Burned-Ice IRC Campaign

"Take care when you fight monsters not to become one yourself. If you stare long enough into the abyss, the abyss looks back through you." --Santayanna

Macavity got burned. Big time. He cut and run from his team when they turned on him. Then he spliced a deal from the Johnson. Get the goods back in three days and he'd get the same deal the Johnson made with the original team -- half a mil in certified cred.

He knows who screwed him. The problem is he doesn't know how far screwed he is. And whether they're still screwing with him. All he knows is that he's not going to let them take his girl and get away with it. So he's after them. But he's going to need some help. A lot of help.

Welcome to the shadows, chummer.

"The issue isn't whether you're paranoid. I mean, look at this shit. The question is whether you're paranoid enough." -Max, Strange Days.

Welcome to Macavity's interpretation of an Awakened Seattle. Where the shadows are thick with misery and suffering. Where cold, faceless megacorps twitch governments along like puppets on long strings. A fierce dichotomy between the monochrome suits in their safe Arcologies and the splashes of neon, chrome and black of counter-culture grown wild underground and in the streets. Where predators roam the alleyways in the night, and even grandmothers carry handguns.

The Campaign date is November, 2059.


The group meets every Tuesday in the #Burned-Ice channel on irc.dumpshock.com
Look for us in #shadowrun on irc.dumpshock.com

House Rules

"When you step over that line, you step from the dark into the light. For two hours you are not allowed to live life." -Alegria

This is a cinematic game of Shadowrun. A game of larger-than-life heroes, colorful NPCs, and cunning and vicious villans. As such, I've instituted a few house rules to facilitate this John Woo styled action game.

Melee Combat

For dramatic martial art combat between powerful villans & the player's characters, and to hasten combat between hirelings (1st level mooks!), the base TN for martial arts combat between characters is the opponent's skill rating in the martial art he is using.

Secondly, to encourage PCs to pick up multiple martial art skills, additional martial art skills may be used as complementary skills for the character's primary discipline.

Ranged Combat

Instead of using Combat pool to dodge, a character with an athletics specialization in gymnastics & acrobatics may roll that specialization alone instead. No Combat Pool may be added to this role. This reflects a character using acrobatic flips, leaps, and rolls and relying solely upon his skill to avoid gunfire instead of upon his combat instincts.
Using gymnastics or acrobatics to dodge will also allow a character to effectively move at a running rate while avoiding the +4 penalty to his own target numbers while imposing a +2 penalty against opponents. This reflects the fact that the character is in control of his movements through his skill, and thus can concentrate more on aiming while dodging than a character simply trying to get away from the gunfire.

Installing a second smart-link system in the other hand allows a character to apply the -2 modifier even while using a second weapon. The second smartgun link superimposes a targeting crosshair in a different color than the other smartgun link.

Races The collected races of shadowrun.
Edges & Flaws Additional options to flesh out your character and give her that "Je n'cest quoi" so needed to make her stand out in the shadows.
ShadowNet Rules for even more contacts.
Lifestyles of the Shadowy & Paranoid Useful stuff if you're going to live in the shadows.
Working-World Common uses of cyberware in the corporate world.
Sex Does this really need an explanation?
Vehicle Rules

In addition, here are some increadibly good house rules by Marc Renouf that I like using for my game. Most of these rules clarify confusing or unspecified situations.

House Rules for 3rd Edition Shadowrun

Marc Renouf

The Usual Suspects

Macavity The "Mystery Cat"
Natch Research Chemist turned Mage/Assassin
Moonlight A living work of art, as deadly as she is beautiful
Crystiana Raving Cat Shaman, with a host of spirits
Leviathan Street Samurai with a hidden past.
Minx Ancients elven go-ganger as deadly with blades and elementals

Chalk Combat Medic & Driver.
Arsenal Former undercover Lone-Star Operative gone native shadowrunner
Blackwidow Ares Special Operations Sniper Deceased
Darin ex-UCAS Ranger Rigger turned Mercenary


Club Insomnia
The warehouse, ground floor & second floor
A night out at Insomnia
Chapter 1 Natch & Moonlight
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 Matrix run

Calfree or Bust!

Rolling with the Ancients
Valentine Self Scan
Rain and Steel

Renraku Smash & Grab!


Arcology Floor 22 - Elevator Bank
Arcology Roof Helipads
Elevator Fight
Helipad Fight

Darin's Warehouse
Abandoned Airport
Meeting Above the Dancers
Saturday Ork Underground
Lord Nikon
Widow Goes to War
Thursday Insertion Sub Steal
Elevator Fight
Escape From Arcology
Meet with Ares

Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead

Safehouse - Basement
Safehouse - First Floor
Safehouse - Second Floor
Safehouse - Third Floor

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