purpose. It's quick action and 5 round magazine will guaruntee that job is done, even if by "low-tech" means.
 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
Safari Sport NA SS 5 3.25 9S 2200

>>>>[Low-Tech my ass! Okay, it is a bolt-action, but the stock, sighting system, and barrel are all modern day. A damn sweet gun.]<<<<-MOA

>>>>[Am I the only that is so chromed out the ass that i still use a scope?? If you're doing your job right, 5 rounds of 8mm Mag is more than enough.]<<<<-Macé

>>>>[Unless, of course, you're hunting a juggernaut:)]<<<<-Impact

>>>>[Or you.:P]<<<<-Macé



Designed for the precision shooter, the PSG-54E is the choice. It has the renowned Heckler & Koch reliability. A new bullpup frame increases concealability while incorporating a sliding stock to accomodate any shooter's body. It incorporates an integral silencer for those jobs that require stealth. Add a Image Maginfication-3 scope, and you have a reliable sniper rifle to outshoot the competitition! The weapon offers the equivalent of 2 points of Recoil Reduction and has a +2 recoil modifier. Folding stock is standard, and comes with an integral silencer, plus an Image Magnification 3 scope.

 Weapon Type Mode Con Ammo Weight Damage Cost
 PSG-54E Sniper SA 2* 5/20 4.0 14S 3,000
* = Decrease Conceal to 0 when stock is extended.


Topping the S&W lineup, the Thunderclap is lightyears ahead of the tarditional "Assualt Cannon". Using an over-ther shoulder mount, the Thunderclap can be accuartely aimed, something that's simply not possible with a hip-fired weapon. In addition, the Intergral Smartlink II adds to the accuracy and deadliness of this unique weapon.
 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
'Clap AC ??? SA 10 22 18D 16700
>>>>[Oh god. Now all the Barret owners are going to have a mine's bigger than your's contest. Great.]<<<<-DeRez

>>>>[Well. This one's JUST the thing for us stealthy 'runners. Yes sir, I'll take 2.]<<<<-

>>>>[Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh HELL YEAH! Perfect for getting even with that Troll bully down in CFS--while staying at home in Seattle!]<<<<-

>>>>[In the only serious notation, although this gal's a bit bulkier than yer standard assualt cannon, she is a LOT more accuarte and user-friendly. I hear a few merc unit's use 'em for picking of recon drones and light vehicles.]<<<<-PosiTrak



For the Ultimate in Critter hunting, anti-vehicle ops, or even sniping! The Godslayer features an intergral Smartlink II system integrated into the firing harness, as well signature-reducing coatings to all exterior surfaces. When you need the biggest gun on the block, use a S&W. When you need the biggest gun in the city, use the Godslayer!
 Weapon Type Con Mode Ammo Weight Damage Cost
Godslayer Missle -40 SS 4 32 20D 24500
>>>>[Any weapon with a built-in firing harness I just gotta have. Nuff said.]<<<<-Kalamity

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